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Linda's Highlight
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Shortly after appearing on the Highlight Reel, WWE CEO Linda McMahon is
making her way to the parking area to leave the arena. She goes around a
corner and sees Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff. Not wanting to encounter
the former President of WCW, Linda turns around to find another route to
the parking area. As she walks, she sees Chris Jericho getting himself a
cup of coffee. She observes him for a bit as his question from earlier that
night, where he asked her in front of thousands of fans in the arena and
millions watching at home, "Did she and Eric Bischoff make it like Rabbits?"
Jericho finishes preparing his coffee and starts to walk away as Shane
McMahon comes up behind Linda.

"Hey mom..." Shane says as he buttons up his Shane-O'Mac jersey.

Linda turns around and smiles "Oh hello Shane..." Linda gently hugs her son
"Are you booked in a match tonight?" Linda asks as she breaks the hug.

"Yeah... Jericho's not going to know what hits him tonight..." Shane replies
confidently. "How's your neck feeling?" He asks as he makes reference to
Linda being hit with a tombstone piledriver by Kane a few weeks prior.

Linda nods her head and places her hand against the back of her neck "Ohhh...
it's doing better." Linda then takes a deep breath "When's your match,

"In about an hour or so... Dad made it the main event tonight..." Shane
frowns, "And with rumors about Kane being around the arena, I think you
should leave the arena now before he shows his ugly head."

Linda smiles and pats Shane's hand "I'll be fine Shane. Now just don't go and
scare me with all those high-risk moves..." Linda shakes her head "You know
how scared I get Shane."

"I'll try and stick to the mat mom," Shane smiles, "I better go warm up...
I'll see you back at the hotel." Shane gives Linda a peck on the cheek before
he heads off to prepare for his match with Chris Jericho.

Linda takes a deep breath as she watches her son, Shane walk away from her.
"I really hope Jericho takes it easy on him tonight..." She says to herself
before turns and walks away. Linda begins walking down the hallway where the
locker rooms are. Linda passes by several locker rooms, until she stops at
the locker room of Chris Jericho. Linda raises her eyebrow for a moment
before she nods her head and knocks on the door.

"Just a moment..." Chris says from inside the locker room. A few moments
later, he opens the door, dressed only in his wrestling tights that he just
put on. Jericho smiles when he sees Linda, "Why hello Mrs. McMahon..."

Linda smiles "Hello Chris..."

Jericho thinks for a moment he might be in trouble, "You're not... mad about
my questions earlier are you?"

Linda shakes her head "No…no not at all.." Linda laughs a bit "It was all in
good fun. Although, Chris, I'm here to discuss a different matter."

"Oh, why don't you come in..." Jericho steps back and leaves the door open to
allow Linda to enter. "What's on your mind?" Jericho asks as he goes over to
a table where his travel bag is to get his custom made wrestling boots out of

Linda takes a deep breath and shuts the locker room door, she then turns to
face Jericho "Chris, tonight you're scheduled to face my son, Shane...I want
you to take it easy on him tonight, with everything that Kane has done to
him." Linda nods her head slightly " the interest of fairness, I'd
be willing to make a compromise." Linda says as she cups her hands below her
slender waist.

"A compromise?" Jericho turns around to look at Linda with a curious look
etched on his handsome face. "I'm not going to lose intentionally to Shane,
he's a capable wrestler."

Linda shakes her head "I'm not saying you have to lose...just take it easy
on Shane..." Linda looks Jericho concerned "Chris...I'm willing to make any
compromise, if you want a title...I'll have it arranged."

"Hmmmm..." Jericho folds his arms, "I can have... anything I want... just as
long as I take it easy on Shane?" Jericho looks at Linda as thoughts about
what he could get runs through his mind.

Linda nods " the interest of fairness.." Linda smiles "You know
that's what I'm all about"

Jericho grins, "Yes I know..." Jericho licks his lips, "You know... I could
end up looking really bad out there if I take it easy on Shane... it'll be
something I wouldn't want on my highlight reel."

Linda sighs "Is it...a title shot you want? I can give you that."

"Oh I can get a title shot at any time... but there is something I do
want..." Jericho slides his tongue against his teeth. "And in the interest
of fairness... what I want... is really fair."

Linda looks at Jericho as she folds her arms "And what would that be?"

"You," Jericho smiles as he puts his hands on his gorgeous waist, "I
could ask for Stephanie... but I've already had a piece of her... I want
something... totally new."

Linda laughs and shakes her head " Chris, I don't think so."

"Oh come on... it's in the interest of fairness... and you didn't really
answer my question earlier..." Jericho smiles as he checks her out.

Linda raises eyebrow "And what question was that?"

"Did you and Eric make it like rabbits?" Jericho replies, "I'm sure you were
too much for him... but my curious mind wants to know."

Linda shakes her head "No...we did not."

"Really? Because you look like you could be a wild woman..."

