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Lita Visits Friday Night Smackdown
by Revolution

At Taboo Tuesday, Edge informed everyone that he wouldn't be competing in the
RAW versus Smackdown tag team match because he didn't care about anyone but
himself. So on the November 7th, 2005 edition of WWE RAW, GM Eric Bischoff
confronted Edge and Lita, and told them that Edge was going to Smackdown to
face Batista in a Street Fight as punishment. The entire RAW roster mocked
Edge and Lita as they left the arena.

Later in the show, Lita approached Eric Bischoff in his office.

"Hey Eric," Lita said with a smile.

"What are you doing here?" Eric asked.

"Well I just thought I should come back, I just hate how everything went
down and I understand that you're mad at Edge and you have every right to
be. But do you really think its a good idea sending one of your biggest
RAW superstars over to face Batista in a Street Fight?" Lita asked.

"Hmm. Well let me tell you something Lita, Edge will be at Smackdown this
week and he will face Batista in a street fight. So why don't you just go
tell Edge there's nothing he can do about it and there's nothing you can do
about it."

"Um Eric are you sure there's nothing ... I can do about it?" Lita asked as
she untied her top and flashed the GM.

"Well Lita. Why don't you put those things back where they belong because you
could put an eye out with one of those! Now get the hell out of my building!"
Bischoff exclaimed.

Lita covered up and left in a huff. Lita was escorted by security out of the
building and into the parking garage where Edge was waiting.

"Baby, I'm sorry, he didn't go for it," Lita apologized. Edge was angry with
her because it was her idea for him not to wrestle at Taboo Tuesday and now
he's forced to face Batista in a Street Fight. The two argued some more until
Edge said that he didn't even want to speak to Lita. He had to figure out how
to get out of the match at the Tuesday Smackdown taping.

The next morning, Lita woke Edge up because she had an idea. He was too tired
to be mad so he listened.

"Why don't I go to Smackdown early and try to smooth things over? Maybe at
least I can get the match changed to a regular match instead of a street
fight," Lita suggested.

"Anything is worth a shot at this point," he agreed.

"You just stay here until show time and don't give them any chance to attack
you in the dressing room. I'll call you and let you know what I've done,"
Lita instructed.

"Yeah sure. I'm going to call Bischoff and try to talk some sense into him,"
he said. He threw on some clothes and headed down to the hotel restaurant to
have something to eat. Lita showered and changed so she could make it to the
arena by 1:00PM. That's the time when all of the wrestlers are supposed to
arrive for the night's show so she wanted to give herself enough time to
smooth things over for her man. Lita picked her hottest outfit to wear;
washed out blue jeans with a black thong underneath, and a plunging black
top that showed *A LOT* of her bra-less breasts. Lita put a little black
zip-top over it to cover up in public. Lita made sure her hair and make-up
looked just how she wanted it to before taking her rental car to the arena.
Lita pulled into the arena parking lot and found a spot. She had made it
there at 1:15PM and it looked like the parking lot was pretty full with the
wrestlers rental cars. Lita pulled down the mirror and fluffed her hair a
little, making sure she looked extra sexy. Just as Lita stepped out of her
car and was about to walk inside of the building, a limo was pulling in. It
especially caught Lita's eye because it was no ordinary limo. It had long
horns on the front and the "JBL" signature on the side. The limo stopped
next to Lita and the back left window came down.

"Hey you hussy, where's that moron Edge? Is he hiding in the car? I should
come right out there and kick his ass myself," John Bradshaw Layfield ranted.

"He's not here and he's not coming until later," Lita explained.

"So what the hell are you doing here? You have some nerve showing up here.
You don't belong here, Lita, Smackdown doesn't need another slut," he
insulted her.

"I'm here to smooth things over. I'm here to make a peace offering of sorts,"
Lita said as she moved in closer to the limo.

