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Lilian Announce This
by Anonymous

"Great, just the way I wanted to spend my weekend!" Lilian Garcia thought to
herself as she drove her rented Lincoln Continental to the WWF headquarters
in Connecticut. Lilian pulled into the parking lot as she cursed at her boss.
She was scheduled to go to a creative meeting with Vince McMahon over the new
announcing schedule. Lilian was mad to say the least. She had been rotating
with the other two announcers for months and all she was getting was to
announce on monday nights. On one hand she thought this might be her chance
to get more work but, on the other she had to miss her cousin's baby shower
this weekend and now her entire weekend would be ruined.

Lilian parked her car and walked into the main lobby. She checked in at the
desk and was told her meeting was on the 4th floor. As Lilian walked down
the hall to the elevator she heard something from an open door. She looked
inside to see one of the newest additions to the WWF roster working on his
moves in a training session in the ring. Now, Lilian has been around the
wrestlers now for a while. But, this recruit was something to look at. He
was about 6'5 , enormous arms, and one of the handsomest men Lilian had ever
laid eyes on. She had seen men like him before but, he was awesome. She
looked as he tensed his muscles. How when he lifted up his opponent his abs
flexed and stuck out like soupcans. They way his skin was so smooth, and
black as coal. His smile as he laughed with his opponent as they trained
made Lilian tingle.

Lilian watched him for about 10 minutes before she felt a warm moistness in
her panties. She wanted to finger herself right there it. It had been 3
months since Lilian had been laid and her last boyfriend wasn't exactly hung.
She looked at her watch and realized she would be late. As much as it pained
her too, Lilian left and headed for the elevator. Lilain got to the 4th floor
and entered the meeting room. Lilian took a seat as she began her meeting.
The meeting lasted about an hour and all during it Lilian couldn't
concentrate. All she could think about was that black wrestler she saw
before. Lilian crossed her legs to conceal her now completely soaked panties.
She sat and daydreamed about his full lips and dark eyes. When the meeting
came to an end Lilina quickly left with her new schedule and headed to her
hotel room, since she was obviously not going to make her flight for that
day. Lilian got into her hotel room at around 9:30.

As Lilian stepped out of her shower she looked at herself in the mirror. She
ran her hands over her smooth stomach and full breasts. She looked at nice
ass and slender thighs. She thought to herself, "Damn, I still got it." It
was then that she got an idea. She had remembered hearing the wrestlers often
in the locker room talking about a bar they liked to go to while here in
Connecticut. She thought perhaps she should go and have herself a good time.
More importantly find a man to take care of the ache in her pussy left by
that wrestler she saw earlier.

Lilian got dressed in party dress. It was a light purple summer dress that
hung off of her body in all the right places. It showed off her breasts as
well as her ass. She put on some light purple high heels that she loved and
sought out the bar. She drove for about half an hour before she finally found
the bar. She thought it was kind of a seedy place to go to but, what the hell
I'm here so I might as well go she thought. Lilian stepped into the bar to
notice two burly men playing pool and another passed out on the floor. This
was definitely not the place she wanted to be.

She wanted to leave but, just as she turned around she noticed a hot looking
black man at the bar. She knew who it was. It was the wrestler from earlier
that day. He looked she thought as she looked at his back which was shown off
nicely in a tight black t-shirt. The way his ass looked in his jeans almost
made Lilian cum right there. She slowly walked to the bar and took a seat one
spot from his and ordered a beer.

The black man turned as he heard the wonderful voice of a woman in this dive
for once. As he turned he saw Lilian. "Your the announcer lady from the WWF
right?" he asked. Lilian looked at him startled he spoke to her.

She blushed but, found the strength to answer him back, "Yes, I guess I am."

The black man asked her, "So what are you doing up here?"

Lilian said back to him, "I was called up here for a meeting. Are you a
wrestler?" She answered back innocently knowing full well who he was.

"Yeah I am, I'm up here training right now. I'm surprised to see you up
here." He answered.

Lilian quickly answered back, "Well, I'm Lilian and since I guess I'll be
saying your name soon on TV maybe I should know it." The black man smiled at
her and said, " Oh, Vince hasn't thought of a name yet, but my real name is

"Oh well pleased to meet you Greg." Lilian said as she extended his arm to
shake his hand. As Greg shook her hand and smiled at her she almost melted
at the feel of his warm skin against her white hand.

They talked for awhile after that until they saw the time was 1 in the
morning. Greg put down his drink and said to Lilian, "Well guess I better
get back. I've got to get up early tomorrow, and I still have to walk back
to my hotel across town." Lilian was surprised he walked, since she knew
where the wrestlers usually stay. "You walked all the way here?" She asked.

"No, I got a ride from my friend but, he had to bail out on me." Greg told
her. Lilian without hesitation offered him a ride. She took her keys out of
her purse and started to walk out the bar.

