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Author's note: Again, this is a work of erotic fiction. I am well aware that
Lita probably doesn't act this way, but, as I've said before, I can dream
can't I?

Lita Gets Xtreme
by Steve (

Walking into his apartment, John saw the message light was blinking. "Who
could that be?" he thought to himself, walking over to the answering machine.
His mind raced with ideas, Stephanie, Trish some other WWF superstar girl?
The answer was, none of the above. It was Stan, his boss, telling him that if
he was feeling better tomorrow, he needed him to take another bunch of parts
and stuff to a WWF event. John's eyes lit up and he dialed Stan's number,
groggily accepting the position the next day. John wanted to call Stephanie
to thank her for setting him and Trish up, but he was way to tired, and he
walked down the hallway to his room, and went to bed.

The alarm woke him at eight in the morning, snapping John from his dream
of Stephanie sucking him off, while Trish rubbed her breasts in his face. He
lazily walked into the bathroom, got in the shower and got ready to go to
work. As he was getting dressed, he looked at his dresser and saw the black
thong and the baby blue thong lying there. John felt his cock get hard, and
he reached over for the black one, Stephanie McMahon's, and brought it to
his face. Inhaling deeply, he was treated to a spectacular scent in his
nose, the musky scent of Stephanie's pussy. John stood there for a minute
and reminisced about her gorgeous breasts in his face, and her beautiful
ass. John suddenly realized that he was going to be late for work if he kept
standing there. Pulling his clothes on, the thought of him adding another
thong to his collection was stimulating, but he ran out to his car and raced
to work. John got his assignment, a truckload of spare parts, mostly for the
ring, but some tables and chairs, some pyroboxes and other stuff. The only
catch was, it was like a four-hour drive. John took the assignment, jumped
into the truck and was off. About two-and-a-half hours later, John was
questioning his decision. Truth be told, he was still quite tired from the
previous day's rendezvous with Trish Stratus, but he knew that his chances
should be good that he'd get laid. With that thought in mind, John sped on
down the road.

He was wrong. John didn't know that they were merely setting up for a TV
show. What did he know? He didn't watch wrestling, sadly, John was wishing he
had. He unloaded the truck, and began the long four-hour drive back home,
disappointed with himself for getting his hopes up. He accepted Stan's offer
to send him home, and also announced that he was taking a week vacation. Stan
agreed and John went home for his week's vacation. Once he got home, his
message light was blinking again. John tiredly walked over and pushed the
play button. Instead of a boring message, like he was expecting, he got a
sexy-sounding female voice that said, "Hi, I hope this is John. I got your
number from Stephanie McMahon and Trish Stratus. This is Lita, of the WWF,
I was hoping that you could call me and we could, well, you know, um, get
together. Call me at (840) 555-3291. Thanks." John wrote the number down, but
before he called, he got back on his computer and went to the WWF website, as
he had with Trish. He clicked around until he found a picture of Lita. "Not
bad," John said quietly. He was looking at a somewhat taller girl, with
reddish hair, a nice, muscular, thin body, and a very pretty face. John made
up his mind to call her. Dialing the number, it rang twice, before he heard
a girl say, "Yeah." "Hi," John said, sounding really uncool, "You left a
message on my answering machine, my name is John." "Ooooooo," the girl
replied, "You're the one that I've heard great reviews about." "Well, I
guess," John modestly replied. "I want to, get together, possibly tonight,"
she said. "Uh, OK," John said, again sounding like a retard, "where are you?"
"Well, I'm in my hotel, off of route 39." "39?" John thought, "that's almost
three hours away!" Sounding a bit more confident, John said, "Well, that's a
really far drive for me, maybe tomorrow." "Pleeeease?" She responded, "I'll
make it worth your while." "Hmm," John thought, and then replied, "I'm sure
you will, but I still have to drive all the way home." Lita responded, "Well,
maybe not tonight." John's eyes lit up and he agreed. She gave him directions
and told him to get there quickly. John hung up and glanced at the clock.
7:30 PM. He would probably get there around 10:45. John went to get in the
shower and get dressed. On his way out of the bedroom, he glanced at the two
thongs on his dresser. He knew that they would have company after tonight.