"What could you possibly offer that would make me not kick Edge's ass?" he
asked. Lita slowly pulled down on her zipper, opening up her zip-top and
showing John her breath taking cleavage in that black plunge top. Lita gave
him a half smile and a bit of a wink as she made sure her breasts were at
eye level. The window went all the way up which disappointed Lita but then
the door opened. Lita smiled and climbed into the back of the limo and shut
the door behind her. Lita crawled across the back seat and started to kiss
John before he could even say anything. Her tongue went deep into his mouth,
her soft lips pressing his. Lita pulled back and sat on the opposite seats.

"You insulted me and now you're going to accept my peace offering? What is
it, John? Am I a no good slut or do ... you ... want me?" Lita asked as she
pulled her zip top all the way off, pressing out her chest.

"Oh you are a slut but you're not no good. You're damn good! Now why don't
you bring those big tits over here?" John asked. Lita smiled and came back
over, sitting on John's lap.

"Go ahead, I'm all yours," Lita insisted. John pulled off Lita's plunging top
so he could have full access to those magnificent breasts. He squeezed them
and sucked on her hard nipples. Lita looked on in approval as John focused on
her tits. She reached down and started rubbing him through his pants. She
could feel he was getting hard so she carefully undid his belt buckle and
zipped down his fly, all while not disrupting him from feasting on her tits.
Lita reached into his pants and pulled out a very thick and big eight inch

"You may say you're from New York now but this is a Texas-sized cock," Lita

"You look like you've had your share of cocks. Now why don't you get down
there and suck on mine?" He asked. Lita gladly got down on her knees in
front of him and handled that big dick. Lita masterfully sucked on John's
eight inches, switching from deep throating to gentle licking to tonguing
his balls, she had him sweating bullets.

"Mmm I could suck on this for hours but I really want to feel it inside of
me," Lita said. She undid her jeans and pulled them right off. She pulled
her thong to the side as she got on top John and lowered her cunt down onto
his cock. She slowly started riding him, picking up pace as she got more
comfortable with all eight inches deep inside of her. John pulled back
Lita's dark red hair and kissed her neck. Lita was cooing softly each time
she went up and down on John's pole.

"Ahh you sexy slut, you feel so good," John moaned.

"Come on cowboy, fuck me hard. Pound my pussy baby," Lita encouraged. John
held Lita around the waist as he thrusted his hips up, slamming his cock up
into her pussy at a rapid pace.

"YES! YES! FUCK ME HARD JOHN! YES! That's how you fuck a slut!" Lita screamed
out tossing her head from side to side, her hair getting all messy. John kept
up this hard fucking of Lita until he was out of breath. Lita took a deep
breath and got off of his cock, rubbing her pussy a little bit. She got back
down on her knees and started to suck on that big dick.

"Mmmm damn I taste good. Now I think it's time for the last part of my peace
offering," Lita said. She kneeled up a little straighter and wrapped her big
tits around John's cock. She held his cock tightly with her amazing breasts
and started to fuck his cock with them.

"Ohh fuck yeah Lita! Those are the best fucking tits I've ever felt on my
dick," He groaned.

"I can't wait to feel your hot sticky cum all over them. I bet you're going
to cum real soon for me, aren't you?" Lita asked.

"Ahh damnit yes! I'm gonna fucking cum right now!" John exclaimed as the cum
started to erupt out of his cock like a volcano. It splattered on Lita's tits
and dripped down her abs. Lita let go of the titty fuck and twisted John's
cock a few times, squeezing out some more cum. She went down to lick it but
he pushed her away because his cock was too sensitive. Lita sat back on the
opposite seats and cupped her big titties, admiring the cum splattered on
them. She pushed them up and started licking up all the cum, cleaning off her
tits. Lita used two fingers to get any cum off her abs and make sure she was
spotless. She pulled her jeans back on and put her plunging top back on.

"Now you let the rest of Smackdown know that I'm here to make a peace
offering to each ... and EVERY Smackdown superstar," Lita said.

