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Lita's Competition Winners
by AlCool (

The women's championship belt had just been defended that night on
Smackdown. Lita vs Chyna, of course the match was dictated by the ninth
wonder of the world, and Lita was left punished in the ring. Of course Amy
had lost, but she was satisfied that she had given the match her all, and
tried her hardest.

Lita left for the backstage area, where her changing room was. She swung
the door open, and the red-headed bombshell almost collapsed in a heap on her
leather couch. Her match brought out the best of Lita, and she was completely
exhausted. Without a care in the world Lita removed her pink tank top, and
flung the material to the floor. She lay back in the comfort of her chair
wearing her cutom black baggy pants with her thong raised above the seem, and
a black lace bra. Her breasts peaked over her bra, and her cleavage was inch
perfect with the glistening of sweat bouncing off them. She was still very
hot, and all credit to her, she felt uncomfortable, even with her shirt

Beads of sweat formed on her brow, and on her abdomen. She scanned the
room with her beautiful hazel eyes, and no one was around. She looked down
at her black pants and rose slowly out of her chair. Lita placed her hands
at her waist and slowly inched her pants down past her gorgeous thighs and
around her knees. She sliped her pants completely off, and stood for a moment
in her laced bra and thong. The sweat almost acted as an oil, and her body
glistened seductively in the low light of her dressing room. She smiled and
layed back once more in her leather couch. She lay back and closed her eyes
as she relaxed her acheing body.

Lita sat bolt-upright, as the shock of her door being knocked on disturbed
Lita from her relaxing state. She thought to herself `who could that be?' but
without a moments thought Lita got up from her couch and wandered over
to the door.

"Who is it?" Lita spoke in a soft and delicate voice, questioning the
person behind the door.

"Miss Dumas, there are two huge fans here who won the `MTV meet a
superstar' competition," answered a huge security officer from behind her
dressing room door.

Lita opened her door and stood in the threshold and eyed up the two fans.
One male, around 16 years old, and the other about 17. They were fairly tall,
rugged fans, that Lita soon showed an appreciation for. One had blonde hair
and green eyes, whilst the other, a darker stranger, brown hair and brown

Lita smiled and seductively beckoned the two fans in with a smile. The two
simply stood there in almost an awed silence. Lita had a puzzled expression
on her face until she looked down and saw that she was in her underwear. Lita
seemed extremely embarrassed, and almost began apologising, until she looked
higher up and saw the two male fans, each donning a huge boner. Lita looked
up at the two and simply smiled.

"Come on in guys, I can see you're huge fans!" As Lita said this, both men
looked down and it was suddenly then who were embarrassed, as they tried to
hide their erections.

The two men followed Lita in, Lita asked their names. Richard, and Dean
they introduced themselves as, and they each shook Lita's hand.

Lita suddenly realised she was still only in her black neglig‚e. She
seemed to relax, and thought to herself that there was no point changing.

"So how long have you been fans?" enquired Lita.

"Around 10 years," replied Richard, "but we both have been a huge fan of
yours since ECW, we've practically mapped your career, from Essa Rios, to
The Hardy Boyz, to Team Extreme."

Lita seemed flattered and very impressed.

"So as I said, you are huge fans then? You see, I was asked by MTV, if I
could kiss the winners, as to celebrate your competition win, but instead I
have got something better lined up for both of you."

Lita finished speaking, and Lita could tell that Richard and Dean were
dis-heartened at the thought that they wouldn't infact get a kiss from the
seductive Diva who stood before them.

Lita leaned forward and kissed Dean square on the lips and planted a
french kiss on the unsuspecting fan. She then proceeded to kiss Richard. Both
men stood in astonishment.

"But I thought you said..."

"That's just the beginning of the little thing I had in store for you two
guys," Lita replied quickly.

"You two are going to take care of little `ol me, from the smallest thing
to the biggest."

Richard and Dean seemed confused as to what the task entailed. But both
realised that even doing chores for Amy Dumas, would be an honour to these

Lita walked to her shower room and stood in front of the shower. She began
to give her orders out to her newly found `workers'

"Richard, turn the shower water on, Dean come and help me get undressed."

