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Lockerroom Frenzy
by The Legendary Spike

The scene opens up with Lita and Triple H talking backstage. Lita is wearing
tight black leather pants, with a tight black, spaghetti strap top to match.
Across the chest line her shirts it says, "All For You" The shirt is small so
you can see 2 inches above her belly button. Her hair is straight but she is
wearing a red and white bandana. Triple H is wearing some regular ol` tear
aways with a, "All about the game" t-shirt on.

"So how are you and Stephanie doing?" Lita inquires with a chuckle.

"C`mon Lita, you don't have to talk story line in the back. I don't have
feelings for her... but Trish stratus on the other hand..." Triple H jokes

Lita slaps him on the arm with a smile. Kurt Angle walks into view.

"Hi fellas`!" Kurt Angle dorkily says.

"Hi Kurt..." Lita and "The Game" both say with grunts.

"So... Are you two, ah... wanting private time?" Angle asks with a stupid
grin across his face.

"No you jackass, we were just talking!" Triple H fires back with a tone of
anger in his voice.

"Yeah.. Just talking!" Lita repeats.

"Alright.. Sorry I asked!" Kurt Angle says with a tone of confusion in his

All three people stand around not saying a word. Suddenly a loud groan is
heard from down the hall. Lita, Angle, and Triple H all of a suddenly jolt
their faces to each other. They run down the hall. Triple H flings open the
door to reveal Chris Jericho down on his knees with his head up Trish
Stratus' skirt.

"Oh shit!" Trish says, jumping to her feet. He massive breasts nearly popping
out of her tight red t-shirt. The shirt is so damn tight her nipples are

Chris Jericho still on his knees says nothing.

"What the hell is going on here?!" Triple H shouts at the top of his lungs.

"Chris and I, were, ah... Shit. Your not gonna tell Vince are you?" Trish
says, sounding terrified, and rightfully so.

"Your damn right were gonna tell him!" Kurt Angle and Triple both say,
pointing their fingers at them.

"Wait guys.. Maybe she can.... help, us out." Lita says looking very hot with
the facial expression she has.

"How about we have a little party, eh?" Trish proposes to Lita, Angle, and

Angle's windbreaker pants begin to point out around his crotch area. Trish
sways over to him and grabs his half stack. It suddenly becomes a full blown
boner. Triple H sees this and pulls one of his own. So there Angle and Triple
H stand, with boners pushing through their pants with Lita and Trish Stratus
in a room with them. Chris Jericho gets to his feet and walks up to Lita. She
jumps up and wraps her legs around him. Chris pushes her up a bit so his face
is full of her perfect breasts. He walks her over to the couch and lays her.
He stands up and starts unbuckling his pants. Lita suddenly stop him then
starts doing it herself, with her teeth! Kurt Angle and Trish Stratus move
there way over to the soft recliner where Angle sits down.

"What about me??" Triple H asks.

"Over here" Lita says, patting the seat next to her.

Triple H walks over to Lita and pulls down his pants. Lita reaches over and
pulls down his boxer shorts to reveal the games 9 inch flag pole. On the
other side of the room Trish Stratus is sucking away at Angles 7 incher.
Angle is in extacy right now with Trish slobbing his knob. She rolls her
sweet tongue across the head of it. Angle thrusts his hips forward in
joyfulness. Trish works up the spit in her mouth and drips it all over Kurt
Angle's throbbing flesh rocket. She starts to work it, and bob up and down
on it. Angle starts to thrust his hip in the motions. Angle reaches his arms
down and feels Trish's tits through her tight top. She puts a halt to the BJ
and leans back. She pulls off her top to reveal and red lace bra. Angle hip
hugs Stratus and reaches behind her to undo the bra. He unhooks it and it
falls to the ground. Her breasts are perfect, her nipples are the perfect
size and they are erect. Trish then leans forward to continue her dinner.

"Oh yeah! Drink this milk baby! Oh! Oh!" Angle screams in extasy.

Meanwhile, back on the cough Chris Jericho is fingering Lita's box of tricks.
Lita is already jerking off Triple H and he is just sitting back watching it.
Triple H suddenly shoots up his hips.

"I am gonna blow!" Triple H Announces.

Lita starts jerking him harder and suddenly streams of cum start shooting out
of his dick. Lita shoots her head down to capture it but fails and only gets
a squirt in the eye. Triple H gets to has feet and walks up behind Trish
Stratus as she raises her ass in the air. Triple H grabs her hips and starts
to run his dick along her crack, just teasing her. Trish stands up fully and
turns around. She then sits down on Angle's dick and takes it all up the ass.
Triple H's noodle starts to sag. Trish Stratus bounces up and down on Angle's
tree trunk as he feels her tits. Triple suddenly starts to jerk himself off
to keep it up. Lita sits up and walks over to Triple H. She lies down on the
ground in front of him revealing her naked body to him. Triple stands over
her head and drops down. He leans forward and is now 69'ing with Lita. Chris
Jericho lies down on the couch and pants in exguastion. He then starts to
stroke his dick. He starts masturbating. He pumps harder and faster, until he
is just about to cum. He walks over to Trish Stratus who is still taking up
her ass, and rams his dick in her mouth. He takes it out and starts licking
his balls.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Kurt Angle moans in pleasure. "It's comin`!" Angle adds.

Trish bounces a bit harder while still licking Y2J's balls. Then Angle
finally stops as he blows his load into Trish's ass. The queen of
Stratisfaction gets up with Ejaculation dripping from her ass. She then
goes down to her knees and begins giving Head to Jericho.

"Yeah bitch! SUCK MY COCK!!!" Jericho screams.

Triple H gets out of the 69 with Lita and lies down on the ground. Lita
begins to strattle him. She rocks back in forth on his 9 inch rod as he plays
with her massive breasts. Kurt Angle gets up from the couch and paces towards
Lita and the Game. When he gets directly behind Lita he pushes her forward
causing her ass to raise. He then proceeds to double penetrate Lita as he
slips his dick in her arse.

"Oh yes! Yes! YEEEEEESSSS!" Lita moans.

Trish Stratus notices this and stops her business with Jericho and walks over
and sits on Triple H's face. Triple H starts to swirl his tongue wildly in
Trish's vagina. Jericho, then realizes the orgy and walks in front of Trish
and lies down. He spreads his legs to reveal his 8 incher and Trish starts to
suck it. A giant freakin Orgy is going on with Angle in Lit's ass, Lita with
Triple H's dick in her clit, Trish Stratus on Hunter's face and Jericho being
sucked off by Stratus. This continues for a good 30 seconds until finally
Lita, HHH, and Angle blow off into their respective holes. Stratus blows his
load all over HHH and Jericho shoots a shooting start into Stratus' mouth.
All 5 super stars collapse in pleasure, exhaustion and excitement as the view

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