"You've turned me into a peace loving man, Lita, and if you're going to
make peace with EVERYONE, you better get working," he said. Lita agreed and
stepped out of the limo. She fixed her hair in the limo window and made sure
her breasts looked perfect in that top. The day had only just begun for

Lita walked into the backstage area at the arena and towards the locker
rooms. The first door that caught her attention was one that read
"Cruiserweight Locker Room." Lita opened the door, entered and closed it
behind her. Inside were Brian Kendrick, Funaki, Paul London, Scotty 2
Hotty, Nunzio and also Vito. They all had the same question and that was
what the heck was Lita doing in their dressing room? Lita explained that
she was there to make peace with Smackdown on behalf of Edge. They stay
away from him and he'll stay away from them.

"Do you believe this broad? What's in it for us to turn our back on the GM
and not beat the snot of your boyfriend?" Nunzio asked in his Italian accent.

"It's pretty simple. You scratch Edge's back ... And I suck your dick," Lita
explained. The room buzzed with approval as the six men were pleasantly
surprised by Lita's offer. Lita pulled her top off and hung it on one of the
hooks. She walked to the middle of the room and got down on her knees.

"Let's go boys, let me see those cocks," Lita said. The five cruiserweights
and Vito dropped their drawers and formed a circle around Lita. The red
headed vixen pulled her hair back and started on Brian. She held his cock at
the base and took most it in her mouth. Lita went around the circle, giving
each man about a minute of blowing. Lita took a moment to swallow the precum
that had built up in her mouth. She also scanned around quickly and noticed
that these were all fairly small to average sized cocks. About four to five
inches each. Lita shifted to Nunzio and Vito. She held them both by the dick
and bobbed her head back and forth between their cocks. She kept pulling
them closer towards her face so she could fit them both in her mouth at the
same time. The other four men moved in closer, making a very tight circle
around Lita. Their cocks were either slapping against the side of her face
or the top of her head. Lita reached out and randomly started jerking two
cocks at a time while taking on two to three cocks with her mouth at once.
Lita was a cock sucking machine making sure that each of the six men got a
deep and sloppy wet blowjob.

"Oh here I cum!" Scotty exclaimed as he started to spray his load all over
Lita's face. That set off a chain reaction of five more cumshots! The cum was
flying through the air and landing all over the place, and mainly on Lita's
face. When the six men were finished cumming, Lita had to keep her eyes
closed because they were covered with a thick layer of cum. The six men took
a seat on the benches while Lita stayed on her knees, with her eyes closed,
feeling the cum running down her face and her breasts. What no one had
noticed was the connector door to the next locker room had been opened and
the Mexicools were watching. The three Mexicools rushed in with their pants
down and jerked off onto Lita's face, adding even more cum to it! They pulled
their pants up, high fived and ran off! Lita's face was almost all covered
with sticky cum. She used her fingers to wipe the cum from her eyes so she
could see.

"So I lived up to my part of the deal letting you use me as a cum dumpster
now you live up to your part and stay away from my man," Lita said.

"We had a deal," Paul agreed.

"Now I need to get cleaned off," Lita smiled, enjoying the fact that she had
a face so covered with cum that it needed to be cleaned.

"Go through that door that the Mexicools came in and there's a shower and
sink in there," Brian told her. Lita picked up her top and walked through the
connecting door to the next dressing room. The dressing room was empty so she
shut that door behind her. There were a couple bags in the room, which she
assumed belonged to the Mexicools. Lita looked around and saw the sink where
she could was off her face and chest. Lita went over to the sink and started
to wash the cum off her face. It was still fresh so it came off very easily.
When she was done, she shut off the water and grabbed a big fluffy towel off
the rack and started to dry herself off. Lita heard a noise that sounded like
voices. She looked behind her but no one was there. She heard the noise again
and it sounded like it was coming from the other side of the wall. Lita took
a few steps to the left and around a small corner were the open showers. The
showers weren't empty, in fact, Booker T, Bobby Lashley, and Orlando Jordan
were all in there showering off. Orlando was the first one to spot her and
Lita was frozen, standing there topless with her blue jeans on.

