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Lilian Gets A Mouthful
by Wonder Mike

Jim Ross: Everythime we come to Los Angeles something big happens, I don't
think tonight will be any different.

Jerry Lawler: Right on JR, it has been a wild night and the Kane/RVD main
event is going to be huge. LOOK OUT, here they come.

Ross: come on guys take it to the ring and get the match started.

Kane has jumped Rob Van Dam from behind on his way to the ring, he clubs him
from behind with a chair.

Ross: Oh my God, Van Dam may be out cold, they better send someone from out

Lawler: Come on Kane leave him alone.

Ross: He just threw him into the rail, look out Lilian.

Lawler: Lilian's down I better go check her out.

Ross: Sit down King.

Lawler: She could have hurt the puppies

Kane began to drag the limp body towards the ring, he dumps him over the top

Ross: Van Dam is trying to get up, Kane's still got the chair.

Kane cracks him over the head with the chair again, Van Dam is down.

Lawler: He has to be out now.

Ross: Where is he going now?

Lawler: You know this is all Van Dam's fault, he was the one who caused Kane
to lose his mask.

Ross: That's your storie so stick to it.

Kane climbs out of the ring and crawls underneath it, he comes out with a
gallon container.

Lawler: What's that smell.

Ross: Oh my God, I know that smell, it's gasoline. No Kane, NO, don't do it.

Kane begins to pour the gas over Van Dam's body.

Ross: For the love of God, someone get in the ring and stop this. He's going
to set him on fire.


Ross: Oh my God, it's the Rock, what is he doing here?

Rock makes his way to the ring, Kane drops his lighter and turns to face him.
The stand face to face in the ring. Kane sprays the rock in the face with the

Kane: Now pretty boy, I am going to ruin that movie star face of yours. Kane
grabs Rock by the throat and choke slams him.

Ross: Straight to hell.

Kane leans over the fallen Rock and prepares to set him on fire, Van Dam pops
up and drop kicks him from behind.

Kane pops up, he grabs Van Dam by the throat, choke slam.

Lawler: Look, it's Austin.

Steve Austin hits the ring a kick to the stomach, Stunner.

Ross: Kane is down, Van Dam is up, Rolling Thunder, Van Dam goes up, Five
Star Frog Slash.

Ross: What a show we had tonight. What will we see next week, you can't miss
it. Goodnight everyone.

Austin stands in one corner, and raises his hands, Van Dam to the opposite,
corner, The Rock goes to a third, they all salute the crowd. Austin calls for
a beer.

Austin: Thank yu all for coming tonight, I hope you all enjoyed the show.

Van Dam: It was cool, Raw is over, but we're not done yet tonight.

Austin gets a third and forth beer, he hands one to Rocky, Van Dam goes out
tof the ring to check on Lilian.

Austin signals for Lilian to climb into the ring, he catches three more
beers, he toss's one to Van Dam and one to Lilian.

Austin: Another great show, drink up Lilian.

Lilian chugs down the beer, Austin calls for for more, he hands two of them
to Lilian and one each to Rocky and Van Dam.

Lilian chugs down both cans at the same time, Van Dam shakes his beer and
sprays down Lilian's shirt, Rocky does the same.

Lilian: Look at me I'm all wet.

Austin calls for four more beers, he hands two to Lilian, she pops them both
open and begins to chug them down, the beer runs down her chin and white

Austin shakes up his beer and sprays Lilian's shirt with both cans, it is
completely see thru now.

Austin: Look at you, you can't hold your beer? WHAT?

Lilian: I can hold my own.

Austin: WHAT?

He calls for four more beers, Lilian tilts her head back Austin begins to
pour all four down her throat, Van Dam, Rocky and Kane all have beer now,
they begin to pour beer down her throat and shirt.

Austin calls for four more cans, he pours it down her hair, Lilian sticks out
her tongue and catches it dripping down her face.

Lilian is beginning to stagger now, her ring is spinning, Austin grabs her by
the shoulder to keep her from falling.

Lilian: Look at me, I'm a mess.

Van Dam: Look Lilian, that shirt is ruined, you might as well take it off.

Lilian grabs the bottom of her shirt and starts to lift it over her head,
then she pulls it back down. Austin grabs the mic from her.

Austin: If you want to see Lilian toss that wet shirt into the crowd give me

The 10,000 in the stands screamed in unison, "HELL YEAH!!!"

Lilian lifted the bottom of her shirt again, then shook her head and pulled
it back down.

Kane: Fuck this.

Kane came up behind Lilian and ripped her shirt right off, Lilian was in the
ring in a skirt and bra, she folded her arms across her chest.

Rock: I heard you went fishing out at Catalina Sunday, show us how big the
fish you caught was.

Lilian spread her hands four feet apart, Austin ripped off her bra.

Lilian folded her arms across her chest again, Kane waved her shirt in front
of her she tried to grab it but he held it over her head, she slapped him
across the face.

Kane: You shouldn't have done that, my mother slapped me once. ONCE.