As Greg followed her to her car he couldn't help but, watch her ass sway
underneath her purple dress. The dress fell about to 3 inches below her ass
and her thighs looked great as her muscles tensed as she walked. The sight
gave Greg a huge boner. They both got into the car and started to drive.
"You'll have to tell me which way to go, I don't know my way around here."
Lilian said as she glanced down at Greg's lap. She saw a huge lump sitting
in his crotch and nearly swerved the car in the wrong lane. Greg saw what
she saw and said, "No problem I'll guide you." As he put his hand on
Lilian's knee.

Lilian couldn't believe how huge his hand was, but how good his warm hand
felt on her knee. Without saying anything Greg began to run his fingers in
little circles around her knee. Gradually his hand began to go a little bit
higher up Lilian's thighs. Lilian wanted to say something but, could only
manage a moan as his hand was half way up her leg. Lilian's hotel was half
way between Greg's hotel and the bar and they were about a mile away. Lilian
could barely concentrate on the road when she felt his fingers tracing her
cunt lips through her purple panties.

Lilian couldn't stand it. She saw her hotel and swerved into the parking lot.
"This is my hotel i'm in room number 104." she panted as they both got out of
the car. They walked straight to her room where Lilian could barely get her
key to go into the keyhole in her hotel room. Lilian finally opened the door
and walked into her room. She turned around as Greg was closing the door
behind him. She looked into his eyes and immediately they kissed. The was on
her tiptoes as he bent down to kiss her. As their tongues danced with each
other, Greg reached down with his massive arms and grabbed each of Lillian's
ass cheeks and began to grind them.

Lilian wrapped her arms around his massive neck as they continued to kiss.
She couldn't believe how hard his body was. She reached down with her hands
and slowly lifted his shirt to reveal those abs she had lusted for earlier
in the day. She ran her hands over his chest and shoulders as they kissed
again. Greg had know slipped his hands underneath Lilian's ass and was
feeling her cunt lips again. He slowly put his right hand down into Lilian's
panties and began to flick and play with her cunt lips. Lilian began to bite
gently on his full black lips as he teased her pussy. She couldn't believe
the size of his fingers as he slowly entered her with two fingers. He began
to work his fingers in and out of her pussy. Until finally she had orgasmed.
Lilian kneeled on the ground with her for head all sweaty form the powerful
orgasm she had just had.

Lilian looked up at Greg. As she looked up she saw his smiling face, hard
pecs and amazing abs. She got on her knees in front of him and gently began
to undo his belt and jeans. Greg helped her as they pulled down his jeans.
Lilian was shocked as she looked at his grey boxers. The lump she had seen
earlier looked now as though he had a log in his boxers. Lilian slowly put
her fingernails underneath the rubber of the boxers and slowly pulled them
down. Lilian could not believe the size of his penis. As she slowly pulled
down his boxers to reveal more it seemed that the penis would never end.

She finally exposed the bulbous head at the end of a 9 inch penis hanging
softly in front of her. Lilian tilted her head down and slowly took the
enormous head into her mouth. She loved the way it looked as she pulled the
foreskin back and licked over the wrinkled head. The smell from his balls
was potent as she inhaled it and began to slowly try to deep throat this
monster. She looked up to see him smiling. She was having now effect on him,
especially now as the monster began to grow. She took her mouth off of it
and looked as the black cock now stood straight out pointing out at her. It
had to be a foot in length she thought. Determined to make her new lover
pround she swallowed the head and sucked for al she was worth.

Lilian played with his balls as her other hand jerked up and down the long
ebony shaft. She sucked and licked up and down the cock until it began to
pulse. She put her mouth on the head and sucked on the cock furiously
jerking the cock with both hands. She wrapped her little white hands around
the cock. She couldn't touch her fingers around the enormous log as she
jerked it until finally with amazing force a pool of cum hit the back of
her throat. Amazed at the sweet taste Lilian swallowed it and began to clean
the cock with her tongue. She couldn't believe that it was still hard after
that blast. Her last boyfriend's 5 inch penis was usually done for the night
after a good blowjob from her.

Lilian wanted to play with the cock some more when she felt Greg's hands
reach under her arms and lift her to her feet. Greg carried her near her bed,
and set her down on it. His naked body hovered over hers as he played with
her breasts which were still under her purple dress. He kissed her calves,
and knees and kissed and licked the inside of her thighs. Lilian couldn't
believe how good his kiss felt against her skin as she slowly opened her legs
and took off her panties. Greg slowly kneeled at the end of the bed and began
to lick around Lilian's pussy.

Lilian moaned and writhed in ecstasy even though he hadn't even tasted her
yet. Greg then took his fingers and opened up the lips of Lilian's soaking
pussy. He delved his long, hot tongue into her farther than any boyfriend
of hers had ever fucked her with their little cocks. Lilian closed her eyes
and moaned and screamed, "God that feels so good baby, little more please
god it feels so good...." Greg flicked his tongue along her clit and then
began to fuck her pussy with his tongue darting it in and out. Lilian wrapped
her heels around his bald black head and began to buck her hips wildly
against his face. The feeling built up insider her as she played with her
own tits until finally she came all over his face.

