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Lilian's Hardy Crave
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Hours before the start of 2006 Survivor Series Pay-Per-View, Matt and Jeff
Hardy are in their locker room with excited looks on their faces. Matt is
wearing just his black wrestling pants, while Jeff is wearing his own black
wrestling pants and a tight fitting tank-top. The reunited Hardy brothers
stretch a bit as they prepare for their participation in the Team DX Vs
Team Rated RKO match. "Man Jeff... This is going to be great... first time
in four years... We get to take it to the extreme..." Matt says.

"Yeah... If you don't count last Tuesday..." Jeff laughs.

Matt looks at Jeff for a moment, "You're right... but you know what I

Jeff nods his head, "Yeah I do... I can't wait for it to happen to go out
there with you... it'll be like old times..."

"Totally..." Matt says, "Hey I'm gonna go get me a bite to eat, you want

"No, I'm good..." Jeff says.

"All right..." Matt nods his head as he starts to head towards the locker
room door to leave, when he opens it to step out into the hallway, he sees
RAW's beautiful ring announcer Lilian Garcia passing by the locker room in
the hallway. "Hey Lilian... ready to introduce me and Jeff tonight?" Matt
asks with a big smile on his face.

The beautiful Lilian Garcia pauses in the hallway and smiles "Oh absolutely!"
Lilian says with a soft, adorable laugh while she's dressed in a short white
skirt and a black, tight-fitting tank top "I bet you're so excited to be
teaming with Jeff again..." Lilian says as she looks at Matt Hardy "Speaking
of in he in the locker room, cause I kind of wanted to speak with
both of you before the big event tonight..."

"Yeah he's in here..." Matt says as he nods his head. He takes a step back
into the locker room and he holds the door open.

Within the room, Jeff looks at Matt with a raised eyebrow, "I thought you
were going to get something to eat bro..."

"I was but... well... someone wanted to talk to us..." Matt smiles as he
holds the door open for Lilian Garcia.

Lilian casually walks into the locker room and smiles at Jeff "Hey Jeff...
how are doing you?" Lilian sweetly asks.

Jeff smiles, "Same as always... good, fresh and ready for action..." Jeff
replies as he sits down on the bench that sits against one wall of the locker
room. "How about you?" Jeff asks.

Lilian nods her head and smiles "Oh I've been good..." Lilian then pauses as
she glances at Matt "So...umm, I was wondering how do you guys want me to
introduce you tonight...The Hardy Boyz or do you guys want Team Xtreme?"
Lilian asks as she glances back at Jeff.

Matt and Jeff both exchange looks and both brothers shrug their shoulders
before looking back at Lilian, "I guess go with The Hardy Boyz... cause this
is the WWE..." Jeff says

"Yeah..." Matt nods his head, "I think the ECW guy called us Team Extreme
just to help us fit in with the ECW crew when we were there..." Matt adds
as he closes the locker room door.

Lilian nods her head and smiles "Alright...The Hardy Boyz...Matt and Jeff!"
Lilian says in her adorable, energetic announcing voice before she smiles
again "I like it..."

Jeff laughs a bit, "So does millions of fans..." Jeff says with a smile.

"They should... we're back together for the first time in a long time..."
Matt says, "We're going to be better than we were before... guaranteed..."

Lilian raises an eyebrow as she smiles at Matt and Jeff as she places her
hands against her skirt covered waist "Better than so?" Lilian
asks with a laugh.

"In every way possible..." Matt says, "We've had four years to grow a bit
more... learn some new styles... so that now, no one can out do us in tag
team action..."

Jeff nods his head, "Totally... now everything we do is going to be fresh
and exciting... we're going to wow the world," Jeff smiles.

Lilian laughs a bit as she slowly nods her head and slightly smirks "Ok...I
got another question now..."

"Fire away..." Matt replies as he folds his arms over his smooth, toned

"Are you two still going to live up to your out of ring, tag team you two did back then?" Lilian asks with a soft smile on
her face "Trust me...all the Divas around back then, knew what you two were
up to."

Matt and Jeff both laugh a little bit and Jeff rubs the back of his neck, "Oh
I think we'll be doing all sorts of tag team activities... either in the ring
or out of it..." Jeff says with a smile.

"Why do you ask?" Matt asks as he slightly shifts his feet a bit.

Lilian blushes and lowers her head a bit "Oh...I'm just curious..." Lilian
sighs and glances back up at Jeff and Matt " be honest, I was a
bit disappointed back then, that you two never wanted to you know...tag team
me." Lilian says with a soft laugh and she then shrugs her shoulders "I
mean...I know you guys tag teamed Trish...and Lita...and Stacy too..."

