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Original idea suggested to me by my good friend, and partner Kristi.

Lilian's Heart Throbs
By Dice

The Heart Throbs Antonio and Romeo have Viscera in the corner of the ring,
and they both exit the ring. They grab both of Big Vis's legs and trip him
up and pull him crotch first against the ring post, causing an immediate DQ.
Both men walk around to a distraught Lilian Garcia and give her kisses on
the cheek and Antonio slips a piece of paper into her hands. As the Heart
Throbs walk away in victory, Lilian looks down at the paper in her hand
and reads that it's the hotel room that they are staying in. Lilian bites
her lip and looks at Viscera in the ring and then back down at the paper in
her hand.

After Raw

At the local hotel that the Raw Superstar's are staying in, Lilian Garcia
has arrived, steeping out of her rental car. She walks into the lobby and
straight to the elevator. She presses the up button, and the doors open.
Lilian steps in and before she presses the button for the floor of her
hotel room is on, she hesitates. Lilian takes the paper Antonio handed to
her out of her pocket and looks at it, and then presses the number for the
floor she wishes to go.

A short time later the elevator doors open and Lilian steps out into the
hallway. She walks down the left side and stops in front of a door at the
very end. Lilian sighs and knocks on the door and a moment later Romeo of
the Heart Throbs opens it.

"Oh yeah baby... we knew a sexy kitten like you wouldn't turn us down..." he
says with a big grin on his face. Lilian looks down a bit unsure if she
should comment to what she's about to do, when Romeo takes her hand, "Come
on in Lilly." Romeo pulls her into the room, where inside she sees Antonio
is putting on dabs of cologne on his neck and chest. Romeo smirks, "Hey, hey
man... look what the cat brought by."

Antonio stops what he's doing and gests cheestastic grin on his face,
"Welcome Lilian... we were hoping you'd swing on by." Romeo closes the door
and leads her further into the hotel room.

"Why wouldn't see? She' got burned by that giant Hershey Kiss with legs and
she wants to forget about him."

Lilian takes a deep breath, "Umm guys... listen... I... appreciate what you
did... but I..."

Antonio puts a finger on her lips, "Ssssh... don't worry baby... we'll take
care of you..."

Romeo steps behind her and places his hands on her hips, "Yeah... and we'll
make you go OH, OH, Ohhhhh too..." Romeo starts running his hands around her
hips. Lilian again bites her lip.

"Listen... I... don't... I... shouldn't...." Lilian tries to move away from
the two men, but she does so half-heartedly. Antonio slowly begins to lift
her top up as Romeo has her raise her arms, "No... please... I..."

Lilian's pleas have no real feeling of wanting them to not do what they
are doing. Antonio finally removes her top from her body and lays it on
the hotel room dresser. Romeo kisses the top of her back, around her left
shoulder as he starts to unclasp her bra, which slowly starts to slide off
as Lilian lowers her arms. Lilian lowers her head, but Antonio slides his
hand underneath her chin and has her lift her head back up.

Antonio gives her a soft kiss on the lips, sliding his tongue forward a bit
to slide it against her lips. Much to his delight, Lilian parts her lips a
bit and invites his tongue into her mouth. Romeo has now unzipped her
mini-skirt and has kneeled down behind Lilian. Romeo slowly lowers her skirt
down, kisses her panty-covered rear. Antonio places both his hands on
Lilian's exposed breasts and caresses them softly, as Romeo bites the edge
of Lilian's panties and pulls them down with his teeth.

Once her butt is exposed, Romeo starts to place soft kisses on both cheeks
as well as sliding his tongue all over each of her well-toned buttocks.
Antonio breaks the kiss with Lilian and lowers his head a bit and takes her
left tit in one hand and swirls his tongue around the nipple. He gently
closes his teeth around it and nibbles on it at times, as Lilian places one
hand on his back and the other on his head.

Romeo has now spread Lilian's ass and his licking up and down her ass crack,
as Antonio kneels in front of her. He looks up at Lilian's face, and she has
now closed her eyes and is moaning softly from Romeo's work. Antonio adds to
her pleasure by gently licking her pussy. He flicks his tongue against his
the edges of her pussy.

Lilian is moaning louder as she takes two handfuls of Antonio's hair and
slightly pulls up on it. Antonio and Romeo at the same time push their
tongues into her pussy and asshole respectively. With the combine stimulation
of both men's tongues probing inside her Lilian starts to go week in the
knees, and before long she has a mind-blowing orgasm.

