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Linda's Diary Part 3
by HBK

I fell back onto the bed and, for an instant, couldn't move. My eyes
were shut tight. My hands rested over shanes to keep his fingers in me. Ever
so slightly he would move just the tip of a finger and my whole body would
instantly jerk once more.

We remained essentially motionless. I could still feel my muscles randomly
spasm on his fingers. I looked up at him with loving eyes. My own son had
given me the most wonderfully exciting orgasm of my whole life. But his cock
was still as hard as a railroad spike... and twice as long! I suddenly had a
wanton urge to have that gorgeous young prick slamming deep up inside my
tingling twat.

I raised my hands up to my son and motioned him over me. He removed his
hand from my cunt, placed himself over me and knelt between my legs. I
reached out with both hands and lightly grabbed his still erect cock. I drew
it towards my pussy. I let go with one hand and began to collect some cum
from my cunt. He gasped as I used my hand to rub my juices all over the shaft
of his long, thick shaft.

After it was well lubricated, I drew him closer while I held my pussy
open. A drop of his cum still hung from his gorgeous young prick by a slender
string. I placed it right on my exposed clit and then began to rub his cock
all over my pussy. Then, with a short rapid up and down motion, I used his
cock to again separate my cunt lips. I placed the tip just inside my vagina.
I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Fuck me, son!", and slid his
cock home.

His young cock completely filled my cunt, and for a moment, we laid there
motionless. Shane rested his hairless chest on my tits and supported his
weight with his elbows. He kissed me softly on the lips. Lovingly, like he'd
always done... then suddenly his mouth opened and his tongue slithered
between my lips, right into my mouth, and he kissed me like no son was ever
meant to kiss his mother.

I moaned and kissed him back, sending my own tongue deep into his mouth.
He tasted fresh and clean and young... and my pussy creamed at the thought
of actually fucking him. vince would freak out if he could see me now, I
thought... this time *I'D* have the erotic story to tell when he got home.

I looked over to his left hand and could see just how strong my orgasm
had been. His hand literally dripped. I could smell the special mixture of
his cum and my own. It was almost clear and looked like an egg white as it
coated his fingers.

I moved my head over to it and licked some onto my tongue. It was
delightful. I could easily distinguish our unique tastes. Quickly, I rubbed
my tongue over my son's lips in hopes that he would share this very special

He did... and with a low growl, shane began to fuck me. We writhed and
we moaned for what seemed like hours, shane slamming his cock deep up into
my juice-filled cunt, and me hunching my hips up off the bed to receive him.
I came three times before my son finally shuddered and emptied his young
balls into my hot, clasping pussy.

We fucked like that all weekend long, enjoying each other whenever the
urge arose... which was most of the time! I'd forgotten how quickly and
easily a horny young 25-year-old man can recover!

But the time, vince returned home, I was walking sperm bank. Except that
all the sperm sloshing around in my ass, cunt and belly belonged to my virile
young son. Now, I can't wait until vince goes away on another of his extended
business trips. Neither can Shane.

The End

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