"Ohhhhh well... we kinda figured..." Jeff starts to talk but then Matt cuts
him off.

"We thought you wouldn't be into getting some tag team action..." Matt says
and he laughs a little, "If we thought different, we would've gotten ya...
trust us."

"Yeah Lilian..." Jeff nods his head.

Lilian smiles softly and lowers her head " know...we've still got a
few hours to go until Survivor Series..." Lilian says cutely as she glances
back up and locks her soft, adorable eyes with Jeff and Matt.

Matt licks his lips a bit, "Yeah we do.. and we could use some warming up for
our match tonight..." Matt says.

Jeff laughs, "That's taking the long way around Matt... Lilian' got a craving
for some Hardy action that's been neglected...." Jeff says.

Matt looks at his brother and shakes his head, "Still jumping the gun..."
Matt laughs as Jeff gets up and both of the Hardy brothers begin to slowly
approach the naturally beautiful RAW ring announcer.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as Jeff and Matt Hardy both approach her.
Lilian smiles as she places her hands against her black tank top and the
stunning, beautiful RAW ring announcer lifts her tank top from her upper
body, exposing her petite, smoothly rounded hot tits. Lilian laughs a little
as she sees the looks on Matt and Jeff's faces of shock "Didn't know I was
that extreme, huh?"

"Nope... but we do now..." Jeff says as he lifts up his black tank top to
reveal his slightly hairy chest and toned upper body.

Matt licks his lips, "Yeah Lilian... but you know now you gotta show us
how extreme you can be..." Matt says as he begins to push down his black
wrestling pants from his waist. As he lowers them, his long, thick eleven
inch Hardy cock becomes exposed to the hot WWE Diva.

Lilian gently presses her soft lips together "Mmm...that's very nice Matt..."
Lilian says in a cute, polite voice as she locks her soft eyes with Matt's
long, thick eleven inch cock. Lilian blushes "Umm...may I...kneel down?"
Lilian asks in a slightly unsure, but cute tone as she watches Jeff begin to
push down his baggy black wrestling pants as well.

"Sure..." Matt says as he steps out of his black wrestling pants so that he's
completely naked.

Jeff licks his lips as he lowers his own baggy wrestling pants down, freeing
his fat, hard twelve inch cock from its prison, "Yeah Lilian... you can do
whatever you want...just use your imagination..." Jeff says with a wink as he
steps out of his wrestling pants.

Lilian smiles adorably "Ok..." Lilian says softly as she nods her head before
the naturally beautiful RAW ring announcer lowers herself down onto her knees
in front of Matt and Jeff Hardy. Lilian shyly reaches forward and gently
wraps her soft, smooth hands around Jeff and Matt's shafts, Matt in her left
hand and Jeff in her right hand. Lilian cutely smiles up at Jeff and Matt as
she starts to stroke both cocks with the same smooth, gentle rate.

"Mmmmmm... oh yea..." Jeff moans and licks his lips as Lilian smoothly moves
her right hand back and forth along the length of his stiff Hardy cock.

Matt licks his lips and smiles down at Lilian, "Ohhhh yea Lilian..." Matt
moans as he spread his feet apart as he watches Lilian's left hand move on
his cock. Lilian lightly tosses her hair back as she leans her head forward
and gently places her soft, wet tongue against the head of Jeff's cock and
playfully flicks her tongue against the tip before she moves her head to
Matt's cock and she flicks her soft, wet tongue against the tip of his cock
as well, while she continues to stroke both of the thick, hard cocks in her
soft hands.

"Ohhhhh damn Lilian... that feels good..." Jeff moans as the beautiful ring
announcer keeps jerking his hard, fat cock with her left hand.

Matt licks his lips, "Ohhhhh... shit Lilian... don't tease me..." Matt laughs
and moans as Lilian's soft wet Latin tongue is gently flicked against the tip
of his shaft.

Lilian cutely smiles up at Matt "Sorry Matt..." Lilian says before she lowers
her head back down and gently slides her wet tongue across the thick, large
head of Matt's cock as she brushes her tongue against his piss-slit. The
beautiful RAW ring announcer then opens her warm, wet and soothing mouth and
she lowers her head on Matt's cock, taking him into her mouth. Lilian gently
presses her lips around Matt's cock and begins to gently bob her head, while
she continues to smoothly stroke her left hand against Jeff's shaft.

