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Lita's Plumbing Problem
by Jay Memphis

"Damn!" I exclaimed, holding my head in pain.I had been working at this
odd assortment of pipes under Amy Dumas's sink for about an hour and had
forgotten where I could and couldn't raise my head. Amy, better known to
most people as Lita of the WWE, was currently broke since she was taking
some time off. She was also in an off-again stage of her and her boyfriend
Matt Hardy's relationship, so she had no money to pay for a plumber and no
man around the house to fix the pipes. Being her neighbour had a few
advantages, being called over to help fix her plumbing while I checked out
her body in a low-cut blouse and a loose pair of cargo pants that, if she
was wearing underwear, would've revealed a thong (right now it revealed
the top of her ass crack, something I was not complaining about, being 18
and all) being one of them.I had no idea why Hardy would ever leave her,
even for a few days.

"I'd like to lay the pipe to her." I thought to myself.

"What was that?" asked Amy. "Jeremy, isn't it? I could kick you out of my
house for that. I could probably have you sued for sexual harassment, too.
I could have my boyfriend, or my boyfriend's friends kick the shit out of
you." I gulped in fear. "Luckily for you, I'm fairly open-minded about sex.
I know that you've been checking me out all day. In fact, I rather enjoyed
it. I was going to let you critique some of my bathing suits for an upcoming
photo shoot, but I don't know if you deserve the pleasure anymore. It's too
bad, some of those bathing suits were really hot."

I mentally chastised myself for such stupidity. I could have had the chance
to see Lita up close and personal near-nude!

"You'll have to prove to me that you deserve the honor of seeing me
half-naked now." she said, grinning.

"How do I do that?" I asked, intrigued at her smile.

"You'll have to give me a backrub. Not just a backrub, but the best backrub
I've ever had in my life.Think you can do that?" she winked.

"I'll sure as hell try." I said, excited.

She led me into her bedroom and shut the door behind her. She closed the
curtains and lit a few candles and put on the Al Green's greatest hits CD
I had burned for the computer-illiterate Matt. She took off her blouse and
immediately covered her front with a towel. I groaned and she just smiled
and reminded me that I'd have to earn the privilege. She unhooked the back
of her bra and let the straps fall to the side as she laid stomach-down on
her bed. She pointed to the massage oil which I went to grab.

I started to massage the oil into her back as she laid quietly. I moved up
by her shoulder blades and she let out a soft moan. I massaged the area
between her shoulder blades harder and she mewled. I made my way down her
back, digging my fingers into the sore spots of her back. I moved my hands
to the sides of her body and massaged up those. She stopped my hands before
I could cop a quick feel at the sides of her breasts. I moved my hands
grudgingly down ehr back again before reaching a very tender area near her
beltline. She began to groan as I pressed harder into it and she shifter
around several times. Little did she know that with each little shift her
extremely loose cargo pants shifted a little farther down her ass. I picked
up the tempo as her pants shifted about halfway down her luscious, tanned
ass. She was now really moaning. I tentatively moved my hands a bit farther
down her back to the top of her ass and she simply nodded her consent. I
began to kneed her asscheeks in my hands as she once again began to moan and
move around. Suddenly she stopped me.

"That's enough, you've proven yourself." she said, smiling. "In fact, as you
can see, you've more than proven yourself," she smirked as she let her pants
and towel drop revealing a soaked pussy and hard nipples. My jaw dropped to
the floor." I told you I was open-minded. Now, you have two options. One, we
can have sex right now and we can do the usual guy thing of you humping into
me for a while, getting off and leaving me unfulfilled, and leaving you
without an invitation back. Or two, we can make love right now in as many
different positions as I want while I make the rules. The problem with number
two is I may not let you get off." I agreed to number two, thinking it was
impossible for me not to get off while fucking her. She sent me out for a
moment while she got "dressed up". When I returned she was in a black
micro-mini skirt with no top and obviously no panties. She smiled at me
before barking harshly at me "Lay down!" I did what she said.

