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Losing, That's Not Cool!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"And the winner... of the 2005 Raw Diva search... Ashley!"

Leyla Milani couldn't believe what just heard. The Coach just announced that
Ashley Massaro was the winner, even though in Leyla's mind that she, not
Ashley, was the clear favorite of the fans. She quietly leaves the ring and
walks to the backstage area, holding in the disappointment of losing. Leyla
walks down the hall to where the Raw Diva Search contestants' locker room
and she passes by Chris Masters and Carlito who were watching the results of
the Diva Search.

Carlito dressed in his light blue tropical shirt and wrestling trunks, takes
a bite out of an apple as he happens to look over his shoulder and sees
Leyla. "Now that wasn't cool..." Carlito says as he chews on the apple.

Chris Masters, who's dressed in his wrestling trunks, turns around completely
to look at Leyla, "Sorry about your luck..." He says with a bit of a smirk.

Leyla comes to a stop and folds her arms as she looks at Carlito and Masters
with a slight glare "What did you say!?" Leyla says with a bit of a snap in
her voice, clearly not in a pleasant mood. Leyla, dressed in light orange
short skirt and matching two-strapped top, flips her long curly dark hair
back as she shakes her head "It's not's not fair at all!"

Carlito tosses his half eaten apple into a nearby trashcan, "Carlito said
that wasn't cool... Carlito thought you were gonna win the Raw Diva Search,"
Carlito replies to Leyla's question.

Masters shrugs, "Yeah... it was obvious you should've won... it was just some
bad luck."

Leyla shakes her head as she glances at the television screen, seeing Ashley
Massaro celebrating in the ring " only reason she won, was
because she gave out her stupid cell phone number!" Leyla's eyes narrow a
bit as she presses her soft lips together, watching the television monitor
in the backstage area.

Carlito smiles, "Now that was cool... Carlito never thought someone would do
that..." Carlito then looks at the television screen and then looks back at
Leyla, "But still, losing like that is not cool..."

Masters nods, "Yeah, you should've knocked her flat on her ass... show those
people they voted for the wrong person."

Leyla shakes her head again "I am clearly more attractive...then that
wanna-be punk rocker..."

"That goes without saying..." Masters says as he starts to walk over to her
and starts checking her out, "You're a masterpiece... and I would know."

Leyla smirks slightly and nods her head at Masters "Why thank
clearly know greatness, when you see it...and I am greatness!" Leyla replies
as she presses her lips together, giving off a sultry look.

"That you are..." Masters replies as he licks his lips slightly.

Carlito then snaps his fingers and points at Leyla, "You know... Carlito
thinks you're cool... you're not getting all uncool like some people do when
they lose unfairly..." Carlito then walks over to Leyla, stands next to her
and puts an arm around her, "Carlito thinks you might want to let out some
frustration..." he says with a smirk.

Leyla raises her eyebrow as she turns a bit, with her arms folds. Leyla looks
at Carlito with her lips pressed together "Let out frustration, huh?" Leyla
licks her lips as her lustful eyes lighten up.

Carlito nods his head, "Yeah... it's not cool to stay mad over something..."

Masters grins slightly as he tilts his head a bit to get a better look of
Leyla's backside, "That's a really good idea... I know I'm speaking for
Carlito when I say we'd love help you... get over what happened out there..."

Leyla turns to Masters "We? Huh?" Leyla licks her lips "Mmm...two is always
better than least that's how I see it."

"Two is always cool..." Carlito licks his lips a bit.

Masters smirks as he sees Leyla looks at his muscular body, "A locker room
is just around the corner..." He says as he points down the hall.

Leyla smirks as she links left her arm around Carlito and her right arm
around Masters "Well boys...why don't you show me the way?" Leyla says in a
soft, seductive voice.

Masters smirks, "Just walk with us..." He says as they all start walking
down the hallway. Carlito looks down at Leyla and licks his lips as he has
a perfect view of how perfectly Leyla's orange top fits her body. They all
go around a corner and stop right outside the locker room door.

