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Linda's Diary Part 1
by HBK

I was totally horny. I couldn't stand it any longer. My husband, Vince
was away on business again and I couldn't wait another minute, much less
another two days. My son, Shane was out on a date, so I was all alone in
the house... alone and frustrated! My pussy wanted attention in the worst
way. Since Vince wasn't around to help the situation, I was just going to
have to take matters into my own to speak.

I wasn't new to masturbation. Quite the contrary. I loved doing it. It
was fun. Some of my girl friends said that they would never do such a thing
to themselves. It was too "dykey". That's a lot of crap. I like it. It feels
good. But I don't have any desire to mess around with other women. It's just
a personal experience that I enjoy whenever Vince can't fulfill my needs.
(Actually, I think some of my friends really do it, but they're too chicken
to admit it.)

So, there I was... horny as a girl could be, and the house completely to
myself. I was all alone. I was really going to enjoy this. I put some light
music on the stereo in the bedroom, turned down the lights, and pulled the
corner of the sheets down on my side (the left) of the bed.

Then I went and took a shower.

While drying off in the dressing area, I glanced at my reflection in the
mirror. "Not bad for 47", I thought. I was in pretty good shape. I looked
like I was in my early 40s, rather than a tired old mom of 47. Up to now, I
had little trouble keeping my 5'-6" frame at a steady 110 pounds. I was
especially thankful for the appearance of my breasts. Not huge by some
standards (36D), but Vince insisted that their shape and size is perfect for
me. I believe him.

I'm not really preoccupied with my body. I just take inventory from time
to time.

Now it was time for some periodic maintenance. I took my razor from the
drawer and made my way into the bathroom. With one leg up on the edge of the
toilet, I began to shave the three-day stubble from my hairless cunt. Yes...
hairless! It had been my husband's idea. Vince loves to eat my pussy more if
it's completely shaven. He told me once that it was because it made me look
even younger. I think he's got a fantasy about fucking little girls, maybe
he even does... but I don't care as long as he brings that big, thick cock
of his home to me when he's finished.

With a splash of my favorite after-bath, I was finished.

I made my way back to the bed and hopped in. I put the covers over me,
put my arms behind my head and relaxed. (Gee, I just love how the cool,
satin sheets feel against my naked body, especially my hairless pussy.) This
was always the hardest part. What do I start to think about? How do I get in
the mood. I wondered what my husband was doing right now... fucking some
wrestling model senseless, no doubt. Oh, I knew what he got up to on these
business trips. How? He told me!... Yep, Vince told me everything. I didn't
mind... in fact, it actually enhanced our sex life. When Vince came home and
told me of his sexual `indiscretions'... in detail... we normally fucked for
hours! So noisily at times, I was certain our son, Shane, could hear us.

I suddenly wondered if Shane masturbated while Vince and I fucked. A
vivid image of my son lying back on his bed, cock in hand, fisting it while
he listened to Vince fucking the living daylights out of me, flashed into
my horny mind. My pussy began to itch with moist arousal. Jesus! What was I
doing! I was getting sexually aroused by thinking about my own son! I tried
to stop thinking about it, but the image remained. Have you ever tried NOT
to think about something? The more you try, the more you can't stop!

In desperation, I looked frantically around the room for something to
distract my lustful thoughts. I looked to my left and could see myself in the
mirrored closet door. I flashed back to when I saw myself in the dressing
area mirror and how glad I was about how I looked. I began to wonder what
Vince and I looked like when we made love. I stared at my reflection in the
mirror. I watched the covers rise and roll as I moved my right hand over to
my left breast. I cupped it gently. I ran my fingers lightly around the
underside and would occasionally push it up in a reassuring grasp. "What
does this look like?", I wondered. I bet shane would love to see that. STOP
IT!, I thought, you're his mother for crissakes! I rolled onto my left side
and continued to look at myself in the mirror. I pulled the covers down until
my navel was visible. I looked at how my full breasts formed a deep line in
the middle of my chest.

My caressing, however gentle, had caused my nipple to shrink and become
erect. I liked it. All thoughts of my son had vanished, or rather, been
temporarily suppressed.... I was feeling good!

I widened my touch to cover my entire left breast. A great tingle shot
through my body the first time my nipple was rubbed by the palm of my hand.
I began to lightly squeeze my breast, leaving my nipple exposed in the space
between my thumb and forefinger.

