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This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations,R>
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by Wonder Mike

Lita was called into Shane McMahon's office, Lita had just defended her
WWF Woman's Title against his sister Stephanie, Lita had won with her
Moonsault again.

Shane asked Lita if she knew why she was here. Lita hoped it was to get a
raise, she noticed that Stephanie, Jackie, Ivory and Trish Stratus where all
in the office.

Shane explained that Lita had hit them all in the face with her knees
trying to do the Moonsault, Shane told her not to do it any more, Lita
said she did the move correctly, the girls didn't stay still, it was all
their fault.

Ivory screamed, she wanted to rip Lita in half, Stephanie told everyone
to calm down, she told her brother that she would take care of it. She told
him to leave.

Shane left the girls alone, Stephanie told Lita she wouldn't use that move
again, Lita told her to shut up, Stephanie didn't know anything about being
in the ring.

That was all Stephanie needed to hear, she motioned, Jackie and Ivory each
grabbed Lita by the arm, they threw her to the ground and pinned her down.

Stephanie told Lita, she was going to be taught a lesson. She needed to
know who the boss was, and Stephanie was going to show her.

Lita started to kick and scream, Trish grabbed her by the legs Lita
couldn't move now. Stephanie lifted her black leather skirt and pulled off
her panties, she stuffed them into Lita's mouth.

Stephanie ordered Lita to suck her panties, she worked them in and out of
Lita's mouth, Lita began to choke on them, Trish pulled off Lita's pants.

Lita was wearing nothing but a bra and her T-back's now, Stephanie reached
over and started to rub Lita's tits through her bra, Lita tried to wiggle
away, but she couldn't move, Stephanie ripped off her top.

Stephanie pulled her skirt off now, she stood over Lita and sat on her
face, she ordered Lita to eat her.

Lita closed her mouth, Stephanie grabbed her by the tits and began to
squeeze, Lita screamed, Stephanie placed her clit right on Lita's tongue.

Lita closed her mouth again, Jackie ripped off Lita's T-back, Jackie than
rammed three fingers into her cunt, Lita began to moan, Jackie worked her
fingers in and out, she then began to turn them from side to side.

Lita begged them to stop, Stephanie told her they would leave after Lita
made her cum, Lita reluctantly stuck her tongue out.

Lita had eaten out Stephanie to get out of ECW, she had done Shane to get
moved up the latter, she thought she was done with that now, after all the
Rock didn't have to do Stephanie anymore.

Stephanie began to slide her cunt back and forth on Lita's tongue, Lita
still couldn't move, Stephanie grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head
up, she wanted to take Lita's tongue deep.

Ivory leaned over and jammed three of her own fingers into Lita's box,
Lita was getting wetter and wetter, Jackie and Ivory worked their fingers
into her cunt past the knuckles.

The two wrestlers began to twist their fingers around inside of Lita,
Jackie then worked a fourth finger into her cunt, Lita bit her lip so she
wouldn't scream, Stephanie yanked her by the hair to remind her what to
concentrate on.

Lita flicked her tongue faster inside of Stephanie's cunt, Stephanie was
going to cum. The juices started to drip out of Stephanie's cunt and into
Lita's mouth, Stephanie yanked her head harder until she finished cumming.

Ivory worked a fourth finger into Lita's cunt now, Stephanie got off of
Lita's face so she could hear her scream, Jackie and Ivory where ramming
their fingers as deep as they could into her pussy.

Ivory and Jackie each began to twist and turn their fingers inside of
Lita, she couldn't stop screaming, Jackie managed to jam her entire hand
inside of her.

Stephanie was on the phone, Ivory heard her say "Get in here right now"
Stephanie didn't say who she called.

Trish then lifted her leather skirt, she straddled Lita's face and took
Stephanie's place, Lita stuck her tongue out as the new WWF blonde bombshell
sat on her face.

Trish grabbed two handfuls of Lita's hair, Lita had landed wrong on her
at least four times, and Trish was more pissed at Lita then anyone, she made
Lita's entire tongue vanish into her cunt.

