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READ THIS FIRST!!! We, Kristi and Dice, want you to know that this is
fiction. Once more, fiction. It ain't true, didn't happen and probably won't
ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Loves To Cheat
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Half a hour after the October 2, 2006 edition of RAW goes off the air, the
Rated R Superstar Edge is leaving the trainer's room within Topeka, Kansas's
Landon Arena after taking a beating in his cage match with WWE Champion John
Cena during the main event. Edge, wearing black wrestling tights, walks down
the hallway that leads to the locker room area and enters his locker room.
"Lita... I need a fucking blowjob..." Edge says but he quickly notices that
Lita isn't there waiting for him. "Baby?" Edge calls out as he goes to check
the shower area of the locker room but doesn't see her there. Edge then walks
out of his locker room and he sees Kenny of the Spirit Squad, still dressed
in the women's cheerleading outfit D-Generation X forced him to wear earlier
in the night. "Hey... did you see Lita?"

Kenny, who seems oddly comfortable in women's clothing, nods his head,
"Yeah... I saw her going down to Cena's locker room..."

Edge smirks a bit, "She's probably gone to talk trash..." Edge says as he
proceeds to walk down the hallway in the direction of John Cena's locker
room. Edge approaches the closed door and raises an eyebrow when he doesn't
hear anything from the inside. Edge places his right hand on the doorknob and
turns it a bit to open the door slightly. Once he's able to peek into the
locker room, Edge is stunned to see his raunchy redheaded girlfriend
completely naked lowering herself down onto John Cena's thick, long cock that
is just over fourteen inches in length.

"Mmmm shit..." Cena groans as Lita completely lowers herself on his cock
before she starts to rock back and forth on his cock as she grabs his hands
to have him place them on her large juicy tits.

"Ohhhhh...yeah you love that...don't you Champ!" The raunchy and sinful
sexpot of the WWE known as Lita teasingly moans as she lowers herself deeply
down on his large cock, taking him deep into her wet and tight pussy. "Ohhhhh
fuck!" Lita grits her teeth and tosses her fiery red hair back as she sharply
rocks forward on his cock, while his hands grope her large, tanned tits.

"Mmmmm fuck... I have no complaints..." John Cena groans as he pumps his cock
firmly up into Lita's hot wet and slutty cunt. John squeezes Lita's large
tits with his strong hands while Edge quietly watches through the slightly
opened locker room door.

Lita licks her sultry and sinful lips as she grinds her wet and warm pussy
down on John Cena's cock as he sits on the leather couch inside of the locker
room. " like that! Don't you Champ!? You love fucking that tight
pussy...." Lita moans as she starts to bounce her incredibly hot and
sinisterly desirable body on his cock, riding his shaft with ease. "Mmmm....
you've wanted to fuck me since Edge and I had the live sex show...didn't

"Ahhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." John nods his head while he pumps his cock up
into Lita's hot wet cunt. "But you grinding up on me last week in our little
match really iced the cake..." John replies as she bounces on his dick. Edge
licks his teeth as he watches Lita ride the large cock belonging to John

Lita narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she looks directly at John Cena.
"Hah! You did it first!" Lita replies with a wicked, lustfilled laugh as she
continues to smoothly and quickly rock back on his cock as he squeezes her
large and juicy tits with his strong hands, feeling her pointy, erected
nipples brushing against the palms of his hands. " know you
started it!" Lita groans as she slides her hands onto John Cena's muscular
chest while she rapidly bounces on his cock when he pumps his shaft up into

"Ahhhh... mmmm that's cause you kept trying to pull my shorts down during my
matches with Edge..." The hunky WWE Champion replies as he flicks his thumbs
against Lita's hardened nipples as she leans forward to flick her tongue
against his lips.

"That fucking hot slut..." Edge says as he adjusts his bulging crotch through
the material of his wrestling tights. Lita wickedly and slyly laughs as she
slides her wet, sultry tongue against John Cena's firm lips as she roughly
rocks forward on his cock, her juicy and tanned ass giggling as she bounces
down against his muscular thighs.

