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Lilian Teaches Miss Jackie
by Brent M Denny & Cerberus

Jackie Gayda had had quiet the uneventful career first being thrown to the
wolves in her very first match then being forced to be the manager of the
ever talentless Rico and now this. Going from Wrestler to manager and now
from manager to backup ring announcer for RAW and Heat. Since Rico was being
released at the end of the month (finally alot of people felt) Jackie was
being kept on but not as a wrestler or a manager she was gonna be a "very
rarely" used fall back incase Lilian Garcia ever needed time off was ill or
had other engagements due to her singing career. Jackie figured she'd try
and make the best out of a bad situation like she did with all the situations
she faced and figured she would learn everything she needed to from the woman
she was ment to be a "fall back" for.

So day while everybody was busy hussling and bussling about trying to get
ready for the last RAW before Armageddon Jackie went to Lilian's own personal
locker room she made sure she looked presentable and then once she was sure
she looked as good as she could she took a deep breath swallowed hard and
then knocked on the door Lilian opened the door, with a wide happy grin.

"I've been wondering where you are, come on in!"

Jackie entered the rather bare room and sat in a cold steel chair.

"Well, I guess I should welcome you to your first official training session
as an announcer. You know, it's not really as easy as some think, but give it
a little dedication and you should be well on your way."

Jackie nodded "Well, I'm ready to shut up, listen and learn."

Lilian stood up, satisfied.

"First thing you have to learn is to speak from the diaphragm. This is going
to give you the projection that you need, even with a microphone."

Lilian provided a demonstration, saying "Just talk like this, Jackie!" in a
commanding voice that startled the young diva. She then smiled "You try it."
She said as she sat down and Jackie decided to stand up.

"What do I say?" Jackie asked looking Lilian dead in the eye looking for

"Imagine it's tonight's main event and the World champion is heading down to
the ring introduce him" Lilian said giving Jackie a task Jackie nodded took
a deep breath.

"An now ladies and gentlemen introducing his opponent from."

"Stop." Lilian said almost imidiatly Jackie felt very nervous "First off you
never say An now ladies and gentlemen you say "An introducing the opponent"
if Goldberg where to come second or "Introducing first" if he was the first
to head to the ring and secondly your not speaking from your diaphragm."
Lilian said as she stood up and walked over to Jackie she then to Jackie's
suprise put both hands on each of Jackie's breasts totally naturally. "You're
taking from here and taking air from here your lungs and using the muscles
here." Lilian said.

"You should be using these muscles" Lilian said sliding her hands down to
Jackie's diaphragm was. "Try again this time introduce Ric Flair who is
escorting Triple H down to the ring" Lilian said keeping her hands where
they where.

Jackie was still taken by complete shock that Lilian had not only groped
her chest, but moved them down her body and rested them right on her lower
stomach, she'd heard what Lilian asked of her, but it went in one ear and
right out the other. She was staring right at Lilian's hands when Lilian
asked her "What's wrong?"

Jackie shook the cobwebs and tried to come back to reality. "Nothing.'s nothing."

With renewed focus, she started again. It sounded weak at first, and Lilian
made her start over. This time, she put pressure on her muscles, forcing the
air to come out stronger from her, until she sounded rather commanding

"Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is schedualed for one fall
introducing first being led to the ring by The Nature Boy Ric Flair The Game
Triple H!" Jackie said looking at Lilian in shock after she'd said it

"See you did it." Lilian said removing her hands from Jackie's waist


"Why you thanking me you where the one that did it." Lilian said.

"Thanks for the muscle push." Jackie explained.

"No probs now let's try it once more this time you do the muscle push
yourself and let's have you do a woman's match um let's think.....Oh I know
introduce me as the woman's champion who is heading to the ring to have a
match." Lilian said with a big smile.

Jackie cleared her throat. "The next contest, scheduled for one fall, is for
the Women's Championship! On her way to the ring, from...uhh.." she fell
flat. "Lilian Garcia!" was all she could manage to finish.

Lilian had a good laugh. "Don't worry about that, they have all the
locations, height, and weight out there on cards for you, all you have to
do is look at them while the camera is not on you." Lilian then stood up.

"Ok then Jackie Gayda time to see how you'd do out there." Lilian said and
with that she walked past Jackie and opened the door.

