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Love Is The 10th Wonder Of The World
by The Diva Mad Sex Squad

The WWE divas Joanie Laurer aka Chyna and Trish Stratus had just finished
doing another day photoshoot and Trish had been interviewed for the WWE
Hedonism website that the photos and videos where going to go on as well
as the video that was gonna be made.

Trish was up in her hotel room is getting out of the shower and decided to
find Joanie so she out side and finds Joanie at the pool in the back of the

Joanie was reasting her arms on the side of the pool and floating on the
water with her head back against the side relaxing and letting the water
unwind her tired muscles

As she slowly fell into a state of bliss, Trish, fresh and clean in a black
thong bikini made her way poolside to greet the amazon diva.

"Hey Jo." Trish said causing Joanie to open her eyes and turn her head to the
left of her Joanie smiled as she saw the Blonde Bombshell walking towards

"Hey Blondie." Joanie said teasinly "How are you?" Joanie asked

"Great, now that I can finally get off my feet. That shoot is gonna be the
death of me!" softly giggling.

"Aww...poor Trishy," Joanie said with a rather smug smirk on her face. "Well,
why don't you get in the water? It's like heaven on my body right now."
Joannie suggested.

Trish figured why not so she sneaked in quietly and silently so Joanie
wouldn't hear or notice her that was until Joanie got a face full of water
from Trish.

"Why you little toad." Joanie said and splashed Trish back

The water war had been going on for some time now, but took a suprising turn
as Joanie playfully grabbed the Canadian beauty making both laugh in total
content as she finally made her submit to her playfulness.

Joanie and Trish where locked in like a grapple manover neither was trying to
gain the advantage they where just both bobing on the water locked in this
grappling looking at each other. The feeling of each others bodies made the
quiet atmosphere quickly turn tense as the grappling slowly turned into a
soft embrace.

"Trish." Joanie said feeling that one of them had to speak.

"Yeah Joanie." Trish said.

both they're voices sounded somewhat relaxed which was suprising given the
positon they where in.

"What are we doing?" Joanie asked her body knew what she was doing but her
mind didn't.

With a light-hearted giggled she hesitently responded to her whispering.

"Hopefully something I've been wanted to do for a long time."

The muscular diva's face slowly turned pale as she said. Joanie finally
found the courage and ability to speak again. "You mean...You've wanted me...
the same way...I've been wanting you?" Joanie asked.

The way she said it was as if it was some big sin. Which in a weird way it
was considering Joanie was ment to be with Paul Lavesque aka Triple H and
Trish was ment to be hetrosexual and single.

But deep down inside of both lovely ladies was a hidden desire to have the
soft anatomy of a beautiful woman take them to a new level. A new level of
ecstacy. A new level of passion. As their eyes continued to lock on one
another. They both knew that beautiful women they wanted to do that was each

Trish broke the loving atmosphere by saying, "Baby oh so bad."

Joanie then broke the hold they where both in.

"Um." Joanie said for the first time in a while she was actually lost for

"I want you so badly too." Joanie said trying not to hurt Trish's feelings.
"But er...Before we get into anything...Serious and heavy...I'm gonna need
some time to think about this." Joanie said.

"Because of Paul," Trish softly said disappointed.

"Yeah, I mean I've had a long relationship with him and I don't wanna ruin
that with a one night fling, baby. I hope you understand."

Trish was tempted to tell Joanie what her and the other divas had known
for a while but what they'd kept hidden from Joanie for her own emotional
protection. Trish knew she wanted Joanie but she wasn't about to let her
desire ruin the friendship the two had built together nor was she about to
let it hurt the woman she desired.

"Take all the time you need. I'll be ready when you are." Trish said.

Joanie wanted to hug Trish but she didn't she just climbed out got her towel
and said "Thank you." And then walked off as quickly as she could she got
into her hotel room and closed the door and then fell to the floor.

