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Lita's First Lesbian Experince
by Collier34

Lita was walking to her dressing room and she heard moaning comming from
Torrie's locker room. Corious as she is she decided to take a look and
see what was going in. She then opened the door a little and saw Torrie
masturbating so she decided to take a closer look and she tripped and she
opened the door all the was and she fell in. Torrie turned around and she
looked around to see who was watching her.

Torrie: Hello is anyone there?

She put her panties back on and she put down her skirt and she got up from
her bench and she saw lita on the floor.

Torrie: What are youd doing down there?

Lita: Uh I was just laying here doing nothing?

Torrie: Uh okay then why were you spying on me? Did you like what you saw?

Lita was busted and she knew it she got scared and tried to make up some
excuse but it didn't work. And then Torrie then pulled Lita in her locker
room and she closed the door and she pushed her agaisnt the wall gently and
she stared to kiss her. Lita pushed her off and she walked out. Then Lita
ran to her locker room and she wiped her mouth in disgust.

Lita: What the hell was she thinking kissing me that bitch that was nasty
I'm not a lesbo like she is I hope I don't have to see her again.

Torrie heard her and she walked in.

Torrie: So you don't want me huh?

Lita: What are you doing here?


She yelled.

Lita: No I don't know get the hell out of my locker room you stupid dyke.

Torrie than walked out and lita took of her clohtes and she put on her ring
attire on she had a match agaisnt torrie and they both got ready. Then the
time came and then about 20 mintues lita won the match. And then she took of
her ring attire and she took a cold showr about 5 mintues she went out the
shower naked and then suddleny someone knocked her out. Then she woke up her
head was sore and she went to rub it but she was tied down. Her vision was a
little groggy then her vision became clear and she saw that it was torie who
knocked her out.

Lita: Torrie what are you doing let me go NOW!

Torrie: SHUT UP! she screamed

Torrie: Do you think that you are better than just becasue you won the match
Huh? Do you think you all that becasue you was the 2 time womens champion?

Lita: Yeah I think I'm better than you.

Torrie than walked up to her and grabbed her face and she gave her a hard
kiss which made Lita's lower lip bleed.

Lita: Ow bitch.

She was going to slap her but she reliazed that she was sill handcuffed. And
then Torrie slapped Lita before she could slap her. Then torrie took Lita's
breasts and she was rubbing them softly lita moaned a little. Then she
started to suck on them she went from left to right she bit her nipples and
Lita held in her moans. Torrie then started to peck at her neck and then she
went down to her breasts again then she slowly kissed down Lita's stomach.
And then Lita moved around and torrie then grabbed her face and told her to
stop moving.

Torrie: Stop Lita don't deny it you want it I know aobut you secret crush on
me I found out from a friend. I know your secret your bi and I know that you
want me so don't fight it let it go.

Torrie then started to kiss lita's pussy. Then she put pecks all around it
and she she licked the outside walls and then she stuck her tongue deep into
Lita. She than started to message Lita's inner walls and that casued Lita to
moan. And then she kept going and going and Lita begged her to stop.

Lita: Torrie stop please stop it.

Torrie ingored her and she kept going about 20 mintues she had a orgasm and
she exploded all over her face. Torrie licked all the cum off Lita's face and
she contiuned her attack on her. After about 2 hours Torrie stopped and Lita
was drenched in sweat and she loved it and Torrie knew.

Torrie: Lita be honest you liked it didn't you?

Lita: Yes I did.

Torrie then untied lita and lita fell asleep. Torrie then got Lita cleaned up
and she then kissed her and thne she left Lita's locker room with a smile on
her face. She knew that she would like it so she would do it again and she
would bring some company next time. Maybe I will try to bring someone with me
next time? Torrie said to herself as she was walking out of the arena Torrie
was happy that she had Lita and she would never forget it neither will Lita.

The end

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