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Lita Convinces Stephanie
by The Big Chief (

This starts at Monday Night Raw and the WWF Women's champion Stephanie
McMahon-Helmsly was sitting in her dressing room. Just then there was a
knock at the door.

"Come in!"

The door swung open and in came Stephanie's challenger for tonight, Lita.

"Hi Steph, Brisco told me you wanted me to see you."

"Ah yes. Well as you know you're going to be fighting me tonight for the
Women's title and just wasn't sure if I would drop the belt to you."

"So you called me down here to tell me to job to you?"

"No I called you down here so you could convince me that you should win."

After saying that she slipped her leather mini skirt to reveal her
perfectly shaven little pussy. Lita just stared shocked that her boss was
standing bottomless in front of her. Stephanie just smirked, sat down spread
eagle on her leather chair and said, "Now come here and convince me."

Lita still stood there with the same shocked look when all of a sudden a
huge smile came across her face. With out saying anthing she walked over to
the chairs and knelt down in front of the tight little treasure. She rubbed
both of Steph's inner thighs causing her to let out a faint little moan. She
knows just how to please a woman from all the nights she spent with Francine
when she was in ECW. She decided to give her boss a little more pleasure
and started to lick up and down her left inner thigh which got a slightly
louder moan this time. She could tell that this was getting Steph really hot
when she could smell the familiar frangrance of pussy. She teased her for
only a few moments and decided to go for the jackpot. She started by lick
her right inner tigh and trailed up to her pussy and over her shaved lips.

Lita could tell she was turned on when she felt her tounge pass over
Steph's protruding clit. Steph screamed out when her challenger came in
contact with her love button. Not wanting to keep her boss waiting any
longer, Lita shoved her pierced touge right into Mrs. Helmsly's wet folds.
Now this is what Steph had wanted, "Oh yeah, that's it! Eat my cunt you hot
little slut."

Lita did as she was told and started to fuck Steph with her tounge, like
it was a small cock. She then did something she know would asure her the
belt, and positioned her tounge so the tip was in the boss's pussy and her
tounge stud rubbed against her pussy. This just put Steph into heaven, she
had never expierenced such pleasure like she was feeling now. With out even
realizing it Steph started moving her hips, and began to hump Lita's tounge,
moaning out in pleasure.

Not wanting to be just the one giving pleasure Lita stopped and got up.
This caused Steph to get a somewhat angered look on her face, wondering why
she stopped. She took a few steps back and took off het tight tanktop to
reveal her firm round tits, followed by her baggy pants. Steph looked in
between her legs and saw a completly bald pussy with both lips pierced.
Realizing what Lita had in mind, Steph got up and took off her top to reveal
her own firm tits, and then laid down on the floor. Happy that Steph knew
what she wanted, Lita walked over and sat onto her bosses face. She adjusted
so her pussy was right over Steph's and then bent down so she was again face
to face with Steph's pussy. Out of nowhere she felt a sudden jolt of
pleasure from her pussy and looked back to see the spoiled brat was already
eat her pussy. She waited a few minutes loving the job Steph was doing and
then bent back over to return to that thight little pussy. Both woman wer in
heavan as the other fucked their pussy.

After about three minutes Steph's body started to spasm as she came with
load moans, covering Lita's face with her girl cum. Lita tried to lick up
all of Steph's juices but she just cumming and cumming. Almost the second
after Steph came down from her climax, Lita started moaning and had a mind
blowing orgasm which didn't stop Steph from her licking. Steph paid special
attention to the clit casuing Lita to have the longest orgasm of her life.
Like Lita had done for her, Steph lapped as much of her juices as she could.
After a minute long orgasm Lita got off Steph and sat beside her.

"Oh god, Lita you are with out a doubt the best fuck I've ever had. You'll
definatly become the champ."

"Wow, thank you so much. I think I'll come back after the show and give
you a special thank you."

Since the show didn't start for another hour the two women just snuggled
together naked, gently carressing and kissing each other.

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