Carlito un-links his arm from Leyla's and pushes the locker room door open,
"Here we are... Carlito's dressing room," He says with a smile.

Leyla nods her head and smiles, unlinks her arm from Masters and steps inside
of Carlito's nicely decorated locker room. Leyla folds her arms and nods her
head as she looks around the locker room "Nice...very..." Leyla pauses and
smirks "Cool..."

"Carlito gets the best dressing room... better than Mr. McMahon..." Carlito
brags as Masters enters the locker room and closes the door.

"Yeah sure Carlito..." Masters smirks as he steps behind Leyla and pats her
perfect ass through the material of her short orange skirt.

Leyla looks over her shoulder with a smirk as Masters feels up her perfect
round ass "You like that?" Leyla asks with a playful smile as she slowly
hikes her short skirt, up and over her ass revealing her nice and gorgeously
round black thong, covered ass.

Masters licks his lips and nods as he pats her ass directly, "Yeah I do...
you got a hot looking ass..." Masters then softly slaps Leyla's right ass
cheek, but he still leaves a bit of a red imprint of his hand on her skin.

Carlito walks around Leyla and stands right in front of her, "Carlito knows
what'll be really cool..." He says as he places his hands at the bottom of
Leyla's orange top and starts to lift it up, just as Masters is starting to
tug down Leyla's black thong.

Leyla lifts her arms up as Carlito removes her orange top to reveal her
braless, tanned skinned perfect tits. Leyla glances over her shoulder as
she feels Masters remove her black thong. The thong drops down her smooth
legs and she then steps out of her thong once it drops down to her feet.
Leyla reaches back and places her left hand against the crotch of Masters's
wrestling trunks, feeling his cock concealed in the materials of his trunks.

Masters pushes his hips forward so that his crotch is pressing up against
Leyla's left hand. "You like how that feels?" He asks with a smirk as he
starts to push down Leyla's short skirt.

Leyla licks her lips as she starts to rub her left hand against Masters's
crotch "Mmm... ohhh... it feels great.." Leyla moans softly as she reaches
toward with her right hand and presses her right hand against Carlito's

Carlito slips off his blue tropical shirt, which falls off his arms down to
the floor, "Carlito bets that feels cool..." He says as he pushes his crotch
against Leyla's right hand. Carlito then places both of his hands on Leyla's
chest and flicks his thumbs over her nipples to feel them as they get hard.

Masters has successfully pushed down Leyla's skirt down her smooth legs and
is now slowly lowering his trucks, "No Carlito, she's going to think this
feels cool..." Masters smirks as he lowers his wrestling trunks enough so
that now Leyla's hand is pressing right against his half hard ten-inch cock.
Leyla licks her lips as she looks over her shoulder and Masters's cock, which
is free from his wrestling tights. Leyla turns a bit to face Masters and then
lowers herself down onto her knees between Masters and Carlito. Leyla wraps
her soft left hand around Masters's cock and begins to guide her hand up and
down his shaft, feeling his cock harden almost instantly in her soft hand.

Masters smirks a bit as he watches Leyla softly stroke his rigid cock with
her left hand. Meanwhile, Carlito is removing his own wrestling trunks and
soon his own eleven-inch cock is free from them. He steps over to Leyla's
right side and smirks, 'Hey, Carlito's got a big banana too..." Carlito
says as his own cock slowly becomes harder without Leyla's touch.

Leyla licks her lips as she glances at Carlito's cock "Mmmm...I love big
cocks..." Leyla says with a slight moan as she wraps her right hand around
Carlito's cock, now stroking both Masters's and Carlito's cock at the same
pace. Leyla flips her dark, curly hair from side to side as she uses her
skilled hands against their two shafts.

