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Lita's Love Life Part 1
by Alfred Bitchcock

Lita had just finished an intense match with her ex-boyfriend Matt Hardy.
Lita had won the match because of interference from Matt's brother, Jeff.

Jeff and Lita were walking down the hallway leading to Lita's locker room,
discussing the upset over Matt.

"Thank you sooooooo much Jeff. I don't know if I could've done that
without you!" Lita screamed.

"I think you definitely could," he reassured her. "I was just making sure
of it."

They reached Lita's locker room. Lita turned to Jeff and said, "Thanks
again. I don't know how I'll ever repay you."

Jeff thought for a second and then replied, "I do." He leaned in close to
her and passionately kissed her on the mouth. Lita backed up at first, but
soon started enjoying it. It wasn't long before they had worked their way
into the locker room.

"Wait!" Lita shouted unexpectedly. "What if Matt comes in? I know that
we supposively hate each other on the screen, but in real life we love each
other. I mean, how would he react if he came in here and saw us having sex?"

"Hey babe, don't worry about that," he says as he walks over to the door.
He locks the door and slides a chair underneath the doorknob just as a
precaution. "There," he said, "now there's no worries."

"I'm sorry Jeff, I just don't feel right about this," she responded.

"It's okay," he said as he unzipped his pants. "I'm sure you wouldn't want
any of this anyways." He pulled his boxers down to his knees revealing at
least a 10-inch prick. Lita just stared at it in amazement. She never would
have thought in a million years that such a small guy could have such a large

"I guess I'll just pack up my dick and leave," Jeff said with a smile. He
knew he had her licking out of the palm of his hand now.

"No, no. Don't leave," she said as he started to leave. "I... I changed my
mind. Besides, it's been a loooooooong time since I've had some cock."

Jeff took his cue and moved in closer. He took the bottom of her tight,
pink shirt and pulled it over her head, revealing a nice pair of C-cup
breasts, at least, engulfed in a black, satin bra. He then bent down before
her and started to tug at her baggy cargo pants. He took them off along with
her wrestling boots and left her standing in nothing but her bra and panties.
Jeff spent a long while gauking at the most perfect body he had ever seen
standing before him.

"Don't be shy Jeff," Lita said. "Dive right in."

Jeff wasted no time at all and shoved his head right into her chest. He
licked at her nipples through the cloth of the bra and in no time they were
hard as rocks. Lita wanted more though, and pushed his head away gently, so
she could take off her bra. She did, and the most perfect, round breasts
popped out and jiggled. Jeff was in a daze. Lita knew Jeff needed some help,
so she grabbed his head and soved it right into her juicy melons.

"You like them Jeff?" she asked.

Jeff muffled a sound with his face still impanted in her huge tits. Lita
looked down at Jeff's now erect 11 INCHES of veiny meat. She stroked the head
first, and then worked her way down the entire shaft. She threw Jeff onto a
nearby table and fell on top of him. She positioned herself into a 69 and
started sucking away wildly at the humongous monster before her. Jeff dug his
tongue into Lita's wet pussy like he was a dog licking a bowl of water. He
then inserted two fingers into her dripping cunt.

"Oh yeahhhhhh Jeff." she moaned. "More..."

Jeff inserted another finger.

"More." she moaned.

Another finger.

"More!" she gasped. Her low moan now turned into a yelp.

Soon, Jeff's entire hand was buried inside of her moist pot of gold. He
worked the hand in and out like he was punching a punching bag.

Meanwhile, Lita could hardly fit half of his man meat into her mouth. Not
only was it long, but the girth was a good 2, 2 and a half inches. Soon,
however, both bodies were shaking and convulsing like crazy. First, Lita shot
her juices streaming over Jeff's face. Then, it was Jeff's turn. He shot his
load all over the pretty face of Lita.

Lita rolled off of Jeff and nearly off the table. Jeff wasn't near done
with her yet though. His cock had not gone down at all and was still rock
hard. Without warning, he impaled his member directly into Lita's lovely

"Holy FUCK!" she shouted, her tight hole being filled to its limit with
only 7 inches inserted.

Jeff slowly pushed in and out of her hotbox at first, to get her
accustomed to the size of his tool. After a few seconds of adjustment, he
really started going to work on her pussy. Lita looked down at the ravaging
taking place but all she could see was a blur of cock and pussy.

"HOLY FUCK JEFF!" Lita shouted at the top of her lungs. "I'M GONNA FUCKIN
CUM!" no sooner had she gotten the words out than she had a massive orgasm
all over Jeff's huge organ.

Jeff wasn't done though. He kept pumping away at Lita's cunt like nothing
she had ever experienced before. It was all she could do to keep from cumming
right away yet again. She wanted Jeff to release his load before she did a
3rd time. (After all, she didn't want to feel like she had a premature
pussy.) It seemed like hours before the younger Hardy finally sent his seed
down Lita's canal. Jeff collapsed on top of the exhausted young diva.

Jeff's head was smooshing Lita's lovely knockers. Jeff started working
his tongue over the most gorgeous pair of breasts he had ever witnessed. He
worked rings around the nickel-sized nipples of Lita. She let out a barely
audible moan which turned into a passionate yell within a matter of seconds
when he bit down.

"Oh yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Jeff! Bite harder! Make me bleed!" she shouted.

'Holy shit.' Jeff thought to himself. 'She loves the rough stuff. I guess
I'll have to test to see just HOW rough she likes it.'

He pushed Lita's tits together so that both nipples were right by each
other. He opened his mouth wide and clamped down on the now purple nips.


Jeff released his hold on the perky wonders. It appeared that that was
just a little too rough for her.

"No no. Don't stop. That felt so damn good."

"But... but you..." Jeff stuttered.

"Shut the fuck up and bite my tits." she said with a smirk on her face.

The roles had been reversed. Now Lita was the "aggressor" and Jeff was
just sort of along for the ride. Although, I'm sure her didn't mind that.
Jeff once again clamped down on her perfect points. Her soft moans turned
into violent screams of pleasure when he suddenly stuck 2 fingers into her
tight cunt.

"OH MY GOD!" she screamed. "PUSH FASTER!"

Jeff increases his pace and in not time Lita looks like she's about to
have a viscious orgasm. Just as she's about to explode and let her pussy
juice flow, they hear a knock on the door. It was Jeff's brother, Matt.
Jeff, momentarily stops thrusting, but Lita whispers "Keep going. Just
ignore him and he'll go away."

They continue their act until they hear the knock over and over and over
again followed by "Lita, I know you're in there. Let me in."

Lita, realizing that she is about to cum, grabs a nearby pillow and
squeezes it over her mouth to muffle the sound. She lets out a loud roar that
was easily audible to anyone nearby.

"That's it! I'm kickin' this god damn door in right now!"

Matt kicks the door and sends the chair blocking it flying across the
room. He sees the scene taking place and analyzes teh situation. My brother;
my girlfriend; both naked; cum all over Jeff's fingers.

"You son of a bitch!" Matt runs across the room and punches Jeff in the
face, sending him to the ground. "And as for you..." he says looking at Lita.
He leans in and whispers in her ear, "...I've never been so turned on in my


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