Ivory slowly worked her entire hand inside of Lita's cunt too, Lita had
stopped screaming now, she was cumming all over the two arms stuffed into
her cunt.

Jackie's arm was buried half way to the elbow inside of Lita, Ivory's hand
was in just past the wrist, she was working it in further though, she was
going to match Jackie.

Jackie and Ivory each took one of Lita's legs, they place one leg on each
of their shoulders, Lita' legs where pointing straight up, Ivory was now able
to get six inches of arm rammed inside of Lita.

Trish reached back with one hand, she saw Lita's exposed ass, she slipped
three fingers into Lita's ass hole Lita started to scream again.

Trish began to slide her tongue up and down and back and forth on Lita's
tongue, Trish then began to rub her clit, she needed to cum now.

Ivory and Jackie where ramming their arms as hard and deep inside of Lita,
Lita was rolling her hips from side to side, that was all she could move.

Jackie began to spin her arm around inside of Lita, Lita started to go
into convulsions, Ivory than started to spin her arm the other direction.

Trish did the splits on Lita's face, she was cumming all over Lita's
tongue, Lita lapped it all up, Trish then stood up leaned over and jammed her
tongue down Lita's throat.

Lita looked up and saw the tag team champions standing over her completely
naked, they where staring at her, they had huge smiles on their faces, this
was stupendous.

Ivory and Jackie pulled their arms out of Lita's cunt, they where covered
with her cum, Lita immediately put her hands between her legs.

Edge laid on his back he told Lita she better ride him good, Christian
helped her to her feet, he lifted her up and sat her on top of Edge.

Lita reached between her legs and grabbed Edge's eight inch cock, she
slide it into her pussy and sat all they way down, he cunt was so stretched,
she barely felt him.

Edge and Christian had felt Lita's knees plenty of times, it was only
right they get some revenge, Lita began to slowly raise up and down on his

Christian screamed at her to do better, Lita was worn out but she began to
bounce up and down on Edge's cock faster, Jackie and Ivory grabbed her by the
arm pits and began to lift her up and down faster.

Edge began to thrust his cock up into Lita, she felt his cock now, he was
slamming it into her harder and harder with each stroke, Lita spread her

Lita then spread her legs even wider, Edge thrust his cock deeper inside
of her, Ivory and Jackie slammed her up and down with all their strength,
Lita was moaning now.

Christian ordered Lita to lean back, she did so as far as she could, she
was back to chest on top of Edge, Christian then laid on top of her, he began
to work his cock into her cunt also.

Lita began to scream as the two eight inch cocks penetrated her cunt,
they each began to ram their cocks deep inside of her, Jackie and Ivory where
still lifting her up and down.

Lita managed to plant her feet, she started to bounce up and down on the
champions by herself, Jackie and Ivory let her go, Lita began to slam her
cunt up and down on the two cocks.

Lita was now wearing out the champs, they where lifting her up and down,
but Lita was doing most of the work, Edge and Christian where the ones
moaning now.

Jackie leaned over and jammed four fingers into Lita's ass, now Lita was
screaming again. Lita was slamming up and down on the cocks now, Jackie
quickly began to twist and turn her fingers inside of Lita's ass.

Edge and Christian where going to cum, Christian jumped off of Lita, Lita
jumped off of Edge, Lita dropped to her knees, Christian jammed his cock all
the way down her throat, Lita swallowed it all.

Edge then rammed his cock all the way down her throat, Lita had to open
her mouth as wide as she could, but she managed to deep throat both of them
at the same time.

The champs came at the same time, they both shot there loads directly
down her throat, Lita had no choice but to swallow both loads, she did it
with a smile on her face.

Stephanie ran over and yanked her by the hair, she screamed "I told you
not to swallow." Lita told her hey shouldn't have jammed their cocks so far
down her throat.

Lita told the girls "Same time next week?"

Trish yelled, "But it's my turn, right?"


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