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Lita & Kat Part 1
by Buck Naked 21

*Coming off a great Raw Is War, Lita is backstage getting ready to leave. She
was booked in a match against Ivory earlier, which she lost, and was feeling
tired after being on the road for 3 days without a rest.*

"You almost ready?", Matt Hardy yelled from down the hallway, "We gotta
get back to the hotel, Amy."

"I'm coming.", Lita replied, as she stepped into the shower wearing
nothing but a tight black thong and tanktop.

*Just then, The Kat walked in on Lita, not knocking, not knowing anyone else
was in the shower room.*

"Whoa!", Lita screamed, sounding incredibly shocked, "Stacy, don't do
that, you scared the shit outta me!"

"I'm sorry, just I'm in a rush, Jerry has a publicity thing, and we gotta
hurry to be there on time." The Kat said quietly.

*The Kat also had a match earlier that night, against Jackie, and wanted to
go home and rest, and would give ANYTHING for a relaxing time. She took off
the short, tight miniskirt she was wearing, revealing her tight white
underwear, and got under the soothing warm shower water.*

"You ok, Stacy? You seem kinda tense, or nervous, what's wrong?", Lita
asked The Kat, sounding concerned.

"I just need to relax, that's all." Kat replied, looking down at Lita's
full, wet breasts, then caught herself. "Why am I doing this?" The Kat
thought to herself, "I'm actually staring at a woman, and LIKING it. I must
really need a break."

"Hmmmmmmmmmm..." Lita moans loudly, "This shower is SOO good, Stacy, come
get under this water with me. I think this is just the relaxation you need!"

*The Kat walks over slightly nervously to Lita, and stands next to under the
rushing shower water.*

"Wow, I DO like this!", The Kat declared, sounding extremely happy, and
staring at Lita's wet clevage again. "Maybe I like it too much.", The Kat
thought to herself, "I mean, I don't like women like, I'm not a lesbian, I,
I don't know!"

*The Kat moved out of the flow of the warm water, and ran to get changed,
with Lita wondering what was wrong with her. Lita turned off the streaming
water and walked over to The Kat.*

"What is your problem, Stacy?", Lita asked curiously, still wet and
wearing her thong and now nearly see-through tanktop.

"I'm gonna be honest with you, because we've always been friends, but, I
wanna warn you, it'll sound kinda strange.", The Kat said nervously.

"Well, if we're good friends, you shouldn't worry about it. Just tell me,
I don't care." Lita said.

"Ok, here it is, I think I like you.", The Kat said, sounding almost

"Well, I like you, too, we're friends...", Lita is cut off by The Kat.

"No, Amy, I LIKE you.", The Kat said speedily, "Know what I mean?"

"You're like that?", Lita asked, puzzeled.

"No, I'm not, it's just that I'm stressed out, and lonely, and I don't
usually look at women, but, it's different with you. Since you came here, I
felt different about you, I thought you were actually, well, hot.", The Kat
said, "I'm sorry, I know now you think I'm really messed up, but..", she
was cut off.

"No, you're not weird, it's fine.", Lita said, hugging The Kat, "I've
always wondered what it was like to be with another girl."

*The Kat stared into Lita's eyes, and Lita stared back, as the two beautiful
women shared their quick first kiss with another female.*

"Was it good for you?", Lita asked, with a little smile on her face.

"I don't know, it wasn't very long, maybe I need another." The Kat replied
smirking devilishly.

*The two women kissed again, a long, passionate kiss. The Kat couldn't
control herself and slipped her smooth tongue past Lita's lips, and Lita did
the same. Lita began to pull off Kat's top, and The Kat helped pull it off
over her head. Now, The Kat and Lita were kissing, with Kat's small, yet
smooth and round breasts rubbing up on Lita's bigger, wet chest. The Kat's
nipples were completely hard, not just because of the room being cold, but
also due to being very horny. Lita took off her top, revealing two hard, wet
breasts. The Kat and Lita's breasts now rubbed against each other as they
kissed and continued to strip.*

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!", Lita moaned uncontrollably, breaking the kiss, "Stacy, I
feel weird, but I don't want to stop, and I gotta go soon."

"AMY!", Jeff Hardy yelled, "Hurry up, the driver's leaving!"

"You go ahead, I'll catch a ride back with Dwayne, he's at our hotel."
Lita yelled out to Jeff.

*Jeff left, and the two were free to go at it again. *

"I thought you were going.", The Kat said.

"And pass up this, I might be extreme, but I'm not stupid!" Lita said as
she started to kiss and lick The Kat's neck and shoulders.

"Show me how extreme you can get!" The Kat moaned as she rubbed Lita's
soaked tits.

*Lita moved down to suck on The Kat's tits, and began licking and kissing the
area between her breasts before moving up to suck on them, and The Kat moaned
as she came, when Lita stopped pleasuring her.*

"Don't stop! Please, don't." The Kat begged, shaking due to her explosive

"I'm not, I'm gonna make this even better!", Lita said with a grin.

*Lita moved down and put her curious hands into Kat's underwear, and slid her
fingers around. She found The Kat's pussy, slightly shaved with some short
brown pubes, and stuck two fingers into Stacy's excited hole. Stacy moaned
again, and ran her fingers through Lita's hair. Lita pulled out her fingers,
now soaked in Stacy's cunt juices. She licked her fingers, then moved up to
let Stacy taste her own cum. Stacy and Lita licked Lita's hand together, and
then licked each other's faces and necks.

They both moaned with pleasure, as Lita pulled down Stacy's soaked panties.
Stacy stepped out of her underwear, and let her still flowing cum run down
her leg onto the floor, and Lita started to finger Stacy again. Stacy's pussy
lips tightened, and seemed to pinch at Lita's fingers. Lita moaned with
pleasure, and rammed her fingers deeper into Stacy's cunt, as Stacy pulled at
Lita's hair, and had small spasmatic movements as she was going to climax
again. Lita moved her fingers in and out of Stacy's now warm cunt, and Stacy
orgasmed once again, this time, cumming on Lita's fingers, which jammed deep
in her cunt.*

"Ohhhhhhh!" Stacy moaned loudly, not knowing that someone heard them, and
looked into the shower room.

"Oh my God!", a woman's voice screeched.

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