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Liz: Queen Of WCW
by Big Guy (

Kevin Nash just walked up to Liz and deliverd the biggest news she had
ever heard.....she will be the booker for the womens division, she gets to
boss around the women all she pleases, but not too far, "We want to keep out
talent." Kevin finished off. She was so happy, finally after all these years
she would finnaly get some respect and especially-- power.

Liz walked into her new office at WCW HQ and looked around, "WOW!" she
said aloud. It had a juge executive desk, and black leather couch, the works,
and what a view, the back wall was replaced with a giant window. She was
breathless, but then she noticed a pad of paper on the desk, it read:

Hey Liz,
If you're reading this then I guess you found your office, you
like? I hope you do, anyway, we are still deciding if a secratary is
necessary, but before that you will have to carry a little extra work,
I hope there's no problem.
Tommorow will be your first official day and to start off we don't
need you, now don't get exicited, it's just that your first meeting
is at 2:30pm with a new talent we recruted, you may know her "Ryan
Shamrock" as she was called in WWF,ya we got her, we just need a quick
personality test and little famliarization (if that's word) to the
company policy and such and don't forget to discuss storylines. Anyways
I hope all goes well.


...The Next day...2:25pm

Liz strolled into the office wearing a leather black mini with no
stocking and strappy 2 inch heels. She saw Ryan sitting in the waiting area
and introduced herself, she felt something tingle when they shook hands, but
she ignored it. She felt it again as she watch Ryan enter her office wearing
very tight ankle length skirt,stilletos and a tight blue button down blouse,
that showed no trace of a bra, but the lack of jiggle put those suspicians
to rest.

Liz again ingnored it.

"Well Ryan, I see that you have experience with the wrestling business,
WWF eh?"

"Uh ya, but it wasn't the most delighting experiance."

"We've all been there...literally"

They both had a good laugh when again Liz noticed Ryan's tits. Oh man,
she couldn't ignore it anymore. She had never had sex with a women though,
a few fondles at clubs and such but never all the way. But for some reason
the new found power she knew she could pull it off. She just needed the
right leeway. They talked about money, experiance and off course how much
of a push was aceptable, then it hit Liz,story line! "So Ryan, what kind of
story line would hope to pursue here?"

"Ummmm... I was thinking along the lines of...extremely sexy valet"

BINGO!!!! "We'll that can be arranged..."

"Really?" Ryan replied a litte upbeat, she had never had a booker agree
with her before.

"Yes, but there is a certain requirments"

"Anything, name it I'll do it"

"Whoa, slow down, first, bra size?"

"What? Is that necessary?"

"You did say anything, and lying to the boss ain't a good thing on your
first interview."

That hit Ryan hard, she wanted the job but the act of telling her cup
size had this morally wrong ring to it, "32C."

"See, that wasn't soo hard was it? Now stand up face away from me...good"
Answering that first question was Liz's cue that she could go farter. Liz
stepped behind Ryan and placed her hands on Ryan's hips and groped a bit,
she felt Ryan tense up but ignored it, she brought her hands around and
cupped her ass and hear Ryan yelp, but didn't protest. She found that the
zipper was in the back so she slowly started to unzip Ryan's skirt.

Ryan was now feeling so hot, she couldn't take the heat anymore and
reached behind and aided Liz by pulling the zipper even faster. "Whoa, we
seem to be in a rush, how 'bout you give me a little show, you know, to see
if you got the moves. Through and exasperated breath Ryan replied "Fine."
Liz walked over and turned on the stereo and found some appropriate music.

She let the music wash over her and started to move her body seductively.
Liz sat on the sofa and watched as she danced for her. Ryan slunk around and
undulated her pelvis erotically. She slowly danced to the beat of the music.

Her arms rose above her head making sensual gestures. Ryan gyrated her
pelvis back and forth, her hips rolled in waves.

Ryan licked her lips and flicked her tongue at Liz. She rocked her hips
from side to side and lifted her skirt upward. The skirt bunched up around
her waist Liz saw her skimpy black panties.

The panties had ridden up and wedged between her butt cheeks. Ryan spun
around and presented her backside to the boss. She then proceeded to shake
her ass for her. Most of her pliant ass flesh was exposed.

She moaned and started rubbing her mound through the panties. She
swivelled her pelvis in circular motions and lewdly felt herself up.

Ryan thrust her hips in and out wantonly, teasingly shaking her ass in
Liz's face. Ryan bent at the waist and leered at Liz from between her splayed

She stood up and reached behind her back. She unzipped her skirt and
wriggled it down her legs and then took it off. She let Liz examine her
flimsy panties. She grinded her hips and rolled her lower body.

