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Locker Room Lita
by B-Boy (

Lita's 'ordeal' began when she opened the door to her locker room after
filming a show. Before she had a chance to work out what was going on, one
hand covered a mouth and several others forced her to the floor. There were
6 guys in total standing over her with evil looks in their eyes.

"Well, look what the cat dragged in.," sneered one man, the only one who
hadn't grabbed her.

"Now Lita, you fucking slut, remember us? We're the guys who asked for
your autograph yesterday but you just blanked us on your way out of the
arena. Well, since you wouldn't give us something to remember you by we're
gonna give you something to remember us by!"

"You look a bit sweaty, ready for a shower?" Said another of Lita's
assailants "Better get undressed first," he laughed and began to claw at her
tight-fitting halter-top. He ripped it clean off, revealing her large tits
encased in a white, lacy bra. Lita was trying to call for help but the hand
covering her mouth held firm and all she managed was a muffled scream. She
attempted to fight and kick her way out of the men's grip but there were too
many off them and they overpowered her. Two of the guys holding her legs
down took off her shoes and pulled her baggy fatigues off. Lita was now lying
there surrounded by 6 horny guys wearing just a bra and one her trademark
hot, pink thongs.

"Turn her over." Ordered the man who had first spoken to her, he was
clearly the ringleader of this little operation. "I'm gonna fuck this bitch
up her ass!"

"Mmmphhh!!" Lita managed in protest as the other men flipped her onto her
stomach. Her arms and legs were sprayed out and a man sat on each of her
limbs. Another kept his hand over her mouth while the ringleader stood at the
base of her legs. The men had a good view of her cunt through her skimpy
underwear and began rubbing their stiffening cocks through their trousers.
This new position gave better access to her bra strap, which the guy covering
her mouth undid with his free hand.

"Nice panties Lita" said the guy sitting on her left leg "Only sluts show
off their pussy like you do!" He reached down and ripped off her thong,
revealing her ass and neatly trimmed mound. Lita heard the sound of a zip
unfastening and braced herself for the worst; she'd given up trying to scream
now, it seemed pointless.

A pain like no other she'd ever felt erupted in her ass. She was
screaming again now but a hand was still muffling her cries. One guy (the
leader presumably) had rammed his cock into her ass without any warning or
lubrication. She guessed the guy was kneeling between her thighs. She could
feel his stiff prick slamming into her ass and knew this guy was hung, 10
inches at least. Sure, Lita had been butt-fucked before and she usually
enjoyed it but this was something else; she felt like she was being ripped
in half.

"Urrrnnnh!" The guy groaned as her mercilessly pumped his fat dick into
Lita's ass. "You've had cocks up here before haven't you, you fucking slut?"
As his thrusting continued Lita's ass began to accommodate him better and her
screaming subsided again. The guy covering her mouth unzipped his flies with
his free hand and took out his cock. Lita was amazed; his dick was about 9
inches long and stood to attention in front of her face. She wondered if the
other 4 guys were as well hung as the 2 she'd already experienced.

"Now bitch, I'm gonna put this in your mouth and you're gonna suck it. If
I feel teeth I'll break your fucking neck." With that he removed his hand.
Lita inhaled ready to scream, not just for help but in pain, as her ass was
being ripped apart by a big, stiff cock. Before she could unleash her scream
her mouth was filled by his entire 9 inches of cock meat. The guy grabbed
the back her head, ready to make good on his threat if she tried to bite his
dick. He started to pump his thick shaft down Lita's throat while using her
head for leverage.

This was getting too much for the other guys who were sat on her arms
and legs, pinning them down. They took their cocks out and began jacking
themselves off to this picture before them. Lita, the hot red-head from the
WWF was lying in front of them with one huge cock up her ass and another down
her throat. At the sound of zipping, Lita tried to turn her head to see what
the other guys were up to but the man with his cock down her throat pulled
her head back to face him.

"{Oh God!} No you don't, you fucking slut {Fuck yes!}." He said, thrusting
faster "You're {Shit} gonna suck my dick {Ahhhh}."

The guy in her ass came for what seemed like an eternity. He groaned
loudly as he flooded her ass with a river of hot cream. He pulled out and
Lita could hear him panting. Lita was relieved that her ass was free for the
time being but the guy in her mouth hadn't begun to let up yet. Lita reasoned
that the quicker they all got off, the quicker her ordeal would be over. She
began to lick at the underside of the cock in her mouth trying to speed up
his orgasm.