After the long drive, John pulled into another beautifully furnished
hotel. The hotel was huge, and as he walked in, he felt a little out of
place. He was dressed up, but everyone was in suits and things, and he
wasn't. Nevertheless, he walked up to the desk and asked for room number 529.
The woman was polite, and directed him on how to get there. John stepped
into the elevator and didn't feel as nervous as he had on his way up to meet
Trish, he felt very confident. Stepping off, he walked to the left of the
elevator and found room 529. Knocking calmly, he looked around at the rest of
the floor, decorated very nicely. He couldn't wait to see the inside of her
room. Then, he saw the door open.

Before John, stood a five foot eight, or so, girl, dressed in cargo pants
and a half-tanktop. The first thing John noticed was a weird looking tattoo
on her right arm, and the fact that her pink, zebra-striped thong was showing
outside of her pants. As he ran his eyes over her, he saw her doing the same.
He eyed her flowing, fiery red hair and her flat stomach. She spoke first,
nervously, shyly. "Would you like to come in?" John accepted her invitation,
and stepped into her huge hotel room, hearing her shut and lock the door
behind them. "This is bigger than my apartment" he thought. The living room
was empty, minus a big couch and set of chairs. He turned around to look at
her again, and again, she was gazing over John's body. Catching herself, she
stammered out something about getting some drinks and quickly walked into the
kitchen. John gazed at her ass as she walked away, a lot similar to Trish's
except, Trish's appeared to be plumper. Lita was a thin girl. She returned
with two bottles of beer, offering one to John. John refused it, saying that
he doesn't drink, and told her not to worry about drinks. Lita directed him
to the living area, and brought the beers back to the fridge. John sat in one
of the over-sized chairs, and Lita sat on the couch. Lita simply couldn't
take her eyes off of him, and he was the same way. They made small talk,
bantering about TV, and finally, Lita broke the ice. "You probably know why
I called you, right?" John nodded. She continued, "Listen, I talked to
Stephanie after you two 'got together' and she couldn't stop raving about
you. Last night, Trish called me and basically repeated what Stephanie said,
so I figured that I'd give you a try." John nodded again. Lita continued,
"Now, I would love to continue our fascinating conversation about television,
but I really want to get fucked, so let's get started."

John responded by lifting himself from the chair and, walking on his
knees, crept to the couch. Leaning in, John pressed his lips onto hers,
feeling her kiss back and slide her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues
rolled around for a bit, and John brought his hands up to Lita's flat, hard
stomach caressing it softly. Lita softly moaned and brought her hand up to
meet John's, and slid his hand up to cup her left breast. John felt her
nipple stiffen, among something else. He pulled his hand away, leaving his
tongue in her mouth, and slipped his hand into her tanktop. He first felt a
lacy, scratchy bra, but then could feel her nipple protruding out from her
breast. John tweaked her nipple a little, and felt it grow harder, and heard
Lita moan into his mouth again. John broke the kiss and slowly got to his
feet. Lita looked confused, but not when John bent down and picked her up in
his arms, her knees over his right arm and his left underneath her armpits.
Lita reached her head up and began kissing him with passion. John walked down
the wrong hallway and walked into a bathroom. Lita began giggling at him, but
stopped after a few seconds. She started kissing him again, as he finally
found the bedroom, flipping the light on and laying her softly down on the
bed. She looked heavenly, her auburn hair fanned away from her head, while
her pants were rapidly changing color. Her pussy area on the pants was
completely soaked, John noticed as he pulled his shirt off, kicking his shoes
and socks aside. Lita gasped at the fact that John was somewhat well built,
he wasn't Mr. Universe, but he was muscular. Lita stared lustily at him,
unmaking the bed as he pulled his pants off, revealing his green
boxer-briefs, with a rather large tent pitched by his cock. Lita got up from
the bed, and restarted their passionate kiss, but pushed John onto the bed.
John smiled, as he watched Lita sway her hips sexily, unbuttoning and
unzipping her pants, revealing to John her soaked pink zebra-striped thong.
She blew him a kiss, as she pulled her shoes and socks off, and kicked her
pants aside. John, for the first time, got a good look at her legs. Toned and
well developed, they were looking firm, but something else was about to look
better. She turned around and shook her ass for John while she pulled her
tanktop above her head. She was now clad in a pink thong and a lacy white
bra. She turned back to face John, showing him cleavage that made his cock
swell even more. She leaned over as she teasingly grabbed her thong, offering
John a fantastic view of her breasts. Jokingly shaking her head, she reached
her arms behind her and unclasped her bra, as John saw the fabric loosen.
Pulling her bra away, she exposed her firm breasts, sitting high on her
chest. She had small, pink nipples that were rock hard and pointing directly
at John. Sexily, she danced a bit more, until she again had her back to him.
Slowly, she leaned over again, grabbing her thong. Little by little, she
pulled it down, as she herself bent over further. By the time her thong was
at her ankles, John was staring at her pussy. It looked very tight, and was
very wet, she had juice all inside her thighs. She stepped out of her thong,
tossing it into a pile with the rest of the clothes. Seductively, she walked
towards the bed, where John sat with a raging hard-on. Lita grabbed the
waistband of his boxer-briefs and pulled them off, leaving herself staring
at his eight-inch cock.

