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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Lita Is Xtremely Cool
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The scene fades in with a caption reading 'SmackDown July 13, 2000', and showing Rikishi leaving the ring as Lita continues to dance with Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty, the duo that makes up the tag team of Too Cool, as well as Jeff and Matt Hardy while the crowd goes wild. With all four member in different corners of the ring, Lita takes the center point showing off her dance moves, bopping to the left and the right before grabbing her white top and pulls it and seemingly by accident due to her eagerness as the black sports bra she has on underneath up over her head at the same time, revealing her large juicy round tits to the crowd, which causing the crowd to gasp in shock and the four Superstars to stop what their doing as Lita continues to dance, oblivious to the fact their her tits are exposed as the fans begin to chant her

Matt looks at Jeff who shrugs before stepping towards Lita and tapping her on the shoulder, "Um Lita..."

"Huh... what?" The red head asks as she stops dancing and looks at Matt as Jeff, Scotty and Grand Master Sexay approach her.

"Man that's crazy, you showing your tits like that... good thing this is taped!" Grand Master Sexay says.

Lita raises an eyebrow but smirks, "Oh come on guys...the crowd loves it..." She says as pushes past Jeff and Scotty and moves to a corner and climbs to the middle ring rope where she cups and squeezes her tits with both hands, causing the crowd to cheer wildly.

"Damn... well she's extreme..." Jeff says with a big grin.

"Any hot chick can do that... but how's she gonna top that..." Scotty asks just before Lita unbutton her loose fitting pants and pushes them down from her waist as she stands on the middle ring rope, revealing her thong and gorgeous legs.

Lita kicks off her pants and hopes off the middle ring rope before she approaches the quartet of Superstars, wearing only her thong, "So boys... whose up for giving these people a real show?" She asks as the crowd continues to loudly change her name as the scene blurs from view.

As the scene comes back into focus, Lita is kneeling in the middle of the ring surround by The Hardys and Too Cool who have discarded their wrestling gear and are stroking their long, meaty cocks to hardness as a camera films the sight and displaying it on the SmackDown Oval-tron. Licking her teeth, she places her left hand on Scotty's cock and her right hand on Grand Master's dick and begins to stroke both cocks before leaning her head forward to slap her tongue against the head of Matt's cock.

"Hmmm..." Jeff smirks as he wraps a hand around his own cock as he begins to stroke it while watching Lita jerk off two men as she laps her tongue against the head of a third cock. Lita steadily works her hands back and forth on the dicks of Too Cool as she twirls her pierced tongue around the swollen head of Matt Hardy's thick fuck stick before pulling her head back. Letting go of Scotty And Grand Master's cocks, Lita turns on her knees towards Jeff where she pushes his hand off of his cock so that she can grab it and begins to jerk him off.

"Four big cocks... I'm in heavy..." Lita says as she tosses her red hair back while Scotty crouches next to her and begins to grope her tits as she spits a wad of saliva onto Jeff's cock as she strokes his manhood. Smiling at Jeff, Lita parts her lips and takes his cock into her mouth. Wrapping her lips tightly around his cock and begins to bob her head while reaching for and grabbing Matt's dick to begin stroking his dick

"Ahhhh..." Jeff groans as Lita rocks her head back and forth on his long cock, sucking and slurping nosily on his shaft while he leans his head back. The redhead swiftly bobs her head on Jeff's cock as Scotty continues to grope her tits at the same time she jerks off Matt Hardy.

"Mmmmmm... mmmmm..." Lita groans with desire as the crowd watches her on the Oval-tron as she bobs her head a few more times on Jeff's shaft before lifting her head up from his cock. Letting go of Matt's shaft, Lita turns towards Scotty, forcing her tits away from his hands as she now faces Grand Master Sexay. Placing her hands on his waist, Lita greedily takes his cock into her mouth and begins to suck him off.

"Ohhhh ahhh... awww..." Grand Master moans and closes his eyes as Lita slobbers whorishly on his cock as she rocks her head back and forth on his dick at a break-neck pace. Placing his hands on her head, Grand Master Sexay starts to thrust his cock in and out of the Diva's eager mouth. The camera focuses on Lita's face as Grand Master's cock pistons back and forth between her lips before the scene blurs from view.

When the scene comes back into focus, Lita is rocking back and forth on Matt Hardy's cock while Grand Master Sexay is behind her thrusting his cock in and out of her ass while she has her right hand on Jeff's cock while she bobs her head on Scotty 2 Hotty's fuck stick. "Mmmmmm! Ohhhh!" Lita moans on Scotty's shaft as she rocks on Matt's cock to push back against Grand Master's pistoning cock as he hammers ass.