Linda blushes a bit "Maybe when I was a bit younger.."

Jericho steps over to Linda, "No way... people get better when they get
older... which is why I'm called a sexy beast... and the highlight of the
night now... as opposed to a few years ago, experience is everything."

Linda smiles and nods "I guess you are right...I mean Vince now a days..."
Linda then looks up at Jericho and pause "...And...I don't think you really
want to hear about that."

"Not really... I rather hear about you..." Jericho smiles, "Or better yet...
experience you."

Linda looks at Jericho and sighs "I' what I need to, to protect my

"I'm sure you will..." Jericho licks his lips, "And this will take alot out
of me... so I'll be able to... take it easy on Shane tonight."

Linda nods her head and then looks at Jericho " what would you
like me to do?"

"Hmmmm..." Jericho thinks, "How about... a little... head..." Jericho licks
his lips at all the possibilities. Linda takes a deep breath and slowly gets
down onto her knees. Jericho lowers his lightning blue wrestling tights to
take them off. He stands up and puts his hands behind his back as if to be
polite even though he's now standing naked in front of the CEO of the WWE.
Linda takes another deep breath before she takes Jericho's cock into her soft
hands. Linda moves her hands up Jericho's shaft and then back down, feeling
his cock harden in her hands.

"Mmmmm..." Jericho moans as he feels Linda's hands move along the length
of his cock. "You got some skilled hands Linda." Linda smiles a bit as she
moves her hand up to the head of Jericho's decently sized cock. Linda gently
grips the head of Jericho's cock and gently rubs her left hand against the
cockhead. "Ohhh yea..." Jericho tilts his head back a bit as he moves his
hands back to his waist.

Linda takes a deep breath once again, before she opens her mouth and
carefully takes Jericho's cock into her experienced mouth. Linda gently wraps
her lips around Jericho's cock and slowly bobs her head on Jericho's cock, as
she gently laps her tongue around his shaft. "Ohhh fuck..." Jericho groans in
pleasure in reaction to feeling of Linda's mouth on his dick. "Mmmm... that's
it... you know what you're doing..." Jericho looks down at Linda with a smile
on his handsome face as he lets his hips move freely as Linda sucks his dick.
Linda begins to gradually bob her head quicker on Jericho's cock as she
begins to unbutton her business jacket with her hands. Linda loosens her grip
as she takes a few more inches of Jericho's cock into her warm mouth.

"Yes.... yes... god Linda... experience is everything... and you sure got the
experience..." Jericho closes his eyes as he slightly moves his hips forward
to get another inch of his shaft past her lips. Linda rotates her head around
on Jericho's cock as she slides her business jacket off and begins to
unbutton her white blouse. Linda twists and twirls her tongue against his
shaft as she slows down her head bobs, sucking deeper as she sucks slower.
"This... is incredible..." Jericho gasps as he moves the fingers of his left
hand through Linda's hair, while sliding his other hand through his own hair.
Linda slowly brings her head up and then off of Jericho's cock. Linda takes a
deep breath before she flicks her tongue against the large head of Jericho's

"Damn Linda..." Jericho moans, "You're great... but... I think it's time to
move on..." Jericho licks his lips as he bends down slightly to take her
hands to help Linda stand up.

Linda stands up and smiles " was I?"

"Fantastic..." Jericho replies, "But now it's my turn..." Jericho starts
to undo the button on Linda's pants as he leans in to kiss her lips. Linda
cautiously kisses back at first, but soon deepens the kiss by sliding her
tongue into Jericho's mouth. Jericho pulls down her pants and Linda steps
out of them. Linda sits down on the couch inside the locker room as Jericho
slowly pulls down her undergarments. Jericho breaks the kiss with Linda as
he presses the tips of his fingers against her pussy. He tilts his head and
kisses her neck and begins kissing down her body to her pussy where he flicks
his tongue against the lips. Jericho turns his hand slightly and pushes two
fingers into her pussy, moving them slowly at first.

Linda gently places her hand on top of Jericho's left shoulder as he begins
to gently and slowly lick her pussy "Ohhhh...Chris...ohhhh" Linda moans
softly. Jericho takes his fingers out of her pussy as he slowly flicks his
tongue quicker against her pussy. He swirls his tongue around her clit
before dragging his down between the folds of Linda's pussy.

Linda licks her lips "Mmmm...Chris.." She moans as she closes her eyes,
enjoying the work of Jericho's skillful tongue. Jericho looks up at Linda as
he slides his tongue from side to side against her pussy. He reaches up and
caresses Linda's chest with his right hand while pushing his tongue inside
of her. Jericho snakes it in and out repeatedly, taking extra care to give
Linda the impression he can make her climax at any moment he chooses. Linda
opens her eyes and smiles a bit "Chris..."

Jericho takes his tongue out of Linda and licks his lips, "Yes Mrs. McMahon?"
Jericho smiles as he locks eyes with her.