Lita slowly fell onto John's chest and kissed him excitedly, feeling his
prick pushing into her tight body. John broke the kiss, and began to kiss
along her neck, gently sucking the sides of it, careful not to leave any
marks. Quickly, he turned her over, so he lay on top of her, and she was
lying on her back. Gradually, he worked his mouth down to her breasts. Lita
gasped loudly as she felt him take her small left nipple into his mouth. She
ran her hands through his hair, messing it up, but John continued to suckle
at her firm breast. Switching sides, he sucked her right nipple into his
mouth, feeling it get hard and hearing Lita shriek with pleasure. Lowering
his head further, John found himself between Lita's legs. Slowly, he began to
lick around her pussy lips, tasting her sweat and her juices. Lita held his
head in place as he continued to slip his tongue into her pussy, getting her
off. Lita could feel her orgasm coming on, and she clamped John's head
between her legs, screaming out as she had a huge, hot wave of orgasmic bliss
sweep over her. John's head was trapped against her pussy, so he decided to
send her ever further over the edge. John took Lita's clit in his mouth, and
gently bit down. Lita moaned so loud, John thought he heard the pictures on
the wall shaking. With that move, Lita began to cum on John's face. John
lapped up as much as he could, but, again, some of Lita's cum ended up on the
hotel floor, and at the end of the bed. Lita's body was shaking after the
violent orgasm she had just had. John sexily licked a trail, with his tongue,
up to her breasts, circling each one, and finally, he reached her face.
Resuming their passionate kiss, John felt Lita kiss him back, tasting
herself. Now, Lita pulled the covers up from the bed, and they got underneath
the sheets, maintaining their kiss. John continued to kiss down to her neck,
breasts and back up again, as Lita continuously ran her hands through his
hair. Finally, Lita reached her hands down to John's cock, feeling it's
hardness in her hands, and guided it towards her pussy. John reciprocated her
feelings and moved his hips flush with her pussy. Looking into her face,
John saw that her eyes were closed, she was breathing heavily, and she was
preparing herself for what was about to happen. John slid his cock to her
entrance, feeling Lita beneath him start to quiver in anticipation, and
gently sunk into her.

