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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are underage
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By Wonder Mike

Lilian Garcia: The winner of the match by disqualification, and new tag
team champions, Bubba Ray and Devon, the Dudley Boys, I'm sorry, the belts
cannot change hands on a disqualification, Edge and Christian retain the

Bubba Ray and Devon stormed into Vince McMahon's office, this was not the
first time that Lilian had screwed up.

The trio turned on the monitor, they heard Lilian introducing the WWF
champion, the Rock, that was all Vince could stand, he called her to his

Lilian was wearing a thigh high jean skirt, Vince told her she looked
nice. Lilian quickly apologized for the mistake she made, she dropped down
to her knees in front of Vince.

Vince told her this is Raw, a billion dollar business, there was no room
for amateurs, Lilian assured her it wouldn't happen again, Vince told her
"You know what to do."

Lilian reached into his pants and pulled out his cock, Vince told her
to go ahead, but that was only the start, Lilian popped his nine inch cock
down her throat and began to suck like her job depended on it.

Vince told her she embarrassed the Dudley's and the entire organization,
and she did it every week, Lilian told him she was trying, but she had a
hard job. Vince told her to shut up and suck his cock.

Lilian took his cock deeper, Vince told her he better take it all, he was
Vince McMahon damn it, he grabbed her by the back of the neck and took hi
whole cock down her throat.

Vince began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth, Lilian grabbed him
by the ass, he told him what a great ass he had, Vince told her to shut up
and take his cock deep.

Lilian wrapped both hands around his cock and began to stroke it, she mad
circles spinning her hands all the way around the cock, Vince pumped it in
and out.

Lilian told him how great his cock tasted, Vince told her he had five
people to tell him how great he was, all he needed from her was to suck, and
before the match in the ring ended.

Lilian deep throated him again, she began to lick his balls while she
sucked his cock, Vince wrapped his hands through her long red hair.

Vince reached down her blouse and began to squeeze her nipples, she had
great nips, he wished he good put them on television, that would spike the

Lilian managed to get his balls in her mouth as he deep throated him,
that was all he could take, he screamed blew a load down her throat.

Vince tilted her head back and told her she better not lose any, that was
McMahon seed, and it was priceless, Lilian had caught it all in her mouth,
Vince made her hold it and swirl it around for a minute, then he ordered her
to swallow.

Vince told her "If you could do that on television you would be useful to
this company."

Lilian screamed "I am useful."

Vince said "Of course you are."

"Now wipe the cum off your chin."

Vince told her there was still damage control to be done, he told her how
mad the Dudley's where, Lilian knew what she had to do.

Vince told her it was up to the Dudley's whether or not she kept her job,
he didn't care one way or another, there where probably a hundred ladies in
the audience tonight who could do her job.

Lilian assured him she would not disappoint, she love her job and would
do anything to keep it, the Dudley's just smiled.

Lilian pulled her skirt down around her ankles, she spun around and
stepped out of it, she bent over and showed them her ass, they all approved.

Bubba Ray whipped out his ten inch cock he said "My what a pretty mouth
you have." He then started poking her in the face with his cock, Lilian
opened wide and took it all.

Bubba shoved his entire cock down her throat, Lilian took it easily,
Devon dropped his pants and began stroking his cock, it quickly grew to a
rock hard twelve inches.

Devon moved next to his half brother and began to work his cock into
Lilian's mouth, she opened wide and took both cocks down her throat, Devon
remarked "Damn you have a big mouth girl."

"The better to suck you with she laughed, she took both cocks deep again,
she managed to deep throat both of them this time.

Both Dudley's began to stroke her hair, Bubba loved the smell of her hair,
he began to lick it, Devon began to unbutton her blouse, Vince cheered them

Her blouse fell open her tiny tits stuck straight out, Vince wrote himself
a note to get her a boob job, she had to have one if he was going o use her.

Devon leaned over and began to lick her pert nipples, Lilian wrapped her
lips tighter around the cocks, Bubba thought he was going to cum already he
pulled out.

Lilian looked at the monitor, their was a close up of the king, his eyes
where bugging out, she thought their must be puppies in the ring, there was
no sound on the monitor.

Bubba told her to bent over and shake her ass, Lilian had a narrow, but
nicely shaped ass, he then looked at his brother and yelled "Devon, get the

Devon reached into Vince's desk, he pulled out a rubber eighteen inch
double headed dildo, he handed it to Bubba, Bubba slapped Lilian on the ass
and aimed.