From where he's standing outside the locker room, Edge can see Cena sliding
his tongue out of his mouth to flick it against Lita's sinful tongue as she
drops down firmly on his cock. Edge grits his teeth and pushes the locker
room door open, "What the fuck is this?!" Edge says and he pauses a bit as he
seems a bit surprised at himself that he snapped as John and Lita look at

"Ummmm... I think it's your chick on my dick..." John Cena replies as Lita
grinds her pussy on every inch of his cock as she rises and falls on his

Lita raises an eyebrow and slyly glances over her shoulder to look back at
her Rated R lover, Edge. "Mmmmm hey baby..." Lita groans as she grinds her
body back on John Cena's cock, while sliding her hands down his muscular
chest to his nicely defined stomach.

"What the hell Lita? You go from Matt to Kane to me and now to Cena?" Edge
says as he slams the locker room door shut while John is sliding his hands
down from Lita's tits to her sexy waist.

Lita tosses her fiery red haired head back "Ohhhh babe..." Lita groans as she
comes to a stop on John Cena's cock, smoothly lifting her body off of John's
muscular body, causing his cock, which is now coated in her sweet juices, to
slip out of her pussy. Lita presses her sultry lips together and places her
hands onto her sinisterly shaped hips as she proceeds to approach the Rated R
Superstar. "Baby...I'm just having fun..." Lita says with a sly laugh,
flicking her wicked tongue against her teeth.

"Looked like a lot more than that..." Edge says as he actually glares at

John Cena laughs slightly, "Hey Edge, you know Lita's rep... she loves to
screw around..." John says to his rival.

"Shut up Cena!" Edge snaps before he turns his attention back to Lita, "You
wanna fuck Cena after all he and I've been through then you're gonna fuck me
too... got it?" Edge says.

Lita slyly smirks and licks her sultry, sinful lips as she clears loves the
thought of fucking not one her sexually crazed, sometimes sadistic lover
Edge, but his arch rival John Cena as well. "Mmmm know what just
turns me on..." Lita says with as she licks her lips and steps closer to
Edge, placing her sinful hands onto his lightly sweat coated, smooth, tanned
and nicely muscular chest.

Edge looks past Lita and at John Cena's huge dick and then looks at Lita,
"Yeah... the only dick in the WWE bigger than mine..." Edge says as he puts
his hands on Lita's shoulders and shoves her down to her knees in front of

John Cena stands up from the locker room couch and seems amused that Edge is
jealous of what he's seen, "Guess you and Matt have something in common..."
John replies jokingly. Edge glares at Cena as Lita pulls down his wrestling
tights, freeing his thick cock that is clearly over twelve inches long and
already rock hard.

Lita slyly narrows her eyes as she looks at Edge's nicely long and
impressively thick cock as she places her left hand around his Rated R cock.
"Mmmm know you love it when I'm such a slut..." The raunchy,
sinful sexpot says as she starts to stroke her left hand obediently up and
down her sadistic lover's cock.

"Just shove it in your mouth..." Edge says as he glares down at his sinfully
hot girlfriend. John Cena kneels behind Lita as she's about to guide Edge's
cock into her mouth and once she takes it past her lips, Cena pushes his near
fourteen inch cock back into Lita's slutty snatch.

"MMMMMMMM!" Lita loudly moans around Edge's over twelve inch Rated R cock as
it deeply fills her slutty, hot mouth. Lita slyly glares up at the Rated R
Superstar Edge as she starts to bob her head smoothly and perfectly on his
shaft, while she rocks back on her knees against John Cena's large, hard cock
as he thrusts into her sinful cunt from behind.

"Ahhhh shit..." Edge moans as he grabs two handfuls of Lita's dark red hair
as he greedily bobs her head on his rock hard cock.

"Mmmmm... ahhh..." John Cena licks his lips as he grabs Lita's hips to pull
her backward as he gradually builds up his pace as he fucks her from behind.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lita lustfully and wickedly groans as she places her hands
against Edge's tanned, muscular legs and slyly slithers her hands up his
muscular legs, lightly massaging them, as she bobs her head rapidly on his
cock in response to Edge pushing his own cock deeply into her slutty mouth.
"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh!" Lita groans as her lips grind against his thick Rated R
cock, while her sultry body is pulled back against John Cena who continues to
pump his large cock into her pussy.

