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Lita Tries To Persuade Vince To Lift Her Suspension
by It Doesn't Matter!

"Vince, I am really sorry about all the trouble the Hardyz and I have
caused. Actually, I don't even know why I got in trouble in the first place.
Your problems were with them and I was just defending them because they are
my friends. I really love being on TV and entertaining my fans, you've gotta
let at least me back, Vince, please," begged an upset Amy Dumas as she sat
in Vince McMahon's office inside the WWFE Headquarters. Vince sat behind his
large black desk with his elbows on it and his hands clasped together to
support his chin as he stared right into Amy's eyes as if studying here mind.
Then Vince sat up straight and fixed his jacket with a grin.

"Well, Amy, right now I'm not very pleased with all of the commotion
that's risen from this situation. The only reason I made the suspension is
because I felt you, Jeff, and Matt were losing your touch a bit and I wanted
to give you some time off to relax and get back on track. That is at least
until the problem with your website..."

Vince stood up with his face now a little red and completely serious. He
stood in front of Amy from behind the desk.

"I know, Vince, and I'm really sorry. I guess I only did that out of
spite. I didn't mean to cause trouble; I just wanted to give the fans my side
of the story - that's all. Please, Vince, you've got to believe me. I'll do
anything if you'd let us back on WWF TV."

With those last golden words, Vince crosses his arms over his large chest
and smiles widely.


Amy looked confused as she stared at the smiling CEO, wondering what he
could possibly be talking about. Then her eyes grew wide as she noticed Vince
had pitched a tent from inside his beige trousers! Vince walked around the
desk and behind the now curious Amy and he began to massage her shoulders,
his prick bulging through his pants and poking the back of her neck. Amy knew
what Vince was getting at, and knew it would be wrong morally for her to give
in, but also couldn't deny that she was turned on by the large bulge in her
boss's pants.

"You know, Amy, I can make you and the Hardyz one of the greatest teams
in WWF history, all you have to do is show me how bad you want it..." Vince
said, seductively in a deep voice. He stopped rubbing her shoulders and stood
next to her, so now his bulge was pointing directly at her face. Amy looked
up at Vince with big puppy eyes that looked scared. Then her eyes turned
almost cat-like as a sexy and seductive smile formed on her face. Vince
responded with a groan of pleasure, as he knew she was his.

Amy got up out of her chair and grabbed Vince's bulge through his pants as
she walked over to a leather sofa Vince had in his office. She stopped and
turned. Vince leaned in and kissed Amy, engulfing her mouth with his tongue.
Amy began to become hot and she kissed back. Then she pulled away and
motioned for Vince to take a seat on the sofa. Vince delightfully obliged and
plopped down in the center, legs spread. Amy then straddled Vince's lap, so
her warm pussy pressed against his boner through the materials of their
pants. She leaned in and kisses him again. Then she sat up and took off her
long sleeve t-shirt. Vince smiles as her D-Cup breasts stood in his face,
barely being held by her black lace bra. Then Amy undid it and let the bra
fall onto the couch. Her large breasts hung freely and Vince grabbed her by
the hips. He pulled her in close and opened his mouth, allowing one of her
erect nipples to enter it. Vince slightly bit down on it and then started to
lick it as he kneaded the other tit with his hand like dough. Amy began to
join Vince in squeezing her large breasts as he alternated between nipples,
licking and sucking until they were red.

Then Amy got off of Vince's lap and onto the floor on her knees. Amy looks
up at Vince with that same smile again and told him to get comfortable. She
leaned in and rubbed his boner with her hand as she slowly unzipped his pants
with the other. Then she yanked his pants and his boxers both down to his
knees at the same time. She smiled widely in pleasure as Vince's 8 inch
member stood straight up, just inches from her face. Amy licked her lips and
then used her tongue as she ran it from Vince's tight balls all the way up
his shaft and to the head of his prick. Then she quickly wrapped her lips
around the 2 inch thick meat and started to suck like the pro that she was.
Vince rolled his eyes and titled his head back as Amy went to work, bobbing
up and down on the WWF CEO's cock. She used her tongue as if she was licking
a popsicle inside her mouth as she deepthroated all of Vince's 8 inches. Then
she pulled the throbbing, red cock out of her mouth with a plop sound. She
grabbed it with one hand and started to jerk Vince off. Then she wrapped her
lips around the head again and sucked on the top as she jerked him off. Vince
groaned loudly from the pleasure and Amy felt his cock twitch.

"Ohhhhh... Here it comes baby..." Vince said and Amy kept her mouth open
above his dick as she jerked him off as fast as she could. Then Vince
unleashed his hot and sticky cum. His load shot up out of his cock and Amy
did her best to catch most of it in her mouth. Some hit her cheek and then
she quickly shoves half of the meat into her mouth, making sure the rest of
the jizz was shot down her throat. Amy then licked Vince's boner clean as it
began to soften and shrink. She swallowed all of the cum and then sat back
up on Vince's lap. Vince sucked on one titty as Amy cupped the other and
sucked on it herself. This went on for a few minutes until Amy stopped and
looked down. She saw Vince's cock had become hard again. The thick shaft
rubbed against her wet crotch and the head pushed on her belly. She looked
at Vince with a smile.

Then Vince said, "I'm not done with you yet..."

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