Masters smirks, "I think all of you diva search chicks do..." Masters says
as he folds his arms across his muscular chest. He moans slightly as he
thrusts his hips forward, pushing his cock against her hair when ever Leyla
slides her hand down to the base of his cock. Carlito places a hand on
Leyla's head and holds her dark, curly hair back so that it doesn't fall
forward to cover her face.

Leyla turns her head to Carlito's cock and places her tongue against the head
of his cock. She begins to circle her tongue around the head cock, leaving
the head of his cock moist with her saliva as she turns her head away from
Carlito's cock, turning her attention to the Masterpiece. Leyla gently flicks
her tongue against the underside of Masters's cock, before slowly dragging
her wet tongue up his shaft, heading towards the head of his cock, while
steadily stroking Carlito's cock.

"Mmmmm what a tongue..." Masters moans as he closes his eyes a bit as he
feels Leyla's tongue travel up and down the underside of his cock.

Carlito continues to hold Leyla's hair back as he licks his lips, "She's
really letting her frustration out... that's cool..." Leyla brings her
tongue up to the head of Masters's cock and opens her hot mouth, she lowers
her head down on his cock, wrapping her lips around his shaft. Leyla starts
to gradually bob her head swiftly on Masters's cock as she moves her hand
quicker against Carlito's cock, while bobbing her head quicker on Masters's

"Ohhh yeah... yeah Leyla... suck it..." Masters moans as he unfolds his arms
and slides one hand over his own short hair. Carlito licks his lips as Leyla
continues to skillfully stroke his dick. Leyla slowly lifts her head up
Masters's cock and flips her curly hair back with a smile as she turns on her
knees to Carlito. Leyla licks her lips as she opens her warm mouth up and
takes Carlito's cock into her sensual mouth. Leyla wraps her soft lips around
his cock and starts to bob her head on Carlito's cock. Leyla starts to lap
her tongue around Carlito's cock, splashing his cock with her warm saliva.

"Now that's cool..." Carlito moans as he feels Leyla's saliva move over his
cock via her tongue. He lets her hair go a little and some strand fall down
to over her face. Meanwhile, Masters moves around to behind the runner-up of
the 2005 Diva Search and pulls her ass up a bit.

"Time... to really help her... get over losing..." Masters smirks as he then
shoves his thick cock into her tight pussy. Leyla releases a soft move from
her mouth with Carlito's cock in her mouth, feeling Masters's ram his hard
cock into her tight, warm pussy. Leyla pushes herself back against Masters
as she loosens her grip around Carlito's cock as she starts to deep throat
his Caribbean cock as she laps her skilled tongue around his cock.

Carlito tilts his head back and moans as he feels Leyla skillfully work over
his cock with her warm mouth, "Ahhhh... that's cool... and hot..." Carlito
moans as he lets Leyla's hair down completely and starts running his fingers
through her hair.

Behind her, Masters is steadily thrusting his big ten-inch cock in and out of
Leyla's tight pussy before he lays his hands on her slim hips. "What... a
pussy..." Masters grunts as he begins pulling her back towards him, causing
her ass to slap against his rock hard waist.

Leyla's soft lips slide against Carlito's shaft as she swiftly bobs her head
on his cock. After a few more bobs, she lifts her head up from his cock and
begins to flick her tongue against the head of Carlito's cock "Ohhhhh...
mmmm..." Leyla moans slightly as she slams back against Masters's powerful
cock. Leyla places her hand around Carlito's saliva soaked cock and begins
to rub her own saliva against his cock, gently taking just the head of
Carlito's back into her hot mouth. Leyla wraps her lips tightly around the
head of his cock as she gently works her tongue with his piss-slit.

"Ohhh shit...." Carlito moans as he starts to back his cock out of Leyla's
mouth, causing some of her saliva to dribble down her chin to the locker
room floor.

Masters gives Leyla a few hard thrusts before he surprisingly pulls out of
Leyla's pussy and slaps her ass, "Carlito... her pussy is hot it's cool..."