"Fucking hell guys! This bitch is licking my dick!" Lita's plan worked
and before long the cock down her throat erupted giving her a salty meal of
semen. Lita had always loved the taste of cum and swallowed as much of it as
she could as the guy withdrew from her aching jaw leaving a thin rope of cum
between his deflating cock and Lita's succulent lips.

"She's swallowing it all down as well! Fuck!" The guy who just coated her
mouth changed places with the guy sitting on her right arm while the monster
that had fucked her ass was still recovering. The cock that was now pumping
in her mouth was a smaller but still impressive 8-inch specimen. The scene
they'd just witnessed became too much for the guys that had been pinning her
down all this time. Almost simultaneously two of them shot their cum all over
Lita's back and groaned with pleasure while the other just carried on jacking

"How'd do like that shower, bitch?" Asked one of them. The guy down her
throat was pumping vigorously holding her long red hair as he did so. Lita
began to suck for all she was worth to accelerate his orgasm. Moving her
tongue around his thrusting member she felt him tense up, grip her head
firmly and unleash a wave of thick cum into her gullet. "OH YES! YOU FUCKING
SLUT!" The guy cried as his balls unloaded their cargo into the throat of
the fiery athlete. Again, Lita lapped up what she could. She'd taken on 6
guys, 5 of whom had cum and were out of breath. They got off her.

"Turn over." Ordered the big-dicked ringleader who by now had almost fully
recovered from fucking her ass. Lita turned onto her back, supported herself
on her elbows. Her back was drenched in cum and sweat. She was astounded to
find that all her attackers were hung like donkeys. The smallest one about 7
inches and the guy that had been up her ass was nearly an amazing 13! One guy
was still beating his meat and looking to Lita like he was going to explode
at any time. Four of the men pinned her down by her arms and legs again while
the leader stood at her feet and stroked his enormous erection. "Time for the
main course, bitch." With Lita's legs spread apart, the only who hadn't
spurted his goo all over her guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy and
without warning rammed it inside. Lita had never felt a cock that filled her
so much. It was slightly uncomfortable at first but overall she was enjoying
being fucked but this mammoth tool. She began bucking her hips to coincide
with the man's long, hard thrusting.

"Oooooooohhhhhh, yeeeessssssssss," Lita purred, looking down between her
jiggling breasts and loving the sight of the huge tool pumping in and out of
her moistening pussy.

"She's fucking enjoying it!!" cried the man holding her left leg down. The
man fucking her increased his efforts.

"Oh fuck yes! Faster! FASTER!" Lita panted, "OHHH GOD YESSS! HARDER!!!
UHNNNNN!" She hated to admit it but she was cumming as the hard cock rammed
into her repeatedly. The sound of Lita screaming in pleasure got all of the
men instantly to full hardness. They released their hold on her and
immediately began stroking their large members in the hope that they'd get
to use them. One of the men straddled Lita's chest and positioned his
throbbing cock in between her large, pert breasts. It was like riding a
bull-riding machine as Lita was being bucked back and forth by the force of
the guy ramming into her cunt. The man on her chest leant forward and began
to suck on Lita's nipples causing a low moan to emanate from her lips. He
nipples were rock hard and one of her now-free hands started to maul her

"I want a tit-wank you fucking slut." Said the man sitting on top of her.

"YES, YES, YESSSS!!!!" Lita was cumming again, nobody in the room quite
believed just how much Lita was enjoying this, least of all her self. "OH
FUCK!! YEAH FUCK MY TITS!!" Her hands pushed her round orbs together to make
a tight seal around the man's large, excited cock. "FUCK MY TITS AND CUM IN
MY FACE!! OH! UNNNNN!!" She was grunting with each thrust into her happy
pussy. The guy began to thrust forward, slightly out of step with the man
ramming Lita's cunt. His long, hard prick plunging in and out of Lita's
considerable cleavage. The other guys were aching for some action and
groaning as they yanked on their giant fuckbeasts.