"Yo Booker, Bobby, check this out, it's Lita," Orlando said. The other two
men looked over their shoulders and saw Lita. Lita wasn't frozen from being
caught but instead her eyes were glued on these three big naked black men and
what was hanging between their legs.

"What the hell are you doing here, bitch?" Booker asked.

"She's here for a peace offering. JBL filled me in about how you fucked his
brains out in his limo. Now why don't you come on in here and get some dark
meat?" Orlando said.

"It'd be my pleasure," Lita said. She undid her belt buckle and turned
around, giving the three black studs a nice view of her firm ass. Lita then
slowly pulled off her thong, getting completely naked as she walked into the

"Check out this ho's body! I'm getting hard already!" Orlando said.

"Here's the deal, you do what you want to me with those big black cocks and
in return, you stay away from Edge," Lita laid out the deal.

"I can dig that," Booker said and the other two agreed. Lita's attention
turned to the extremely muscular Bobby Lashley. She rubbed her fingers across
his wet chest, feeling his pecs and his abs.

"You're new here, why don't I start with you?" she smiled. Lita dropped
down to her knees in front of Bobby. She grabbed his heavy cock and started
stroking it with both hands, looking up at the monster of a man. Lita's eyes
grew wide as his cock kept growing and growing. Finally when it was hard, it
must have been a good 11 inches. Lita turned her head to see that Orlando and
Booker were hard. Each of them with at least 8 or 9 inches of black cock.

"Now THESE are what I call cocks," Lita grinned, in reference to the last six
men who were all probably half the size of these three. Lita took about half
of Bobby's cock in her mouth and sucked tightly on it, making a popping noise
when she let go. Lita worked it with two hands while she caught her breath
then went back deep on it, leaving a big trail of saliva this time. Lita took
a few tries to get herself used to sucking such big dicks. Once she was
comfortable, she took turns on all three men, stretching her mouth wide open
with their massive girth. Soon Booker laid her down on the shower floor and
started fucking her pussy.

"Oh god that's sooooo big, ohhh fuck you're so big! Oh yeah!" Lita moaned.

"Yeah you like a big black dick, don't you, trick?" He asked. Lita nodded her
head in approval. Her cries of passion were quieted as Bobby and OJ knelt
down beside her face and gave her something to suck on. Orlando took his turn
pounding Lita's wet pussy with his big cock. Then it was time for the big
man - Bobby Lashley to take his turn. He sized up Lita and pushed his 11
inches inside of her. Lita winced a little bit as he put it all inside of
her. He held Lita down around the waist and started to fuck her VERY hard. He
was fucking her as hard as humanly possible and he was doing it with his
enormous cock.

"AHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Lita was crying out. This was too
much even for her. Booker and Orlando let the big man have his way with her
for a little bit but then they had to pull him away. Lita stood up and leaned
against the wall, rubbing her cunt.

"Ow damn that was big. I can take it but baby you gotta go slow first, wow,"
Lita sighed.

"We'll give your pussy a break for now. So why don't you bend over and let me
hit that tight ass?" Booker asked.

"I like the way you think," Lita smiled. She turned around and rested her
hands against the wall, sticking out her firm backside. Booker went easy on
her, trying to work his cock into Lita's ass. Lita relaxed herself and
accepted all of Booker up her ass.

"Oooh damn that feels good," he groaned.

"Mmm yeah fuck my ass with your black cock!" Lita encouraged. Booker started
pumping a little bit faster as Lita kept giving him moans of encouragement.
Orlando moved over and let Lita rest her hands on him as he pushed her face
down to his crotch. Lita wrapped her mouth around Orlando's dick so each time
Booker penetrated her, she would take Orlando's cock deep into her throat.
Lita took this double teaming for a few minutes until it was clear that Bobby
wanted some more of this hard bodied nympho. Lita told him to lay down as she
got ontop of him so that she could be in control. Bobby was cool with that as
he got a nice view of Lita's funbags. Orlando came from behind and inserted
himself into Lita's ass, giving her a double penetration.

