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Liz: Queen Of WCW 2
by Big Guy (

Liz was enjoying her new stint as boss of the womens section of WCW. And
an added bonus, a fringe benifit if you will, was that she could fuck Ryan
Shamrock any where and any time she pleased. But there is one girl who thinks
that she is the queen, and that WCW can't live without her, that girl is the
stuck up bitch known as Torrie Wilson. Oh ya, she was hot, blonde, big tits,
gorgeous ass, but she had the stuck up nose that annoyed the new Queen Liz, she
would get her payback don't you worry.

Torrie was walking down the hall, and had just entered her dressing room
when she noticed the letter on the floor. Apparently it had been slipped under
the door. It was from Liz, "What could she want?" Torrie asked herself.
Torrie's question was answered as she read the note, "All the women have to
take a drug test? Why, all the women here are feeble bimbos!" Then she realized
that she wasn't a feeble bimbo, and that's probably why she had been requested.
"Ok, where and when" She read on, Liz's office, WCW HQ, tommorow, 3:00 pm.

Liz was ready for Torrie as she strolled down the hall, now she'll get
what's comining to her, "cumming, ha!" Liz gigled at the pun. Liz had a
briefcase with nothing but latex gloves and a needle, a fake one at that. As
she strolled into the office wearing her usual black leather mini dress, with
nothing underneath, bare legs and 3 inch heels, she noticed that Torrie came
dressed unappropriatly, she was wearing a red and white sweat suit. Liz at
least wanted to be teased.

"OK torrie you know why you're here, a simple drug test and you can go."

"Good, usually I work out at this time."

Oh she'll be working out soon enough, soon enough, Liz whispered to herself.
Then Liz spoke, "Here's is my certificate proving that I am allowed to do
this," Liz handed her a document that the props department gave her, after a
little fuck and suck though, can't get nuttin out those men, except thier cum!
Liz again giggled to herself.

"That seems all in order, so what do I have to do?"

Liz told her that she needed to remove her shirt so that she could take a
blood sample. Torrie then looked a little wary as she watched Liz put the
rubber gloves on a seemingly sterilize the needle. Torrie again took a quick
glance at the certificate and then crossed her arms at the hem of her shirt
and pulled it over her head revealing her bra encased tits, 36d Liz guessed.
Liz said that since it was a drug test that she needed to remove the bra as
well, so as to let the blood flow freely. Torrie again hesitated and looked
at Liz warily.

"Come on, we don't have all day, I'll tell you what, I show you mine just to
relax the enviroment, ok?" Liz said looking at the shocked look on Torrie's
face. Liz then pulled the straps of her dress down revealing her bare tits and
hard nipples.

"Is that ok?" she asked. All Torrie did was stare for about five minutes
before Liz said "Here I'll help you," and quickly unsnapped Torrie's bra and
pulled it off quickly. Torrie, now realizing that she was bare, covered up
fast and blushed.

"It's ok, we're both women here," and reluctenly Torrie lowered her arms.
"That's a girl" Liz then scanned her tits nice, big, even, and nipples that
were rather small for 36d's and that were hardening. Liz stepped behind Torrie
pretending to look for a place to inject and picked a place on small of her

"You know what? I need you to remove your pants as well," Torrie again
shocked, but complied, getting up off the couch and removing the pants
revealing her biker shorts that had no trace of pantie lines. "Ummmmmm" Liz
said in her head.

Liz made Torrie lie down on the couch and begain to feel up Torrie's back
even going as far to let her free tits brush up against Torrie. She contined
and grabbed the needle and poked Torrie for a second and applied some pressure
preteneding to take a blood sample.

Liz then removed the needle, placed it in a opaque container not letting
Torrie see it. "Just one more thing" Liz said, "I need a ejaculate sample."

Torrie gasped as she heard this, she couldn't do this, "I don't think that's
necessary, and I think I want to leave."

"Well, I need it and if you want the whole WCW thinking you're on drugs and
risking your job then go right a head and leave."

Torrie pndered for a while and then asked "Ok, where and how? Here is a
magazine and a bottle, makes sure you get a lot."

Torrie took the mag and looked at it, it was lesbian porn. "Ah, can I have
something with men in it please?"

"No, thats all I got"


Torrie left and went to the washroom, she pulled off her biker shirt and sat
on the toilet and spread her legs. "I can't believe i'm doing this," she said
to herself and placed two fingers in her cunt and started to girate them, after
about 15 minutes, there was a knock on the door. "Are you done yet?" It was
Liz, "NO, I'm having trouble cause this mag". Torrie yelled out.

This was Liz's chance, she pulled a pin out of her hair and picked the lock
of the door and walked in, "I can help." Before Torrie could protest Liz had
pulled off her dress and stood in the washroom naked as the day she was born.
Torrie gasped loudly as Liz aproached her, and sat between her legs. Torrie
was shocked that Liz was into girl/girl stuff, well Torrie wasn't but she
couldn't help herself as Liz stuck out her tongue and ran it down the inside of
Torrie's thigh.

After about 5 licks Liz descended onto Torries clean shaven cunt. Torrie
grabbed the back of Liz's head pushed it into her cunt and Liz began to lap her
box, now soaked in juices. Torrie quickly worked her way up to a giant orgasm
and Liz drank it up and then got up and gave Torrie a deep open mouth kiss and
gave Torrie her juice back and some even dribbled back onto Liz tits. Torrie
then got up and put Liz on the seat and licked her cum off Liz's tits and
worked her way down till she got to Liz's clean shaven cunt, Torrie used her
fingers to open her outer lips then stuck her tongue accompianed by a couple
fingers in Liz's hot box.

In minutes Liz was screaming at the top of her lungs as she had a mind
shattering orgasm. Torrie kept pumping her fingers untill all Liz's cum had
been drained. Liz got up and left the washroom, "Don't you still need the
sample?" Torrie asked.

"Oh, I don't care about that anymore", Liz quickly got dressed and left the
office, before saying "I want you out before I get back" she slammed the door
and left.


**N.B.** I don't know if I can continue writing stories of this type of
description, but if I get enough feedback I will continue.

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