"Ahhhhh... mmmmm yeah... ohhh yea..." Matt moans and closes his eyes as he
feels Lilian's warm mouth on his long, thick hard cock. Matt places his right
hand on Lilian's head and flips her hair back so that it doesn't hang over
her face. Jeff licks his lips as he starts moving his hips back and forth to
push his cock against Lilian's left hand. Lilian closes her eyes and gently
taps her soft, wet tongue against Matt's shaft while she smoothly bobs her
head up and down on his cock as she gently sucks on his cock while her
soothing saliva drips against his shaft. Lilian gradually lowers her head
further down on Matt's shaft, slowly taking him deeper into her hot Latin
mouth. Lilian opens her eyes and glances up at Jeff while she sucks on Matt's
cock and strokes Jeff's cock. Lilian slightly smiles around Matt's cock as
she lowers her left hand down to Jeff's ballsack and begins to gently massage
his balls.

"Mmmmmm ohhh shit... fuck Lilian... you can really work it..." Matt moans as
Lilian sucks on his meaty, hard cock.

Jeff licks his lips, "Hey Matt... don't hog Lilian... I want a little bit of
that too..." Jeff laughs a bit and moans as Lilian gently caresses his large

Lilian slowly lifts her head off of Matt's cock as her warm, wet saliva drips
down his shaft. Lilian turns on her knees to face Jeff and she smiles at Jeff
as she removes her right hand from Matt's cock "You want some of that too?"
Lilian asks softly as she lowers her head to Jeff's cock and instantly opens
her mouth, taking Jeff's cock into her hot mouth before Jeff either has a
chance to reply.

"Mmmmmmmm ohhhh yes I do..." Jeff moans as he tilts his head back and he
places both of his hands on his waist as Lilian begins bobbing her head back
and forth on his stiff meaty cock.

Matt licks his lips, "Mmmm Lilian... you're so damn hot..." Matt says as he
moves around behind Lilian and kneels down. The dark haired Hardy brother
then pulls down Lilian's short white skirt and her matching white panties to
reveal her sexy round firm Latin ass. Lilian closes her eyes once again as
she gently twists her head on Jeff's cock as her soft lips grind against
Jeff's shaft. Lilian smoothly bobs her head on Jeff's cock as she gently
laps her tongue around his shaft, lathering it with her hot, wet saliva.

"Mmmmmm ohhhh yea... mmmm damn..." Jeff moans as he places his left hand on
Lilian's head as she sucks on his hard cock.

Matt Hardy licks his lips, "Mmmmm... damn..." Matt says as he grips his cock
and he slowly slides it into Lilian's warm, tight pussy. With his cock inside
of her pussy, Matt places his hands on her hips and begins to pump his cock
in and out at a smooth steady rate.

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Lilian gently moans against Jeff's cock as she feels Matt
Hardy's thick, hard cock inside of her warm, tight pussy. Lilian opens her
eyes and glances up at Jeff as she gently twirls her tongue against his cock,
splashing her saliva against his shaft while she lowers her head further
down, taking Jeff deeper into her hot mouth. Lilian gently pushes her hot,
beautiful body back against Matt Hardy's cock as he thrusts his cock in and
out of her tight pussy, causing Lilian to lightly rock back and forth on her
knees, while she sucks Jeff Hardy's cock.

"Uhhhhhhh fuck... mmmmm" Jeff moans as he feels Lilian's tongue all over his
cock as she blows his mind as she sucks his cock.

Meanwhile behind Lilian, Matt is starting to really pump his cock in and out
of Lilian's pussy by increasing the pace of his thrusts, "Ahhhh... mmmmm ohhh
yeah... ahhh yea... fuck..." Matt grunts as he feels Lilian's pussy squeeze
his cock as he deeply thrusts into her.

"Mmmm...ohhh...mmm..." Lilian continues to moan against Jeff's cock as she
starts to bob her head quicker as she takes Jeff's cock even deeper into her
mouth as the beautiful RAW ring announcer is practically deep throating
Jeff's cock. Lilian starts to rock back against Matt's cock quicker as Matt
picks up the pace of his thrusts. Lilian's hot, rounded and gently collides
with Matt's smooth, toned waist as his cock slams deeper into her tight, warm

"Ahhhhh ohhhh fuck... damn... you can really suck a dick Lilian..." Jeff
moans as he feels the head of his shaft hit the back of Lilian's mouth. The
multi-colored haired Superstar soon starts to pull his thick saliva covered
cock out of Lilian's warm, wet mouth and he lays down the floor in front of

Matt grits his teeth as he slams his cock completely into Lilian's pussy for
a few moments more before he sees what Jeff is doing, "Mmmmm looks... like
it's time for some double Hardy action..." Matt groan as he pulls out of
Lilian's tight Latin pussy.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder at Matt
and smiles before the beautiful RAW ring announcer cutely crawls on her hands
and knees forward to Jeff Hardy as he lays on the floor of the locker room.
Lilian smiles "I've always thought you're a cutie, Jeff..." Lilian says with
a blush as she lifts herself up and mounts herself steadily on Jeff's hard,
thick cock as she takes his cock into her tight pussy as she faces Jeff
"Ohhhh shoot..." Lilian moans as she places her hands on Jeff's slightly
hairy, hot and toned chest.