"Yee-haaaarr"!" cried one of the guys, "Look at the little slut go!!" Lita
was doing her best to move in time with the two men fucking her lithe body
but it was difficult. She threw her head back and shook as another violent
orgasm overtook her body.

men saw the opening and took it. His large, shaft was quickly plunged into
Lita's screaming mouth instantly muffling her pleasure. He held her head back
and pumped his meat into her face while panting words of encouragement. She
removed her hands from her quivering tits and the hands of the man sitting
astride her torso replaced them. He didn't miss a beat and continued fucking
her melons with even more force. With her hands she motioned for two of the
men who weren't screwing her yet to come closer. She took their impressive
members in each hand and frantically started to wank them off. The five men
giving it to Lita were moaning with orgasmic pleasure now. The other just sat
and watched tugging on his rock-hard dick as they did so. Lita was in a state
of almost continuous orgasm but the fat shank in her mouth silenced her
cries. Her convulsing caused this man to cum first. Remembering her love for
cum, the man gripped her head and blasted his creamy wad down Lita's throat,
YESSSS!!!" Lita was trying to swallow his spunk and scream through her orgasm
at the same time. Next to unload was the man on her chest; the underside of
her chin drenched as his buttery gunk blasted out of his twitching cock. The
guy down her throat pulled out and Lita lifted her head up slightly to look
down. She saw that despite just cumming the guy was still fucking her chest
with his quickly wilting shaft. Cum dripped from between her lips and off her
chin and ran down between her tits back towards the man straddling her body.
With a mouth half full of gooey manfat she managed to gargle encouragement.
"YEAH COME ON! FUCK MY BIG TITTIES!" The next guy to cum was the one in her
pussy. She felt the large cock twitch inside her as his heavy spunk flushed
through her cunt. Despite her writhing, Lita never lost her rhythm and in
quick succession the two in her hands erupted, basting her slutty face with
their thick, gooey nutbutter. All the men sat back feeling pleased with
themselves. Lita sat up, wiped the cum off her face and started to rub it
into her tits, mewing softly as she did so.

"Look!" yelped one of the men, "The bitch is fuckin' soaking". The men
looked towards Lita's cunt and, sure enough her juices were flowing freely.
Her pussy had given her away; she'd enjoyed being abused by 6 well-endowed
men and her cunt indicated she wanted some more.

"Come on boys," insisted Lita, "You can't be finished yet? Fuck me, all
of you. I don't wanna be able to walk straight for months! Drill those huge
dongs deep inside me!"

"Okay slut," replied the leader, who hadn't gotten a turn in the previous
round, "You asked for it!" He lay down with his huge, veiny cock sticking
straight up in the air, "Come sit this monster." Lita scooted over, desperate
to feel such a huge cock burrow deep inside her again. She squatted above the
man and parted her pussy lips with her cum drenched fingers. She dropped
slowly onto his engorged member relishing the feel of his fat shaft as it
rubbed against the inside of her dripping cunt. She was clearly in heaven and
started to jump up and down on his shaft like a jackhammer.

"OH GOD!" She was cumming again almost instantly, "IT'S SO FUCKING BIG!!
UGH! AARR! YES!" Lita was pumping furiously, her tits rapidly bobbing up and
down. The other men were quickly hard again. It was difficult not to be while
watching this sporty slut scream like a banshee at the cunt-ramming she was
getting. "OH FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSS!!!" Lita screamed, "PUMP IT IN ME!! FUCK

"Yeah you love it don't you, bitch?" huffed the guy up her cunt. He
started playing with Lita's big jiggling tits with one hand while the other
rested on her hip to give some restraint on her blissful leaping.

"FUCK YES!!" Lita closed her eyes as she continued to enjoy riding the
horsecock up her dripping twat. She was pounding up and down like a piston
when she felt her momentum slowed somewhat by a pair of hands closing on her
bouncing hips. She felt one of the men stuff his cock up her ass; the earlier
invasion had loosened her up and she guessed this was the guy with the
smallest prick squatted behind her. There was no pain this time only a
contented sense of fulfilment as the man began to thrust into her ass in
time with her own motions.

"Fuck yeah big boy! Fill my fuckin' ass!" Lita called without turning her
head. "YEAH BABY! CRAM IT ALL IN! YESS!" The guy up her ass had a hold of her
other hip and another hand gripped her shoulder. She was now leant forward
more and her firm, ripe baps hung invitingly in the face of the guy fucking
her cunt. He did what she expected and what millions of men want; he raised
his head and began sucking on those glorious melons.