"Oh my god! So much big black cock! Ohhhh yeah!" Lita shouted. Booker grabbed
her by the hair and starting fucking her mouth. It was quite the scene with
these three big black men triple teaming this smoldering hot slut on the
shower floor. Lita's body was shaking with multiple orgasms from getting
fucked in every hole. Orlando would be the first one to blow as he pulled out
of Lita's tight ass and came on her lower back. Booker was next as he shot
his load right into Lita's mouth, making her gag a little bit as it hit the
back of her throat. Lashley then pulled out and let his load fly up and drip
down Lita's ass crack. Lita got off of him and sat down on the ground,
rubbing her ass and cunt.

"It's a good thing we're in the shower," she smirked.

"You just saved your boy's ass. Now I better get out of here before Sharmell
comes looking for me," Booker said as he left. Orlando and Bobby rinsed off
their faces, cooling down, and also left the shower. Lita took the shower
nozzle and turned it onto the highest pressure so she could clean herself
off. She was definitely feeling a little sore down below but that little bit
of pain was sure worth the pleasure of getting triple teamed by those three.
Lita grabbed a towel and walked out of the shower, drying off her body. She
was looking down at what she was doing as she walked into the dressing room
and when she looked up, she saw that she was NOT alone! The Legion Of Doom,
the Dicks, and William Regal and Paul Burchill were all getting their gear
on in the dressing room. Lita covered herself up with the towel and grabbed
her thong off the floor.

"We know the deal, you buxom wench," William said, "So before you put your
knickers on, I believe you'll be servicing us." Lita really wasn't prepared
to get fucked again so soon after those huge black cocks pounded her.

"I bet all of you love big tits, don't you?" She asked and they all nodded
their heads.

"Well my peace offering to you are these!" Lita exclaimed as she dropped her

"You each get a turn to fuck these great tits of mine in exchange for staying
away from Edge," Lita offered.

"Gentlemen, I think we can all agree to such terms. And we can all agree that
I will be going first," William stated but Animal stepped in front of him.

"You wait your turn ... which is not before me!" He barked. Lita laid down on
the ground and held her tits together. These three tag teams went one-by-one
fucking Lita's tits. She lifted her chin up and tried to lick their cock
heads. Each of the six men went took three turns fucking Lita's magnificent
tits for about a minute each time. Lita was giving her nether regions a nice
rest while the three teams had fun with her breasts. After the last man took
his last turn, Lita got up on her knees and pressed out her chest. She
crossed her arms, holding her tits together.

"I want them all covered with your hot cum," Lita said. She got her wish as
she took six cum shots all on her breasts. They were covered with a layer of
cum just like her face had been before. Lita used her fingers to scoop a lot
of the cum into her mouth and swallow it. She then lifted her tits up and
licked up as much as she could reach with her pierced tongue. The three tag
teams watched on in awe as Lita ate a lot of cum off her tits. Lita used a
wash cloth to wipe any remaining bits of jizz off her body and then got

"Now none of you are going to lay a hand on Edge, right?" Lita asked.

"We won't even look in his direction," Animal said. Lita was beaming with a
smile as she exited that dressing room. She was hitting a grand slam in
making peace with the Smackdown locker room and she still had a lot of time
before Edge was due to arrive. Lita had only taken a few steps backstage
when she was topped by MNM's Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury.

"Lita, Lita, Lita. We know what you've been doing here and we feel sorry for
you. Sorry that you haven't had the best team on the scene, the WWE Tag Team
Champions!" Johnny said.

"As Tag Team Champions, we get our own dressing room. Now let's go get it on
before Melina gets here," Joey said.