Antonio and Romeo stop licking her and stand up a bit and they sit Lilian
on the bed, so she can compose her. Lilian is breathing a bit hard, as she
wasn't expecting them to pleasure her like that. She can feel her own heart
throbbing in her chest as she watches the two men look at her. Antonio and
Romeo both smile at her, waiting to see what she's going to do. Lilian takes
a deep breath, and wipes her forward with the back of her hand, and slides
some of her hair behind her ear. She then bites a fingernail, before she
motions for one finger for them to come closer.

Antonio and Romeo step closer to and start to undo their jeans and slacks.
They both remove their shirts and toss them onto a table, as Lilian kicks off
her shoes. Lilian scoots to the edge of the bed as they finally get their
pants off. Romeo places a hand on Lilian's shoulder and starts to push her
back so she can lie down, but she reaches forward with one hand and gently
takes hold of his slowly erecting cock. Romeo is a bit surprised as Lilian
tightens her grip and leans forward to lick the tip. Lilian reaches with her
other hand and gets a hold of Antonio's cock as she slowly brings him closer
to Romeo.

Lilian gently slides her tongue around the points of both men's dicks as
she pumps her hands on them. Romeo and Antonio are a bit stunned that the
beautiful ring announcer is doing this, and they both moan in gratitude for
her actions. Lilian doesn't take either's man rod into her mouth because she
wants to work on both equally. She tilts her head to lick down one side of
Romeo's cock, and then tilts her head the other way to lick up Antonio's
shaft. Lilian angles both men's cock upward and guides her soft tongue up
then down the bottom of their cocks.

After some time, Romeo places his hand back on her shoulder and has Lilian
lay down on the bed. Antonio sits on the bed and takes hold of her arms and
slides her up further on the mattress, as Romeo spreads her legs a bit. Romeo
grasps his cock and gently slides it into her pussy. Lilian squeaks out a
moan as Antonio rubs her shoulders to make her feel comfortable. Romeo slowly
begins to fuck her, moving his cock in and out of her as if he was Leonardo
De Vinci painting the Mona Lisa. Romeo places his hands on her hips and
caresses her midsection. His thrusts are very even, not too hard and not to
quickly, and causing Lilian to push back a bit. She lifts her hips a bit as
if begging for Romeo to fuck harder, but Romeo keeps his face steady and soon
enough, the ring announces has another climax. Romeo feels her pussy tighten
around his cock, squeezing it like a vice, and he's force to pull out of her
before he reaches the peak of having sex.

Antonio sits against the headboard of the bed as he takes Lilian's hand and
guides her to sit on his cock. Lilian is still weak from her last orgasm, so
he wraps his arms around her and gently rocks her back and forth on his dick
in addition to lifting her up and down on his cock. Lilian wraps his arms
around his neck, moaning softly. She lowers her head and places it on his
shoulder, as she enjoys the ride. Despite not having to do much, Lilian's
heart is pounding from this whole event. She starts to grind down on
Antonio's cock. Romeo is nearby, sitting on a chair, stroking his cock at
the same pace of Lilian and Antonio.

Lilian leans her head back up and takes Antonio's face in her soft hands and
kisses him on the lips. She suddenly moans into his mouth has she climaxes
again. Antonio lifts her off his cock and sits her on the bed. Both Antonio
and Romeo stand up and head to the bathroom. Lilian looks at them and asks,
"Where are you going?"

Both men look back at her and smile, and Romeo answers, "Don't worry kitten,
we're just going to finish ourselves off... we said this was for you and we
meant it." Antonio winks at her and they starts to go to the bathroom again.
Lilian feels a little guilty and stops them.

"I'll do it for you..." She says as she gets off the bed and approaches them.
They both look back at her, and Antonio says, "You don't have too..."

Lilian smiles at them, "But I want too..."

Lilian kneels down in front of both men and takes their cocks into her hands.
She begins to jerk their dicks at a good pace, twisting and turning her hands
around them. She spits on both their cocks, backing them more slick. Romeo
and Antonio were already close to climaxing when they were pleasuring her,
and it doesn't take much from Lilian to make them cum. Streams of semen fly
from their cocks and shoot pass her head. Lilian ducks at bit not wanting to
risk having there cum land on her beautiful face. She continues to stroke
their cocks until they stop pulsating.

Antonio and Romeo both get weak in the knees and have to sit down, before
they fall down. They both sit on one of the hotel beds and Lilian sits
between them. She kisses both men on the cheek and smiles as they both kiss
her cheeks as they place hands on her thighs. Lilian knows that this night
is far from over, and that her heart will be throbbing all night long.

The End

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