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Lita's Indecent Proposal
by JCP

Ever since Survivor Series from Dallas,Texas Lita has been going through some
rough times. She didn't win back the Women's Title, a night later her real
life romance Matt Hardy dumped her on screen(still a couple off-screen) and a
week later Matt slams a cage door on her and costs her the Women's Cage Match
against Victoria. Even though the on screen split means opportunities for
Matt Hardy, but where does it leave Lita? Well one day in Cameron, NC Matt
and some cool dude named Jack Travis were having a conversation about The
Xtreme Queen.

Jack Travis: Well Matt how did she take it when you dumped her on national

Matt Hardy: Hard Man, Real Hard. But after awhile she took some time to
accept it. I mean this doesn't change everything we do off the TV cameras.
Don't get me wrong.

Jack: Oh No Not at all. You are one lucky sonofabitch to have her as your

Matt: I get alot from everybody even Triple H.

Jack: Anyway I was thinking. What would I do to get a girl like her in my

Matt (confused): What are you talking about?

Jack: What would it be like if I hung out with your girlfriend tonight for

Matt: WHAT? Where are you going with this?

Jack: Relax Matt. I just want to ask you this. How would you like it if I
paid you $25,000 for just one night with Amy Dumas? I am offering it to you
for one night with your girlfriend.

Matt: You're Mad Jack. You are stark raving mad. I would NEVER take money
from somebody that wants one night with Lita.

Jack: How about $50,000?

Matt: Did you hear what I just said? NO DEAL.

Jack: You want a crack at the Intercontinental and World Titles right?

Matt: Well Yeah. I want to have the success in singles ranks and become the
I-C or World Champ.

Jack: $75,000 and that's my final offer.

Matt: You got yourself a deal. They shake hands on the deal.

Jack: And here's the money. He hands him a briefcase full of cash.

Matt and Jack count the money and it's all seventy-five, thousand dollars in
cold hard cash. When Matt got home and told Lita about the indecent proposal,
Lita was fuming MAD.

all the asshole things you and Jeff had done,this is the worst.

Matt: Yeah but Amy,this Jack fella really wants to meet you tonight.

Lita: How do you know that he's not one of those perverts from across town?

Matt: Because he's got alot of money him and his friend run a business

Lita: And just What is that? Pornography?

Matt: No baby, they're into that heavy metal shit, something you listen to
now and then. I even heard you sing Def Leppard's Animal while you were in
the shower this morning.

Lita: Lay off will ya? Those things are supposed to be private, like you and
me making love in a bubble bath or in bed or in the shower. I tell you what,
I'll hang out with this Jack Travis for one night.

Matt: You will?

Lita: But let's work out a deal of my own.

Matt: I was afraid you'd say this.

Lita: If I have a good time with him,you and I will split this $75,000
one-third for you,one third for me and one-third for Jeff.

Matt: That's sounds fair to me.

Lita: However If he's a rotten bastard in anyway shape or form, you give
this money back to him and you tell him to shove it up his ass. Do we have
ourselves a deal Matt?

Matt: You're on,you got yourself a deal. Now you go and get ready.

Lita: Why I have time?

Matt: Lita please. He's on his knees begging her to go make herself

Lita: Don't beg you're not a dog. She goes upstairs and readys herself for
Jack Travis. Two hours later she comes downstairs wearing a tight low-cut
sleeveless zebra print dress. The dress didn't show any cleavage, but it
showed alot of her sexy legs.

Matt: Lita you look HOT tonight.

Lita: Yeah Yeah Yeah. This is one of my best dresses, this guy better be
worth it.

Matt: Don't Forget our little deal. We got alot of money riding on this

Lita: I know,but what do you have planned for tonight?

Matt: Don't worry about me,I'll be fine.

Outside Jack Travis pulls up in his slick black cadillac.


Jack: Lita it's time to go.

Matt: There he is. Now look I have me phone if you need me for anything.

Lita: And I have mine incase you need to reach me.

They kiss and Lita takes off with Jack in his slick black cadillac. Once she
was gone Matt went in the kitchen and out the back door where Randy Orton,
Batista and Test were waiting.

Test: Is she gone Matt?

Matt: Oh Yeah.

Randy Orton: Well come on man, let's go spend that money you got from Jack

Matt: Okay where do you guys wanna go?

Test: Let's go to a titty bar, hopefully I get laid tonight. Stacy hasn't
given me any as of late.

Matt: I got the money, let's get outta here.

They leave to go out on the town.

Meanwhile Lita and Jack Travis went out to a very fancy dinner, had a few
drinks and went out dancing. Lita first thought that Jack would come on
to her like a wolf in sheik's clothing,but then thought about Jack as the
Perfect Gentlemen type. It was the perfect evening Jack Travis has been
waiting for all his life. When they got to his home where it was near the

Lita: I didn't know you live near the beach.