"Lead the way, champs," Lita grinned. The idea of stealing another woman's
man (or men in this case) turned Lita on even more. She was also very
attracted to Mercury and Nitro so this was preparing to give them more then
just a titty fuck. The Tag Team Champions took Lita into their private
dressing room which had some nice expensive leather couches. Lita sat right
down on them and stretched out.

"These are much better then the floor," she said. Joey and Johnny sat down
next to her and immediately pulled her top off and started sucking on her

"You two don't waste any time do you?" Lita asked. "We gotta get this done
before Melina gets back here," Johnny said nervously.

"Then cut the foreplay and give me your best double team moves!" Lita
insisted. Joey and Johnny quickly dropped their pants while Lita pulled her
jeans back off for another session. The two tag team champions were already
rock hard so Joey sat back on the couch and put Lita on top of him. Lita
started riding his cock while Johnny put one foot up on the back of the
couch so Lita could blow him at the same time.

"Uhh yeah ride that dick Lita," Joey gave her a few smacks on the ass. Once
Johnny's cock had been fully lubricated by Lita's saliva, he moved behind her
and started rubbing her asshole with his thumb.

"Stick it in there baby," Lita told him. Johnny slid his dick deep into
Lita's asshole and it went in with fairly little resistance as Lita had been
loosened up by Booker and Orlando. The tag team champions dp'ed Lita for a
few minutes making her moan wildly at the feeling of two cocks inside of her.

"Let's switch it up, let me get in that nice ass," Joey said. Joey and Johnny
switched positions with Johnny having Lita on top of him and Joey fucking her
ass. Joey took a few pumps into Lita's ass when the door swung open and it
was MELINA! Her demeanor turned from shock to anger in a matter of seconds.

OF THAT SLUT NOW!" Melina screeched at them. Joey pulled out and stood there
holding his dick. Johnny quickly pushed Lita off of him and sat on the couch,
also holding his dick.

"Don't get so bent out of shape, rookie, I was just offering your men
something so they wouldn't attack my man tonight," Lita explained.

"Listen skank, don't you ever pull something like this again without asking
me first. I run this team and if they're going to fuck anyone except me ...
I have to approve it," Melina said.

"I'm here to make peace, not war. So I'm going to get out of here and leave
these two to you," Lita said as she put her clothes back on.

"Fine and I wasn't going to let these two get involved in this stupid RAW
versus Smackdown thing anyways," Melina said. Lita shook her hand and left
the dressing room.

"You two BETTER have something left for me," Melina snarled at Nitro and
Mercury and shut the door behind Lita.

Out in the hallway, Lita was still very pleased with herself as she looked
for her next peace offering. She saw Chris Benoit, Hardcore Holly, and Rey
Mysterio talking with each other so she approached them, making sure her
tits were on display.

"Hey boys, I know you want a piece of Edge but how about you get a piece of
me instead?" She offered.

"We know what you've been doing here and you should be ashamed of yourself,"
Chris said.

"You're a disgrace and we want no part of you," Rey said.

"Excuse me? No man has ever turned this down," Lita said, looking down at her

"Look you walking sperm bank, we actually have some self-respect unlike you,"
Holly said.

"You don't have to worry about us jumping Edge because we don't fight that
way. We only get involved when other RAW guys get involved. It looks like
none of them want anything to do with you or Edge so it's up to Batista to
take care of Edge tonight and not us," Chris explained.

"Fine whatever, you guys don't know what you're missing," Lita rolled her
eyes at them. The three veteran wrestlers shook their heads and walked away.
Lita felt dejected after being insulted and she started walking in the
opposite direction but bumped right into Randy Orton.

"Don't listen to them, they're just lame married losers that don't know how
to have a good time," he said.

"You're right," Lita agreed.

"Any man should only be so lucky to have a woman that's willing to do what
you're doing for Edge," he said.

"I'm glad you see it that way. Now why don't I show you what they are missing
out on?" Lita said in a flirtacious manner. Randy put his arm around her and
they walked towards another locker room. Waiting inside of this locker room
were Ken Kennedy, Sylvan, and Simon Dean.