"Now, you may have thought that checking me out all day and feeling up my
ass while you were massaging my back was good fun for you, but what about
me? I don't like getting turned on without a release, so you're going to be
my release. Strip!" I took of my clothes, revealing my rock hard 9" dick.
Amy licked her lips. "Nice. You are to refer to me only as Mistress Lita,
got that, fucktoy?" I nodded as she handcuffed my hands to her headboard.
She slapped me across the face. "Say 'Yes, Mistress Lita, I've got it.'"

"Yes Mistress Lita, I've got it."

"Good boy.Now, I'm going to give you the best blowjob you've ever had, but
if you cum I swear to god I'll bite your dick off."

She began to tickle my balls as she licked my shaft.She wrapped her lips
around the head and licked a bit. She pulled it out and began licking the
underside of my shaft with long, slow licks. She rubbed her saliva around,
getting my cock wet with her hand. She licked around the shaft then took
it back into her mouth. Lita vigorously sucked my dick, bobbing her head
up and down. She used one hand to stroke down the shaft as her mouth went
in the opposite direction. Then she jammed the whole thing down her throat
and I felt my cum start to bubble up from my balls.I started to warn her
but she took her mouth off of my dick before I could start.

"That's all you get for now, slave." she said as she removed the miniskirt.
"Time for you to eat my pussy out. You'd better make me cum or I'll kick you
out of here nude and make you explain to your family why you're barging in

She sat herself down slowly on my face.I began to work my tongue over her
pussy as she moaned.My eyes greedily crawled all over her plump, tanned
asscheeks as they raised and lowered, the red haired beauty pushing her
shaven cuntlips hard against my mouth. After building up her pleasure enough
I started to plunge my tongue in and out between her cuntlips, rolling my
tongue to make it like a straw through which I was able to suck at her
steadily flowing cunt juices.

Lita's gasps had been getting really loud as she spread her legs wide,
grinding her cunt down onto my now-soaked face.My tongue was running up and
down between her shaven cuntlips, darting in and out, driving her absolutely
wild. The hot redhead was flinging her upperbody this way and that, rubbing
her fingers into her erect clitoris ferociously. Her red, now-sweaty hair
flung about as well, some of it plastered to her face, the rest swinging
beads of sweat all about. I moved my tongue to her pink, tight asshole and
she nearly screamed. "Yes, you fucker! Eat my ass, you piece of shit! Lick
my ass. God, more! Make me cum!" She humped her nice, plump ass up and down
on my face, trying to get more and more of my tongue into her tight little
sphincter. Her eyes were opened wide as she wriggled about on my face,
driving her cunt into my face and squealing out in pleasure. I moved my
tongue back to her pussy lips, licking them up and down. Her huge breasts
were bouncing up and down, sweat bouncing off her erect nipples, running down
her waist into the trimmed red pussy hair above her cuntlips, pressing it
down against her white skin. The feel of my tongue flicking in and out, all
over her juicy fuckhole. I dragged it up between her cuntlips with a broad
stroke, then narrowed it to a tip and plunged it deep up her sucking,
clasping cunthole. Lita humped her hips up and down, slapping her nicely
rounded ass up and down onto my face. The sight of those magnificent
buttcheeks was a lovely view, I had to say. "Ah, SHIT! I'm cumming! Eat me!
More! MORE! Christ Jeremy, that's nice...aahOooohh baby, ooooohhhh oohhhhh
unnhhh yeeah." she trailed off into more moans as she climaxed.

As she removed herself from my face the steely look came back into her eyes.
She stood above me on the bed and bent over, showing off her amazing, toned,
fleshy ass.

"I bet you want this, don't you? I bet you want to stick your dick deep
inside my ass. You think that just because you can make me cum I'll let you
fuck my hot ass? You've got to be kidding." She then spread her asscheeks,
showing me her asshole. She got down on her hands and knees directly beside
me. "I bet you'd love to be in here. You'd cum so hard inside my tight little
ass." She walked up so that she was standing just inches above my hard-on."
I'm now going to uncuff you and you have to prove that you are man enough to
take my ass." She uncuffed me and I immediately threw her onto her stomach
and handcuffed her to the bed. "That seemed a bit too easy." I said,
smirking. The girl wanted it! I knew it! Lita just shrugged her shoulders.
"C'mon, pussy, aren't you gonna fuck my ass?"