Lita gasped at how full she felt, and John didn't even have it all in yet!
John continued to shove his cock into Lita, until he was fully inside. Lita
moaned with pleasure, as John slid his cock back halfway, and slid forwards
again, slowly building a rhythm. John couldn't believe how tight she was. It
was like she had never been fucked before. As he increased momentum, he lay
flat, moving his head to the right of hers, and whispered in her ear, "Have
you ever been fucked before?" Lita took deep breaths before she panted,
"Never like this!" John continued to slide his cock into Lita's tight pussy,
hearing Lita moan and gasp beneath his body. After what seemed like a few
minutes, Lita began to thrash and moan even more, wrapping her legs around
John's back, sending him deeper into her. With that, Lita let out a cry, and
John knew that she had just cum. Lita reached her hands around to John's
back, digging her nails into his back. John jumped with surprise, and pain,
as she was digging pretty hard. Finally, her orgasm subsided, leaving her
legs wrapped around his body. John still hadn't cum yet, so he continued to
pump into her, hearing her frequently moan very loudly. John rolled over onto
his back, remaining beneath the sheets, but readjusting their position so
that Lita was now on top of him. John looked up at her and couldn't help but
get turned on. Her eyes were still closed, her hair was soaked with sweat,
clinging to her face. Her fantastic breasts were heaving with her heavy
breathing. Tiredly, Lita fell forward, onto his chest before whispering, "I'm
way to tired to be fucking again." John felt her pull his cock out from her
pussy, and watched her slide next to him in the bed. She rested her head on
his shoulder, as John thought, "I drove three hours for this? I got fucked
once!" However, John didn't know what she meant by her comment. She was
simply to tired to be riding his cock, with her doing most of the work. Now,
they were side-by-side, and John leaned his head in and passionately kissed
her, moving down to her neck, and at the same time, moving his hips towards
her pussy. Sliding his cock back in, he heard her gasp, and he began fucking
her tight pussy again. This time, John was only fucking her so that he could
cum. Faster and faster, he pumped his cock into her tight pussy, hearing her
moan into his ear. Again, Lita thrashed around, and began to cum, but she
wasn't able to grab John's back. What followed was what John considered to be
the loudest moan that he had ever heard. Lita moaned very loudly, and bit
down on John's shoulder, sending pain all through his body. John didn't seem
to mind, however, as he felt himself go over the edge. Letting out a grunt,
he fired a rather large load of jism into her tight pussy, feeling his cock
pulsate with each spurt. He groaned as he collapsed away from Lita on the
bed, his cock remaining inside of her. As it lost it's stiffness, he felt his
cock slide out of her pussy. Exhaustedly, Lita rested her head again, on
John's shoulder. John moved his arm, wrapping it around her body, resting it
on her right breast. With her head lying on John's chest, Lita drifted off
to sleep. John looked down at this truly sleeping beauty. Her hair, once dry
and beautiful, was now soaked with sweat, tangled and crazily out of place.
He looked at her back, and his eyes drifted down to her ass. While it was
somewhat hidden from view, he could see that it, like Trish's and
Stephanie's, was muscular. The only difference was, Lita's was less solid
and much thinner. With his eyes on her ass, John felt his eyes close.

He awoke to the realization that he was alone. Opening his eyes, he saw
that the bed was empty. "Where is she?" John thought to himself. His question
was answered by the sound of the shower. Tiredly, John glanced at the clock,
8:30 AM. Naked, he got up and walked into the bathroom, which was in the
bedroom. Opening the door, he was met by steam. "That's a hot fucking
shower," John thought. Looking at the shower, he saw that it was an open door
shower, without a curtain. Lustily, John looked at the figure in the shower,
she was standing straight up, her hands in her hair. John walked over to the
shower, feeling it getting hotter and hotter. Opening the door, he was
treated with a fantastic sight, Lita was, of course, naked, her head tilted
back, standing under the endless stream of water. "Want some company?" John
asked. Startled, Lita looked at him and answered, "I wondered when you were
going to get up." John stepped into the shower and felt the hot water hit his
body. Lita pulled his head down to hers, sticking her tongue into his mouth.
Breaking the kiss, Lita said, "Sorry about last night." John tried to say
something, but she quickly said, "I'm serious, I can usually go for a while,
but, I haven't been fucked like that in a while and my boyfriend hasn't
really been fulfilling me." John responded by leaning in and kissing her
again, with more passion. He turned her around and leaned her into the wall,
seeing her ass jut out from the rest of her body. John grabbed his now rock
hard cock and slid it up and down between her ass. Lita groaned and reached
back to grab his cock. John stuck the head of his cock into her ass, sending
waves of pleasure through Lita's body. He eased his cock into her ass, going
inch by inch, until it was completely inside of her. He began thrusting into
her ass, like he had with the two other hotties, and reached his hands around
to clutch Lita's swinging breasts, pinching her sensitive nipples. Lita began
to moan, as John pounded into her tight ass with all that he had. Lita could
feel his cock stimulating her clit as he fucked her, but she reached down to
her own pussy and began to finger fuck herself, driving herself towards
another huge orgasm. John tweaked her nipples again, sending Lita into a
frenzy. She wanted to cum, now. John fucked her ass even harder, and felt
himself getting close as well. Lita flicked her clit with her finger, sending
herself into a violent orgasm. Lita moaned extremely loudly, sending John
over the edge and he started to pull out of her ass. Lita yelled for him to
keep it in her, and felt his cum begin to splatter into her ass. John moaned,
and Lita gasped, as they both came down from their orgasm.