"Come on." she said and with that Lilian left the room and headed for the
actual ring. Once they reached the bottom of the ramp she saw Glenn Jacobes
(Kane) and Bill Goldberg (Goldberg) practicing for they're main event match
later that night. An she got an idea she knew the basic plan of action and
so she turned to Jackie who followed close behind.

"Why not go over to the announce table and practice a little without the
mic." Lilian said Jackie nodded and headed over Lilian then spoke to both
Bill and Glenn and asked them if they could do her a favor they agreed and
so Glenn and Bill both headed up the ramp and behind the curtain however
Bill told the sound guy what the plan was and then the two men waited for
they're cues while Lilian walked over to Jackie.

"I've decided ito give you a real test Glenn and Bill are backstage the
sound guy is gonna play they music for a little while and then i will point
to you to introduce both of them now if they come out it's because they
heard you if they don't it's because they didn't." Lilian said as she took
a mic from the table.

"Ok Bobby hit it."

An with that Kane's entrance music hit first and Lilian handed the mic to
Jackie but waited for the music to get really into the song and then she
pointed to Jackie to go.

"The following match, scheduled for one fall, is for the World Heavyweight
Championship, weighing in at 300 pounds, Kane!!"

Kane didn't bother going all the way in, just walked around and stood by the
ring nonchalantly.

"And the opponent, weighing in at 275 pounds, Goldberg!"

Goldberg followed soon casually. Lilian clapped.

"Good, good, but you forgot to dictate, who's the challenger and who's the
champion. It may seem dumb but it's tradition."

Jackie smiled she felt really good maybe she'd finally found her nitch in
the WWE family.

"Ya know what how would you like a Trial night?" Lilian said Jackie looked
at her shocked and began shaking her head furiously.

"Oh come on you managed to do it with the music blairing which is better
than I did my first time around I'm not saying you do the World title match
tonight I'm just saying that maybe we give you the dark matches before RAW."
Lilian suggested.

"Are you sure about this?" Jackie asked.

"All you have to do is say the word I ask the boss and then we'll see."

Jackie knew it was a tough dessision kind of but she figured if Lilian had
faith in her then so should she have faith in herself. "Ask him for me."
Jackie then said.

"Please." she added quickly afterwards.

Lilian headed to the back, leaving Jackie confused. So she hung out watching
Goldberg and Kane plan spots. However that wasn't what was on her mind. What
she couldn't stop thinking about how was good it felt to have Lilian's hands
on her body. Ever since she removed them, she wanted nothing more than to
have them back on her. But her fantasies were interrupted by the woman
herself, as Lilian soon motioned for her to meet her backstage.

"You're in." was all she said.

"...What?" asked Jackie.

"That's right, you're going to be announcing ALL of Sunday Night Heat before
RAW tonight!"

Jackie's jaw was on the floor. "You're serious?!"

Lilian nodded happily and they both hopped up and down in complete joy.

Jackie decided if Lilian was gonna be this nice and kind to her and if she
did good tonight she was sure pretty soon the two of them would be taking
turns doing the announcing of the RAW matches and in which case she felt
she needed to just have a clear head and not have anything stopping them
becoming good friends.

"Lilian can we go back to your locker room and talk please?" Jackie said her
tone as serious as hell which Lilian picked up on straight away.

"Sure." Lilian said she and Jackie then turned and headed for the ramp as
Lilian reached the ramp she quickly stopped and turned to watch Bill
Jackhammer Glenn.

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help guys."

After a few coughs due to having the wind knocked out of him Glenn rolled
onto his side.

"Sure." he said either really in pain or acting like he was in pain

"Any time Lill you know that." Bill said smiling at the two divas. Lilian
then turned and once again headed backstage they finally reached her locker
room and both sat down.

"What's on your mind, Jackie?" Lilian had a general concern for her. Jackie
took a deep breath, and wasn't sure how this was going to come out. So she
spoke as fast as she possibly could.

"Look, I've never been lesbian, or even bi, but when you put your hands on
me tonight, it felt incredible. It turned me on so much that I haven't
stopped thinking about it since you did. And I know you didn't even notice
but, I don't like keeping secrets, and I thought that since you were so nice
you deserved to know!"

Her volume intensified as she talked, finally coming to a crescendo. After
that it was awkward silence, and Jackie was aching for Lilian to say
something, anything good or bad.

"Would you like to feel that way again?" Lilian then asked Jackie was
shocked she'd asked such a question so shocked she couldn't speak so she
nodded Lilian just smiled.