"Look what I found," Randy said.

"It's about damn time!" Ken said in a booming voice.

"Let's see what you look like without those clothes on," Sylvan suggested.
Lita smiled and disrobed once again, getting naked for these four guys.

"Now that's a body that doesn't need my Simon System," Simon Dean said.

"Stop being so fucking corny," Randy snapped at him.

"Now you've seen what I've got for you, let me see what you have for me,"
Lita said as she got down on her knees. The four wrestlers pulled off their
wrestling tights and got naked for her. They all had nice sized members,
between six and seven inches. Lita was a little relieved that they weren't
as big as Booker, Orlando, and Lashley. Lita started off sucking Randy and
Sylvan's cocks, alternating between them. She turned her head around and
slobbered on Simon and Ken's rods. While she was blowing them, Lita thought
to herself that in the past couple hours she had sucked more dicks then most
women do in their entire lifetime and that thought made her feel ... proud.
She was proud to be such a cock loving slut. Lita felt Randy's cock tapping
her on the side of the head so she moved back around and gave him some more
head. Lita grabbed Randy and Sylvan's cocks and held them close to her mouth
and rubbed them against her tongue. She sized them up and then put them both
in her mouth at the same time!

"Goddamn that's impressive," Ken commented. "Oh yes! Ohhh yeah!" Sylvan
moaned with his eyes closed and his hands rubbing his chest. He was clearly
enjoying this the most. Lita kept it up, stuffing various combinations of
the four men's cocks into her mouth at once. Her chin was left dripping with
a mixture of saliva and pre-cum when she finished her cock sucking. Lita
wanted to get fucked and the men wanted to fuck her so she got Simon on the
ground and lowered her pussy onto his dick. She then told Ken that she wanted
him to fuck her in the ass at the same time. Lita directed Randy and Sylvan
to come around front so she could stroke and suck on their cocks.

"Unhhh yeah fuck all my holes! Make me your nasty slut!" Lita moaned.

"Oh yeah you hot slut take it in your ass," Ken groaned. Simon and Ken dp'ed
Lita at a good pace which made her start to have more orgasms. Lita sucked
down hard on Sylvan and Randy's cocks trying to quiet her loud screams of
ecstasy. Soon Randy couldn't take this anymore and he needed to have a turn
fucking Lita. He sat down on the couch and Lita got on top of him, with her
back facing him. She lowered her ass down onto Randy's pole and sat with it
all inside of her.

"Come here and get yours too," Lita told Sylvan. He walked over and went to
stick his cock in her pussy but Lita stopped him.

"Not in there, put it in my ass," she said. Sylvan looked at her then tried
to stick his cock in her ass alongside Randy's but it wouldn't go in.

"You have to really push it in there, I know you can do it," Lita said.
Sylvan pushed his cock until it finally slid in and Lita's asshole was filled
with two dicks at once.

"OH GOD YES! Now fuck my ass with your two cocks!" Lita demanded. Randy
started pumping his hips from the bottom while Sylvan held Lita's ankles and
started to thrust in and out of her.

"Uhhhh yeah! TWO COCKS IN MY ASS! I'm such a fucking slut!" Lita screamed.

"Oohhh feels soooo good ... oh oh oh shit!" Sylvan said as he started cumming
in Lita's ass!

"Ohhh fuck!" Randy grunted as he started to cum in Lita's double filled hole
as well! When the two men finally pulled their cocks out of Lita's asshole,
it was dripping with cum.

"Come here slut," Ken said as he pulled Lita up and down onto the floor. Ken
and Simon got in front of her and shot their loads onto her tits! Lita was
dripping with cum from her tits and her asshole. She knew that she had just
completed a deal with four more Smackdown superstars. The four wrestlers put
their wrestling tights back on and sat down, catching their breath. That's
when a road agent walked into the room.

"Hey, you guys better split now," he said.

"We don't take orders from you," Randy said.