"Ahhhh you know Edge.... despite being a slut... her pussy is pretty
tight..." John grunts as he drives his near fourteen inch shaft deeper into
Lita's snatch as her tanned juicy ass hits against his muscular waist.

"Blame that on Matt Hardy's tiny dick..." Edge says with a groan as Lita
smacks her tongue against his cock as he pumps it in and out of her slutty

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhhh!" Lita lustfully groans around Edge's cock as she nicely
slobbers her saliva all over his long, thick shaft as she continues to
rapidly bob her fiery red haired head on his shaft, while rocking towards him
on her knees as John Cena deeply drills her pussy from behind.

"Yeah you fucking slut.... swallow that cock..." Edge moans as he continues
to pump his cock in and out of Lita's saliva filled mouth while she is
getting her cunt deeply fucked by the reigning WWE Champion John Cena. Lita
lightly presses her teeth against Edge's cock and lustfully rakes her teeth
back and forth against his meaty shaft while she rapidly bobs her head,
taking him incredibly deep into her sultry, sinful mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah... ahhh shit..." Edge moans loudly as Lita deep throats his
large cock. John Cena suddenly pulls his cock out of Lita's wet cunt and
pushes her forward, which gets Lita to press her face against Edge's crotch
while his cock is down her throat.

"MMMMMMMM! GAHHHHHHH!" Lita groans as she holds her sinful mouth wide
open, feeling the head of Edge's Rated R cock pressed against the back of her
slutty mouth. Lita turns her head slightly from side to side on his cock
while her chin is pressed against his ballsack and her nose against his

"Holy shit.... mmm fuck that's a new trick..." Edge moans with surprise as
Lita very slowly starts to lift her head upward on his over foot long dick.

"You're welcome..." John Cena smirks as he stands up behind Lita after
smacking her ass.

Lita wickedly glances up at Edge after lifting her head from his cock and
sliding her sinful tongue against the head of his cock. "Mmmm... having fun

"Yeah... but I want you on my fucking dick as soon as I sit down..." Edge
says as he glares down at Lita but it's clear that he's not as mad as he was
earlier. Edge moves to sit on the locker room couch as Lita is quickly moving
to get herself ready to climb onto his lap once he sits down. Lita grits her
teeth and narrows her eyes as she looks into the sexually crazed eyes of the
Rated R Superstar as if she were making a challenge. Lita places her hands
onto his tanned shoulders as she suddenly thrusts her sinful body downward
onto his rock hard cock, taking him deep into her sinister snatch.

"Awwwww fuck..." Edge moans after Lita drops down onto his large, thick cock.
Even though the difference in the size between Edge's and Cena's cock is very
small, the raunchy red headed Rated R Diva can easily feel the difference
inside of her cunt. Meanwhile John Cena is watching Lita move on Edge's cock
as he casually steps over to the couch. Lita slyly laughs and licks her
sultry lips as she places her hands down onto Edge's muscular, tanned chest
and starts to expertly grind her body on his cock, swiftly rocking back and
forth on his shaft.

"What's so funny..." Edge groans as he begins to thrust his shaft up into
Lita's pussy as she leans forward while she looks back at John Cena who has
just tapped his cock against her ass.

"Mmmmm...just what I've always wanted baby....being fucked my nasty boyfriend
and his enemy..." Lita licks her teeth as she leans forward, pressing her
upper body, particularly her juicy and large tits against Edge's muscular
chest, in order to stick her slutty, hot ass up into the air slightly as she
remains rocking on Edge's cock.

"Ohhhhh... ahhh.... might make this a regular thing then..." Edge grunts as
Lita presses her body down against his as she rocks on his cock.

"I'm sure Lita won't mind..." John says with a laugh as he spreads Lita's ass
cheeks apart to expose her asshole. John skillfully lines up his cock with
Lita's asshole and then roughly pushes it into her.

"OHHHHHH! FUCK!" Lita screams and grits her teeth as she sharply rocks
forward on Edge's cock, digging her fingernails into his muscular chest after
John Cena deeply slams his cock into her asshole and then begins to rapidly
thrusting into her.

"Ahhhh shit.... fuck..." John Cena grits his teeth as he deeply rams his cock
repeatedly into Lita's asshole. The force of John's thrusts causes Lita to
stop rocking on Edge's cock, but Edge is already thrusting his dick up into
her wet warm snatch.