"Would you like to do it here or somewhere else?" Lilian asked Jackie
shrugged still in shock.

"Let's do it here." Lilian said with a smile feeling it would add to the
eroticness of it and with that she walked over to her door and put a do not
desturbe sign on the door which was from a hotel room and ment for a hotel
room but Lilian used it whenever she didn't want to be desturbed like all
WWE backstage workers and superstars and Divas she had her way of letting
people know she didn't want to be desturbed.

"You have no idea how many times I've needed that sign, just masturbating
about you Jackie. I figure if we're going to be honest, I might as well tell
you I always wanted to fuck you. Truth be told, I didn't have to put my hands
where I did, your lungs are a little lower, but I figured you wouldn't know."

Jackie was mildly offended, but much more aroused by her comments. She went
to stand up but Lilian pushed her back into her steel chair and straddled her
lap, looking right into her eyes.

The two just stared into one and other's eyes Lilian was doing it to see if
Jackie was gonna make a move Jackie was doing it because she was still in
shock but that shock would quickly and soon pass as Lilian decided that since
Jackie wasn't gonna make a move she would and so she slowly keeping her eyes
locked on her traget's eyes moved in for the first kiss as soon as Lilian's
lips touched Jackie's nervousness was gone and lust took over.

Jackie anxiously took in the wet deep kiss, not even bothering for a closed
mouth. The minute their lips touched, their tongues intertwined, they were
completely overtaken by their desire for one-another. Subconsciously, Lilian
began to rock her hips up and down, grinding into Jackie's youthful lap.

Jackie instinctivly and partly purposly moved her legs apart a tad just
enough for crotch to meet crotch as Lilian's rocking slowly became much more
intense and focused as did they're kissing Jackie was the first to break it
and she took off the white t-shirt she had been wearing to reveal no bar
underneath Lilian smiled at her and Jackie smiled back as they both got the
same idea Jackie offered a breast to Lilian who accepted it with her hands
and mouth once Lilian started her attention on the breast Jackie held
Lilian's head to her breast while her other hand slipped into Lilian's jeans
and then her panties and began to feel around.

She wasn't ready to fufill Lilian's ultimate fantasy, but she eagerly rubbed
her moistening pussy, but limited herself to not actually penetrating her.
Meanwhile, Lilian's tongue made Jackie's nipples stand on end, as she darted
back and forth between them, giving her incredible amounts of pleasure.
However, it was soon that Lilian was having trouble concentrating on her task
rather than her own pleasure.

Jackie sensed this and so she took her hand out of Lilian's underwear and
jeans and figured now was a good time to take control. So she told Lilian to
stand up which Lilian did more than willingly she was then placed in the seat
as Jackie stood before Lilian and stripped herself totally down to nothing
but her panties she then slithered her way onto her knees and inbetween
Jackie's legs she then slowly unbottoned the jeans and unzipped them and then
took them all the way down and then off of Lilian she then took off Lilian's
underwear once that was done she looked at Lilian who looked so desperate she
looked like she was gonna burst.

"Shall I?" Jackie asked deciding to torture Lilian just a little more before
she started "the pleasuring?"

While she was hoping for Lilian to beg for her tongue, Lilian, not one to be
taken totally advantage of, grabbed Jackie's head and pushed her right into
her cunt. Jackie didn't need any more incentive than that, and darted her
tongue in as far as humanly possible. Lilian tilted her head back and stroked
her own erect nipples.

"Ah, oooh...Dios mios!"

Jackie had to be satisfied that she was making the fierly Latina whisper
sweet nothings in Spanish. It tempted her all the more to run her tongue in
circles inside of Lilian while helping her with her own breasts.

Lilian now could close her eyes and enjoy the feel of both her hands on
Jackie's naked breasts and also the feel of Jackie's tounge inside of her
dripping wet and getting wetter by the minute pussy a feeling she had long
since wanted to feel and now that she was she intended to enjoy it and to
make the most of it.

Much like she had done when they first made out, Lilian again rocked her
hips back and forth, pushing Jackie's tongue in-and-out of her sopping pussy.
Jackie was amazed at her stamina. She had been going at her for several
minutes, and nothing. So she decided to throw a wrench into the plans. While
Lilian's eyes were still shut tight, Jackie stuck one finger into Lilian. Her
eyes shot open and she practically screamed.