Bubba wrapped both hands around the dildo and rammed an end into her cunt,
she learched forward, Bubba rammed it in and out until half the rubbed was
stuffed into her cunt.

Bubba yelled "Damn, your tighter than my sister," He tried to stuff more
of the dildo down her cunt, but it had bottomed out, he began to twist and
turn the tool.

Lilian began to moan louder and louder, she couldn't help but look at
the king on the monitor, he looked like he was having a heart attack, she was
trying to remember what was on the booking sheet tonight.

Devon had grabbed two handfuls of her hair, he was pumping away at her
mouth, he was forcing her to swallow all twelve inches with each stroke,
Lilian had a mouth made for sucking, and she did it with a smile.

Bubba took the back end of the dildo and began to bend it, he soon had it
folded in half, he aimed the back end of the dildo at her ass.

Lilian tried to scream as the dildo entered her ass, but Devon slammed
his cock deeper down her throat, his balls where slapping against her chin.

The eighteen inch piece of rubber had almost completely vanished, Bubba
shoved it in her two holes as far as it would go, Lilian wiggled her ass
from side to side.

Bubba was going crazy now, he yanked the dildo out of her and laid her
on her back, he pulled her legs up and spread them, he looked at Devon and
yelled "Wassup" Devon laid on top of her and rammed his tool into her.

Lilian gasped as the fat cock penetrated her, she wrapped her legs
around him, Devon began to pump wildly into her, she had to scream. Devon
yelled "Wassup."

Bubba Ray leaned over them, he began to push down on Devon, forcing his
cock deeper into her, Lilian began to thrust up. She was fucking for her

She began to thrust up harder matching Devon's thrust, they started to
rock from side to side as they fucked, the finally rolled all the way over.

Lilian was on top of Devon now, she planted her knees and began to
bounce up and down on his cock, Devon was the one who was moaning now,
Lilian began to laugh as she rode him.

Bubba Ray stood over his brother, he slammed his cock down her throat,
Lilian gobbled it up greedily, Bubba began to fuck her face.

Devon began to thrust his cock up into her pussy, Lilian was cumming
now, she slammed down on his cock as hard as she could, she began to throw
her head around wildly.

Bubba moved behind the duo, he climbed on top of Lilian and shoved his
cock into her ass, Vince yelled "An announcer sandwich, even better than
peanut butter."

The Dudley's where each thrusting into Lilian, she completely froze,
they each rammed their cocks as far as they would go into her, Lilian laid
flat on top of Devon.

The brothers slammed their cocks into her as hard as they could, Lilian's
eyes glazed over for a second, then she snapped out of it, she began to
bounce up and down on the two cocks.

Bubba and Devon where being worn out, Lilian was slamming up and down on
them both, both cocks where buried to the hilt inside of her, the Dudley's
where trying not to scream.

Bubba reached over and grabbed the dildo, he shoved it into Lilian's
cunt, Lilian froze again as her pussy was being double penetrated, Bubba
then took the other end of the dildo and shoved it into her ass.

Lilian had both holes being double penetrated now, she was cumming hard,
her cum was dripping down her legs, the boys began to ram their cocks into
her again.

The harder they managed to fuck her, the easier the dildo slid into her
two holes, Lilian was screaming at the top of her lungs, this just made
then fuck her harder.

Bubba then yanked his cock out of her ass, he then shoved it into her
pussy, Lilian was beyond screaming now.

Lilian now had two cocks and a dildo in her pussy, and a dildo hanging
out of her ass, the brothers slowly began to work their cocks in and out of
her again.

Bubba folded the dildo in half again, he slowly worked the back end of
it into her ass.

It was a slow, hard process, but Bubba Ray managed to get both ends of
the dildo into her ass. That was all she could take.

The room began to spin around for Lilian, the brothers where ramming
their cocks into her now, Vince was cheering them on, he would reward the
Dudley'd for their fine show by making them tag team champions.

Lilian was barely conscious, the brothers slammed her even harder until
she finally passed out, they then pulled their cocks out and stood over her,
they took aim and began to stroke their cocks.

They shot their seed all over her, starting at her head and working their
way down until her torso was covered in spunk, they then took her out through
the crowd.

They dumped her unconscious, spunk covered body in the middle of the ring,
Lilian awoke to a standing ovation, the king bowed down to her.

Vince sat back in his office, and remarked "I only wished we could have
shown it on television." Oh well the people in the arena got their money's
worth tonight.

Lilian thought "At least I have a job until Smackdown."


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