"Oh god what an idiot I am." Joanie said to herself aloud one of the most
desrable women just said she felt the same way about Joanie as Joanie did for
her and she turned her down flat over Paul who loved Joanie but loved the
business even more. An it wasn't just that but Joanie hadn't had any type of
physical contact in ages Paul had been so busy with Stephanie and the McMahon
Helmsley Era storyline.

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" Joanie asked.

"Terri." Terri Runnels (aka Terri) called back through the door.

Joanie opened the door and let Terri in. As the horny little she devil made
her way in the vast hotel room, her usual high-spirits quickly turned low as
she quickly noticed the pain in Joanie's face.

"What's the matter, hun?" she asked in concern for her fellow diva.

"She likes me, Terri." she said softly in her melancholy state.

"Who?" Terri asked with a frown.

".....Trish" Joanie said almost in a state of depression.

"Oh my God! Well that's terrific!" Terri exclaimed not knowing the full

Joanie quickly explained her dilemma to the blond diva.

"I had a chance to have her, Terri but I backed out. Dammit! I backed out!!"

Terri scratched her head she didn't know if she was the right person to tell
Joanie about Paul and figured she'd best not.

"Listen Joanie you've been with Paul since you joined the WWF I can
understand not wanting to ruin that but..." Terri went silent Joanie looked
at her friend.

"But what?"

"But don't let him stop you having a good time." Joanie sighed again.

"I don't just want a good time with Trish...I want it to be more than that."

Terri then realised Joanie's dilema.

"An so long as your with Paul this can't happen."

"I'm not the type of person to be with one person while I lead another on
Terri. I'm a one man or one woman woman." Joanie said "What am I gonna do."

Terri then got an idea. "Your comming out with me and the other divas." Terri
said in a instructive rather than asking tone.

"I am." Joanie said stunned.

"Get washed get dressed into your best party clothes and meet me and the
others downstairs outside in an hour or else i'll send Trish up here to get
you." Terri said walking to the door she opened it and then turned

"One hour starts now." An with that Terri slammed the door shut leaving
Joanie to get ready.

Meanwhile Terri immediatly headed to see Trish and tell her about the idea
she'd just had.

As Terri headed poolside to meet Trish she made her way to hear as she could
feel her negative vibes from a mile away. She laid a hand on her friend's
shoulder knowing the emotional stae she was in and turned her around.

"Trish, I heard about you and Joanie," she softly said with a comforting

"I want to be with her so bad, Terri. I really do. But I don't wanna tell her
about Paul. It'll make things a thousand times worse." Trish said feeling as
if she was about to burst into tears as proof of how strongly she wanted to
be wtih Joanie.

"Honey, look. You want Joanie and now you know that she wants you, so if this
is gonna work, we don't have a choice. I mean after all I really think she
deserves to know. We can't all just stand by and watch Paul continue to hurt
her and she knows nothing about it when there's someone right here in front
of me that'll love her ten times as much as he ever had.

"Sounds to me like you have a plan." Trish said not liking to admitt it but
was just a tad curious if Terri did have a plan and if she did what it was.

"Get out of this pool go up to your hotel room get washed and get into some
party type of clothes however tonight I want the clothes to make you look
seductive, attractive as well as the most desirable woman on the planet at
least in Joanie's eyes. The plan is we go out Joanie included we go have a
few drinks maybe a little dancing you do everything you can to make Joanie
feel comfortable about you and her being together. Dance with her buy her
drinks just take it step by step. Then we all come back here and then you
and Joanie go somewhere private your hotel room or hers and talk about how
you feel. How long you've felt this way and what you'd like to have happen
now. An if and When Paul get's mentioned and only when his name get's
mentioned tell her the truth." Terri said.

"But I know she loves him. What if she does't believe me? What if she just
thinks that I'm saying it to make her think..." As Trish's negative thinking
pour over, Terri abruptly stopped her in her tracks by saying,

"Trish, look. If she really cares about you like she says she does, she'll
know it's for real. Trust me. Just go with the flow of tonight, follow the
plan and open your heart. That's all you need to do. Otherwise you'll be
around her wondering what life would be like with Joanie loving you and you
loving her. Just trust me, baby. You do trust me, don't you Trish?"