Kane grabbed the announcer by her long hair, "I'm going to slam you all the
way back to Mexico."

Lilian: I'm from Spain.

Rock: WHOA, WHOA, WHOA. I have a better idea for her.

Van Dam: Yeah, chill out dude.

The Rock whispered into Kane's ear as he held Lilian by the wrist. Kane
nodded in ageement.

Rock grabbed the chair that was in the ring, he handed it to Kane. Kane held
the chair over his head. He then put it in the middle of the ring and sat

Kane grabbed Lilian by the hair, he bent her over, then whacked her on the

Lilian: OOOO.

Lilian smiled, Kane whacked her ass again. Lilian looked back and smiled at

Lilian: I've been a bad girl (BUUUURRRPPP)

Kane spun the chair around so Lilian's ass was pointing in the other
direction, causing a roar to come up from that section of the Staples Center.

Kane slapped her ass even harder, Van Dam came over and whacked it, then
Rock, then Austin.

Lilian: I LIKE IT.

The four wrestlers than slapped her ass in unison, Kane spun around again,
giving the next section a view.

Van Dam then grabbed two handfulls of Lilian's ass before giving five hard
quick slaps.

Lilian: Fuck.

Austin came over and lifted up Lilian mini skirt, exposing her thong to the
arena. Kane spun her around to show her ass to all four corners of the arena,
the wrestlers began to spank her harder and harder.

Kane pulled her panties the side, exposing her full bush and pussy.

Van Dam: Cool, look how wet she is.

Lilian: I told you, you guys made me wet. Those cameras aren't recording this
now are they?

Austin: Of course not, Raw went off the air ten minutes ago.

Kane ripped off her panties, he repeatly slapped her exposed ass, he then
used his knees to spread her legs apart.

Rock: Now that is what I call poontang pie. I love pie.

Kane stuffed a finger into her box and spun it from side to side, when he
pulled it out it was covered in her juices.

Van Dam: Cool.

Van Dam stuffed two fingers into her cunt, he slowly worked them in and out,
he rubbed her clit then held up his fingers to let her juices drip off to the

Lilian: FUCK.

Kane slapped her ass than spun her around again, exposing her cunt to another
section. The Rock came over and shoved two fingers into her box, he pulled
them out then licked them clean.

Rock: My favorite favor.

Austin came over and shoved two fingers into her pussy, he began to ram them
in out out.

Lilian: FUCK: Your going to make me cum.

Austin rammed his fingers in and out of her faster and faster, Kane then
slipped two of his own into her. Van Dam began to pinch her nipples.

The Rock shoved two of his fingers into Lilian's dripping box, all three men
pumped her harder.

Lilian: FUCK, FUCK, FUCK. How many fingers are in me?

Kane: Let's see how many fingers we can get into this bitch.

Rob Van Dam stuffed two of his fingers into Lilian, they slid in easily, Kane
slipped a third one iinside of her.

The Rock slipped a third finger into Lilian, Austin did the same, followed by
Van Dam.

Lilian: Fuck, I think I am full.

Rock: The Rock says, that's all I can stands, I can't stands no more.

The Rock yanked his fingers out of Lilian and circled her, he pulled down his
pants and whipped out the Rock's 12 inch cock. He hit her on top of the head
with it.

Rock slapped Lilian across the face with his cock until she opened her mouth
wide, she began to shove it down her throat.

Kane stuffed a forth finger into Lilian. Soon Austin and Van Dam did the

The Rock grabbed Lilian by the hair and shoved his cock all the way down her
throat, he began to pump her face as he yanked on her hair.

Van Dam decided he had to have some of that, he circled around Lilian and
whipped out his cock, she pulled away from the Rock and shoved Van Dam's cock
down her throat.

Van Dam: This is so cool I don't have to wait until we get back to the hotel
to do this. It's too bad Trish is missing out on this session.

Rock: I think it's the Dudley's turn with Trish tonight. Evolution has
Tuesday's Booker on Wednesday.

Kane shoved his huge hand all the way inside of Lilian, he began to twist and
turn his wrist. She began to rock back and forth on it.

Van dam shoved his cock all the way down Lilian's throat. He grabbed her by
the back of the neck and held her still. The Rock began to work his huge
member into her mouth.

Both men were fucking her face now, she began to gag, Austin slapped her ass

Austin: Are you whinning? What? There's no whinning in wrestling.

Kane shoved his hand past the wrist deep into Lilian, Austin slapped her ass
while the Rock yanked her hair.

Kane slowly slid his arm out of Lilian's stretched box, he whipped out an
armed sized cock and rested it on her back.

Austin: If you want to see Lilian get fucked silly give me a HELL YEAH!

Crowd: HELL YEAH!!!

Kane took aim and shoved his cock to the hilt into her pussy, Lilian was
pushed forward, but yanked back in place by the monster.

Kane began slamming his cock into her sopping wet cunt, Lilian slammed back
matching his thrust. He yanked her hair back hard.