Linda nods "I think you've return the favor in full..."

Jericho grins, "You maybe right..." Jericho stands up a bit so he can kiss
her lips.

Linda kisses back and then breaks the kiss. She smiles as starts to stand up
"I think we have an agreement then..."

Jericho takes her hand, "I don't think so Linda..." Jericho licks his lips,
"I'm still full of energy... you wouldn't want to take a chance I'd hurt
Shane would you?"

Linda raises her eyebrow "What else do you want?"

Jericho takes a deep breath as if to prepare himself to say his answer "I
want... to fuck you..." Jericho sits on the couch and gently pulls Linda
towards him.

Linda takes a deep breath and then closes her eyes as she nods her head

"I want the full Linda McMahon experience..." Jericho whispers as he places
his hands on Linda's waist to lift her up slightly to mount her on his cock.
He eases her onto it so she can get use to it. Linda groans slightly as she
comes down on Jericho's cock. Linda takes another breath before she starts
to rock back and forth on Jericho's stiff cock. Jericho moans as he keeps
his hands on Linda's waist to feel her body move as she rocks on his dick.
Jericho leans his head forward and kisses Linda's neck. "Mmm yes... that's
it Linda..."

Linda closes her eyes as she begins to rock faster against Jericho's cock,
casually bounce on his cock and grinding her pussy against his shaft as she
rides his large, hard cock. Jericho moves his hands around to Linda's back
as he starts to turn his body so he can lay Linda down on the couch and be
on top of her. Keeping his arms around her, Jericho steadily thrusts in and
out of her pussy, driving it in slowly, but firmly. Linda places her hands
against Jericho's muscular chest, that already has sweat on it, Linda moans
as Jericho's thrust his cock into her pussy deeper "Mmm... Chris..."

"You like Linda?" Jericho pushes in a bit harder as sweat starts to drip
off his handsome face. He begins pulling Linda against him with every other
thrust while flicking his tongue against her lips.

"Mmm...oh yess...Chris" Linda moans as she starts pushing herself against
Jericho's cock. Linda grips onto Jericho's strong arms as he continues to
thrust his cock into her warm pussy.

"Then... you'll love this..." Jericho pulls out of her pussy for a moment in
order to turn Linda over onto her stomach. Taking hold of her waist he pulls
her up onto her all fours and he then proceeds to re-enter her pussy from
behind. Jericho resumes fucking Linda, but his pace is a lot faster than what
he was doing before.

Linda looks over her shoulder shocked "Chris...what are you....ohhh....god...
what are you doing.." Linda moans tilting her head back as she moans.

"I' you... a real... highlight..." Jericho smirks as he pulls her
backward as he pushes into her pussy. He moves a hand underneath Linda and
begins rubbing the edges of her pussy.

Linda grits her teeth as she starts pushing back against Jericho "Ohhhh
Chris..." Linda moans "" Linda moans again as she begins
to sweat.

"Damn... you got such a great pussy Linda..." Jericho grunts as he gives her
a sharp thrust. He caresses her ass with his free hand, lightly squeezing the
right cheek. "You're... really... high class.... Linda..."

Linda pushes back against Jericho's cock with a decent amount of a force and
she then begins to cum onto Jericho's cock ""

Jericho licks his lips, "Mmmmm yeah... that's it Linda..." Jericho continues
to thrust into her as he starts to approach his own climax.

Linda looks over her shoulder, out of breath, "Do...we…have...a deal?"

Jericho pulls out of her pussy and stands up, "Almost..." Jericho wraps a
hand around his cock and begins to stroke it as he faces away from Linda.
"Depends on if you want to do one more thing..."

Linda raises her eyebrow "What one more thing?"

Jericho turns back to her as he pumps his shaft, "Finish me off..."

Linda laughs a bit "I don't know...that's more in Stephanie's department."

"Oh come on... one more little thing... and I'll let Shane get a good
advantage on me as well as hold back..." Jericho smiles.

Linda takes a deep breath "Ok..."

"Awesome..." Jericho releases the hold he has on his cock as he steps close
to Linda.

Linda shakes her head "I can't believe it.." She says as she takes Jericho's
cock into her hands. Linda opens her mouth and wraps her lips around his
cock, she begins to bob her slowly on Jericho's cock.

"Ohhhh yea..." Jericho moans as he closes his eyes. After a few moments,
Jericho begins to cum inside of Linda's warm mouth. "Ahhhh shit..." Linda
fights to swallows Jericho's cum, however some of the cum slides down her
delicate throat. Jericho moans in pleasure as he pulls his cock out of her
mouth, "I think... we have a deal... now..."

Linda wipes the sides of her mouth as she stands up and begins to gather her
clothes. Linda nods her head "Yes...we do have a deal.."

"You're a real tough person to negotiate with..." Jericho grins, "But we're
both satisfied with the results... and you have gotten the highlight of your


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