With a deep sigh, Trish finally gathered her courage and said, "Yeah. Let's
do it."

An so Joanie and Trish both did as Terri said and an hour later. All the
divas Tori Lita Terri Trish Joanie where all outside.

"Everybody here?" Terri asked she looked around the small ground, "Good then
let's go."

An with that they walked down the road till they came to a nightclub called
"The Lounge Of Love." Terri then turned the group and said, "Let's start here
and if there's nothing good going on in here we'll head somewhere else."
Terri said and with that she opened the door and led the group in.

It wasn't exacterly packed but then it wasn't empty either. It was about
55% full infact. Terri found a table for the girls. Tori Lita and Terri sat
together leaving Joanie and Trish no choice but to sit together Joanie and
Trish both turned to the other divas' tabble with rather worrisome looks as
they slowly way to their table. The 2 divas reluctantely sat across from each
other eyes awy from each other for a few minutes before Joanie finally broke
the silence.

"Trish, you look so beautiful tonight," Joanie said with a sad smile on her

"Why, thank you Joanie," feeling more comfortable with the raven haired divas

As the night progressed, so did their comfort. In only a half hour's time the
two divas had when from total saddness to their regular old happy selves just
like old times, However this was quite different.

Terri watched as Trish and Joanie had gone from sitting either ends of the
table to sitting right next to each other. Terri throughout the night had
mouthed a few ideas to Trish which Trish had done and Joanie accepted. Terri
felt now was as good a time as any to take the next step. Trish looked over
at Terri and Terri mouthed the words "Ask her to dance."

Trish giggled lightly as she looked in Joanie's eyes and asked her to dance.
Joanie's nod was all the encouragement she needed to lead her to the dance
floor to show her the time of her life. And so they did, more than they ever
imagined they would. Terri quietly gave a thumbs up to her fellow diva as
Joanies back was turned toward her. Trish promptly return the thumbs up, and
followed it with a reassuring wink. The divas at the other table have been
having a good time also reveling on the plan going so far so good.

Despite not wanting too and trying to resist or trying not too Joanie could
feel herself slipping deep and deeper in love with Trish. Once the dance
ended Joanie let go of Trish and just looked at her and finally said, "Can
we go somewhere private and talk please?" Joanie asked.

Trish's heart beated ten times as fast at that moment for she knew that this
was it. It was now or nothing. So with a loving but scared look in her hazel
eyes she replied, "Yeah come on let's go take a walk to the beach that's
near here."

For the first part of the walk neither of them spoke finally Joanie broke the
unbearable silence with a question and that question was "How long have you
been attracted to me?"

"For a couple of years now," Trish began. "The moment I saw you with your
lovely long hair, and...beautiful body and we started getting closer and I
started talking to you about my problems. You're just so caring and loving
and beautiful, I couldn't help but to have my feeling grow stronger."

Joanie smiled a sad smile "I fell in love with you about the same time."
Joanie admitted, "I loved the fact you where so ready to do anything try
anything give it your all you where all business when it was time to be
serious and when it wasn't you where as free will and as wild in some cases
as anybody I'd ever seen." Joanie admitted

"Oh, Jo...I could never do what you've done. You've taken the whole women's
division to a whole new level. At that moment I knew that it wasn't just a
physical attraction, it was a mental one as well. I knew that I wanted to be
with such a lovely, smart, open-minded woman like you.."

Joanie then burst out laughing "I'm sorry Trish I'm not laughing at you it's
just weird how we seem to be perfect for each other and yet we both wanted to
be the other person. You wanted to be and i wanted to be you," Joanie said in
her own way saying she wanted to be like Trish. "I fell in love with you
mentally first Trish and then after your first match it was physical as well
as mental."

