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Lita's Interview
by Big Chief (

Erin Lee was a reporter for a an adult magazine. Many told her she could
pose in the magazine (5'6", 112lbs., 36c-24-34, long blond hair, and a cute
babish face). Today she was sent to a hotel in New York to interview WWF
women's champion Lita. Erin could not have had a better assingment, due to
the fact she was bi-sexual and loved the redhead.


Erin walked out of the elevator and down the hall of the lush hotel
looking for room 209. She went up one side of the flloor to the other and
finally found the room. Before she knocked on the door she took a big glup
and knocked. After about 30 seconds the door opened and there was Lita
wearing baggy pants and a tight belly shirt.

"Hi, you must be the woman from the magazine."

"Yeah that's me. It's nice to met you Ms. Dumas."

"You don't have to call me that. You can call me Amy or Lita." she said
with a smile.

"Oh ok, Lita. Do you want to start the interview now."

"Sure, follow me and we can get a little more comfortable."

Lita then lead the reporter towards the bedroom and opened up the doors.
Inside was a queen sized bed, two leather chairs, and a big screen TV. Lita
went in and jumped onto the bed and looked back over to Erin.

"You can come on the bed or pull over one of those chairs if you want."

Erin took one of the chairs and brought it over to the side of the bed and
sat down. She got herself comfortable into the seat and took out her pad a
pen so she could start her interview.

"Ok are you ready to start the interview?"

"Go ahead I'm all set. There is no question I won't answer."

"Ok first off I would like to ask are you bi-sexual, lesbian, or

"Oh I'm very bi-sexual. I love men ,but I also love a tight pussy."

"Wow. Alright, I've noticed you have your tounge pierced and you have
the obvious shoulder tattoo. Do you have any more piercings or tattoos?"

"Yeah, I have my pussy lips pierced. I just love the way it feels."

"Wow, that's very sexy. Would you mind of I see it?"

"Sure, that's no problem."

With that Lita stood up from the bed and stood next to Erin's chair.
She then unbuckled her belt and let her baggy pants fall to the ground and
stepped out of them. She then pulled down her red thong and threw it into
the pile with her pants. She then put one leg up on the bed to allow a
better view. There it was, her bald pussy with a ring through each one of
her lips.

"Oh wow that looks so beautiful."

"You can come closer and get a better look if you would like to."

This was an invitation that she could not pass up. She moved from her
chair and brought her face about 6 inches away from the other woman's crotch.
Taking a breath in she could smell the sweat scent of the redhead's pussy.
She was in such ecstacy from the scent that she held her head still with her
eyes closed. All of a sudden Erin felt a hand rest on the back of her head
and push her forward. When she opened her eyes she could see she was close
to an inch and a half from Lita'a pussy. Not wanting to pass up this golden
opportunity she sticked her tongue out, placed it at the bottom of the slit
and licked up it's height. This action caused Lita to let out a faint moan.

"Well I can see that you like pussy too, don't you Erin?"

"Oh god yes. I've wanted to taste you since the first time I saw you on

"Well then you should stop talking and get to work."

Wasting no time Erin went back to licking Lita's pussy. She licked up
and down for a few minutes before placing her right index finger at the
pussy's entrance. She teased her for a minute by pushing her tip in just a
little and then taking it out. This was realing driving Lita nuts, so she
finally plunged her finger into the wet folds. At first she pushed in a
little and then after a minute she added a second finger and really picked
up the pase. She loved how Lita's pussy clamped down on her fingers, and
enjoyed the moans coming from the redhead. Deciding to add to the pleasure
she found her clit and covered her mouth around the sensative nerve bud.
Her tounge flicked across it and sucked in on it, really sending chills up
Lita's spine.


Sensing her orgasm was close Lita sat down on the bed, not wanting to
fall when she got the loose legs feeling. She laid back down on the bed and
closed her eyes knowing it was time.


She was coming so hard she had her back arched, but Erin's mouth never
left her pussy which helped make the orgasm that much better. She had to
have come for at least 2 minutes until her body fell to the bed. Erin then
pulled her fingers from her pussy and licked the juices of the women's
champion from them.

When Lita got her breath back she sat up to talk with Erin.

"Oh my god that was the best orgasm I've ever had, you really know how to
eat your pussy. What do you say you finish this interview and then maybe we
could take a shower and then got to the arena for the show. I have some
toys in the locker room I know you'll like."

"Well how could I pass up and offer like that."

Erin finshed her interview and then quickly stripped off her clothes and
headed for the shower. This was with out a dought the best asignment she had
ever gotten.

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