I was beginning to feel the benefits of my caresses in an area other than
my breasts. I could feel a dampness beginning to form deep within my groin.

Soon my left nipple was getting a bit too sensitive to my touch. I
brought my hand to my mouth and briefly sucked on the index and middle
fingers. I returned my hand to my breast and deposited as much saliva as I
could directly on my nipple. This certainly helped. I repeated the process
with ever increasing frequency. I expanded my attentions to include both

After a while, I found that my saliva wasn't helping with the increasing
speed and firmness with which I was caressing myself. I needed a thicker,
and more slippery, lubricant. I definitely knew where to find one.

Still on my side, I continued to watch in the mirror and uncovered the
rest of my body.

I started to raise my right leg.

I had a perfect view of my pussy. As my leg rose, I could tell that my
wetness had caused the lips of my pussy to stick together. As it went higher
and higher, my lips began to open on their own. It was a very erotic sight.

I used my index and ring fingers to spread my cunt lips. I could see my
fully exposed clitoris and the opening to my vagina clearly in the mirror. I
slowly pushed my middle finger into my cunt. I let out a short gasp. (There
is something very unique about the first stroke into a woman's vagina.) I
moved it around and felt every bump of my precious insides. I began to move
my finger in and out; knowing that this would cause my body to immediately
produce more of the lubricant that I sought.

Indeed it did. Soon my hand was coated with the clear fluid. I removed my
hand and moved it towards my breast. I was excited with feeling of the warm
slippery juices clinging to my fingers.

Eagerly, I began to spread the slick lubricant over my nipples. My body
reacted instantly. My pussy rushed to make more and my nipples sent shivers
the length of my body every time my fingers touched them. Again and again my
hand returned to between my legs for the sensuous nectar.

Faster and faster I rubbed it all over my breasts. My breathing became
faster and heavier. As it evaporated, I could feel my chest becoming more
and more sticky. Every time I moved and my breasts would part, I could see
my juices clinging to try and maintain contact with both of them. I could
now smell the musk that I was so happily spreading on my body.

The mirror was unimportant now. I shut my eyes and laid flat on my back.
Both hands were free to bring the wetness from my cunt and place it anywhere
I wanted.

I used my right hand to caress my breasts and allowed my left to remain
between my legs. I inserted my middle and ring fingers into my vagina and
rubbed my clitoris with the upper part of my palm. I was in ecstasy! I began
to use my right hand to feel what my left was doing to me. As if detached
from my body, I wanted it to feel my middle finger move in and out of my
vagina. I wanted it to feel how, with each outward stroke, a small amount of
my inner flesh would follow my finger out.

Faster and faster I moved my fingers inside my body.

I brought my wet right hand up to my nose and took in a deep breath of
the sweet magic aroma. I opened my eyes only to briefly look at my slick
glistening fingers before they disappeared into my mouth. I licked and
sucked feverishly at every digit. It was like I had a great thirst that
would never be satisfied. Again and again I wet my hand with my cunt juices
and coated my lips and tongue with the special taste. My left hand continued
the in and out thrusting of my fingers and the up and down caressing of my
clit. My eyes remained riveted shut. I was a million miles away. My orgasm
was fast approaching.

"Mom", is what I heard and it seemed to echo from a great distance.

But it was close. Shane had come home early from his date and was standing
right next to the bed. My body tensed and instantly froze. My mouth was open
and my tongue was between my fingers. My legs were spread eagled on the bed
and my exposed pussy was in plan view. Two fingers of my left hand was still
buried deep inside my vagina.

After a tenth of a second, that seemed like an eternity, I relaxed again.
My passion, momentarily gone, had now returned with full strength.

When my eyes focused for the first time, I could see that Shane had been
there for some time, stroking his cock. He was completely naked. His
magnificent young prick was fully erect and standing straight out from his
body. The tip of his penis had already begun to ooze its own clear wetness.

There we were... mother and son... both naked. Me, totally exposed
along one side of the bed, involved in what was up to now, a completely
private experience. There was shane, leaning against the bed, a huge,
throbbing erection in his young fist... obviously excited. Then he spoke
again, very softly.

"Don't stop, Mom. Don't stop."

Part 2 Coming Soon

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