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Lita's Love Life: Part 2
by Alfred Bitchcock

Lita was now completely confused as to what was happening. Had she not
just cheated on Matt with his own brother? Did Matt not just punch his
brother in the face for what he had done with his ex-girlfriend? But now
Lita had just been told by Matt that he was horny from thinking about what
just took place.

"That's right Lita. If I can't fuck you by myself anymore, then I
definitely wanna be included in this little escapade." Matt said

"So, NOW you want a piece of this?" she asked, turning around and wiggling
her cute little behind.

"Fuck yes." Matt replied bluntly. He yanked his pants down around his

"Well, if you think you're just gonna get into my pants with a simple
gesture, then you're dead wrong." she said. "You'll have to work much harder
than that."

Matt looked at her confused. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

"It's really quite simple Matt. If you can catch me, you can fuck me."

Matt's eyes got much bigger and looked like they were about to pop out of
his head. Never in his life had he been more turned on. This was easy for
Lita to see as Matt pitched about a 7 inch tent in his boxer shorts.

"Let the games begin," Lita said seductively. And with that, she took off
running across the room to where the showers were, breasts bouncing
ferociously from side to side. She jumped into the shower and armed herself
with a shampoo bottle. Just as Matt pulled the curtain and planned to bumrush
her, she popped the cap off and squirted some shampoo right into Matt's eyes.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" was all Matt could scream as he was blinded.

He stumbled around looking for a sink to rinse his eyes out in. He finally
found it and dumped water into his hands and rubbed it into his eyes. As his
vision slowly came back he found that Lita was gone. He went back to where
they were before, seeing Lita getting back into her clothes. She was rushing,
fumbling with her bra, trying desperately to cover up her voluptuous tits.
Afterall, she couldn't just go out into the halls naked. Just as she was
about to hook her bra, Matt jumped her from behind. He now had her pinned
down on the floor with his huge erection poking through Lita's baggy pants.

"Well, I caught you. Now, I guess I get to fu--" was all he could get out
before Lita kicked him off of her.

She once again got to her feet and ran for the door. But just as she
reached it, Jeff jumped out in front of her and stopped her dead in her
tracks. He extended a hand out to her face and caressed her cheeks and hair.

"Did you forget about me hun?" he asked.

Then, the gentle touch turned into a violent death grip on her hair. He
practically dragged her over to the couch and shoved her onto it. Then, both
brothers stood side by side looking over the gorgeous body laying before
them. Matt did the honors of once again undressing his ex-girlfriend. Once
he got her down to just her pink leopard skin thong, he snapped it into her
ass crack.

Lita let out a soft "oooh."

He tugged down the thong revealing Lita's soft rump. Both brothers stared
at the soft, silky Latino skin of Lita, and simultaneously stroked their
engorged members.

"Now boys," Lita said in a sexy voice. "Let's not waste those tools."

The Hardyz took their cue and went over to where Lita was lying on the
couch. She sat up as Jeff slided down next to her. Matt stood right in front
of her, still stroking his man meat. Jeff picked her butt up off the couch
and slid underneath her. He then slowly let her back down onto his 11 inch
prick. He had no problem sending the first few inches into her slightly
loose pussy, but the next 6 were going to be a problem. It was plain to see
that she had not been screwed by men with big cocks very often. "I'll have
to do something about that." Jeff thought to himself.

He would have to get her slowly accustomed to having so much into her at
once. He couldn't just shove it all in, it would almost break her wide open.
So, instead, he slowly worked that same 5 and a half inches into her over
and over, and then started adding a little more each time.

Meanwhile, Lita looked up and almost had a heart attack as she saw a stiff
7 inch penis staring her directly in her face. Matt looked down at her and
winked. She took the meat and took into her mouth. First, the head. Then, the
rest, inch by inch. Soon, her nose was touching Matt's balls. Obviously, this
girl did much more cock sucking than fucking.

Both her mouth and her pussy were being worked by two of her favorite
cocks. Jeff now had almost all but about 2 inches into her hole. He was
thrusting deeper and deeper trying to fit the remaining shaft into her, but
she just wasn't allowing it. Jeff decided to work with what he had and wasted
NO time engulfing his rock hard member over and over into her hot box.

"HOLY FUCK JEFF!!!!" she screamed in shear ecstasy. "MY GOD! MMMMMMMM"

Lita quickened the pace on Matt's prick, bobbing her head up and down like
she was bobbing for apples. Matt wasn't satisfied though, so he took her by
the hair and controlled her movements, making them fast and steady. Within
minutes, he was going to cum. Lita felt Matt's balls tighten and knew exactly
what to expect. Instead, of having Matt pull out and shoot his load over her
face, she decided to have a little drink. She literally sucked the cum right
out of him, gulping it all down with ease. When she finished swallowing the
seed, she focused her attention on Jeff.

She leaned back so that her face was touching his. "GRAB MY TITS!" she
commanded. Jeff obeyed, reaching around her and squeezing her tan nipples.
The pinching only made her scream out more. "OH SHIT! OH SHIT! I THINK I'M

This was all Jeff needed to hear. He released his load into Lita's cunt
without warning, making her release about a gallon of her own love juice.
Lita's orgasm sent her on a complete high, sending wave after wave of
pleasure searing through her body.

After all of her cum had soaked Jeff's still hard cock, she stood up and
motioned for Matt to come over by her. She embraced both brothers and said,
"That may have been the greatest fuck of my life. You guys were amazing."

"You weren't too bad yourself," Jeff smirked. "Of course, you could us a
little work," he said with a smile.

"Shut the fuck up and kiss me," she demanded. Her and Jeff locked lips and
tongues for what seemed like hours. Neither one of them wanted this to end.
After they finally pried themselves apart, Lita looked around to see Matt
and his clothes were gone.

"Damn, I wish we could do this everyday." Jeff said.

"Well then, I guess we'll have to make this a habit." Lita winked and left
the room to take a shower.


(Hey guys, I apologize for the crappy ending, but I was running out of
creative juices by the end.)

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