"'re loving this...aren't you?" Lita asks and moans
as she closes her eyes while her sultry body rocks back and forth between
Edge and John Cena as they each pump their cocks respectively into her ass
and pussy with firm and deep thrusts.

"Awww yeah.... mmmm fuck..." Edge replies with a moan as he keeps pumping his
cock up into Lita's cunt. John Cena grabs hold of Lita's thighs as he drives
his near fourteen inch cock balls deep into Lita's asshole.

Lita rests her fiery red haired head against Edge's lightly sweat coated
chest as she sharply rocks forward on his shaft, caused by John's deep
thrusts into her tight asshole. "Ohhhhhhh fuck! Ohhhhh yeah! Fuck me like a
dirty slut..."

"Ahhhh shit... what do you think I'm doing?" Edge groans as he starts to push
himself up from the couch. John catches on to what Edge is wanting to do and
steps back so that once Edge is standing, the sinfully hot Lita is sandwiched
between them with their large dicks deep within her pussy and ass.

"Ohhhhhh! Fuck baby!" Lita moans loudly and closes her eyes as she wraps her
sinfully hot legs around Edge's waist and leans back slightly against John
Cena's muscular chest while she bouncing between the two standing studs as
they fuck her ass and pussy.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck..." John Cena grunts as he firmly and rapidly pumps
his cock in and out of Lita's slutty asshole. John moves his hands to Lita's
waist while Edge puts his hands underneath Lita's legs while they keep
ramming their dicks into her.

"Ohhhhh...ohhhhh yeah! Mmmmmm fuck!" Lita moans and licks her teeth as she
bounces up and down quickly on both cocks, deeply drilling her ass and pussy,
their muscular bodies grinding against her sultry body.

"Mmmmm ahhhh... awww..... mmmm..." Edge moans as sweat drips down his toned
and tanned body as he spears Lita's snatch with his over twelve inch long
dick. Edge's ballsack smacks between Lita's legs as his Rated R dick starts
to throb. Lita grits her teeth and looks deeply into the sadistic, sex crazed
eyes of The Rated R Superstar as she sharply rocks forward on his cock,
feeling his thrusts rapidly increased up into her pussy, while John continues
to ram his cock into her tight ass, causing her juicy ass to smack against
his waist when she drops down. "Ahhhh shit.... mmmmm fuck... ahhhh..." Edge
groans loudly as he begins to cum inside of Lita's slutty snatch as he keeps
fucking her with spear like thrusts.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhhhh baby!" Lita moans and tosses her fiery red hair back,
smacking John Cena in the face as he stands behind her fucking her asshole,
while Edge's cum fills Lita's pussy.

"Ahhhh shit.... mmmm so you wanna fucking cheat on me.... I want to see you
suck the cum out of Cena's dick..." Edge says to Lita as he pulls his cum
spent dick out of Lita's cum filled cunt before he pulls her off of Cena's
cock that is inside of her asshole. Lita slyly smirks at Edge as she stands
in the locker room between the Rated R Superstar and John Cena. Edge roughly
turns Lita around to face John Cena and forces her down onto her knees in
front of the reigning WWE Champion.

Lita raises an eyebrow up at John Cena. "I like it..." Lita says with a
wickedly laugh before she obediently opens her mouth as John Cena's cock is
only a short distance from her slutty mouth. Edge with his left hand on the
back of her head forces Lita to swallow nearly half of his enemy's cock.

"Come on Lita... you wanna be a slut for Cena... show him how you suck a big
fucking cock like his!" Edge says as grabs a handful of Lita's hair as she
begins to bob her head on Cena's dick.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lita lustfully groans as her moist and sultry lips
press around John Cena's thick shaft as she steadily bobs her head up and
down on his shaft, while Edge yanks on her red hair. Lita lifts her sly eyes
and seductively glances up at John as she places her hands onto his muscular

"Ahhhh mmmm..." John moans as Lita bobs her head up and down on his cock
while she pulls him forward by his waist. "Yeah whore it up..." Edge licks
his teeth as he pulls on Lita's head hair to get her to bob her head fast on
Cena's shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lita moans as she slaps her tongue against John Cena's cock
as she quickly moves her head, bobbing her head forward and then back as Edge
suddenly forces Lita's head further down on Cena's cock.

