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Lovely Lita
by tms41414

My buddy Dave and I were over at his place for another Monday night ritual.
Watching WWE Raw. We sat there and commented on the angles and storylines
Vince McMahon had concocted for his wrestlers. The always mouth-watering
Lita came on screen and we both perked up. As we commented on the things we'd
like to do to Lita that had nothing to do with wrestling, our girlfriends
rolled their eyes. They were used to us talking like this whenever she came
on screen. She was without a doubt our favorite WWE Diva.

"I'd do her." I said to Dave, matter-of-factly, and not for the first time.

"Oh hell yeah." he agreed with me. "Like that." he said snapping his fingers.

The show went to commercial and Dave headed to the fridge to fetch us two
cold beers. Our girlfriends were not big wrestling fans like we were, but
they watched for guys like Edge, Jeff Hardy, Bradshaw and my girlfriend's
favorite, The Undertaker. As Dave came back into the room I was pointing at
the TV. "Dude, check it!"

The commercial on TV was by the local radio station, apparently the WWE was
going to be in town next month for a live broadcast of Raw. The radio station
was holding a contest. Every morning they'd ask a WWE trivia question and the
first person to call in with the correct answer would win two tickets to the
show. At the end of a two-week period a grand prize winner would be randomly
drawn from the ticket winners, and that person and a guest would get to spend
the day after the event with the WWE wrestler of their choice.

Dave looked at me and grinned. Out of all our friends we knew a hell of a
lot about wrestling.

"You know who I'm picking if I win," Dave said.

"Lita!" we both said.

Ever since her days as Miss Congeniality in ECW, I always had a thing for
Amy Dumas (Lita's real name). And when she came to the WWE (back when it
was still the WWF) as the valet of first Essa Rios and then The Hardy Boyz,
I had a new appreciation for her. And realized how hot she really was.

We had missed that mornings trivia question, but we made a deal that if
either one of us won, we would invite the other one. For the next week,
I listened to the radio every morning and tried to call in, but was
unsuccessful. I knew the answers, but so did other people and they called
in before I could. As week two wound down Dave and I realized that we
might not win the tickets as he never got through to the station either.
The next morning that was all about to change. Thursday morning I got out
of the shower and turned on the radio waiting for the trivia question.

"And here is today's trivia question for two tickets to the live taping of
WWE Raw next Monday...."

"Just ask it already!" I said to the radio as I got dressed.

"What was the name of the character Hulk Hogan played in the movie Rocky
III? Once again, what was the name of the wrestler Hulk Hogan played in
Rocky III?"

I practically dove on the phone. I had the radio station on AutoDial and hit
the button. And then I felt butterflies in my stomach as I got through! I
turned down my radio as the DJ got on the line.

"Ok, what's your name man?"

"Tony." I said, breathless.

"Okay, Tony, now for two tickets to next Monday's taping of WWE Raw, answer
this question. What was the name of Hulk Hogan's character in the movie Rocky

I smiled confidently and said "Thunderlips."

"That's right, you've just won two tickets to next Monday's taping of WWE
Raw and are automatically entered in our drawing for you and a friend to
spend the day after the event with the WWE star of your choice. Any idea
who you'd like to spend the day with?"

Again I smiled, "Lita. She is my absolute favorite!"

"Well we'll see tomorrow." he put me on hold for a moment, "Remember folks
the drawing will be tomorrow afternoon at 5pm, during the Drive at 5 show."
He then started the next song, and transferred me over to the contest
department. I gave them my full name, address and phone number so they
could FedEx me my tickets.

My phone rang three seconds after I hung up.

"I just heard!" Dave said, "So you're taking me right?"

"Of course," I said, "A deal's a deal."

"And if you win a day with a WWE superstar we're spending the day with Lita

"You even have to ask?"

"You are the fuckin' man."

