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Lilian's Lust: Vis' Piss
by WOWButtLover (

Viscera gulped down a can of soda it had been his third in a row. He reached
over to the table in front of him a grabbed another. He and Lilian had been
going steady for about a month now but she had never let him go "There". It
was the night of Vengeance '05 and Lilian planned to propose to Vis that
night but first she wanted to test drive him. She wouldn't let him fuck her,
but she had something else in mind. You see our sexy latina announcer has a
fetish that is uncommon among women and men too. She has a fetish that alot
of people find sick. "Water-sports".

That's right Lilian loves pee. She's been pissed all over her face before,
she made a guy piss on her pussy before, she even let (made) a guy piss in
her ass before (which was a mess). She loves pee, she's liked it ever since
she was very young and now she wants big man's pee and she wants it now!

Lilian walked up to Vis who just popped open his fifth soda and asked him a
simple question. "Do you want to come into my dressing room for a second?"
Lilian put on her sweet smile.

"Sure baby." Vis liked where this was heading.

Lilian led Vis by the hand to her room where she locked the door behind her.
Vis sat on a black sofa against the wall and set down the empty can of soda.

"How many of these have you had?" Lilian asked as she walked in a sexy sway
over to the sofa and sat right beside Vis.

"Five...six. Why? You 'fraid I'm gonna get fat?" Vis Chuckled.

Lilian's cunt automatically got moist, five or six? His bladder must be ready
to bust. This made Lilian excited. Vis saw the visible excitement in her

"Woman, you look like you want to get freaky." Vis licked his bottom lip.

Without another word Lilian was on her knee's in front Vis. Vis was surprised
at her quickness. She unbuttoned his black pants and dug her hand into the
dark cave of Vis' pants. She unbuttoned his boxer's and found his cock, and
as expected it was a monster and limp. At the moment it was five inch's and
he wasn't even half hard. It had thickness like she had never seen before.
She had a hungry look in her eye's. She gripped his cock with both of her
hand's and pointed it at her face. Vis had never seen a woman so eager to
suck a cock before. She began to jerk the black cock at a rapid pace. Her
goal was to get his cock alittle harder but not so hard that she can't
control it.

"Jerk it baby." Vis leaned his head back. He wished that he would have pissed
before she got on her knee's, he's trying his hardest not to piss on her. But
little does he know...she would do anything for him to. His dick was about
six and a half inches long when she stopped jerking and looked at him.

"Piss on my face." She told him.

"Say what girl?" Viscera honestly thought that he had heard her wrong.

"I love piss and I want you to piss all over me." She was rabid, obsessed.

Vis was truly shocked at what he had heard, this woman wants him to piss on
her. The look in her eye's slightly scared Vis. She looked possessed. "Ok."
he replied. He didn't have a problem with pissing on her but he really didn't
expect it.

"Ready?" Vis knew the answer by the look she had. Vis then let go of his
bowel's and released the hot, steamy, golden stream that she had waited for.
She held her chin up as the stream darted against her throat and collarbone.

"Oh yes." Lilian had her eye's open as she moaned in Ecstasy. She bent his
cock downward so that the gold stream pelted her chest. The piss was a dark
gold color, she loved when it was built up for a while and it was yellow.
The urine splashed against her left tit and covered her tank top in yellow.

She pressed her thumbs to the bottom of his dick and stopped the flow of
piss. "That feels so good." She cried out.

Vis had to admit that he liked pissing on her and he still had plenty of piss

"Have you ever pissed on a girl before?" Lilian asked before releasing her
hold on his shaft for a split second. A stream of piss shot out and splashed
on her chin.

"Hell no." Vis replied.

Lilian opened her mouth wide and let go again, this time for three seconds, a
line of piss went directly into her awaiting mouth. Vis had never witnessed
something like this before, her mouth was filled to the rim with piss. She
brought her left hand to her mouth and dipped her pointer finger, middle
finger and index finger into the well of pee. Viscera watched as she slid her
baptized hand down the front of her jeans. She jammed all three of her piss
covered fingers into her shaven latina cunt. She then forced the piss out of
her mouth with her tongue. Multiple streams of piss went down her face and
split into different directions. She faced Vis' cock again and let it go. She
was immediately doused in piss. It soaked her hair and it wet her ears. She
vigorously fingered her cunt as piss ran down her sexy abs and joined her
hand at her cunt. She could feel his dick begin to lose strain, so she filled
her mouth with as much piss as she could and ditched his cock. She tipped her
head back and slowly began to swallow the piss as she tried to make herself

And as she downed the last swallow of piss...she orgasmed. Her hand got
covered in cum. She faced Vis with a smile on her face. She pulled her hand
out of her pants and brought it to her mouth. She then licked her own juices
off of her hand.

Meanwhile Vis sat with a limp, unsatisfied dick laying on his lap.

"I should go clean up for the show." Lilian's hair stuck to her face because
of the piss, she left Vis alone and pissed off...and thirsty.

(To Be Continued?)

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