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Lita & The pussycats
by Formerly Ty (

Lita had just came out of a match with Chyna for the WWF Women's
championship which she had lost. During the match when Lita tried to pin
Chyna, she felt something near her pussy. Lita looked for Chyna after the
match. "Hey Kevin, did you see Joanie?" asked Lita. "No Amy, why?" responded
Kevin Kelly. "When you see her could you tell her i'll be in Nora's dressing
room?" said Lita. "Sure Amy, anything for you" said Kevin excitedly.

Lita went to get a candy bar from the vending machine, a butterfinger.
"ohhhhh yea, suck my pussy" moaned someone in Molly Holly's dressing room.
Lita instantly went to go look right before she could get the wrapper of her
butterfinger off. She put it in her pocket walking curiously over to the
cracked door.

She looked in the room with amazement at what she saw. Trish was munching
down on Molly's clit. Lita dare not rush into the room, she got real hard
just listening to Molly moan and beg for more tongue.

"Hey Joanie" said Kevin, "Amy wanted to talk to you, she said that she wanted
to talk about the match". "Where is she?" asked Chyna, she knew what Lita
wanted to talk about and was nervous. "She's in Molly's room" said Kevin.
"Okay, i'll be there, but do me a favor and tell Stephanie i wanna speak to
her about Smackdown!" said Chyna. "Sure thing" said Kevin, he liked running
errands for the women of the WWF, especially Chyna.

Molly had cummed all over Trish and the couch. Trish got up and put the
remaining orgasm into a glass that was filled. Trish and Molly forgot about
the cup as they put their clothes back on and talked some more. Lita knocked
on the door, "come in" said Molly. "Oh hi Amy" both said acting as nothing
happened earlier.

"I just wanted to tell you i heard what was happening in here" said Lita.
"oh please don't tell anyone!!!!!" both said begging Lita on their knees. "I
won't on one condition" said Lita. "What?, we'll do anything" said Molly.

Both ladies sat back on the couch. Lita had started giving them a lapdance
before both women could ask her what was going on. "Dance for us Amy" said
Trish excitedly. As Lita danced, Molly took off her clothes as her own too.
Lita had nothing on except a thong and bra. Molly took all her clothes off,
she was horny as hell.

Lita got off Trish and started rubbing her ass in front of Molly's face and
Molly rubbed it. Trish had an opportunity to take off her clothes so she did.
All clothes were taken off as the three divas sat on the couch pleasuring

Walking past the dressing room as Stephanie and Tori were on their way
towards Chyna's room, "ohhhhhh" they heard inside Molly's room. They decided
to take a look at what was happening as they rubbed each others ass. They
came into the room and weren't noticed until they took off their clothes and
lay on the couch kissing each other.

Chyna came to Molly's dressing room and wasn't surprised at what she saw,
she saw new meat besides Molly and Trish. Lita,Steph,and Tori were new meat.
Chyna put down her bags and took her clothes off and made her way towards
Lita. She kissed Lita softly on the lips.

Lita took off Chyna's clothes and lay her on the couch. "ohhhh eat my pussy"
said Chyna. Lita came towards Chyna's big tits and started sucking on them.
"ohhhhh yeaaa work that tongue" moaned Chyna. Tori got off the couch and
allowed Stephanie to sit. Tori immediatly began to kiss Steph's mediocre
tits. "ooooo jah jah" moaned Steph as Tori layed her tongue aroung her hard

Now Trish lay down on the couch and allowed Molly to put her mouth around
her huge tits. "mmmmmm....yeaaaa..." moaned all three divas that were getting
their jugs tickled. Lita then moved down on Chyna and began to smell her
sweet hole. Lita licked around the small pieces of pubic hair.

Terri and Debra were passing by as Steph saw them. "Hey, get over here and
join!" she yelled at them. Terri and Debra came in and locked the door. The
women thanked them as now they could continue their lunch. Debra and Terri
took their skirts and tight shirts off and lay on the couch as they took the
last spot.

Terri started sucking on Debra's humongous tits and squeezed them. Molly then
moved down on Trish and licked the sweet smelling shaved pussy that had been
in front of her. "oohhhh yea Nora" moaned Trish. Now Tori had moved down on
Stephanie sucking her huge pussy that had been fucked many times by big

"ohhhhhh yeaaaa suck my pussy" said Debra as Terri fingered her ass and ate
at the same time. Terri begin to muff her face inside Debra as she yelped.
"OHHHHH YESSSS SLUT" screamed Trish with her low voice as Molly put her two
index fingers inside her hole.

"UH UH UH UH" grunted Stephanie as Tori stuck her tongue in and out of her
huge cunt. Chyna poured her cream all over Lita's face "ohhhhhh yesssss suck
my juices" said Chyna as she flowed all over Lita. Now it began a domino
effect as Stephanie sold her lemonade to Tori's dry mouth.

"OHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS DAMN!" screamed Stephanie as she burst onto the couch.
"ohhhhhh yessssss keep on eating my clit" moaned Debra as she came all over
Terri. "OHHHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" screamed Trish pumping her juices to
Molly's company. Trish and Molly scrambled to get four full glasses of

All women wouldn't stop as they switched places. The ones that were getting
eaten, now were eating. Chyna switched with Lita, Terri switched with Debra,
Stephanie switched with Tori, and Molly and Trish didn't switch because Trish
had eaten Molly earlier. So Molly Helped Debra eat Terri, and Trish helped
Chyna eat Lita.