They finished showering, John washing Lita, Lita washing John, and they
got out. It was 9:30 AM. John had to go. "I can cook you some breakfast,"
Lita said, massaging John's shoulders, "Please stay." "I'd love to stay and
see what you can cook for me," John said, "I do actually have things to do,
though." Lita sulked a bit about it, but she understood. John put his clothes
back on, and grabbed Lita's thong. He didn't even have to ask, Lita simply
shook her head yes, adding, "Both Steph and Trish told me about that type of
thing, so you can have it." John quickly wiped the thong around her pussy and
her legs, soaking it with Lita's cum. "Thank you, Lita," John said, helping
her to her feet. "No, thank you," Lita said, wrapping her arms around him, as
they left the bedroom, "That was the best fuck I've ever had." John turned
around and kissed her once more as he walked towards the door, "We'll be in
touch, literally, again," Lita said, opening the door for him. John agreed
and walked out of the room, looking back only once, seeing her standing in
the doorway, completely naked. He got on the elevator and walked out to his
car. He got back on the highway and drove the three hours home. He got home
so that he could change, and again, his message light was blinking. He had
two messages. The first was from Stephanie, looking to get a hold of him so
that they could fuck again. She told him to call her, he had her number. The
second was Stan, his boss, telling him that he needed him to come into work.
"That's odd," John thought, "I'm on vacation." He needed to go that way
anyway, he needed to run errands, or else he wouldn't have left Lita. He got
to work and Stan took him in the office. "Have a seat, John." Stan said. "Not
good," John thought. "Listen, John, you called into work the other day, and
we were very busy. You were apparently very ill," John nodded. Stan
continued, "Well, one of our guys was on his route, and he saw you coming out
of a hotel, and get in your car." "Shit," John thought. "My point is, John,you have worked here long enough to know that we don't tolerate people
calling in sick so they can go visit friends," John knew what was coming,
"I'm sorry to do this, John, but, you pick up your last paycheck next week."
Stan stood up and shook John's hand. John walked out of the building and
went straight home. Dialing Stephanie's number, he heard it ring and ring.
"Hello?" Stephanie said. "Hey Stephanie, it's John." "Hey, you got my
message, listen I need you to..." John cut her off, "I need something from you
as well, Stephanie. I got fired from my job today and I need you to get me a
job in WWF." Stephanie was silent for a minute. "What kind of job," she
meekly asked. "A truck driving job, something like that." Stephanie told him
to go to the whatever arena in Detroit, and talk with her, face to face. John
got in his car and hoped for the best.

Author's note:

Yeah I know the end of the story isn't sexually related, but, sometimes
there's more to life than sex. (Not much, though) Since I have gotten no
emails, I assume that I'm doing a good job. Continue reading, this story will
make sense in the next few chapters. Comments on any past stories? Questions
about any past stories? Suggestions of WWF/WCW/ECW girls that you'd like to
read about? Email me.

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