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Don't read this if you're under 18. None of the actions taken by the women
depicted in this story are true in any way, shape, or form.

Lita's Road To The Title
by LitaLover4Life

Lita had just arrived at the local gym in order to prepare for her match
against the Women's champ later on that night. The facility was rather empty,
and Lita looked forward to having a great workout. Lita worked up quite a
sweat over the course of her workout, as she trained her luscious glutes,
thighs, and abs. Strangely enough, as the sweat poured down Lita's sensuous
body, which was covered only by a tight black tanktop, white workout shoes,
and the signature tight pink thong, she became increasingly turned on and
built up a great deal of sexual impulses. Suddenly turned on, Lita pulled her
tanktop up to just above her neck, unveiling her nice-sized, firm tits. She
moaned slightly as she squeezed her hard nipples, and soon Lita began to rub
her hard clitoris and ass against the weight rack. "Uh, Uh, oh god yes, uh,
uh, oh yeah" moaned Lita as a cascade of succulent juices began to build
around her precious pussy.

As Lita was about to climax, she was startled by the sudden appearance
of Stacy Keibler, who Lita had defeated in order to become the number one
contender. Taking advantage of the Team Xtreme member's exhausted state,
Stacy gave Lita a crushing kick to the ribs, and then wrapped her long,
ravishing legs around Lita's now weakened abdomen. The vice-like effect of
Stacy's leglock caused Lita to pass out due to the pain.

When Lita woke up next, she was standing in the middle of what appeared
to be a fetish room scenery from a low budget porno flick. Her hands were
cuffed and bound to a chain which attached to the ceiling. Also, her legs
were spread apart by a large bar which kept them bound. Lita found herself
wearing only a tight white latex garment which barely held her firm breasts,
white knee-high high heeled boots, and a tight black latex thong. As she
woke, Stacy Keibler entered the room with many toys and a devilish look upon
her face. "I see you have come to, Lita" said the Duchess of Dudleyville,
who was clad in a crotchless black latex bodysuit with holes exposing her
perky nipples.

"Well, I figured that since you took away my title shot, I'd get some
amusement out of you, my new sex slave" chided Stacy to Lita as she began to
fondle Lita's tits. Lita was protesting Stacy's advances, but at the same
time was becoming very horny and wanton. Stacy kissed her bound slut all
along her neck, and then proceeded to remove Lita's white top. "That's
better" said Stacy, who then proceeded to suck on Lita's left breast.

"Oh my, that's what I want, Stacy, suck it good" moaned Lita, as Stacy
when went on to suck on her right breast. Stacy then pulled out a long
batton, and spanked Lita's firm ass. "Thank you, mistress, may I have
another," exclaimed Lita in a mix of pain and pleasure.

After a few more whacks, Stacy pulled Lita's thong past her ankles,
leaving her completely naked except for her high heeled boots. "You're gonna
get it now, bitch," said Stacy, who inserted her tongue into Lita's cunt.

"Oh god yes, tongue fuck me good, Stacy" moaned Lita in ecstasy as Stacy
swiveled her tongue in the tasty Diva's vagina. To further the experience,
Stacy proceeded to ram one of her fingers in and out of Lita's precious ass
as she ate Lita out.

"Oh, my ass, probe my ass good, lick me my Mistress," moaned Lita as she
began to near her climax. Sensing this, Stacy began to shove three fingers
into Lita's wet pussy mound while opting to probe her ass with her tongue.

This drove Lita over the edge, as she cried "Oh god yes! My ass and pussy
are soooooo stimulated. I'm gonna cum hard!" and released a clit-busting
orgasm that rocked Lita's head back quite hard. Stacy proceeded to lick the
pussy juice off of her arm and lips, while Lita thought about the next move
she needed to make.

Lita had been Stacy's fuck-toy, but realized that she needed to escape
soon in order to arrive at the arena to get her title shot against the "Real
Man Beast" Jazz. She then formulated a plan to get Stacy to free her. "Stacy,
that was the best sex I've ever had. I only wish I'd have the chance to
return the favor to my kind dominatrix."

Stacy gazed upon Lita's sexy naked body, as well as her own wetness, and
decided to let Lita pleasure her. She freed Lita from her bonds, and Lita
reciprocated Stacy's earlier tit service by pinching the Duchess' succulent
and perky nipples, as well as sucking on them like a high powered vacuum.
The rate of Stacy's sexual panting increased more rapidly as her tits were
milked more and more by Lita's smooth lips. Soon, Stacy demanded that Lita
get on her knees and eat her out. Lita complied, and stuck her tongue through
the latex into Stacy's tight, juicy pussy.

"Tongue me hard and long, Lita, and make me cry of pleasure" commanded
Stacy adamantly as her pussy quivered greatly from Lita's great skill.

As she buried her face in Stacy's sweet hole, Lita took a firm hold of the
best ass in the WWF, which further exhilirated the leggy Stacy. Lita could
begin to taste the sweet juices, but wanted to help accelerate Stacy's
orgasm. She took the long baton Stacy had used on her ass earlier, and began
to jam the shaft in Stacy's tight ass while fingering her pussy. "Oh, my
tight ass, oh god the shaft is so loooong" moaned Stacy as Lita shoved it in
and out of Stacy's poopshoot.

After five more minutes of this sexual onslaught, Stacy let out a big
orgasm, wetting all of Lita's face as Stacy's slim body slipped into an
unconscious state due to her exhaustion. With that, Lita took a shower,
found her wrestling gear, suited up, arrived at the arena, and defeated Jazz
1-2-3 to become the new Women's champion!

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