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Linda's Diary Part 2
by HBK

His voice was calm, reassuring, supportive, and gentle. Instantly, my
guilt and embarrassment faded, to be replaced by love and rekindled lust for
my handsome young son. I sensed he wanted me badly. The way he was looking at
me made my pussy tingle with need. I should have put an end to this madness
right then and there, but I couldn't help myself.I resumed the thrusting of
my fingers in my pussy, watching the look on my son's face. His eyes were
wide and gleaming and he was breathing heavily, his gaze fixed on my juicy,
hairless cunt-slit. I finished licking the wetness from my fingers and closed
my eyes again.

"Oh baby, I shouldn't be doing this in front of you..", I heard myself
say. "..but I'm sooo horny!"

"Me too, Mom. Me too", was his reply. "You look so sexy rubbing you
pussy that way. Does it feel good?"

"Oh yes....yes", I said.

I felt a warm drop on my stomach. I opened my eyes and again looked at
Shane. He was using his fist to rub his throbbing erection. That, coupled
with the sight of what I was doing, was really turning him on. He was so
close to the bed, the lubricant from the tip of his penis was beginning to
drip onto my body. My pussy gave a twitch at the thought of my own son's
spermy fluid dripping onto my feverish body. I suddenly had the urge to
touch his cock.

"Ohhhh, honey, you're so hard!" I gasped, "Here, let me help you with

I removed my left hand from my pussy. It was completely coated with a
slick film of moisture. Threads of the sticky juices stretched from finger
to finger as my hand made its way to my son's crotch. With a confident
motion, my hand wrapped around his stiff cock. Quickly, I lubricated the
shaft with my wetness. With a firm grip, I began to stroke him. I had never
felt so excited in my life!

I revelled in the feeling of every bump and vein as they moved underneath
the outer skin of his penis. God, only 25, but his cock was as big as his
fathers! I marveled at how the head would partially disappear into the skin
collected at the apex of my stroke. I was delighted every time my actions
would cause another drop of his wetness to make its way to my stomach via a
long liquid thread.

He watched intently and gasped, "Oh yes....Oh yes.. That feels sooo
good, Mom!"

I brought my right hand to the small pool of my son's juices that had
formed on my stomach. I played with it and rubbed it 'round and 'round. I
coated my fingers with it and then placed them where they would do the most
good... in my hot, sticky cunt. Once again, I concentrated on my own
pleasures by plunging my fingers back into my overheated little fuckhole.
Again and again I collected shanes seminal fluid's to lubricate my thrusting
fingers; all the while continuing to fuck my son's cock with my left hand.

I first sensed it when my hand was near his balls. He was going to come.
He didn't have to tell me, but he did anyway. I ever so slightly pushed his
prick towards the lower portion of my body.

His cock swelled against my grip. shanes head fell back and his back
arched sexily, his hips jerking in a fucking motion into my fist as he
groaned in orgasm.

A long creamy white stream of cum burst from the end of his prick. Most
of it landed across my perfectly hairless cunt, as I had hoped. A slender
strand of cum ran along my lower abdomen and up to the side of my body. It
stopped precisely under my son's cock.

A second spasm from Shane's body deposited an equal volume of rich, sperm
almost in the same place.

I kept stroking him as again and again his slender young body convulsed.
Then his ejaculations diminished. Each new spasm produced less and less cum
that was now landing on my arm, closer and closer to its point of origin.

White translucent cream slowly dripped down my arm. I was beginning to
feel his warm cum drip from my pubic bone and down to my pussy. I released my
grip on my son's cock and used both hands to open myself as wide as I could.
We both watched as the thick, pearly flow oozed down over my belly and
trickled slowly between the hairless lips of my cunt.

Just as it reached my swollen clitoris, it instantly mixed with the
wetness already there and quickly raced towards my open cunt, and began to
seep inside.

Now it was my turn. I began to rub my pussy with rapidly intensifying
movements. I rubbed the sticky combination of my own juices and Shane's cum
all over my clit. Faster and faster I went. My breasts jiggled with every
motion. I plunged as many fingers as I could deep into my cunt and fucked
them in and out. The depravity of what I was doing only seemed to make me
even hotter. I was rubbing my own son's cum up inside my gaping cunt...
masturbating myself with his sperm while he watched. God, what a turn on!

Again and again I fucked myself.

I was so close now. With cum still sliding down my arm, I used my other
hand to wildly pump my son's still oozing cock.

Faster and faster. Harder and harder. Closer and closer I came.

"Your hand! Give Mom your hand, baby!", I managed to gasp. My eyes opened
wide and my back arched. I grabbed his left hand and quickly thrust three of
his fingers into my cunt that was on the verge of eruption. I held my pussy
open and I rubbed my clit as fast as I could.

"Oh Fuck me, Shane! Fuck me! Fuck Mommy with your fingers, baby!", I

As my son slid his stiffened fingers in and out of my cunt, I bucked
my hips up off the bed frantically, secretly wishing it was his big, thick
male cock he was fucking me with.

And then I came.

My stomach muscles contracted over and over again. Spasm after spasm.
Each time, my lungs expanded and quickly collapsed, causing me to emit huge
gasps. My head and chest lunged upward over and over again.

I could feel my pussy contract over and over again. Each time, I could
feel my muscles clench tightly around my son's still thrusting fingers.

Each time, I felt my body just gush more and more of my cum onto his hand.
I heard that wet sucking sound made every time his fingers momentarily left
my cunt.

And then it was over.

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