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First the copyright junk: Lita and all Pro-Wrestlers mentioned in this story
are the property of the WWF and Titan Sports. It contains adult material and
should not be viewed by minors or people offended by sexual material.
Now onto the story:

Lita Meets Two Of Her "Biggest" Fans.
by Easy E (

The Raw Tapings had realy been something. The crowd in L.A. had been
electric and rowdy during the entire show and after the show were pushing
passed each other to get to the locker rooms for the autograph signings first
so as to secure they reach the big stars first. Among them where John and Jay,
two 17 year olds that had been wrestling fans for years and always attended
events when the WWF came to L.A. They always went backstage when they could but
ever since wrestlings populatiry boost it's been harder for them to get to the
wrestlers when they went for any signings.

"Damn this crowd is even larger then last time we came!" John said to Jay as
they tried to fight there way to the front.

Jay replied "No shit, what was your first guess? The fact that we're behind
about 100 fans or that we're ahead of 100 fans?" Jay would get sarcastic when
he was upset about something.

"Don't start that shit with me, Jay. I could have left your ass home instead
of inviting you along."

"Oh yeah you did me a REAL favor by bringing me here. I don't know why we
came back here anyway, Stone Cold and Undertaker are still injured so they
won't be here."

"Want to get going then Jay?"

"Hell yeah, lets get the fuck out of here."

With that the two friends started back towards the exit but had trouble
getting past the fans. They finally got through them however couldn't find the
way out and could't ask for directions out since all the wrestlers where
signing autographs at the other side of the building and the security was there
making sure the fans didn't get out of hand.

"So now what do we do now Einstein?" Jay said with some anger in his voice.

John replied "You're the one who wanted to leave Jay I wanted to stay."

Jay put his hands over his mouth and coughed out "Bullshit! Bullshit!"

The hallway was dark except for a light that was coming form a door that was
opened up slightly.

John whispered to Jay "Lets see if whoever's in here can tell us how to get

Jay protested "Won't we get in trouble if whoever's in there see's that
we're on this side of the building?"

"Jay do you wan't to get out of here or not?"

Jay responded O.K. but let's try not to piss off whoever's in there."

They opened the door and slowly walked in and closed the door behind them.
Then they realised they were in one of the shower rooms! Jay realised this
first and tried to step out fast but slipped on some water and fell butt first
on the floor.

"Shit, I know that's gotta hurt!" John said laughing at his his friend when
he realised he was staring straight ahead behind John.

"What are you staring at Jay?" John asked. Then he turned around to see what
he was staring at and was shocked by what he saw Lita, one of the WWF's newest
female stars, was standing in the showers with nothing but a towel covering
her wet body. She was a slender woman with a nice pair of tits and a nice round

"What are you two doing in here!" she screamed to the intruders as she tried
to keep herself covered with her towel.

Jay stood up but couldn't answer her as he was to shocked.

John stuttered "Ah geez, um, Lita, uh, we got lost and well we saw a light
in here and we thought that whoever was in here could tell us to you know, uh,

Lita was starting to relax a little. Both John and Jay where getting turned
on. She looked hot with her hair and body wet. Plus the towel was realy
clinging to her body.

"We're big fans of yours Lita." Jay said finally getting over the shock a

Lita looked down and smiled "I can see you're BIG fans."

They looked down to see that they were both sporting a hard-on. They both
put their hands over there groins and blushed a little.

"Don't cover them up boys. I'll show you mine if you show me yours." Lita
said as she sensualy walked over to the two teenagers. She untied her towel and
let it fall to the floor revealing her sexy body.

"Oh, shit!!!" John exclaimed as his boner turned into a full erection.

Lita's breast were even bigger up close and her bush was extremly hairy and
was already dripping with pussy juices.

"What are your names?" Lita asked.

John blurted out "I'm John and he's Jay."

Lita smiled at the two of them and kneeled down in front of John and Jay and
unzipped there pants and pulled out both of there rock hard dicks. "Now those
are some nice cocks you kids have here. Long and thick, just the way I like

She put both cocks inside of her mouth and started bobbing her head up and
down their meat. John and Jay looked at each other and smiled. Lita sucked on
both dicks like an expert as her tongue worked over both of the fans hard
penises. Both boys moaned and grunted as they where sucked off by Lita. John
and Jay came at the same time with two load moans as they filled Lita's mouth
with their hot cum. Lita swallowed both loads at once without spilling a drop.
She pulled both of the cocks out of her mouth then looked up to the boys and

They both had stupid grins on there face and john asked "What now?"

Lita grined and started giving orders to her two lovers "John get on
your back so I can ride you."

He did as told and laid down with his dick pointing into the air. Lita got
on him and impaled herself on his dick. Both of them moaned out loud as John
entered her.

Lita looked back to Jay then gave more orders "Now Jay,I want you to shove
your cock into my ass."

Jay got on his knees and pushed his cock up into her ass. Lita's firm ass
jiggled as Jay pounded her rear end with all of his strength. Lita was in
heaven with the feelings of having two big dicks in her body. Jay pumped his
dick into Lita's ass as she bucked up and down on John. John reached up with
his hands and grabbed Lita's jiggling breasts and started kneeding them with
his hands.

Both her pussy and ass muscles were extremely tight around both boys cocks
as Lita pumped her two young lovers as best she could. "Harder dammit,harder!!!
Jay ram your dick harder, John push up faster!!!" Both of them increased there
efforts. Lita grabbed John by his hair and lifted his head up to her breast and
Lita told him "Suck my nipples!"

John opened his mouth and took her rock hard nipples into his mouth and
licked at them with his tongue. This increased the amount of pleasure lita was

Jay moaned out "Damn your ass is tight lita!"

John responded by saying "You think that's tight you should try this pussy!"
John's cock pistined in and out of Lita's cunt like a jackhammer.

Jay grabbed onto Lita's waist so as to help him increase the power in his
thrusts. Lita looked at the clock on the wall and told them that they need to
finish up because the autograph session will be over soon. All three of them
started increasing their efforts so they could near there orgasm faster.

"I'm coming, Lita!" yelled jay.

"Me too!" John said with a breast in his mouth still.

"That makes 3 of us!" announced Lita as her pussy and ass muscles tightened
as she orgasmed and her pussy juices flowed out onto John.

This set off both John and Jay as they shot off there loads into Lita's
openings. The three lovers collapsed onto each other as there orgasms subsided.
They laid there for about ten minutes in the after glow of a great threesome
and held each other in there arms.

After ten minutes Lita pulled both of there shrinking cocks out of her and
stood up. "We better get dressed and get out of here before the others arrive."
said Lita as she got dressed in her street clothes.

John and Jay got dressed and joined Lita as she showed them a way out of the
building. They walked to John's car. When they got there Lita kissed her new
lovers goodbye as they pulled out of the driveway and drove home.

In the car John looked at Jay smiled and said "Now that was better then an


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