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Lita & Kat Part II
by Buck Naked 21

"What the hell is this?", yelled Tori, who was backstage this night, and
was walking around seeing if anyone was still there.

"Um, we're, just...", muttered Stacy, grabbing a towel to put around Lita
and herself.

"Don't tell Vince!", Lita begged, "I don't want to lose my job, and he
doesn't like things like this, doesn't make the company look good."

"Look, I'm just gonna leave you two alone, I see you're having enough fun
before I distrubed you, so go back to having a good time.", Tori said.

*Lita got a devilish look on her face, and walked over to Tori, who was
walking out of the room.*

"What do you want?", Tori asked the horny, smiling Lita.

"You know it's not too bad.", Lita said.

"What's not?", Tori asked.

"This.", Lita said as she kissed Tori hard on the lips.

*Tori at first tried to break the kiss, but after a few seconds went with
it, and kissed back, as Lita slid her tongue into Tori's mouth. Stacy stood
by watching, and began fingering herself out of pure want and lust. Lita
stripped Tori of her jeans and t-shirt, and was now kissing a nearly nude

"I'm nervous, I've never done this before.", Tori said.

"Just relax, I'll take care of you.", Lita said to Tori while taking of
her bra and revealing her large, round tits.

*Tori kissed Lita some more, while Stacy climaxed, with hot cum dripping out
of her wet cunt onto the floor, and she got up to move over to Tori and Lita,
so they could lick her clean. Stacy layed down, as Lita and Tori got on their
knees and licked cum from Stacy's twat. Tori stuck her tongue deep into
Stacy's pussy, causing Stacy to moan loudly, as Lita turned on the shower.

"Time to clean you up Stacy!", Lita declared, as she pulled up and over to
the warm shower water.

*Tori by this time was totally naked, and almost was ready to climax, when
Lita suddenly grabbed Tori and moved into the 69 position under the streaming
shower water. Tori came in Lita's mouth, then, Stacy moved down and Lita
kissed her, spitting Tori's cunt juice into Stacy's mouth. Lita couldn't help
it, and came in Tori's face. Tori broke the 69, and bent Stacy over, and put
her face into Stacy's ass, licking and sucking on the rim of The Kat's tight

Lita moved behind Tori, and stuck two fingers deep into Tori's pussy. Tori
had a small spasm before climaxing, then came onto Lita's hand. Tori poked
her tongue into Stacy's ass, which closed tightly around her tongue, but Tori
enjoyed exploring this new, tight opening, and kept moving her face deeper
into Stacy's ass, as Stacy pulled her asscheeks as far apart, wanting Tori to
drive her tongue deeper into her asshole.

Tori stopped moving into Stacy's hot ass, after feeling a sharp pain in her
own ass, as Lita had begun to finger Tori's ass, and was driving really hard
and deep into Tori's full, round, tight ass. Tori moaned as another orgasm
rushed over her, and Stacy got under Tori and Lita, and started to kiss them
and lick them on their tits and neck. After a few seconds, Stacy noticed how
rock-hard Tori's nipples were, and HAD to suck them, so Stacy started sucking
Tori's huge tits, and fingered Lita. After they all came again, they heard
someone walking by outside the shower room.*

"Who would still be here?", Stacy asked, someone's cum running down her

"Let me get that for you.", Tori said, licking the dripping cunt fluid off
Stacy's chin.

*They heard the person walking closer, and hurried to get dressed before they
were caught.*

"Who is it?", Lita whispered.

"No one should even still be here!", Tori yelled.

"Shhh, come on, get dressed.", Stacy said as the person's footsteps drew

*They all hurried to get dressed, and slipped their clothes on just in time
before Trish Stratus entered the shower room.*

"Hi Trish!", Tori said with a lustful smile.

*Tori moved over to Trish, who was wearing nothing but a towel, and kissed
her slowly, hoping that this night's fun wasn't over...*

(But that's a whole other story)


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