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Lucky Bastard
by Julio "The Living Dead Juggalo" Cantu (

Mikey,was a typical teenager, he liked girls,sports,and wrestling. He had
been a fan of WWE, since he was 13. He was now 17. He also watched feds like
ECW, XPW, CZW, MLW and of course, WCW. He got an invitation to WWE RAW, by
his best friend, Shawn. They went to the arena, and sat in the front row.

The show started, and it was cool. Scott Steiner vs. Triple H vs. Kane vs.
Goldberg, for the WWE title. Kane won the match when he pinned Triple H after
a chokeslam through a flaming table. Mikey got a good look at Stacy's tight
ass as she walked by.

"Dude, what are the chances of me, getting a peice of that ass?" said Mikey.

"Um, a billion, to zero," said Shawn.

"Yeah, your right," said Mikey.

When the show ended they went backstage to meet the wrestlers. Shawn went to
meet The Rock as Mikey just stayed there and watched him. He was too shy to
talk to the supersars. Then out of nowhere Stacy Keibler appeared.

"Hey, kid. Can you please give me a hand with this shit," said Stacy.

"Sure," said Mikey, and took her bags.

He took them to her car,and put them in the trunk.

"If you don't mind coming back to my locker room and help me get my other
stuff?" said Stacy.

"No, I don't mind." said Mikey.

They walked back into the arena. Stacy walked in front of Mikey allowing him
to get a good look at her sexy ass. When they got there they got in and
Stacy bent over and picked up a small bag. As she was bent over Mikey got a
major fucking boner. When Stacy turned around she saw his boner.

"Holy shit. That's BIG!!!" said Stacy.

Mikey covered his dick and was embarrased.

"Don't cover it. I like to see guys get horny by my looks." said Stacy.

"You do." said Mikey removing his hands.

Stacy walked over to him, got on her knees, unzipped his pants, pulled his
dick out and started sucking on it. She jacked at it as she sucked on it.
Then she got up took her thong off, bent over and Mikey stuck it in. He
pushed it in with all his strength.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah. Fuck me harder." said Stacy, as her ass was being

He pushed it in deeper, and deeper.

"UUUUUHHHHHHHH." moaned Stacy.

Then Stacy laid back on a table, put her legs in the air and wrapped them
around Mikey's back and neck. Mikey shoved his dick deep into Stacy's hot,
wet, shaved pussy. He jammed it in all the way.

"Oh yeah. Fuck me. I'm your bitch!!" screamed Stacy,as she came on Mikey's

After a minute he shot his load inside of her. They both orgasimed and
collapsed on top of each other.

After about 30 minutes they got dressed and left.

"Thanks for helping me." said Stacy.

"No problem." said Mikey.

Mikey left the room and went to look for Shawn.

"Dude, where the fuck were you. I've been looking all over for you." said

"Dude, your not gonna believe me." said Mikey.

"You knoe something, your right,don't tell me." said Shawn.

They left the arena, Mikey was feeling very good. He fucked the hottest and
sexiest bitch in the WWE.


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