Carlito smirks, "Carlito wants to feel her pussy now..." Carlito then lays
down on the floor in front of Leyla, and Masters slaps her ass with his cock
a bit.

Leyla licks her lips with a smirk as she flips her hair back again, getting
down on the floor with Carlito. The lovely Leyla mounts herself on top of
Carlito's cock, and comes down slowly, feeling his thick cock enter her warm,
tight pussy. "Ohhhhh Carlito..." Leyla moans as she places her hands down on
his chest. Leyla then starts to slowly bounce on his cock, as she rocks back
and then forth.

Carlito places his hands on Leyla's waist and starts thrusting his cock up
into Leyla's tight pussy, "Mmmm... now Carlito likes this..." Carlito moans
as he starts helping Leyla bounce on his cock.

Masters stands behind Leyla, watching her move on Carlito's cock as he stars
to stroke his own dick, "Damn, you really should've won... you got a nicer
ass than that Ashley chick..."

Leyla looks back at Masters with a smirk " I know I have a nicer
ass...I'm better all around!" Leyla moans slightly as she slams herself down
on Carlito's cock after he thrusts his cock up into her sweet pussy. Leyla
continues to looks back at the Masterpiece " you have something for
my mouth?" Leyla asks as she steady bounces on the cock of Carlito.

"I think I do..." Masters smirks as he moves over to the right of side of
Leyla and holds his cock near her sexy mouth. The Masterpiece pushes his
cock past her lips, just as Carlito gives Leyla a sharp thrust up into her

"Mmmm.... this is really... fucking cool..." Carlito grunts as he moves his
right hand up to Leyla's right breast and presses his palm right down against
her stiff nipple. Leyla moans as she moves her left hand up from Carlito's
chest and wraps it around Masters's cock. Leyla wraps her soft lips around
Masters's cock and starts to move her head along his cock, sucking him at a
decent pace as she grinds her warm pussy down against Carlito's cock. Leyla
circles her head around on Masters's cock as she bounces on Carlito's cock.

Masters grits his teeth as he begins thrusting his cock in and out of Leyla's
mouth. Whenever he pushes his dick pass her lip, he makes her deep throat his
cock, resulting in his balls slapping against her chin, "Ahhh... shit... you
sure... can suck dick..." Masters groans as he yanks a handful of Leyla's
curly hair when she slams down on Carlito's cock. Leyla presses her tongue
against the underside of Masters's cock and begins to work her tongue his
cock as she bobs her head quicker on his Masterpiece of a cock. Leyla's moans
vibrate against Masters's cock as she slams down harder on Carlito's cock.
Leyla closes her eyes as she sucks on Masters's cock, while riding Carlito's

Masters pulls his cock out of Leyla's mouth, and his dick is dripping with
her saliva. "Shit... I'm gonna fuck your ass..." Masters lifts the lovely
woman off of Carlito's cock and carries her over to the leather couch. He
kneels her on it, so that she's facing the wall and he then proceeds to ram
his cock all the way into Leyla's asshole in one swift movement.

Carlito sits up on the floor and looks at Masters, "Hey man, that wasn't

Masters looks at him and smirks, "Maybe... but this... is..." He replies as
he drills Leyla's tight little asshole with fast stiff thrusts.

Leyla grits her teeth as her hands clench the back of the leather cock
"Ohhhhh ahhhhhh...fuck!" Leyla moans as Masters drills his cock into her
tight, cozy asshole "Ohhhh fuck yes" Leyla moans as she closes eyes, gently
pushing herself back against his cock. Leyla reaches down, between her legs
and places two of her fingers against her warm pussy. She begins to rub her
pussy as sweat starts to drip off of her tanned body.