"Ahhhh aww..." Matt Hardy moans as he thrusts his cock upward into Lita's cunt while placing his hands on her hips while watching her large tits sway and bounce. Scotty places a hand on Lita's head as she swiftly bobs her head on his cock while behind her, Grand Master Sexay is driving the full length of his cock into her gorgeous.

"Mmmmm! Fuck!" Lita groans as she bounces on Matt's cock while lifting her head up from Scotty's shaft before turning her head to where she can take Jeff's dick into her mouth. Matt and Grand Master Sexay steadily drive their stiff poles into her lower body cavities while she bucks between the two of them as the cheering from the audience seems to fuel the lustful acts taking place in the middle of the SmackDown ring.

"Ahhh aww..." Scotty moans as Lita grabs his cock and steadily strokes his dick perfectly as she sucks Jeff Hardy's cock while their respective tag team partners as pounds her tight pussy and gorgeous ass. Lita turns her head from side to side on Jeff's cock as Grand Master rams his cock balls deep into her ass as Matt keeps driving his cock up into her snatch as the scene blurs from view.

As the scene comes back into view, Lita is now mounted on top of Scotty 2 Hotty with his cock in her tight cunt while Jeff Hardy is behind her, thrusting his cock into her asshole, "Ohhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhh fuck!" Lita moans as she tosses her head back as Jeff reaches around her body to grab her juicy tits while he and Scotty are in the midst of double teaming her.

"Awww... ahhh..." Scotty groans as he places his hands on Lita hips as he raises his hips repeatedly to propel the full length of his dick up into her snatch as she grinds herself on his dick. Lita turns her head and sees herself on the Oval-tron, she smiles as she watches her moving between one half of the Hardys and Too Cool as sweat drips off of her gorgeous body.

"Ohhh! Ohhhhh fuck that's hot! Ohhhhh!" Lita moans as the eagerly pushes back against Jeff's cock as he hammers her ass while Scotty drives his cock repeatedly up into her pussy while the fans continues to cheer for her, not at all caring that taping of that night's episode of SmackDown has been delayed as the scene blurs from view.

Once the scene comes back into focus, Lita is laying on her side, with Matt Hardy laying behind her and holding her left leg up as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy from behind. "Ohhh ohhh yeah... mmmmm fuck!" Lita squeals as she rocks on her left side in response to Matt's stiff thrusts as he drives his dick deeply into her twat.

Beads of sweat roll down Matt's face as he grunts with the effort he's using to drive the full length of his cock into Lita's snatch, "Ahhhh ahhh..." Matt groans as Lita pushes her ass back against his waist. Lita looks back at him at flicks her tongue against his firm lips as he fucks her in the middle of the SmackDown ring in front of a sold out crowd while his brother and the members the of Too Cool casually stroke their cocks to keep themselves ready for action.

"Ohhhh fuck... yeah fuck my slutty pussy!" Lita grits her teeth as she continues to move in rhythm with Matt's impressive thrusts. Gasping lustfully, Lita turns her head to glance at the Oval-tron which shows a zoomed in shot of Matt's fuck stick pistoning in and out of her cunt as the scene blurs from view.

When it comes back into focus, Grand Master Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty are holding Lita up, with Scott pumping his cock in and out of the smoking hot redhead's ass while she leans back against him and has her legs wrapped around Grand Master's waist as he briskly hammers her pussy with his fat cock. "Ohhhh yeah... ohhhh fuck yeah! Ohhhh shit!" Lita moans as she bounces between the fair of dance loving Superstars, rocking between them as sweat pours off her body.

"Awwwww ohhhh..." Grand Master Sexay has a big smile on his face as he pumps his cock balls deep into Lita's pussy while watching her large tits bounce as she moves between them. Scotty has his legs placed right underneath Lita's thighs as her back moves against his chest as he drives his cock repeatedly into her ass.

"Ohhhh yes! Ohhhhh fuck yes!" Lita tosses her sweat soaked hair back as she moves up and down on the large shafts of Too Cool, feeling them plunging their dicks repeatedly into her fuck holes. The WWF's expert cameramen capture every angle of the display as the crowd more than appreciates the effort they are witnessing as the scene blurs from view.

When the scene clears up, Lita is bouncing freely on Jeff Hardy's cock while he sits on a steel chair in the middle of the ring. Placing her hands on his shoulders, Lita licks her teeth as Jeff places tits and leans his head forward to lap his tongue against her stiff nipples as she bucks back and forth, grinding her twat on his long hard cock. "Ohhh yeah Jeff... ahhh ohhh fuck!" Lita moans as she bucks her hips as she eagerly rides the younger Hardy's impressive cock.