Having these revealations upon them both ladies laughed whole-heartedly as
the night air became more tense. As the laughing stopped, their eyes were
locked feeling each other's love.

Joanie hanged her head, "Trish I've never said this to anybody before but I
want to make sure you know or i want you to belive that your very important
and special to me so here goes."

Joanie took a deep breath, "Nobody has touched my heart the way you have
nobdoy's been so understanding and in a friendly way loving supportive and
above all else non-judgemental...My heart is your Trish it belongs to you...
But my head belong to Paul...It's not in me to decive a person to have two
relationships going at the same time. I'd like to say my heart over rules my
head but I'm afraid they work together and have equal control over me."
Joanie said her eyes swelling up with tears.

Trish gazed her hurting friend with a heavy heart. It was all too clear now
what she must do. She loved her entirely too much for what she knew about her
lover to be kept back any longer, so with that she gathered all her courage
and wiping Joanie tears almost in them herself softly said "Oh, Joanie, I
love you so much. I really need to tell you something before we go any

Joanie looked up at Trish she wiped her eyes and held onto Trish's hand,
"What is it?" Joanie asked her eyes once again locked on the woman she loved.

Trish's tears came flowing for she knew that what she would tell her next
would either make or break their relationship. She reluctantly looked in her
eyes and cried softly. "Jo, The last thing I would ever want to do is hurt
you. I want you to know that but...."

"What is it, hun," Jo anticipated.

"Since soon after the begining of his new angle Paul's been cheating on you."
Trish blurted out.

Joanie looked at Trish stunned Trish couldn't look Joanie in the eyes for
fear of her response. "With who?" Joanie asked.

"His onscreen wife." Trish said.

Joanie shook her head in disbelief. "No!" She then cried out, "That's not
true. That's impossible."

"Joanie I..."

Joanie then moved before Trish could go to hug her Joanie then pointed to
Trish, "Stay away from me!" An with that Joanie turned and ran from Trish
heading back to her hotel room.

Trish with an eye full of tears ran after Joanie and was determined to
declare her love for her no matter what. The very thought of losing Joanie
was unbearable. She stopped Joanie dead in her tracks as the muscular diva
struggled to escape out of Trish's clutches.

"GET OFF ME DAMMIT!" she exclaimed.

"Joanie I love you. That is the only reason I told you the truth."

"It isn't the truth Trish it's just your attempt to have me to yourself.
Well, guess what it back fired. You'll never have me. Never ever ever now
get the fuck off me." Joanie in a fit of rage forced Trish off of her and
then ran off.

Joanie got into her hotel room and slammed the door shut. Joanie's mind began
to race she was trying to convince herself it wasn't true but for reason she
couldn't. Finally Joanie decided there was one sure fire way to prove that it
wasn't true and with that Joanie got out her mobile and dialed Paul's number
she waited a few second before somebody answered the person who answered
wasn't Paul.

"Hello." came a very femanine voice. Joanie's jaw dropped and her love for
Paul was destoryed.

"Hello?" The voice repeated Joanie couldn't breath she couldn't think she
couldn't even move.

"Who the hell is this?"

Joanie finally found the ability to speak, "Paul's ex-" was all Joanie said
Stephanie went to say "Joanie-" But then Joanie ended the call and turned her
phone off. What had she done? Trish was telling her the truth she knew it now
and yet she'd called Trish a liar and swore Trish would never have her and
yet at this momment in time the only person Joanie wanted to be with was

Joanie's world came crashing down as her tears came down, representing every
bit of pain and hurt she ever felt in her life. Her only wish at that moment
was to have Trish. Only Trish could ease the pain. Only Trish could be the
catalyst for her sadness. Soft footsteps were made as the Canadian beauty
reluctantly made her made into the bedroom only to see her love on the floor
with her hands buried in her pain ridden face. Although she had previously
told her to stay out of her life for good, she quickly realized what was
going on and comforted her wrapping her arms around her letting her emotions

"Oh god, Jo...I'm so sorry. Trish, I love you so much, I'm sorry. I love
you," she cried as her tears continued to flow embracing the blond diva.