"This is Batista's dressing room. You do know that right,?" he asked.

"Let's go," Ken said and the other three quickly followed him out.

Lita cleaned herself off with a wash cloth and then heard the door open
again. She turned her head around and saw that Dave Batista had entered the
room. Lita walked up to Batista and started to unbutton his shirt.

"The way you need to look at this whole thing is. What do you have to gain by
facing Edge ... and what do you have to gain by NOT facing him? I think the
decision is easy and I think you should show me why they really call you Big
Dave," Lita said.

"You're certainly making my decision a lot harder," he said. Lita smiled and
continued to take off his clothes. She pulled off his dress shirt and then
went to work on his belt. Lita undid Dave's belt with her teeth and let his
pants fall down around his ankles.

"You certainly are Big Dave," Lita licked her lips, looking at his big thick

"Less talking and more action," he insisted. That was fine with Lita as she
filled her mouth with his cock. Lita was trying to compare it to Lashley's in
her mind and it seemed to be even thicker and heavier. She sensually licked
his shaft and balls, teasing him. She hit the most sensitive parts of his
cock with her tongue, making him squirm a little bit. Big Dave didn't have
much time for this as he made Lita lay down on the ground. He got over her
face and stuck his cock down into her mouth. He leaned forward and placed his
big hands on Lita's big tits. Dave started pumping his big dick in and out of
Lita's mouth while groping her awesome breasts.

"GLUG! GLUG! GLUG!" was the sound that Lita was making as her mouth and
throat got forcefully fucked. When Dave finally stopped fucking her mouth,
Lita's eyes were watering and she was gasping for air but she still had a
smirk on her face.

"Is that all you've got?" Lita asked. Dave stood up and pulled Lita up to her
feet. He spun her around, shoved her forward and forced his cock deep into
her ass making Lita yelp.

"This is what I've got for you," he told her.

"Oww that hurts! You're so big! Keep hurting me! Hurt my ass with your big
cock!" Lita moaned out.

"Ahhh yeah you sure know what to say," he groaned. He jackhammered his cock
hard into Lita's asshole from behind. When he started to lose a little steam,
he pushed Lita down to her knees and started doing her doggystyle on the
ground. He reached forward and fishhooked Lita's mouth and pulled on her

"AAAAHHHH YEAH FUCK THAT ASS BIG DAVE!" Lita screamed. Her ass was getting
its hardest and biggest workout of the day. She was being fucked so hard that
she probably wouldn't be able to sit down comfortably for days but that's
what she wanted.

"Fuuuck I'm cumming!" Dave grunted as he pulled out of Lita's ass just in
time to cover it with a big load of cum. He painted her ass white with his
sticky goo.

"Whew, I'm glad you were the last one," Lita sighed.

"Last one? No there's one more," Dave said.

"Who?" Lita asked. In the door walked MATT HARDY.

"Did you forget about me, Lita?" He asked.

"Oh Matt ... honey ... come here. I could never forget about you. Let's put
all our differences aside and let's do it one more time. One last time for
old time's sake. What do you say, Matt?" Lita asked in her sweetest voice.

"So you let me fuck you again so I won't kick the crap out of Edge?" Matt

"That's the deal," Lita re-affirmed.

"Well Lita ... On behalf of my new Smackdown family and the entire Smackdown
locker room, I'd just like to say that you're the biggest slut I've ever
known and no matter what you think you were doing here today, Edge is still
going to get his ass kicked by the entire locker room! What do you think
about that, bitch?" Matt asked.

"No! NO! You can't do that! I made deals! I let these sick fucks stick their
dicks in me! NO!" Lita cried out.

"You got played! Now get your skank ass out of our locker room," Batista said
as she chased Lita's naked cum covered ass from the dressing room. Matt and
Dave laughed as they watched her run down the locker room trying to cover
herself with her clothes. The Smackdown GM Teddy Long walked up to Matt and
shook his hand.

"Welcome to Smackdown, playa!"

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