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Lilian Garcia Experiences Hardcore
by Lilian's Lover

I'd managed to bag myself a backstage pass for WWE Raw. It had been a hell
of a show, and now it was done. Before the journey home I decided to have a
wander back stage. I had done so before Raw had started and I had met several
WWE superstars. I was thinking who I might meet when I spotted Lilian Garcia
standing in a doorway to an office, looking at her watch. I walked up to her.

"Hi," I said to her, "You're Lilian Garcia, aren't you?" Like I didn't know.

"Yes I am," she replied, "Do you want an autograph?" I nodded, and reached
down into my pocket in my jeans and pulled out my autograph book. Lilian's
eyes followed my hands down my body.

"Let's get some privacy, and I'll sign your book in here," she said ushering
me into the room and closing the door behind.

Lilian looked at my jeans again, and noticed a big bulge in them.

"Is that another autograph book in there, or are you just pleased to see me?"
Lilian asked, with her hand now on my throbbing erection.

"Turn around and bend over," I said, with a little authority in my voice. She
did just as I asked. I could see up her very short skirt to see that she was
wearing a little pink g-string. I rubbed her clit through her panties.

"I bet you like all the men and women looking up your skirt," I said rubbing
some more. I then pulled her string to one side and I slid my tongue into
her ass hole. It tasted good. Lilian let out a little yelp of pleasure. I
continued to munch on her sweet ass and finger her clit.

"Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck my ass!" she screamed.

I peeled down her little panties, put them in my pocket and stood up. "Now
that you've been lubed, it's time for some real fucking."

And with that I unzipped my jeans and my rock hard cock sprang free. Lilian
had a glint in her eye when she saw my erect 8 or 9 inch cock glistening
infront of her.

"I want to suck it first," she said. She got on her knees and began to blow
me. Lilian was deepthroating my length and she seemed to enjoy it too.

Faster and faster she sucked, going down the entire length of my tool each
time. Each suck got me closer and closer to busting my nuts.

"I'm going to cum," I yelled, and with that I took my cock out of her mouth
and unloaded a big fat wad onto her face.

"You dirty slut," I said as I smacked my cock on her face to get all the cum
out. Lilian tried to lick up as much of my cum as possible. She had a big
glob dripping of her nose which she managed to catch on her tongue and
swallow down.

"Wow," I said, "I never expected you to do that! You look way to innocent."

"You haven't seen nothing yet," Lilian said before licking my cock head clean
of jizz.

"Let me tongue your ass again," I said.

Lilian bent over once again with her skirt hiked up and her sweet ass ready
for a second munch. I spread her ass as wide as I could and buried my face in
her ass. Again I stuck my tongue deep within her butt whilst teasing her clit
with my fingers. I was soon hard again, and this time I wanted Lilian to feel
my length deep in her ass.

"Time for some anal fucking," I said out loud.

Lilian put her hands on her ass and spread herself as wide as possible.

"Please be gentle," she whispered, "I've never, er, I mean I've not done anal

And you could tell. Her ass was tight, even for my tongue.

"I'll be gentle," I said with a grin.

I guided my cockhead closer to Lilian's ass and placed it ready to enter her.
I slowly eased my cock into Lilian's tight, snug butt-hole. She let out a

"Oh yes!" She yelled, "Ease it in! Fuck my ass! FUCK IT!!"

I now had my length going in and out of her butt, my balls slapping her ass
with every stroke. I was on top of Lilian, riding her like she was a cheap
pornstar. I was going so deep into her ass, I thought she'd scream with pain.
But Lilian kept on yelling for more.

"Harder!! Faster!! FUCK MY ASS!!" she cried out.

Again I felt I was going to cum, so I pulled out and unleashed a fountain of
cum onto Lilian's ass.

"Uuuuugggghhhhhhhhh!!!" I yelled as I shot my wad once more.

Lilian rubbed the cum into her skin and began to get dressed again. She
pulled her skirt down and tidied her hair.

"That was fun", she said, as she kissed me before licking up the rest of my
cum from my cock.

She signed my book and then left the room.

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