However, I did have to go to work, so I said goodbye to Dave and headed out
the door. That night as we watched WWE SmackDown! We discussed all the things
we would ask Lita if I won the grand prize. The next morning my tickets
arrived, and I had the day off from work. (I worked an irregular schedule,
and got odd days of the week off.) That afternoon at 5pm I sat through a ten
song set before they announced the winner. My heart sunk when my name was not
the name they called out. But the winner had five minutes to call in. After
another two song set the winner they announced hadn't called in and they said
the guy had missed his chance. My heart sped up.

"Our new grand prize winner is...Tony Sal--" I was dialing before they
finished telling me I had five minutes to call. As I claimed my prize I was
put on the phone with a rep from the WWE to confirm which wrestler me and
Dave wanted to spend the day with. When I told him Lita he told me he would
clear her schedule for Tuesday so she could spend the day with my buddy and

I heard a knock at the door and there was Dave with a shit-eating grin on
his face. "You are my new God!" he said. "We get to spend the day with Lita!"

The two weeks until the show passed way too slowly. Dave and I spent the
whole two weeks planning for the Tuesday after the show (and I had managed
to get off working that day). The Monday night of the show finally arrived
and we sat ringside and watched Raw live. It was another good show. Before
the show the rep from the WWE told us to wait in our seats after the show
was over. When the show was over and the arena cleared out the rep came
back down to our seats and told us to follow him. He gave us VIP passes and
invited us backstage. We walked past the wrestlers and were introduced as
the contest winners. I couldn't believe that Dave and I were shaking hands
with Rob Van Dam, Jeff Hardy, the Big Show, Booker T, Trish Stratus and a
whole host of others. Finally we stopped outside Lita's locker room. The
rep knocked.

"Come in." We heard Lita say. He opened the door and the site that met us
made our jaws drop. Lita was wearing the same thing she had worn for her
match that night. A blue halter top under a red fishnet shirt, her black
baggy JNCO jeans, with a blue thong showing and her boots. Her hair was
pulled back into a ponytail and the dragon tattoo on her shoulder grinned
at us.

"Lita, this is Tony and Dave. They won the radio station contest. I figured
you'd like to meet them before you spent tomorrow with them."

"Thanks Brad," she said, "Give me a minute." The rep made a face, "But Miss
Dumas, Mr. Ross said--"

"I'm a big girl, Brad." she said, "If Jim Ross has a problem with it he can
come see me."

Brad reluctantly left the two of us alone with Lita; she smiled at us as we
stood there nervous as two schoolboys. "If you boys don't say something I'm
going to be real disappointed."

"Sorry," I said finally finding my voice, "But I--we've waited a long time
for this moment. We are your biggest fans."

"Yeah," Dave said, locating his voice as well. "I've followed your career
since you came to the WWF."

"I remember you from your days as Miss Congeniality in ECW." I said. "The
first time I saw you I thought to myself, 'She is a babe'."

Lita laughed, "Well I'm flattered. And I hope you boys are ready for a busy
day tomorrow. However that Brad twerp is gonna have to be there, so..." she
grinned wickedly "...we'll have to find a way to loose him. I hate being
confined to someone else's schedule."

Well Dave and I had spent our whole lives in the city and we told her we
knew side streets and back doors to get away from Brad. She grinned again.
She gave each of us a hug and kiss on the cheek before we left the arena.

The next morning at 9am a Limo showed up at my door. Lita herself knocked
on my door while Brad stood frowning from the limo. She was wearing a zebra
striped top, her black jeans, a zebra striped thong showing (she always wears
her thongs showing for those of you that don't follow wrestling), and a pair
of sneakers. We headed back to the limo that Vince McMahon had provided for
the day and I gave the directions to Dave's house, which was just two blocks
up from mine.

We talked to Lita about her career, and she told us to call her Amy. "Away
from the ring and the cameras I'm just Amy." she said.

"So was that relationship with Matt Hardy real?" Dave asked. Dave liked Jeff
Hardy and hated Matt.

"For a while it was, but when they broke up the Hardy Boyz, he and I started
travelling on different schedules since I'm on Raw and he's on SmackDown."

"Good," Dave said, "I always hated that clownshoe."

Lita's laugh made her magnificent tits bounce inside her top, "Clownshoe?!
That's great."