Jack: Hey when you're a rock star and you make alot of money touring across
america and around the world and selling millions of albums you can live
anywhere you want.

Lita: Let's go walk on the sand barefoot.

They talk of their shoes and started walking on the sand.

Jack: I tell you Lita,this night is something special. Everytime I'm out on
the road I make love to about 20 female groupies a night and that's not
special. What's really special is that I go home and watch Monday Night RAW
and Thursday Night SMACKDOWN.

Lita: What's so special about that?

Jack: GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS he singing a few lyrics off Motley Crue's "Girls
Girls Girls."

Lita (shivering from the cold sea breeze): OOOOOOOOOOH It's cold out here

Jack takes off his sportscoat and puts it on Lita and looks at her with a
smile on his face.

Jack: Better?

Lita: Oh Yeah Much Better. She kisses him on his cheek.

Jack: What was that for?

Lita: For the great time I had with you tonight?

Jack: Oh But It's not over yet. Jack then took Lita by the band and took her
back into his house,once they got there, Jack lita a few candles and puts on
a New Edition CD which plays the song "Lost in Love."

Lita: You're Really going out of your way just to impress me.

She approaches him and they share a long passionate kiss. They started making
their way upstairs and into his bedroom. Jack looks into Lita's eyes filled
with lust as she stares back at him,That Jack jumped to his bed, laying flat
on his back.

Jack: Oh Lita,You are so beautiful. I've been waiting for this moment for

Lita: Well you don't have to wait anymore.

She gets on top of him and they began kissing seductively. Then Jack placed
his hands on Lita's upper thighs and pulled her dress up over her head and
tossing it to the floor,then placed his hands behind her back and undid her
black lace bra and went to work on her voluptuous breasts. He was licking
them and sucking on her nipples,one in each hands,resulting in soft moans of
pleasure from Lita.

Lita: Oooooooh Jack. (moaning softly)

Lita then pushed Jack don flat on his back on the bed and unbuttons his black
silk shirt and began kissing his chest and abs. She even teased him with her
tongue on his belly button. She then started unbuttoning and unzipping his
pants and peels them off along with his briefs showing off his erected dick.
Lita licked her lips in excitment as she moved closer to his dick and places
her mouth on the tip of it before taking it all in her mouth.

Jack: OOOOOOH MMMMMMMM(soft moaning).

She kept on deep-throating his dick,once she got in the rhythm she started
bobbing her head up and down. Jack couldn't believe the blowjob he was
getting from the Red-Headed Diva. Lita then stopped and took his dick out
of her mouth and stroked the shaft of his cock.

Lita: No Cum? She was curious.

Jack: I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours.

Lita got on all fours as Jack went behind her and peeled off her thong. He
then took his dick and slowly pushed it in her asshole and took it out before
he began to buttfuck her. He buttfucked Lita so HARD that his balls slapped
the back of her pussy and the moans got real loud from the orgasm that she
was about to have.


Jack wouldn't stop fucking Lita's tight rear. At one point he smacked her
ass a couple of times that it turned red and she loved it. Jack then stopped
buttfucking Lita and turned her around and spreaded her legs showing off her

Jack: I want to stick it in you.

Lita: Go on and do it. *she groaned in anticipation*

So Jack slid his dick in Lita's pussy and started to pound his member into
her twat. He slammed his cock into Lita like a jackhammer fucking her hard
and fast.

loud and fondled on her bouncing breasts)

Jack: OOOOOOOH SHIT You like that?

Lita: UUUUUUUUH YEEEEEEEEAH BABY. (moaning and panting heavily)

They soon switched positions as Lita was on top as she straddled his dick and
started to bounce up and down and rocking his dick from side to side. As she
rocked him faster, Jack grabbed two handsful of her huge tits and squeezed
them tight.

Lita: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Your dick feels good. (moaned in between panting

They switched positions again and Jack once again slammed his cock into
Lita's cunt. He viciously fucked Lita's pussy until he Jack warned her that
he was about to shoot his load.

Jack: I'm gonna cum *moaning as she looked at her*

Lita: Give it to me.

Jack pulled his dick out her clit and placed it right in Lita's open mouth.
She stroked it a few times before a BIG load of cum came blasting into her
mouth. After that Jack collapsed on the bed beside Lita and fell into a deep

The next day Lita got out of the shower where she is greeted by Matt.

Matt: OH HI LITA. When did you get in?

Lita: 7 this morning. Jack was alright last night, he didn't give me any

Matt: That's good to know.

Lita: I'm gonna go get dressed. I hope you have the money still.

As she went in to put clothes on, Matt's smile turned into fear. Lita doesn't
know that Matt spent all the money on women and booze.

Matt: I'm fucked.


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