"AH! YEAH! SUCK MY FUCKIN' TITS!" Lita was still bucking around
uncontrollably on the two fat shanks inside her. She closed her eyes again
and continued to scream the house down. "FUCKIN' HELL YESSSSS!! COME ON BOYS
four remaining men long to oblige. "MMPPHHH!! UUNNN!!" Lita was forced to
mumble as 9 inches of stiff cock meat was shoved past her lips. She felt two
hands grab fistfuls of her red hair and the man begin brutally ploughing his
long, hard shaft deep into her slutty throat; his swollen nutsack banging
against her chin. After several minutes of being abused in three holes, the
man fucking Lita's head yanked it forward and held her cocksucking face on
his dick. She heard him groan loudly and unleash his creamy spunk down her
throat. He pulled out and started choking his cock over Lita's pretty face
drenching it with his slimy seed.

"YEAH DROWN ME BABE! LET ME DRINK IT ALL DOWN!!" Lita was shouting again
now her mouth was clear. Suddenly, another jet of hot cream blasted Lita's
forehead; another guy had taken himself in hand and Lita was now enjoying the
fruits of his self-abuse. What didn't stick in her hair started to run down
her face but Lita didn't care. She may have looked like a cheap cum-slut
whore but she just wanted as much cock as she could get. "OH GOD! UGH! YESS!!
YESS! YESSS!" She was squealing through another orgasm now and as she open
her mouth another cock quickly filled it up. This time the man didn't need to
fuck her face; Lita gripped the guys butt cheeks and sucked on his sizeable
rod like a lollipop. The guy in her ass came and collapsed backwards, worn
out for the time being. Lita momentarily pulled off the shank in her mouth
Her appeal didn't fall on deaf ears and quickly she was being slammed from
behind by another gigantic hunk of man-meat. "YEAH CRAM IT ALL IN!! YESSS!!
OH GOD YESSSSS!!!" She promptly returned her attentions to the throbbing dong
in front of her face, stuffing his entire length down her throat in one swift

"UGGggghhhh..." Groaned the man she was riding, as he was the next to
erupt. He grabbed her pounding hips and held her in place as he unloaded his
spunk. Lita felt her pussy fill up and used the muscles in her cunt to clamp
down on his discharging weapon. He lay back, exhausted, unable to move
because the servicing Lita was getting from his friends above him. He was
forced to lie there as Lita continued to mash her dripping slit against his
withering penis and she bucked around on the cocks in her ass and mouth. She
felt another spurt of cum shower down on her bobbing head and almost
instantly the guy down her throat unloaded, giving her another salty meal.
He pulled out just as the guy in her ass came, another stream of creamy goo
spewed into her bowels as he came with a loud grunt. He rolled off Lita and
she was left straddling one man and humping her drenched snatch against his
flaccid, but slowly stiffening cock.

The men were more than happy to indulge this red-haired bitch on heat. Lita
was exhausted but still as horny as hell. Everyone was obviously tired but
nobody cared; the urge to fuck all night overcame fatigue. The men carried
on fucking Lita's every hole; this wasn't going to stop until everyone was
satisfied. Their cocks were too much for Lita and despite her tired state
she couldn't stop cumming. "OH GOD! FUCK ME! HARDER! FASTER! YES! YES!

At any given time there were three men fucking the mouth, ass and cunt of
the fiery pin-up, usually the other three were either recovering or tugging
on their dicks. When Lita wasn't being face-fucked she was begging for their
jizz; desperate to slurp down all the salty cream that she could. When her
mouth was busy swallowing cock the men squirted their sticky gunk over her
slutty face. The men were insatiable and fucked Lita for hours. When one was
tired he took a rest and let the others abuse her tired but willing body.
The session began to wind down as the men fatigued. Lita was as limp as a
rag-doll. For the final 25 minutes she'd been merely their fuck-toy. Her
holes filled time and time again by some of the biggest cocks she'd ever
seen. But, she was loving it and couldn't stop cumming. The guys noticed
this and fought against their own weariness; desperate to fuck her as much
as they could. "I think that was better than an autograph!" One of the men
joked as they got dressed and started to file out of the room.

"Yeah, I think Lita enjoyed it as well." Replied one, "Didn't you, you
fucking slut?"

"Uuuuhhhhhhhh..." was all Lita could reply, she was on the verge of
consciousness. Here was Lita, the sexy WWF diva who men had jerked off to
time and time again. She was lying on the floor of her locker room drenched
in a mixture of sweat, semen and her own juices. She could barely move she
was so tired Her asshole throbbed with a dull pain, her jaw was sore and
dripping with hot, white cream and her cunt twitched uncontrollably with
post-orgasmic bliss as a blend of cum and her own juices collected beneath

"Maybe we'll be back some other time." Called the last man out the room
as he shut the door. She could hear their laughter as the walked down the
corridor. She hoped they would.

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