The two fans just stared at each other and smiled. Richard got straight
to work and proceeded to switch the flowing water on. To Lita's satisfaction
Dean unbuckled her bra and uncupped her huge breasts. The two helpers cocks
were now stiff and almost at the point of ripping their pant material. Lita
slipped off her lacey thong and stepped forth into the shower. She began to
wash, as the water trickled down her gloriously toned body, running down
both of her huge and well proportioned breasts. The water retreated past her
glorious `puppies' and slid down her abdomen.

The shower water proceeded to run down her stomach to her cleanly shaven

The red-headed Diva picked up a bar of soap and began running it along
her body. In a sudden instance Lita stopped and looked over at her two
confidants. The two fans almost bursting, stood yet again in awe as they
couldn't believe what was happening.

This woman who they respected and admired. On top of the fact that she
was, in their minds, the sexiest woman alive, was infront of then, exposing
all, and bathing infront of them.

Lita outstretched her arm and seductively beckoned the two fans in by an
outstretched finger.

Both fans started to gulp, but slowly make their way to the shower

"What are you doing?" questioned Lita. Both guys looked at each other but
could say nothing.

"Slip your cocks out of your pants, and undress for me guys, c'mon, I know
you've been dying to do this all night."

True, this was the boys fantasy, but they were awe-shocked, at the
revelation that this fantasy was becoming a reality.

The boys did as they were told, and undressed, they entered the huge king
sized shower, with their erect cocks out on display. Lita was very impressed,
as the two guys just stood there. 7, 8 inches at least, she thought to her

Dean and Richard positioned themselves, one infront of Lita, and one
behind. Lita placed her hands on her hips with the water still glistening off
her luscious body and looked at both guys, behind and infront.

"Are you two waiting for a written invitation?" Lita asked, "You two guys
just fuck me! That's what you're here for!"

Dean and Richard were shocked, and there was a vacuum of about 10 seconds
of silence. Richard and dean finally obliged. Richard who was infront of Lita
softly kissed the bombshell on the lips. After a while, Dean joined in and
seductively started placing smaller kisses on Lita's neck.

After a couple of minutes, Richard finally took the initiative and placed
his huge cock inside Litas pussy, and began to gently sway back and forth.
Lita smiled and leaned back at this sensation.

Dean had the harsher idea, as he slowly forced his erection up Lita's ass.
This sensation was a firmer, and more painful feeling. It was actually a
fairly painful experience, that actually made Lita feel as though she was
being violated. She never once thought about stopping this `huge' fan from
his work, as he carressed her ass cheeks with his free hand. Lita was
approaching orgasm, as Richard began to fondle her rounded breasts. Just as
she almost reached her climax, with two guys doing her from front and behind,
she bagan to moan, harder and faster.

"Oh god! fuck me you two, ohh... ohh... ohhhh!"

She almost screamed at the top of her lungs as she climaxed.

Richard and Dean almost simultaneously came and shot their load inside
Lita from both ends. This feeling of hot sticky cum, from either side of her
almost made her jump. She lay forward on Richard and placed her head on his
chest. Dean and Richard smiled at one another as Dean slowly turned the
shower off. Richard withdrew his cock from lita and collected three towels.
Richard dried himself off. Lita took Deans cock from her ass and hand fisted
the remaining hot fluid from his cock. She grabbed a towel and began drying
herself off.

The three, after they were dried and changed exchanged kisses, and were
about to depart.

"Well lita, that was certainly better than a mere well done kiss," added

"Well hey you two, here's my number. Either of you two can just call me
if you need someone to talk to, or need someone to fuck, or even if you need
someone to come and suck you off." Lita stated.

"I'm sure we will," replied Dean.

Richard and Dean left the dressing room, and Lita was left alone. She
looked down at her watch.

"10pm?!? I think I should be expecting those Pepsi ring pull winners,
anytime soon." She smiled to herself.

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