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Lita's Homecoming
by Changing The Game

Amy had just finished a show in Boston. Vince McMahon had decided to give
Amy her long-awaited vacation. So she was written off the storylines with an
injury. She was able to fly home and spend a couple weeks at her parent's
house. She hardly got the time to speak to her parents or her brother,
Nathan. This is what happened...

"Hey, guys! I've missed you so much!" said Amy to her parents.

"We've missed you too, dear!" her father replied back. "We've got your
room set up so that you can have a nice comfortable stay."

"Thanks, I'm really beat from all this wrestling," she said with great
joy. "Where's Nathan?"

"Ohh, he's out with friends. You know how teenage guys are," Amy's mom

"Ahh, I see. Well, I'm going to go to my room and get unpacked. It's kind
of late so I guess I'll go to bed after that," Amy responded back.

"Ok, whatever suits you, hun. We're gonna get some sleep ourselves.
Goodnight," her dad said.

Amy's parents walked to their room and shut the door, so she grabbed her
one suitcase and carried it to her room. She shut the door and began to
unpack. Amy removed her everyday apparel from her bag. She decided to leave
her wrestling attire in it. After she was done, she decided to get changed.
She removed her t-shirt to reveal her round, perfectly, shaped breasts in her
bra. As she was removing her pants, her brother, Nathan, had just got home.
He walked and turned into the hallway. He walked and turned toward the door
which led into Lita's room. Nathan had no idea that his sister had arrived.
He opened the door without knocking to see his sister removing her bra. Amy
had already removed her tight, denim, jeans which underneath she wore a red
thong. Nathan looked in awe as he saw his beautiful sister remove her bra.
He then thought to himself, "What the fuck man? She's my sister. I can't be
thinking of this!" Then Amy turned around to see his brother, giving him a
small peak of her lovely jugs. But she quickly covered herself after that
and looked at Nathan.

Nathan then said, "Uhh, hey sis, didn't know you were home. I didn't mean
to barge in I just had to get something."

"Right hurry up Nathan, I'm pretty much naked. Get what you need and go,"
Amy replied quickly.

As Nathan passed by her to grab his cellphone charger, Amy noticed that
there was a bulge in his black cargo pants. She thought to herself, "He
can't be getting... No of course not. He's my brother. I'm sure he already
has a girlfriend anyways." Nathan quickly rushed out of the room and shut
the door. Amy continued changing. She took out some really small daisy duke
shorts and a red tanktop. Amy then slipped on the daisy dukes and put on the
red tanktop. She then laid down on her bed and tried to get some sleep. But
all she could think about was that bulge in her brother's pants. She didn't
want to think about it any longer. So, she decided to go out to living room
and watch some TV. Amy hopped off her bed and then walk out of her room. She
walked down the hallway and noticed that the lights were already on in the
living room. She slowly walked in and saw Nathan sitting on the couch eating
Dorritos and watching TV. He was wearing a white solid t-shirt and only his

"What you watching?" asked Amy.

"Some Late Night show, kinda nothing on a late Friday night," Nathan
replied while muching on his chips.

"Mind if I watch with ya? I couldn't get any sleep," Amy responded to her
younger brother.

"Sure, knock yourself out," Nathan said.

Amy decided to grab some snacks of her own. She walked toward the kitchen
which was just a couple of feet away from the living room. She flipped the
light switch and walked toward the refrigirator. Then, she opened it and
snooped at what was inside. She bent over to look down lower at the bottom
of the fridge. Nathan glanced briefly with the corner of his left eye, then
slowly turned his head to look at his sister's sexy ass. He couldn't help
but get hard over this, and began to think again, "Ohh no, please not again.
Shit, how can anyone not. I can't believe she's my sister." After that, Amy
finally grabbed some ice-cream out of the fridge and a spoon from the sink.
She trotted back to living room and plotted right down next to her brother
on the couch. Nathan began to get nervous and aroused in an instant. He
didn't want his sister to notice he was getting hard off of her. Amy opened
the ice-cream box and took her first scoop. She opened her mouth wide open
and swallowed the ice-cream. Nathan began to feel sweat running down his
cheeks as he continued to unconciously eat his chips while still glaring at
his sister. Amy continued to eat her ice cream and then turned and began to
talk to her brother.

