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Lita Can Do Her Favorite Thing Again... No Not Wrestle
by Crazy (

It was a quiet day as always for Amy Dumas, better known as WWE's Lita.
Ever since her neck injury, she stayed at home except on Monday when she did
commentary on WWE Sunday Night Heat. Her boyfriend, Matt Hardy, visited
her as often as possible, when he wasn't wrestling, at autograph signings,
etc. Lita was really mad at herself for getting injured. She couldn't do
the two things she loved to do the most: wrestle and have sex. She couldn't
wrestle for obvious reasons and she couldn't have sex because if she had an
orgasm, she could buck her neck back and re-injure it. However, today was
the day! The previous day, Lita got a call from her doctor. The doctor
said that Lita would be able `make love' tomorrow. Lita got so excited.
She called Matt with the great news. He got a boner just thinking about it.

Lita set up everything to make the mood perfect. She had candles lit, rose
pedals on the bed, and soft music playing. Lita was wearing a white lacy bra
with a matching thong. Over it she had a white robe. She sat on the couch
and waited for Matt.

The doorbell rang. Lita was very excited. She got up and went to the door.
As soon as she opened it, she and Matt began making out. Matt was wearing a
T-shit and jeans. He interrupted the kiss for a short second and quickly
took of the shirt before returning to the passionate kiss. They went to the
bedroom and continued kissing. Lita felt Matt's muscled chest. Matt then
kisses Lita's neck. He slid off her robe and kissed the middle of her upper
chest. His kisses moved down until her bra was in the way. He wrapped his
arms around her and unhooked the bra in the back. Lita's huge tits fell out
and jiggled. Matt looked up into Lita's eyes as he licked Lita's now erect
left nipple as he fondled the right one. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the
situation. Matt was sucking hard at Lita's left nipple and continued rubbing
the other. Lita let out a slight moan.

Matt licked down Lita's tight abs and stopped at her thong. He smelled the
unmistakable musk of a woman's pussy. Matt smiled at Lita and she nodded at
him. Matt slid the thong down Lita's smooth, creamy legs and tossed it
aside. Matt's cock began to hurt. Lita layed on the bed and Matt took off
his pants but left his boxers on. Matt got down on his knees and licked from
Lita's foot all the way down to her inner thigh and then did it again on the
other side. He loved teasing Lita. He then blew a warm breath of air on
Lita's pussy and she shuttered. "Please, no more games. Eat me out. I've
been waiting for this for months."

Matt did as she requested. He held open her pussy lips with his hands and
eat her out. He stuck his tongue as deep as it could go in her pussy. Lita
began moaning. Matt continued and Lita started playing with her tits. She
rubbed her nipples but as Matt began to go faster, she pulled and tugged on
them. She was moaning louder and louder. She wrapped her legs around Matt's
head. Matt knew she was close to her orgasm. Matt gave her a big lick and
Lita couldn't take any more. Her neck bucked back and her whole body shook.
She let out a long, loud moan and she came all over Matt's face.

While Lita was recovering, he licked all the pussy juice up. He took off his
boxers and Lita couldn't help but lick his cock. He told her to wait. "I
want to fuck your sweet ass."

Lita couldn't say no to an offer like that. Matt lubed up his cock. Lita
was on her hands and knees with her sweet ass in the air. Matt put some lube
on his index and middle fingers and lubed Lita's ass whole. When he was
done, he put his cock at the entrance of her ass. He put the head of the
cock in one swift push and Lita let out a moan. He push again and now half
his cock was in.

Once again he pushed and now about one fourth of his cock was in. Lita
moaned again and Matt jammed his whole cock in her ass. He slowly begin
sliding out, then back in, then out again. In, out, in, out. He continued
until his cock slid smoothly. He then picked up the pass. Lita moaned
again. Matt was going full speed. Lita put two fingers in her pussy and
she could feel Matt's cock against the back of her pussy. Matt let out a
little moan in unison with Lita. Matt then shouted, "I'm gonna cum!"

As fast as they could, Matt pulled his dick out of Lita's ass as Lita's
turned over. Matt put his cock near Lita's face and she quickly put it in
her mouth. Matt moaned and exploded. Lita felt his warm cum flow down her
throat. Lita kept sucking the cock, being sure to get last every drop of

Matt collapsed on the bed next to Lita. They held each other closely.
Matt's cock got fully hard again and he began to get up. "No, stay down,"
Lita protested.

Matt did so, wondering what she was gonna do. She licked Matt's cock so it
was slippery. She sat on it and let out a moan. She bounced up and down as
Matt looked at her, enjoying the sight. Lita went faster and faster. Her
huge tits were bouncing very much. Lita was going as fast as she could. She
moaned louder and louder and had an orgasm on Matt's cock. She fell on top
of him.

"I had two orgasms, now you're gonna get a second one.," said Lita with a
cute smile on her face.

Matt smiled back.

Lita held her big tits in her hands and rubbed them against Matt's erect
cock. She began tit-fucking his dick. Lita wanted him to cum all over her
face and she would not be disappointed. She tit-fucked him as fast as she
could. Matt moaned and his dick spasmed. He came all over her tits and
face. Lita held her tits up and licked the cum off of them. They then went
in the shower and cleaned each other.

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