Lilian opened her eyes half in a daze as she looked down. Greg began to get
up his face coated in her juices. She watched his chiseled body stand up as
his still hard cock swayed in the air like a weapon. Lilian kneeled on the
bed almost making her eye level with him. Greg reaches his hands down and
lifted Lilian's dress over her head. Now naked in front of him Lilian was
over come with lust. Greg got on the bed and began to kiss her nipples and
lick her breasts as she continued to moan. Greg then slowly eased Lilian on
her back and spread her thighs. Still wearing her heels Lilian moaned softly,
"Give it to me Greg, Give me that big black cock, please." As she looked in
his eyes.

Greg told her, "Close your eyes. Tell me how big was your biggest boyfriend."
He proceeded to put his cock head against her pussy, barely nudging it into
her cunt. "MMMM, he wasn't that thick keep going,...." she moaned until Greg
put his cock halfway into her, "Aaaaieeee yoru so big god your so big,"
Lilian opened her eyes in fear as she saw he wasn't all the way in her yet.
As Greg thrust into her burying himself to the hilt Lilian was over come. She
looked as his abs tensed. She grabbed onto them as she wrapped her long legs
around his thin waist above his muscular ass. "Fuck me, Fuck me, please god
it feels so good, please with that big black cock please."

As she pleaded with him he began to slowly pull out of her and go in. As
Lilian got into the rhythym she tried to meet him thurst for thurst until
after about a minute she had the greatest orgasm of her life. Greg stopped
his assault on her as he watched her writhe in ecstasy. Lilian recovered
and found that Greg hadn't pulled out of her. Greg began to pump into her
again attacking her pussy. Lilian orgasmed another time until Greg pulled
out of her. Greg layed down on the bed with his foot long cock sticking
straight up in the air.

Lilian stepped over him. Her high heeled feet on each side of him. Greg
watched as she lowered her puffy cunt lips onto his enormous weapon. He
looked at her thighs tense and she began to go up and down on the ebony
shaft. Greg grabbed Lilian around her thin waist. His hands were so big
they fit around her entire waist and soon using his strength he was
sliding her up and down his pole. Lilian was about to orgasm went she
felt Greg's cum shoot into her like a rocket ship. She loved the feeling
as she felt the hot jism shoot into her and she slid off his cock and
fell to his side. Lilian looked and his cock was once again soft.
Disappointed but, now relieved she looked at her new lover. They laid
side by side as Lilian stroked his massive chest. She found her hand
running down those abs she loved and she grabbed a hold of the huge cock.
She squeezed it like a tube of toothpaste and soon had her tongue running
all over it.

This time the cock tasted different. It tasted wonderful but now she could
taste her own juices on this enormous black cock in her mouth. She began to
suck his limp cock when she felt his hot tongue run across her pussy. It
sent chills down her spine as he began to attack her pussy again with his
tongue. Lilian now determined to return the favor began to suck his cock to
full staff until the full 69 was going. All of a sudden Greg stopped Lilian
looked behind her taking her mouth off of his cock. Greg slid out from
underneath Lilian leaving her on all fours. She knew what was coming. She
was terrified, she had never ever let anyone take her in the ass, but she
was going to let Greg do it. The monster between his legs was wet with her
juices and spit as Greg grabbed ahold of her ass pulling them wide. Lilian
wanted to say no but the lust in her kept her quiet. Greg began to insert
his cock into her anus. "God, it so big stop your hurting me!!!!!!" She
screamed until she felt his rock hard body slam against h er ass. Greg had
now begun his attack.

His muscular body tensed as it rocked back and forth continually pounding
Lilian's little white body bent over in front of him. The little white girl
began to slam her ass against his rock hard black body as she began to get
into the rhythym. She felt his big black hands grabbing and rubbing her ass
cheeks as he pounded away at her ass. Their body's making slapping sounds
against one another. Lilian could feel his enormous sack fly up and hit her
clit as their bodies hit one another. Then in a flash Greg's cock spasmed
and he shot the biggest wad in his life into Lilian's ass.

Tired from their night they collapsed and fell asleep. In the morning Lilian
awoke to Greg getting out of her shower and drying himself off in front of
her mirror. She looked at his beautiful ebony body as hit black cock swayed
in the mirror. She got out of bed and hugged him from behind. She felt his
tight ass against her taught stomach as she rubbed her hands over those abs
and chest that she had loved. She reached down and jerked his cock. He turned
around and Lilian dropped to her knees as she sucked him off. She drove him
back to the WWF headquarters that day and then she drove to the airport. She
hoped she would see him on a Monday night soon.

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