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Locker Room Encounter
by dadud

Ember Moon walked backstage to the locker room feeling confident after her match with Liv Morgan. She was undefeated in NXT and she knew she had a strong case to challenge whoever won the NXT title after Takeover San Antonio, and she was hoping that Asuka would retain so she could prove herself by beating her. She was well on her way to the title, it was just a matter of time now.

She smiled at the thought of winning the belt as opened the door to the locker room. Ember made her way to the shower area before she spotted a topless Liv Morgan putting her clothes into a locker. Ember assumed she was about to take a shower as well after the fierce match the two had. Liv was a fiery girl, and she knew it was just a matter of time before she started stringing some wins together. Ember couldn't help but admire the beautiful girl from New Jersey. Liv had some beautiful, b cup breasts that were just as tan as the rest of her, not to mention some gorgeous abs. Ember was pretty sure Liv was straight though, so she quickly tried to put the thoughts out of her head.

"Hey." Said Ember. "That was a great match tonight."

Liv jumped out of shock, before turning around and seeing it was Ember Moon.

"Sorry. I didn't see you come in." Said Liv, looking like she was upset about something. "Yeah, I suppose so."

"What do you mean you suppose so?" Said Ember, as she started getting undressed for her shower. "You were great out there, that was anyone's match."

"I don't know." Said Liv, as she stuck her fingers in her waistband, and started pulling off her tights. "I guess I just wanted to actually win this one. I'm just tired of losing all the time."

"Look." Said a now naked Ember. "No one starts off winning every match. The only reason I'm undefeated is because of my experience on the independent scene before. You'll start stringing some wins together."

"I'm not you though!" Screamed a naked Liv Morgan, now visibly upset. "You're talented, and athletic, and gorgeous, and everything I'm not. How am I supposed to match up to someone as amazing as you? How are you supposed to want to be with...."

Liv's sentence trailed off as she broke eye contact with Ember Moon, and just started staring at the ground like she was embarrassed.

"What was that last part?" Said Ember Moon, with her hand on her hips, showing off her massive tits and her shaved pussy.

"It wasn't anything." Sighed Liv Morgan.

Ember walked up to the upset blonde and brushed her hair out of her face, leaving her hand lingering on her check.

"You are talented, you are athletic, and you are gorgeous." Said Ember, as she looked Liv in the eyes again. "I know what all of this looks like, and trust me, you have it. I promise you, as long as you keep trying you will be successful, and I'll be believing in you every step of the way."

Liv looked shocked, like she had never heard someone say they believed in her before. Ember could feel Liv's hot breathe on her while she was this close to her, and she had to admit, it was starting to turn her on. Liv looked like she was contemplating what to do, before she grabbed Ember's head and pulled her close. Ember was shocked when she felt their lips lock. The kiss only lasted about a second before Liv broke it off.

"I'm sorry." Said Liv, almost on the verge of tears as she realized she might of just ruined their friendship. "I don't know what I..."

Ember stopped her by putting a finger on her lips.

"You don't have to be sorry." Said Ember.

Ember then grabbed the naked girl by the back, and pulled her in close before she pressed her lips against Liv's again. Liv seemed like she didn't know what to do at first when Ember's tongue entered her mouth, but she returned the favor as they embraced in a french kiss. Liv placed her hands on the Dallas girl's shoulder and ran her hands up and down Ember's smooth skin as the kiss continued.

Ember decided to take it up a notch by pushing Liv up against the wall, before grabbing Liv's tanned rear. Liv responded by grabbing Ember's firm ass, and Ember knew that without a shadow of a doubt that would Liv would want what would come next. Ember left her left hand on Liv's ass, as the right hand slowly moved across to Liv's front. She slowly got closer and closer to her pussy as the kiss continued before pushing two of her finger inside Liv. Liv let out as she realized what just happened, but still didn't break off the kiss. Ember started off slowly as the deep kiss continued as Liv's hand further explored the smooth skin of Ember, running her hands down her backside and her ass. Ember sped up the pace of her fingers, and Liv had no choice, but to break off the kiss, because of how short of breath she was.

Ember looked into the eyes of the girl from New Jersey who looked like she was in heaven right now.

"God, you're beautiful." Said Ember, as she smiled at Liv.

Liv looked like she wanted to respond, but didn't, Like she was worried that the intense pleasure she was feeling would vanish if she spoke. Liv grabbed Ember again, and pulled her in for a hug. Liv placed her head on top of Ember's and her hand on her ass as she felt her orgasm starting. Liv moaned in pleasure as she squeezed Ember's ass as she came. She seemed like she was trying to pull Ember in closer, like she would lose Ember if she let go, as her body was engulfed in pleasure. Liv almost fell over as her orgasm finally came to an end, but Ember grabbed her by the back before she could.

"Are you okay?" Said Ember, as she held the adorable blonde up.

"Yeah." Responded Liv, out of breath.

Liv regained her footing as she stared at the ebony Superstar who was still holding onto her.

"Would it be okay if I make you feel like that now?" Asked Liv.

"What kind of question is that?" Said a smiling Ember. "Of course it's okay."

Ember finally let go of Liv, as she walked over to a wall, and sat down with her back facing the wall. Liv smiled as dropped down next to Ember's pussy, running her cheeks along Ember's thighs before giving Ember's most intimate part a lick. Ember gasped as she felt Liv's tongue enter her. She didn't seem like she had done this before, but Liv was clearly trying. Liv's tongue circled the inside of her soaking wet pussy, like she was trying to make sure she tasted every last part of Ember. Ember back straightened up as the pleasure coursed through her body. The entire ordeal had Ember extreamly wet, and she knew she wasn't going to last long. Liv then pulled her tongue out for a split second right before she placed her mouth on her clit and started sucking on it. This was enough to finally send Ember over the edge, as she felt her thighs tighter around Liv's head. Ember felt the pleasure shoot through her body as she screamed before falling down on her side out of exhaustion.

Liv crawled up so her face was right next to Ember's.


"Hey, Liv." Said Ember as she smiled back at Liv.

"Was this...real? Did you mean everything?"

Ember smiled at the beautiful blonde for a bit, before Ember placed her hand on the cheek of the Superstar who was eagerly awaiting an answer.

"I love you." whispered Ember.

Without hesitation, Liv grabbed Ember and the two started making out again. Ember could taste her own pussy on Liv's tongue as the two made out with their bodies tangled up on the locker room floor.

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