"Yeah, big, red and silly." Dave said.

We talked wrestling and then went on a sightseeing tour of our fair town.

"This is fun." Lita said, "I never get the chance to go sightseeing when I'm
on the road. It's usually get to the city, do the show, get back on the road
and move on to the next house show or the next promotional gig. Oh! A park!
Driver stop!"

The driver pulled the car to a halt and Lita fished under her seat for a
minute. When she bent over her shirt fell open at just the right angle
for Dave and I to see that she clearly had no bra on. And we could see
everything. I instantly got a hard on and adjusted the way I was sitting
so no one else in the car would notice. Lita came up with a Frisbee and
bounded out of the car.

Brad, Dave and I followed, Brad fretting the whole time. "Miss Dumas, this
isn't on the itinerary!"

"Go long boys!" Lita shouted and tossed the Frisbee at Dave and I.

She turned to Brad and grabbed the sheet of paper from his hands and ripped
it up. "Fuck the itinerary!" She then noticed that Dave and I were lost in
the underbrush looking for where she had thrown the Frisbee. She came in to
help us look for it.

"Found it!" Dave yelled.

We turned to head back out.

"Did you boys enjoy the show in the limo?" Lita asked us.

"What show?" I asked.

"You know where I bent over!" And with that, she pulled up her shirt showing
us her perfect tits. Dave and I both gaped and my already hard cock pumped
with even more excitement. I'm pretty sure Dave was sporting wood too.

"Go ahead and touch them. I won't bite...unless you want me to."

Dave and I moved forwards and each grabbed a breast. I took her right, and
Dave took the left. We flicked and tweaked her nipples and she moaned. "Mmmm,
that feels nice."

Just then Brad came crashing through the underbrush and Lita quickly pulled
down her top. We spent the day running all over town. We stopped by the mall
and hit the arcade to play a few video games, we took turns racing against
her on the multiplayer racing games, and teaming up with her on shooting
games. Then the amusement park where we raced go-karts, climbed a twenty-foot
wall, ate lunch and won a stuffed teddy bear by knocking down some bottles.
We also hit the roller coasters and all the other rides. We then moved onto
the video store where Lita bought us both copies of her video "It Just Feels
Right". Brad was being a wet blanket and when we stopped for dinner Lita
leaned over to us and whispered, "Is there a back door to this place?"

"Yeah, back by the bathrooms." I said.

"Then I'm going to go to the bathroom. You boys wait a minute and then follow
me and we'll sneak out the back door. Brad is killing my buzz."

We met Lita by the bathroom and snuck out the back door. Lita told the limo
driver to take us back to her hotel.

"I'm sorry to have left you boys in the situation I did before." Lita said
slipping off her top, "Allow me to help you release that tension."

Dave and I were both standing at attention in our pants, and Lita fell to her
knees and started working my pants off. My seven inches sprang out to meet

"Mmm, nice and big," she said smiling. She then engulfed my prick in her warm
mouth. She used one hand on my cock and started to undo Dave's pants with her
other hand. Dave was only slightly bigger than I was and once his cock was
out, Lita turned to work on it. She alternated between sucking one of us and
jacking the other one off. We arrived back at the hotel and Lita slipped her
top back on and Dave and I stuffed our aching pricks back into our pants.

She took us back up to her room and locked the door from the inside. "Now to
pick up where we left off." she grinned.

She had Dave and I sit down on the bed and worked her top back off. We both
dropped our pants and our dicks were at attention. She moved Dave back on
the bed, and started to blow him. She looked back to me and said "Get these
fucking pants off me and eat me!"

I happily obliged, fumbling with her belt buckle for a moment and then slid
her pants down. I had to get her sneakers off and quickly tossed them and her
pants onto the floor. I stared at her magnificent thong covered ass for a
moment before I slowly peeled it down. I stared at her blonde haired snatch
for a moment before I dove in face first. I licked and sucked for all I was
worth as she did the same to Dave's tool. They were both moaning at the oral
magic being worked on them.

Lita told us to change positions as a knock came on the door. It was Brad.
He figured us out.