"You want it too much." I said."I'm going to torture you."

"Bullshit. I don't need it at all. Go ahead, try to tease me."

I got down beneath her and started to lick at her clit while I pinched her
tits. I moved my hands down, groping her butt as I tongued her clit. Lita got
more and more wet. Her ass felt so good between my fingers that I slipped out
from underneath her. I got behind Lita and began kissing her firm butt. I
then buried my face between her cheeks. Lita began rocking back and forth as
I licked her sensitive anus.

"I told you you needed it." I mocked her.

"Fuck you!" she spat. "Be a man and fuck me or get out!"

I took the masage oil and lubed up my finger before shoving it into her ass.
I pushed it in and out and added a second.

"Ooohhhh yeeeah! Ohhhh ohhh yeeeah I like that, ohhh harder, ohhh it feels
good baby!" Lita moaned.

"What was that?" I asked.

"Ungh...nothing...mmm...fuck...I'm..just..." she trailed off. Finally she
turned her head and I saw a look of animal lust in her eyes. "Fine! I need
your cock buried so deep in my ass!I want to be assfucked so hard and fast!
I'm your little slut Jeremy, just fuck me!"

I took my fingers out and quickly replaced them with my dick. It was fucking
amazing. Her asshoel was so nice and tight around my dick. It was then that
I noticed a phone by her bed. I picked it up and pressed "Matt's cell" on the
speed dial. He picked up.

"Hey baby, what's going on?" he asked, groggy.

"I'm just fucking your girlfriend's hot little ass."

"What are you doing?!" she exclaimed.

"I'm talking to Matt. Say hi."

"Are you fucking...mmm...crazy? He'll (fuck yes) kill me for this!"

"Do you want me to keep fucking your ass?" she nodded "Then talk to Matt!"
I was really relishing the control I had.

"Holy shit, it feels soooo good! God, he's just fucking me like a whore!
UNNNHHHHHH YEEEAH HARDER! HARDER! PLEASE! Fuck, I'm such a little slut! It's
not my fault! Jeremy was just so sexy and his dick is soooo big!"

"Ahhh yess Lita, ohhh fuck! FUCK! FUCK!" I grunted as I just pounded deep
into her ass. I could hear Matt scrwaming at her.

"YEEEAH FUCKING SPANK MY ASS! Ohhh don't stop ohhh god ooohhhhh fuuuck my
ass! FUUUUUCKK YES! Pull my hair, baby," she moaned. "He...hung up...ummm..."
she moaned. "Whose ass am I spanking, you little butt slut?"

"UNGH! YOURS! IT'S YOURS! Fuck it! You can fuck it whenever you want, just
fill me up!" she was really getting into it."DO IT! POUND MY FUCKING ASS!
GOOD!" her legs nearly gave out.

"You're not getting off that light." I muttered.

"Oh yeeah fuck me hard, fuck my ass harder then any ass you've ever fucked
before, come on baby, cum..." she moaned softly.

"Like this? HUH?!" I yelled.

"UNNNHHH YEEEEAH! Ohhhh fuck yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me!" Lita moaned.



"I'm gonna blow!"

"Blow it on my face, please!" she groaned. I uncuffed her and shoved her onto
the bed and shoved my cock into her mouth.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as Lita went fucking crazy on my
dick. All of a sudden her mouth clamped down and she became a saliva-drenched
human vacuum. She sucked at my cock so hard, long and deep, I could nearly
feel my dick getting harder and harder. Fuck, this bitch was really going to
town on my cock, and I started to move my hips back and forth, fucking Lita's
face with long, deep thrusts. I was so far-gone I didn't warn her as I
started cumming.

"AHH! Cum in my mouth Jeremy, fuckin tastes so good! Ah yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
OoooH fuck!" Soon Lita's mouth was full of cum, and her chest drenched in it.
She swallowed all she could, and seemed to enjoy the feeling of spreading hot
cum all over her tits.

"We gotta do this again some time," I moaned.

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