"Ahhhhh... mmm..." John Cena smirks down at Lita as she is bobbing her
swiftly on his cock while Edge is forcing her to take more of his near
fourteen inches long dick past her lips.

"Come on slut... swallow that whole dick... do it..." Edge says as he pushes
Lita's head forward but she doesn't quite get all of his Cena's cock into her
mouth as she starts to gag a bit.

"MMMM...GAHHHH! GAHHHH!" Lita groans and gags around John Cena's cock as
she tries to lift her head up from his shaft for air, however, Edge firmly
holds her red haired head down on Cena's shaft and actually trying to force
her head deeper.

"Ahhhh fuck... hey Edge... she can't do it..." Cena moans as his huge cock
starts to throb inside of Lita's hot wet mouth.

"SHUT UP! She wants to cheat on me ...she's going to swallow all of that
fucking cock of yours..." Edge says as he gets a wild sex crazed look in his
eyes as he puts his right hand on Lita's head so that he can use both hand to
push Lita's head all the way down on Cena's near fourteen inch long dick.

"GAHHHHHH! GAHHHHHH! MMMMMMMM!" Lita groans and coughs, choking on
John Cena's large cock as her face starts turning red from the lack of oxygen
while Edge forces her head sadistically down on Cena's cock and he can
immediately see that the sinful sexpot belonging to Edge is rapidly fading.

"Hey... BACK OFF!" Cena says as he leans over Lita to force Edge's hands off
of Lita's red-haired head. Edge glares at Cena as Lita slowly lifts her head
off of the WWE Champion's massive, saliva coated cock. Lita sits up on her
knees and places a hand against her chest as she deeply breaths and closes
her eyes trying to relax her body from the shock of nearly suffocating on
John Cena's cock thanks to Edge's forceful hands.

Edge locks eyes with Cena before saying to Lita, "Jack him off..." Edge then
pulls his hands from Cena's grasp before taking a step back. Lita slowly nods
her head and raises her left hand to place it around John Cena's slightly
throbbing shaft and begins to stroke the cock that is coated in her saliva.

"Use both hands..." Edge says as he sits down on the locker room couch. John
Cena takes his eyes off of Lita as she moves her left hand up and down on his
large cock as it starts to throb more noticeably. Lita obediently places her
right hand onto John Cena's cock as she swiftly moves both of her sinful,
talented hands on his cock.

"Mmmmmm fuck.... ahhh damn..." John Cena moans as Lita strokes his cock with
both of her hands. John licks his lips as he feels his balls tightening as
his cock gradually pulsating more and more with each passing moment. Lita
slowly glances up at John Cena and opens her mouth preparing herself as she
feels his shaft pulsating rapidly against her swiftly stroking hands.

"Ahhhhh... awww.... fuck!" John groans as his cock blows like a geyser with a
huge shot of warm cum shooting from his piss slit.

"Mmmmmm..." Lita moans as she tastes John Cena's warm cum shooting into her
mouth and she greedily swallows his warm load. Edge raises an eyebrow, as
he's noticeably impressed with the size of Cena's load as another burst of
cum shoots from his dick.

"Ahhh damn..." Cena moans as Lita eagerly pumps her hands on his dick to make
sure she gets every drop of cum out of it.

Lita licks her sultry lips and turns her head back to smirk back at Edge. "I
wasn't cheating...I was having fun baby..."

"Yeah fucking right... you just love to cheat..." Edge says.

John Cena smirks a bit as Lita keeps her hands on his cock, "Hey she can
cheat with me any time she wants..." Cena says.

"Oh you'll just love that won't you?" Edge asks as he looks directly at Lita
after hearing Cena's comment.

Lita raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she glances over her shoulder to
look at Edge. "Someone sounds jealous..."

"Yeah Edge..." John Cena adds with a bit of a smirk of his own.

Edge gets up from the couch, "I don't get jealous... I get fucking even...
now move out of the way... I'm going to show you how to fuck a slut who loves
to cheat..." Edge says as he walks over to Lita with his cock once again


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