"This is some great ice-cream, Nathan, you want a bite?" Amy said with
glee to her brother.

"Uhh, no thanks sis," Nathan replied.

She noticed that her brother had become completely stiff and she glanced
down to see that his cock was erected and nearly popping out of his boxers.
Then she thought to herself, "Whoa, Nathan's got a big dick. Ohh my god, I
just can't believe I said that." She then could feel that she had gotten a
little wet down in her pussy. Amy couldn't believe that she was getting
completely horny off her brother. Amy moved the ice-cream box and set it on
the coffee table. She had gotten her nipples hard and they were popping out
sharply. Nathan couldn't help but stare. He began to breathe a little harder
than normal. Amy then noticed that Nathan was looking at her boobs. Nathan
also realized that his sister was looking straight at him.

"Ohh umm, sorry Amy. Umm uhh, I uhh uhh uhh..." Nathan said shaking.

"Yeah, its ok, I guess..." Amy said stupidly.

Amy thought to herself once again, "That was a dumb thing to say."
Nathan's cock was throbbing enormously. He wanted pussy bad at this moment.
So, he grabbed the remote and turned off the tv. Amy then looked at her
brother with huge arousement. She wanted to get some also. They both stared
into each others eyes and oddly they moved closer towards each other and
kissed on the lips. But then Amy quickly pulled away after 2 seconds.

"Ohh, I'm sorry I didn't mean too," Nathan spoke.

Amy didn't say a word. She didn't want to hold back any longer. She took
off her red tanktop and revealed her succulant chest again to her brother.
They jiggled as she removed it. Nathan knew what to do as well. He stood up
and pulled off his boxers, revealing his huge 8 inch member. It was Amy's
turn again, and she removed her daisy duke shorts. She was completely naked.
Nathan didn't even bother removing his t-shirt, he quickly moved up on his
sister and caused her to lay back on the couch. They began to make out
passionately. Nathan continued to kiss his sister while moving down lower
and lower to her hot and already wet pussy. He got in position and stuck in
his tongue. Nathan began to twirl and give as much pleasure that he could to
his older sister.

"Ohh my, Nathan, ohh Nathan," Amy whispered.

She tried to keep herself as quiet as possible, so that their parents
would not awaken. Nathan continued his sexual tongue twisting on his sister.

"Nathan, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna," Amy said while panting.

At that moment she then released her juices on his face. He swallowed it
all in. Nathan then slowly moved back up on top of Amy. Both siblings wasted
no time and Nathan began to fuck his sister with his dick. He thrusted up
and down, up and down, up and down. Both of them were in complete and utter
astonishment of how great lovers they were together.

"You like that, Lita, huh you like that?" Nathan arousingly said as he was
thursting himself into his beloved sister.

"Ohh yeah, I do. Come on, show me how big a brother you can be!" Amy
responded back.

Nathan was about to reach his climax, while Amy was going to reach her
second. He began pushing himself harder. Amy enjoyed her insides being
tormented with sexual pleasure by her own brother. Then at the next moment
Nathan released a big, huge, orgasm into his sister steamy pussy. Amy also
released an orgasm, even more than what she had a few moments ago. Both
siblings were sweaty and filled with happiness. Nathan quickly removed
himself from his sister. He then put his clothes back on and Amy got up as
well. She put on her clothes and then returned the melted ice-cream back
to the fridge. Amy then walked back to her brother.

"Night, bro," Amy said to her brother.

She then kissed him passionately on the lips and walked to her room to
get some rest.

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