"Ahhhh... ahhhhh damn.." Jeff groans as he lifts his head away from Lita's breasts and reaches behind her to grab her ass cheeks, pulling them apart as his brother Matt gets behind her and shoves his cock into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhh fuck my ass!" Lita cries out as Matt starts to do just that, pumping his cock wildly in and out of her backside while she rides his brother's dick as Jeff holds her ass cheeks apart. Grinding her snatch on Jeff's cock, Lita looks back at Matt as he hammers her ass with deep, swift thrusts as the scene continues uninterrupted for several moments before it blurs to cut to the next sequence.

Lita is then show on her knees gripping Grand Master Sexay's cock at the base as she whips her tongue all around the head of his manhood before she takes it into her mouth while Scotty 2 Hotty is squatting behind her, pumping his cock in and out of her dripping wet cunt. "Mmmm! Mmmmmm!" Lita moans on Grand Master's cock as she briskly bobs her head on tool, slapping her tongue against the underside as Scotty hammers her cunt.

"Ahhhh... ahhhh awww..." Scotty groans as he grabs hold of Lita's hips, pulling her back towards himself as he sharply hammers her cunt. Grand Master Sexay grabs a handful of Lita's sweat soaked red hair while moving his hips to thrust his cock in and out of the extreme Diva's saliva dripping mouth.

"Mmmm! Ahhh! Mmmm! Ahhh!" Lita moans with delight as Grand Master Sexay fucks her face, causing the head of his dick to collide with the back of her throat as she continues to whorishly bob her head on his cock. Rocking on her knees, She pushes back against Scotty's thrusting cock as he shoves it continuously into her tight cunt.

The scene then cuts to Lita bouncing on Matt Hardy's cock as he lays on the Matt while Jeff Hardy is behind her, pumping his cock deeply into her anal cavity. "Ohhhh ahhh yeah guys! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Lita screams as she plants her hands firmly on Matt's shoulders as she moves back and forth between the pair of well hung studs from North Carolina.

"Ahhhh ohhh... ahhhh..." Jeff clenches his teeth as he rocks his hips back and forth, plopelling his cock into the depths of Lita's backside, with his heavy balls colliding against her ass cheeks. Matt licks his lips as he watches Lita's tits sway and smack against each other while he rams his cock up into her snatch.

"Mmmmm fuck! Ohhhh! Ahhh! Ohhhhh!" Lita cries, but she has a big smile on her face as she sees herself being double team on the Oval-tron before looking out at the crowd that is encouraging her to put her all into getting fucked for their enjoyment.

When the next blur cut occurs, the red-haired Diva is facing away from Grand Master Sexay as he sits on the chair Jeff was on earlier, as he pumps his cock up into her ass while Scotty 2 Hotty is in front of her, swiftly thrusting his cock into her pussy. "Yeah! Ohhh yeah! Ohhh fuck you guys are too fucking cool!" Lita moans as she leans back against Grand Master's body as she works her ass up and down on his dick while Scotty hammers her cunt.

"You fucking know it!" Grand Master Sexay replies as he reaches around her to grab her large tits. Scotty's breathing becomes increasingly labors, but he continues to push on, driving his cock relentlessly into Lita's pussy, causing her to rock, rise and drop nonstop on his tag team partner's thick fuck stick.

"Ohhh! Ohhh fuck! Ohhhh shit!" Lita moans as her pussy tightens around Scotty's thrusting shaft before she starts to cum. Her body shivers fiercely as her climax rips right through her as she continues to get get double teamed by Too Cool before the scene blurs from view one final time.

When it comes back into focus, Lita is once more kneeling in the center of the ring as The Hardys and Too Cool stroke their large throbbing cocks. Excitedly, the sweat drenched Diva gropes her tits as she looks up at the quartet of Superstars as they jerk off in front of her and the sold out crowd to see the taping of SmackDown. One by one, the four men start to cum showering Lita's face with thick wads and ropes of jizz. Opening her mouth wide and tilting her head back, Lita groans with satisfaction as they manage to fill her mouth with a decent amount of cum even with the majority of their spunk drips down her face.

When the four Superstars are finished cumming, a cameraman gets in close to zoom in on Lita's wide open cum filled mouth, as she uses her tongue to swirl the jizz around. She then closes her mouth and gulps down the cum before opening her mouth to show that it's all gone as the scene fades to the black.

A Caption then appears saying 'Later That Night...' before a new scene fades in with Road Dogg talking to Lita in the backstage. "So that was a hell of show, but you know what, you should get on down and let me show you how I fuck a cheap slut like you doggy style..."

Lita looks at D-Generation X as if he has three heads, "How dare you?!" She says before she proceeds to smack him across the face.

"Bitch..." Road Dogg says as he holds his face but as he takes a step towards Lita, The Hardys come rushing out of a locker room to intercept him. X-Pac and several officials arrive to break up the melee before it can really get started, with Road Dogg yelling, "You boys are gonna get your asses kicked!" as the scene fades to black.


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