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The story goes back to when Dean Malenko of the Radicals were continuously
attacking Lita, show after show.

Lita's Radical New Friend
by Big Chief (austin2090

Lita was sitting in her locker room after having just been attacked yet
again by Light Heavyweight Champion Dean Malenko.

"God, this has to stop! I'm getting sick of that bastard always attacking
me from behind. It's either going to be him or me!" she thought out load.

After a few minutes she decided to relax by taking a nice hot shower.
Just as she was getting up, however sheheard a knock on the door. She
wondered who it could be, because the Hardys had been called down to Vince
McMahon's office. When she swung the door open, she was eye to eye with
Saturn's girl Terri.

"Terri?! What the hell are you doing here?" yelled Lita as she tried
closing the door.

"Wait, Lita, please. I'm here to try and make peace with you. I think
what Dean keeps doing to you is terrible and I wanted to try if we could
maybe still be friends."

"Terri, don't take offense, but I think you are full of shit, you little
slut." And with that she slammed the door in the small blonde's face.

"God, who does she think she is trying that let's be friends crap." She
had gone through enough in the past few days without having to deal with
Terri's stupid little mind games.

Now that she had gotten rid of Terri, Lita made her way to the shower,
leaving her clothes behind her in a pile. On her way to the shower, however
she stopped in front of a full-length mirror and admired her nude form. She
always loved to look at her big round breasts and completely bad crotch. She
stood there in a trance for close to a minute until she remembered what she
got up for in the first place. After taking one more quick glance she walked
into the shower.

* * *

Lita was loving how the hot water shot down and covered her body with it's
great soothing warmth. Within seconds she noticed that there was another
source of heat that was not from the water. It was then she realized it was
an internal source from right in between her legs. Never being on to ignore
this feeling, she sent her hands down her body to take care of her hot spot.

When her hands made it to her crotch, she realized this was what she had
needed all along. She started to circle her pussylips with her finger and
it sent a shiver up her spine. She did this for a minute until she couldn't
take it anymore and had to sick her finger inside. She started to slowly
push her index finger into her wet pussy, savoring the feeling of being
penetrated. With a slight moan she continued to push the finger until it
completely penetrated her. This wasn't enough however, so she added a second
finger and started pumping in and out. Now she was getting what she needed
and absolutely loved every minute of it.

With the mix of her fingers pumping into her, and the hot water pouring
down her body it was only a matter of time before she came. To keep her
balance she put her left hand up against the shower wall, her right hand
moving in and out, in and out, and finally she hit the jackpot,


The orgasm ripped through her body leaving her on a sexual high that
almost lasted a minute. After she came down from this sexual high, she
swore she heard someone clapping so she turned around. There standing
in the doorway stood Terri, smiling and clapping.

"Great show, Amy. Oh I guess you're wondering how I got in? Well, you
never locked the door, so I decided to let myself in, and I'm glad I did."

At this point Lita should have been steaming in anger, but instead she
looked toward her with lust filled eyes and motioned for Terri to join her
in the shower. With out any he sitation sheripped off her tube top and
skirt. After stripping herself nude, she just stood there for a few minutes
so Lita could look her tight little body up and down.

When she saw the redhead lick her luscious lips she knew it was time and
walked into the still running shower. The two beauties embraced each other
and locked into a passionate kiss as the warm water covered their bodies.
Both of their tongues explored the other's mouth while their hands roamed
around. After a few minutes of this Lita positionedher hands on the blonde's
head and moved her down to her breast, and Terri quickly go the message.

Terri began to flick her tongue across Lita's left nipple sending chill up
her spine. Not being one to disappoint she took her hand and began to gently
twist and squeeze the right nipple. Lita threw her head back and moaned from
the pleasure she was getting from the petite little blond.

"That's it, suck on my tits!! God Terri that feels so good!"

Then all of a sudden Terri stopped what she was doing and Lita looked down
at her with apouty look on her face.

"Hey why'dyou stop?"

"Well, I thought that we could partake in a little joint pleasure." She
then laid down on the floor and opened her legs.

"Oh that really tickles," she said as the water jet hit her exposed pussy,
"So are you in for a little 69ing?"

Not wanting to loose the moment Lita walked over and lowered her crotch
over Terri's face and then bent forward until she had Terri's pussy right in
front of her face.

"God I love a girl who shaves her pus..", but before she could finish her
sentence Terri had gone to work on the redhead's pussy. She moved her tongue
from the top to the bottom of Lita's slit. Due to the suddenness of the
she-devil's "attack", Lita was caught off guard and could only stay still and
revel in the pleasure. Then Terri stopped her licking yet again.

"Not Amy, don't be greedy. That's not what a 69is all about."

With this pause Lita was able to bring her mouth down on the pussy in
front of her and began to lick it as Terri did to her. Once again Terri
brought her mouth down too and both women were in absolute heavan. It
didn't take long for Lita to find Terri's clit and when she did she went
right for it. She put her mouth right over it and just began sucking and
flicking her tongue across it.

"Oh god, yes! Suck on my clit you hot littleslut!! Oh I love it, I love

Hearing Terri on the brink of orgasm just caused Lita to suck even harder
and finally Terri was beginning to feel the familiar jolts of pleasure begin
to shoot through out her tiny body.


As she came Lita tried to lick up her juices, but the shower washed most
of it off and down the drain. After she came down Terri returned to working
over Lita's pussy. During this time Lita continued to try and like up the
she-devil's juices. Not only did Terri lick at herpussy, but she also put
two fingers in, which added to the mounting pleasure. It didn't take long
until Lita was once again cumming.


After a few minutes both women were finally down off their climaxes and
sat in each other's arms with the water still soaking their bodies.

"God I wish I had let you in before. God I love you Terri."

"I love you too, and I told you that I was cumming in peace." The two
kissed again and around ten minutes they got dressed and left together.

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