"Ohhh yeah..... you like that don't ya!" Masters grunts as he starts
breathing rather hard as he savagely fucks Leyla's asshole. He places his
hands back on her hips and pulls her back towards him, causing her ass to
repeatedly collide with his muscular body. Carlito gets up from the floor
and he goes over to the couch and sits next to Leyla on her left side, and
he reaches under her with one hand and starts rubbing her pussy with her,
until she moves her hand away, allowing him to push two fingers into her

Leyla tilts her head back and groans "Ohhhhh fuck..." Leyla opens her eyes
and licks her lips, licking the sweat forming above her upper lip.

"Ahhh... ahhhh fuck.... yeah...." Masters clenches his eyes shut as he
rams his cock as deep as it can go inside of Leyla's tight cozy asshole. The
Masterpiece then starts to cum inside of her asshole, filling it up with his
hot load.

Leyla grits her teeth as she feels Masters's cum enter her tight asshole
"Ohhhhh Chris..." Leyla moans as she narrows her eyes into a lustful gaze.

"Ahhh shit..." Masters moans as he starts to pull his cock out of Leyla's
asshole. He slides it over Leyla's ass cheeks, to smear some of his cum on
her skin.

Carlito continues to pump his fingers in and out of Leyla's pussy as he holds
his own cock, "You want more of Carlito?" He asks her with a smirk.

Leyla nods her head with her teeth gritted, but in a smile "Ohhh...I want a
lot more."

"How do you want Carlito?" He asks as he withdraw his fingers from her pussy.

Leyla licks her lips as she looks back at the cool Caribbean "Mmmm...Well...
I'd love to have you fuck my pussy again."

Carlito smirks, "All right... that'll be Cool..." Carlito moves off the couch
and lays Leyla on her back on the couch. He then inserts his cock into her
pussy and starts fucking her at a decent pace.

Leyla looks up at Carlito, locking her eyes with his eyes as she wraps
her smooth legs around Carlito's waist. "Ohhhh Carlito...ohhhh...that's it
baby..." Leyla moans as Carlito thrusts his cock quicker into her warm cunt.

Sweat drips off of Carlito's body on to Leyla's chest with each and every one
of his thrusts, "Yeah.... you... like how Carlito fucks you..." Carlito fucks
Leyla with everything he's got, with his balls slapping non-stop against her

Leyla grits her teeth as her tightly grips Carlito's strong arms with hands
"Ohhhh Carlito ...ohhh....I fucking love it!" Leyla moans loudly as she
grinds her pussy against Carlito's cock each time he thrusts deeper into her
glorious pussy.

"Ahhh... ohh yeah... you're gonna cum for Carlito..." Carlito groans as
he rams his cock into her pussy. He lowers his head and starts sucking on
Leyla's left breast.

"Mmmm...ohhh....Carlito!" Leyla moans as she arches her back and starts to
cum against Carlito's cock. Leyla's breathing increases as she sweats.

Carlito licks his lips as he feels Leyla's pussy tighten around his cock,
"Ohhh yeah.... that's... cool!" Carlito moans loudly as he starts to cum
inside of Leyla's climaxing pussy.

Leyla tilts her head back and licks her lips feeling the warmth of Carlito's
cum enter her well-fucked pussy "Ohhhh are very cool."

"Carlito knows..." Carlito replies as he give Leyla a few more stiff thrusts
to make sure all of his hot cum enters her cunt before he pulls out. Masters,
who has put on his wrestling trunks, smirks as he watches Carlito sit next to
Leyla on the couch. "So Leyla... how are you feeling?" he asks her.

Leyla nods her head with a smile as she sits up "Better...I think, but I'm
still ticked!"

Carlito smirks at her, "That's cool... but at least you're not feeling bad...
cause that's not cool..."

Leyla shakes her head as she stands up from the couch "I still should have

Masters nods, "Yeah... but still... you could always do what the ones from
last year did and find a way on to the WWE roster..."

Leyla shrugs her shoulders "Yeah..." Leyla sighs as she bends down to pick
up her clothing "Or I could just see if there's any new game shows out there
that need a hottie like me..."


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