Austin slapped her ass as Kane slammed ino her, his balls bouncing off her
ass cheeks Rock and Van Dam fucked her face furiously. She took both cocks
all the way down her throat.

Kane slammed her pussy deeper and harder, Austin pushed her back onto him,
trying to impale her on the huge member, Kane slapped her ass hard.

Austin: My turn.

Kane slipped his cock out of her box and stepped away, Austin pulled out his
cock and took his place. He took aim and shoved his cock into her ass.

Lilian: Ow, my ass.

Rock: The Rock didn't say you could speak.

Kane circled around Lilian pushing Van Dam out of the way, he began to work
his cock down her throat.

Austin slammed his cock all the way into her ass until his balls where
resting against her pussy, than he began pumping it in and out.

Kane's cock barely fit into Lilian's wide mouth, but it disapeared inch by
inch until it vanished, he began to slowly fuck her face.

Austin slammed his cock into her ass harder and harder until her knees began
to buckle, he had to wrap his arms around her to hold her up. She began to
rock back onto him.

Kane: Open up and say AAAAHH.

He pulled his cock out of her mouth, Lilian opened her mouth as wide as she
could and began to stroke his cock. Kane began to shoot his load.

Kane had perfect aim, he filled her mouth with his seed until it dripped down
her chin mixing with the beer that was drying on her body.

Austin yanked on her ass as he reemed her has hard as he could, Lilian
slammed back matching him stroke for stroke. He slapped her ass and buckled
her knees again.

Austin yanked his cock out of her ass and circled around, he slapped her
across the face with his cock.

Austin: If you want to see Lilian lick my cock clean, give me a HELL YEAH.


Van Dam: Dude, your sick.

Austin shoved his cock down her throat, he grabbed two handfulls of hair and
fucked her face furiously.

The Rock circled around Lilian, he shoved his cock into her pussy moving her
forward, which forced Austin's cock all the way down her throat.

Austin and the Rock gave each other high fives as the pumped into her in
unison. They both slapped her ass.

Both cocks vanished all the way inside her as the pumped wildly, the cocks
went in and out of her so fast she didn't have time to choke on Austin's.

Austin shot a load directly down her throat, Lilian swallowed it all in one
gulp without spilling a drop.

The Rock shoved her face first to the ground, he rammed his cock into her so
hard the whole ring shook.

Lilian: FUCK, FUCK FUCK FUCK. I'm cummming again.

The Rock rammed her harder and harder, he then hopped up to his feet, lifting
Lilian with her. He held her out in front of himself, her tiny tits bouncing
up and down. He gave her the best standing fuck of her life.

The Rock than dropped her back to her hands and knees, he yanked his cock out
of her pussy, than shoved it down her throat.

Lilian took the Rock's cock deep down her throat once again, he gently ran
his fingers through her long blonde hair.

Van Dan took his place behind Lilian. He took aim and shoved his cock into
her open ass hole.

Van Dam: Dude, I don't want any Rocky sloppy seconds.

Van Dam stuffed his cock deep into her ravaged ass, he began to pump it in
and out.

The Rock was now yanking on Lilian's hair, fucking her face for all he was

Rock: The Rock says stick out your tongue bitch.

Lilian opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue as far as she could,
she ran her middle finger along her tongue, the Rock began to shoot his load.

The Rock shot his load directly onto her tongue, she curled her tongue back
into her mouth catching all the cum.

Austin grabbed a beer and poured it into her mouth, Lilian let the cum beer
mixture drip down her chin.

Van Dam slammed his cock deeper into her ass, he then lifted his leg and put
it over her shoulder so he could get his cock into her ass even deeper.

Lilian slammed back onto his cock he began to lightly choke her. Lilian threw
herself back against his cock.

Van Dam pumpped away like a mad man, Lilian tried her best to keep up with
the pace, but it was impossible.

Van Dam pulled his cock out of her ass, did a tuck and roll, then shoved his
cock into her mouth.

Van Dam immediatly began to shoot his load, the first stream hit her right
between the eyes.

Van Dam wrapped his cock in her hair, he gave her a cum shampoo.

Van Dam: Dude, this is so cool.

Lilian chugged down another beer, she than took a bow as the 10,000 fans gave
her a standing ovation.

Lilian: Thank you all for coming and have a good night. This is why you
should come to the live shows.

Austin: UH UH. You can't go yet. You have to promise not to tell anyone what
you guys saw tonight. Do you promise?

Everyone in the audience promised not to tell. Austin had a suprise for them.

Austin: Lilian: I want you to suck off everyone in the audience.

Lilian: There must be 10,000 still here, I'll be here all night.

Austin: Gail Kim, get your ass out here.

Gail Kim came out from behind the curtain, where she and all the other
wrestlers had been watching.

Austin: Gail, you knew there was a price to pay for vaulting over all the
divas, get into the crowd and help Lilian suck off all the people who pay
your salary.

Lilian and Gail began the task of sucking off 10,000 fans. It was going to
be a long night.

Lilian: I LOVE LA!


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