Now Trish and Chyna layed their dry tongues over Lita's wet pussy and started
to penetrate one at a time. "oohhhh yeaaaa thats it" moaned Terri as Molly
and Debra tore away at her juicy pussy. Tori had the plump pussy the kind
that looked like a cooked hot dog. "OHHHH SHIT" said Lita as Chyna and Trish
sucked her dry. Chyna spit onto Lita's pussy it was as dry as a rain drought.

"OHHHHHH YEAAAA" they continued to eat her pussy and started fingering her
tight ass. Now Tori had began to help Steph forcing her face into her plump
pussy. "OHHHHHHHH YEAAAAAASSSSSS!!!!" screamed Lita as she made a flood on
Trish and Chyna's mouth. Trish quickly got another glass and put more cum
inside it.

"OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS EAT ME" moaned Tori as Steph flicked her pussy faster than
a horse race. Without warning, Tori burst out into Steph's face. "ohhhhhhhh
drink it up" moaned Terri as Molly and Debra suddenly had cum all over their
faces. Now there was five glasses of their orgasm's as Trish made it. The
women layed out for about a minute and wanted more, but no pussy eating,
pussy fucking.

"I have a few dildos in my bag" said Chyna. "Well go get them" said Stephanie
excitedly. There was only three dildos and decided that Molly, Trish and
Chyna would get one each. Lita and Trish went over to Stephanie with her ass
in the air and massaged her.

Chyna and Debra went to each other on the couch and decided they wanted to
fuck each others big tits. Now Molly and Terri wanted to fuck Tori. Tori lay
on her stomach with her ass in the air as Terri put her pussy in Tori's mouth
and Molly penetrated her huge strap-on cock inside Tori's plump pussy. Chyna
slowly fucked Debra in the ass, "ohhhhhh yeaaaa faster" moaned Debra.

Now the main event was Lita and Trish fucking Stephanie, they wanted to show
her who was the dominant woman in the WWF. Now Lita didn't have a dildo but
she improvised. She took out her butterfinger and put it inside her own pussy
and into Steph's mouth, "Lay you're tongue on my butterfinger" said Lita as
everyone laughed.

Trish came behind Steph and fucked her slowly at first, but then began to
fuck her cunt faster and faster and harder. "OOOHHHHHH SHIT YEAAAAAA IM
GIVING YOU A RAISE TRISH" screamed Steph in agony. Stephanie quckly wanted
more and Lita began to fuck her in the mouth with her huge butterfinger.

"mmmmmm" Stephanie said tasting Lita's butterfinger pussy as she finished the
butterfinger quickly wanting to taste Lita. "uh uh uh uh oh oh oh ah ah ah"
grunted Lita as Steph poked her tongue in and out of Lita. "OOHHHHHHH FUCK"
screamed Debra right next to Steph as she kissed Stephanie while getting
fucked harder and faster.

Terri was getting tasted by Tori as Molly fucked her ass harder and pounded
the door of Tori's hot pussy. "OHHHHHHH NORA!!!!!!" sceamed Tori as she came
in extasy on the strap-on cock. Molly took another glass of cum, making it
six glasses. "ohhhhhh yeaaa who's dominant now slut?" asked Trish as she
pounded Steph tight pussy.

"You are ahhhh ha hah ha" cried Stephanie as her ass was getting purple.
"Yeah bitch, how you like that" said Chyna fucking real hard the backdoor of

Debra squealing like a pig as she came on Chyna's strap-on cock. "oowwwwww
damn eat me" moaned Terri as she ran her juices into Tori's mouth.

Soon, there was only one person in the room screaming and moaning as Chyna
and Molly went over to help Lita and Trish fuck Steph. Two strap-on cocks
were inside Stephs ass, as one was in her pussy. "OHHHHHHHH DAMN THAT IS THE

BEST FEELING EVER!!!!!!!" screamed Steph as she was eating Lita's pussy and
getting pounded in both holes. Tori and Terri also came over slapping
Stephanie's ass and sucking her tits. "ohhhhhhhhh daddy help meeeeee!!!"
screamed Steph in agony.

screamed Lita as she came into Steph's mouth. Chyna pulled Stephanie's hair
and pulled a couple of strands out as she fucked her ass harder and faster
with Molly. Trish fucked Stephanie's pussy relentlessy without remorse
as she gushed her juices all over the couch and the dildo's.

Stephanie's cum was good enough to fill up two more glasses, making eight
glasses of these divas orgasms'. They talked into the night. "We should do
this every show" said Stephanie. "Yeah" agreed some of the women. "So Steph,

how is Paul in bed?" asked Trish. "I don't know" respnded Steph. "What do
you mean you don't know you're the biggest slut in the wrestling industry
besides Kristi, Lizzy and Francine.

"Who was the best you evr had,speaking of men?" asked Lita."Well, Jericho
was a huge one, i haven't got the Rock. Big Show lived up to his name" said
Steph. After a couple of hours, they finished their cum martini's and went
home. They gave each other their numbers to contact whenever the wanted to
satisfied by a woman.

THE END...................

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