Ryan raised her arms and locked her hands behind her head. This made her
breasts lift up and jut out proudly. She lowered her arms to the sides of
each breast and closed her arms around the twin globes. This caused her tits
to squeeze together and expand.

She cupped her ample cleavage and massaged the meaty orbs. A shiver ran
down her spine and she moaned in need. She was getting hotter with each
passing second. Then she got bold.

Ryan adopted a bitch attitude and turned her back to Liz. She prentended
to ignore Liz. This lasted for over a minute. The music blared louder as she
strode away from her, exaggerating the side to side sway of her thighs.

The girl folded her arms on her chest and kept ignoring her. Then she
twirled around in Liz's direction. Ryan glared at her with a stern face and
strutted toward her. She suddenly brought up her hands and grabbed the sides
of her blouse. She braced herself and ripped the blouse open in one gesture.

The buttons tore off and scattered around the room. Liz ogled her bra
clad tits as they shook from her movements. Ryan slid the blouse off and
swung it brazenly over her head. She yelled out in excitement and tossed the
garment across the office.

She wore a black lacy bra that was at least one size too small for her.
It pushed her tits together and shoved them up until they spilled over the
top of the bra. Ryan unclasped the bra and let the cups fall to the sides.
Her vast tits were now exposed to Liz and she was naked from the waist up.

Ryan quivered as her thighs rubbed against her swollen cunt lips. Her
red nipples were erect and hard. She took pride in her natural breasts and
prominently displayed them. Ryan was ready to jump Liz and fuck her into
next week. But she somehow managed to curb her urges.

Ryan stood and tore off her panties in one fluid motion. Her vagina was
now naked and open to Liz. Ryan had thin cunt lips and a curly blacked
haired mound. She kept her bush neatly trimmed. She rocked her hips from
side to side and spread her legs for her.

Her fingers opened her soggy pussy lips and bared her pink cuntal
interior to Liz. Her finger stroked her clitoris as her hand brushed her
shiny slit. Ryan leaned toward Liz and lowered her tits to her face. She
moved her shoulders back and forth making her tits dangle in and slap her

Ryan scooped up her balloons and offered them to her. Liz grabbed the
two milk sacs and bured her face between them. Ryan groaned as she pawed
her knockers and rubbed them over her face.

She licked and sucked each nipple until they were sore and tender to the
touch. She sucked each breast into her mouth and kneaded the fleshy mamaries.

She called out and convulsed as she came. The pleasure was unbearable.
Ryan dropped to the floor and rubbed her hands up and down her enflamed body.
She was losing her mind to the sexual build up and she needed relief.

"I see you need some relief" Liz commented as she watched Ryan squirm on
the floor.

"Uh, uh." was all that Ryan could manage, she was so hot.

Liz reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, pulled it down revealing
that she wore no bra, but black lace panties. "Come here and take my panties
down" she signaled Ryan. Ryan crawled over and reached up with her hands and
was promptly stopped, "With your teeth."

Ryan too hot for anyratioanl thinking just opened her mouth and clapped
down on the panties and started pull downward. As her nose brushed up against
Liz's pussy, she shuddred. Liz had also enough, and finished the job for
Ryan, "I think that we both need a little relief, Liz then pushed ryan to
the floor and stradled her head and then bent down into a '69' posistion.

The way both women just licked and sucked you wouldn't believe that it
was both their first time with another women. Ryan followed Liz; as Liz
licked up and down Ryan's slit, as did Ryan to Liz. Liz bit down on Ryan's
clit, as did Ryan to Liz, Liz was the first to climax and cream all over
Ryan's face, and Ryan drank it up greedily and then Ryan climaxed and Liz
drank it up but didn't swallow.

Liz got up and kissed Ryan full on the lips, feeding Ryan her own juice.
Both women stared to girate their fingers in and out of each other almost
draining all the fliud from their bodies. Then they both collapsed, and
after a short rest, Liz got up and got dressed (sans underwear) and Ryan
did the same but Ryan being a small town girl, put her panties on, and then
her skirt.

Liz noticed this and and walked up to Ryan and began to kiss her again,
Liz slowly reached down and started to draw up Ryan's skirt and when she got
it high enough she ripped off Ryan's panties and through them across the
room, "You don't need these."

Ryan was a little shocked, but didn't mind after she recolected of the
strip tease she did. Ryan fixed herself and put on her blouse, but had no
buttons so she put her jacket on top, signed the contract and left. Liz
could make a habit of this, especially to people who don't want to do what
their told.


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