The sad atmosphere thickened as they stayed in each other's arms for some
time reflecting over the events of the night. When their crying stopped their
eyes met yet once again feeling more loved than any of them had ever felt
before, just like in the pool. This time there was no stopping them. Their
lips made their way to each other as they finally showed how strong their
love was for one another with a gentle kiss.

Joanie's broken heart was mended with that single sign of love after all
those years after so many times of wanting to and not wanting to. After
wondering if it was right if it was wrong it all slipped away into nothing
as Joanie slowly opened her mouth and accepted Trish's tongue in and turned
the kiss from gentle into passionate.

Their love was declared at that very moment in time as both divas tasted
each other's womanly fluids. This was a love made in heaven for both divas
making them more hot than they've ever been.

Joanie finally broke the kiss and looked at where they where and what was
next to them. "What do you say we get off this cold floor and move next
door?" Joanie asked meaning into the bed they where leaning against.

"I thought you'd never asked" the blond beauty responded with a loving grin.

The two divas rose from the floor and continued to revel in each other love
as they stared to undress each other.

Once undressed Joanie was the first to get in and pretended to shiver.
"Bbbbbbbbrrrrrrr it's cold in here." She said Trish then got in and smiled
as she said, "Let's warm this bed and each other up then."

Trish gave her new lover a seductive smile as she slithered her lovely frame
in the bed and straddled herself on her once again kissing her blues away.

As they locked lips and they're tongues wrestled with each other Joanie and
Trish's hands began to explode the other's body they could feel the heat from
one and other. Joanie decided she should be the first to give the pleasure
and so she moved her way down Trish's body not breaking the contact her lips
had with Trish just going from her lips to her chin to her neck down to her
breasts. Joanie ten took a nipple and lovingly suckled and gently nibbled it
as she played with the othe breast with her spare hand.

Trish cooed in desire due to Joanies firm but loving touch. She had never
thought she would experience anything like this. So sensual and pleasing. As
Joanie's hot mouth was busy with the blond diva's succulent breast, she could
feel a all too familiar sensation from beneath as her vagina turn soaking wet
due to pleasing her blond friend.

Joanie then decided to move not her entire body but the hand that was
pleasing the other breasts a little lower. An so while keeping her mouth
securly on the breast Joanie let her hand wander down to Trish's vagina and
slowly began to gently slip a finger in and out of it amazed at how wet it
was and knowing quite asoundingly it was her that caused Trish to be so wet.

Trish's aching sugarwalls sucked in the finger like a vacuum as Trish's
moaning became deeper and louder with every stroke. The thought of pleasing
a beautiful woman like Trish made her sweet twat drip like a faucet making
her hornier than any man could ever make her. It was clearly the beginning
of the end as Joanie knew that her tender body was about to explode.

However Joanie wasn't about to let Trish cum second and so she then put a
second and then a third finger in and then moved from the breasts down and
began to give Trish's vagian some tounge love.

At long last, Joanie effort to pleasure Trish quickly came to an end as
Trish's legs quivered and let out a monstorous orgasm making her whole body
rip apart.

At the same time Joanie's body started to tremble as her orgasm took over
her whole body. Once she managed to gain control of it again she crawled
over next to Trish and layed on her elbow looking at the woman in her life
nothing but unconditional love was in Joanie's eyes and heart for Trish as
Joanie brushed some hair out Trish's face gently.

"God you're so beautiful, Trish. I would've never thought that I could find
a true love but I was wrong." As she snuggled Trish's tired body, she gently
kissed her tasty lips giving all of the assurance she needed that she'd
always have someone to love and vice-versa.

As the two closed they're eyes to go to sleep they both knew that with this
day ending and a new one just beinging so too was a part they're lives
ending. An they knew that with the new day came a new part of they're lives
one they both suspected would be the best part.

The End
_ _ _

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