"Miss Dumas!" he yelled through the door, "You're not supposed to be alone
with the contest winners!"

"Brad, get lost if you don't want to be swallowing with three Adam's apples

"But I could loose my job!"

"I'll tell Jim Ross you were a good little boy if you just leave us the fuck
alone!" She yelled, "If not, you'll be unemployed tomorrow morning!"

Brad took this to heart and we heard him mope away. With that done, Dave's
tongue entered her pussy and my cock entered her mouth.

Soon I felt myself coming and I warned Lita. She stopped and said, "Now which
one of you boys gets to fuck me first?"

Dave looked at me; "You won the contest man. I humbly bow to you."

Lita flipped onto her back and simply moaned "Fuck me."

Before she blew me I had pulled my pants off and just had on one of her
shirts (another gift to us) and I quickly tossed that off and mounted her.
My cock slid easily into her dripping cunt. She moaned as I slid into her,
and her strong legs locked me in place. I leaned down and kissed her, our
pierced tongues wrestling with each other as we fucked. Dave moved in and
started fondling her tits. She reached out and grabbed his cock and led it
into her mouth. Dave and I grinned at each other. We were finally doing
what we'd both talked and fantasized about for so long. We were fucking the
ultra hot Lita.

She moaned happily around Dave's cock as I pumped my cock in and out of her.
Then she took his cock out of her mouth long enough to scream out her first

"Fuck...Oh God, Tony...Yes, fuck me, fuck me...I'm cumming! AHHHHHHH!" She
bucked and writhed under me as her cunt spasamed around my cock. I couldn't
hold back any longer and a second later exploded inside her.

Dave tagged me and I fell out of her spent and Dave flipped Lita onto her
hands and knees and buried himself in her doggy style. I lay on my back next
to her and leaned under her and sucked her tits while Dave fucked her.

"Fuck me harder, fuck me faster!" she screamed at him and Dave did as he was
told. Lita pulled my face to hers and kissed me hard, moaning into my mouth
as Dave worked his tool in and out of her. I went back to her tits and moved
a hand down to her clit and massaged it as Dave continued to pound his meat
in and out of her. My hand working in conjunction with Dave's prick soon had
her in another body spasaming orgasm. Dave blew his load moments later.

All three of us lay there for a moment before Lita moved over me and mounted
me stuffing my once again hard cock into her.

"To the winner go the spoils." she said riding me. This time she controlled
the pace. Dave sat on his knees next to her and kissed her and sucked her
tits while she worked her sopping wet snatch up and down on my rock hard
shaft. She continued to moan as I started to thrust up into her getting
deeper and deeper with each thrust. She took her attention away from Dave
for a moment and leaned her hands on my chest and looked into my eyes as she
exploded yet again. Her eyes rolled back and she let out a long shuddering
moan that ran through her whole body as she came. I felt her juices run out
of her cunt and down over my cock and balls. I blasted my second load of the
night deep into her.

We all took a moment to catch our breath and Lita suggested we all get into
the shower to get the sweat off, and so she could clean herself out. Not that
she was worried about getting pregnant. She didn't want her career to be put
on hold because of a baby so she was on the pill. The three of us stuffed
ourselves into the shower and after we both cleaned Lita and she cleaned us.
She dropped to her knees and our cocks were at attention yet again.

She once again alternated between jacking one of us off and blowing the other
one. Dave and I grinned at each other yet again as this gorgeous Diva also
turned out to be a cock hungry whore. When my cock wasn't in her mouth her
right hand was furiously jacking me off and then her mouth enveloped me. I
threw my head back and moaned...

"Oh God, Amy! Baby, I'm gonna cum!" this time Lita only sucked harder and my
third load went right down her throat.

When she drained me dry she turned to Dave. "You got anything for me big

"Only if you get my cock in your mouth." he announced. She went to town on
him and a minute later she was swallowing his cum too.

We exited the shower and cleaned off and then hit the bed again. "Either of
you boys ever fucked a girl in her ass before?"

Dave announced that he and his girl had tried it but she didn't like it. I
told her I never had.