Jeff licks his lips and groans as Lilian completely settles herself on his
hard fat cock, "Ahhhhh mmmmm thanks... Lil..." Jeff moans as he feels Lilian
move her delicate hands through the short hairs of his slightly hairy chest.
The hot, younger Hardy brother begins to thrust his cock up into Lilian's
tight Latin pussy as she begins to slightly rock on it.

Matt licks his lips as he moves closer to Lilian and he presses his large
thick cock against Lilian's asshole, "Mmmmm..." Matt moans before he begins
to thrust his cock in and out of Lilian's asshole, and he pushes his cock in
and out Lilian's ass, and he thrusts it deeper every time he pushes forward.

"Ohhhh yeah..." Lilian groans as she gently grits her teeth together as she
now feels Matt Hardy's hard, thick cock inside of her tight asshole as she
slightly rocks back and forth smoothly on Jeff's cock "Ohhh... mmm...yeah..."
Lilian moans as she closes her eyes and tilts her head back while she rocks
back and forth in between Jeff and Matt Hardy while the two brothers deeply
thrust their cocks into her pussy and asshole.

Matt grabs hold of Lilian's round sexy hips as he quickens the pace of his
thrusts, "Mmmmm ahhhh ohhh yeah... mmmmm damn..." Matt moans as he pumps his
cock in and out of Lilian's tight hot Latin ass.

Jeff licks his teeth a bit as he places his hands on Lilian's hot, firm,
sexy tits as he thrusts his large cock sharply into Lilian's pussy, "Mmmmm...
ohhhh yea... ahhhh damn you're extreme Lilian..." Jeff moans as Lilian grinds
her pussy on his cock.

"Ohhhh...ohhh...mmmm" Lilian moans as she gently slams down harder on Jeff's
cock at a quicker rate while Matt Hardy quickly thrusts his cock in and out
of Lilian's tight asshole, causing her rock back and forth on both his and
Jeff's cocks at a quick rate.

"Ohhhh... mmmmm fuck... damn..." Matt grunts as he drives his hard Hardy cock
rapidly in and out of Lilian's hot ass with harder thrust. Sweat drips down
his toned, hot body and he throws his head back as he starts cumming inside
of Lilian's ass, "Ahhhhh ohhhh shit..." Matt groans.

Lilian presses her soft lips together "Ohhhh..." Lilian softly moans as she
feels Matt's warm, sticky cum spray into her tight asshole as she rocks back
and forth on Jeff's cock as sweat lightly drips off of her beautiful, hot
body "Ohhhhh ohhhh shit!" Lilian groans as Jeff sharply thrusts his cock up
into Lilian's tight pussy.

Matt slowly pulls his cum spent cock out of Lilian's hot cum filled ass,
"Mmmmm... oooo damn..." Matt moans and licks his lips as he moves away from
Lilian and Jeff.

Jeff Hardy keeps ramming his cock up into Lilian's hot pussy with sharper
and faster thrusts, "Ahhhh mmmmm shit... yea... damn..." Jeff moans as sweat
drips down the sides of his face as his cock begins to erupt with his hot
warm cum.

Lilian arches her back slightly and opens her eyes as she licks her lips as
she slams down one final time on Jeff's cum-erupting cock "Ohhh Jeff..."

Jeff grits his teeth as ever drop of his hot cum is shot deep into Lilian's
pussy as she grinds herself a bit on top of him, "Mmmmmm... fuck... that was
extreme..." Jeff moans.

Lilian sweetly smiles "Mmmm...damn, this was worth the wait.."

"I'll say..." Jeff moans and licks his lips, "That was real fucking

Matt smirks, "Hey Lilian... got any more... Hardy cravings?" Matt asks.

Lilian smiles as she lifts herself off of Jeff's cock and stands up before
she glances at Matt "You boys able to go again?" Lilian asks with a soft

Matt smirks, "We're The Hardyz... Team Xtreme... we're always ready to go


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