Jackie could sense that put her over the edge, wouldn't be long now. Just to
make sure her senses where right She added a second and then a third finger
as soon as the third finger entered Lilian's body went into overdrive she
thrust herself as fast and as hard onto Jackie's fingers and tounge as she
could screaming in both english and spanish untill finally she gave one final
cry of, "OH FUCK ME JACKIE!" and then her body tensed up so tight Jackie's
fingers and Tounge where almost sucked into Lilian's pussy and then Lilian
relaxed and Jackie got what she was looking for Lilian's cum.

The sweet taste encouraged her to lick up every drop off of her pussy and her
inner thighs, making Lilian's body spasm as it desperately sought to regain
it's energy.

"You liked that, didn'tcha, bitch?" Jackie eagerly talked dirty. Lilian could
only nod.

"Well don't forget, you owe me one."

Lilian sat up straight finally, looking Jackie dead in the eye. "I'll give
you two."

Jackie smiled and said "Never gonna happen Lilian ya see nobody has made me
come twice hell people have a hard enough time making me come once so if you
make me come twice you will have definatly earned a right to be the announcer
of RAW."

Jackie said as she then layed back on the floor and she took her underwear
off and spread her legs as far as they could go she then looked at Lilian and
said "Well you waiting for an open invite or what?"

Lilian sexily crawled to Jackie, who had her hips up in the air, positioned
so that they were right in front of her face. She didn't even bring her hands
up to steady Jackie. She wanted to test and, and so began to eat her out,
seeing how long Jackie could keep her body in the air. Suprisingly, it was a
full 3 minutes before her body began trembling and she was no longer able to
support herself. Just as she was starting to droop, Lilian put her hands
under Jackie, right on her luscious ass, and kept her hips up in the air as
she continued to tongue her pussy.

"You call this a tounging jesus a pro could do better." Jackie said knowing
exactly how to get what she wanted.

"Oh yeah!" Lilian said and with that she drove her face into Jackie's snatch
and began licking her like a mad woman.

"mmmmmmmmm a little better." Jackie said Lilian then put all four of her
fingers into Jackie all at once and began feriously fingering and licking
the former tough enough winner .

"OH FUCK ME NOW WE'RE TALKING!" Jackie cried as she began to grind her hips
into Lilian's fingers and tounge having finally gotten Lilian to do her the
way she liked and wanted to be done.

It'd been 15 minutes now since Lilian had gone to work and she still couldn't
get her to cum. She really didn't know what she'd have to do. Finally, rather
than licking, she withdrew her tongue, and began to suck her outer lips,
hoping to find her clit. It took her about a minute and a half, but the bud
finally showed up, and Lilian attacked it like a heat-seeking missle.

pleasure and that is just what Lilian did she licked kissed and sucked and
nibbled on it making Jackie moan and groan louder and louder untill finally
she felt it her orgasam hit her like a brick wall and but Lilian didn't stop
there she figured the clit was so taken care of she now needed to sacrifice
herself in order to keep her promise of two orgasams so she got up and then
sat herself down ontop of Jackie's pussy so they're two pussy's where on top
of one and other she then grated her hips rubbing her pussy into Jackie's
slow at first but with each rub back and forward going faster and faster
untill she was going at full speed intent on making Jackie have her second

Jackie was still completely exhausted from her previous orgasm, and now her
body was being completely forced into more pleasure, whether it wanted it
or not. At the beginning her body was a mere rag doll, being pushed around
easily. But the longer it went, the more Lilian got into, the more she found
herself grabbing a hold of Lilian's ass and pushing her forward. It wasn't
long after this that both women felt that famililar sensation down in their

An with the help of Jackie forcing her to go faster and harder Lilian soon
found herself on the verge of an orgasam as well as Jackie on the verg of an
orgasam Lilian knew one way to get them both to cum she knew it may have been
crazy but she knew it would work too and so she thrust one more time and as
she did she purposley crashed her breasts into Jackie's and locked lips in
one final french kiss and the two where so caught up in the kiss they hardly
noticed they''re juices being grind into one and other's pussy.

But the juices were inevitable, and they both hit massive orgasms, mixing
with one another. Both women kept kissing as their bodies jerked back and
forth. They moaned into each other's mouths. Finally it was all over, and
the two collapsed next to each other, and fell asleep. Thankfully, not only
did Lilian have the door locked, but Tony Chimmel was in the building,
because neither was going to be announcing for the rest of the night.

The End

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