"Never?" she asked. "Not even once?"

"None of the girls I ever dated were into it." I told her.

"Well I am!" she grabbed her bag and pulled out a tube of K-Y jelly. She got
on her hands and knees and took a glob on her fingers and worked two of them
in her ass while I used a handful to get my cock ready. Dave got underneath
her and she guided his cock into her cunt, and then when she told me to I
pressed my cock up against her ass.

"Be careful now," she said, "Slowly push that monster into my asshole."

I did as I was told. The head of my prick slid into her and she squealed. I
inched myself in until I was balls deep in her ass.

"Now fuck me slowly until you can fuck me nice and hard!" she ordered. Dave
and I both took our time in building a rhythm. Soon we were both pounding
into her, and she was moaning and groaning and screaming and bucking in
between the two of us. She had at least two orgasms. "Ahh, fuck you boys are
good! This is the best double-teaming I've ever had! Fuck me good boys, I'm
about to come!" Then she did. For about the third or forth time that night.
Dave and I shot our loads moments later seconds apart. We were both still
hard so we tagged off and switched. I buried myself in her warm pussy; Dave
lubed up with some K-Y and fucked her up the ass.

I blew my fifth load in her pussy after about fifteen minutes of a good solid
fucking, and between her kissing me and screaming at us to fuck her hard and
fast neither one of us could hold back. All three of us came together.

It was nearly 1am, so Dave and I spent the night with her. We both called
our girlfriends and told them that Lita had rented us rooms for the night
since we'd spent all day running around town. We of course slept with her
in between us.

We skipped breakfast the next morning as we had Lita for breakfast. I ate her
as she sucked Dave's tool; after she came we tagged off and switched again.
But instead of letting her blow me, I tit fucked her as Dave ate her, and I
came all over her magnificent tits. She led me to the shower.

"Like I said, to the winner go the spoils." once in the shower I fucked her
in the ass again with her leaning against the wall, as she screamed and
writhed as I mercilessly pounded her, and then came deep in her bowels yet
again. Dave showered alone because Lita was really spoiling this winner.

"Now that he's in there, can you give me one more?" she purred at me, "Just
one last load before I have to go back out on the road and you have to go
home. Can you do that for me?"

"For my favorite Diva, anything."

Her words got the blood back into my cock and she took my tool back into her
mouth and when I was so hard I thought I could break rocks, she flipped onto
her back and spread her legs for me. I slipped inside her as she put her legs
over my shoulders and I pounded into her for what would be the last time.

"Harder, faster! Fuck me Tony! Fuck me good and hard! FUCK ME!" she screamed.
Pretty soon she started bucking and screaming and moaning. "Holy fucking
shit! That feels so fucking good! I'm cumming again! Yes Tony! Do me baby!
I'm gonna cum right...NOW!"

She thrashed like a wild animal underneath me as she came. The look on her
face, the words coming out of her mouth and her pussy contracting on my shaft
milked my final orgasm out of my nuts. I blew my load inside her and we both
collapsed in a sweaty heap.

Soon enough the morning was over and it was nearly noon.

"You boys are champion tag-team fuckers." she said as we all got dressed
and Lita told Brad she was ready to go. We got a drive home and were dropped
off at my door. Our girlfriends were waiting for us. We told them almost
everything that happened. We told them we played Frisbee in the park, walked
around the mall, and showed off our autographed copies of her video, told
them about the amusement park and dinner, and then a question and answer
session at the hotel. We told her that Lita told us about her career, and
told us about some inside information about the business including upcoming

We were good liars because we told them all this with a straight face.

A week later a box arrived at my door. I opened it to find a ton of WWE
exclusive gear. Replicas of all the WWE title belts, several WWE and Lita
T-shirts, and at the very bottom of the box the zebra striped thong she
wore from the day we met. Also in the box was an autographed picture that
read; "To my BIGGEST, fan Tony. It was great! Lita XOXOXO", and a letter
telling us when the WWE would be in our town again, and a promise of two
more free tickets and backstage passes. Dave told me he got the same thing,
except he got a blue thong.

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