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Summary: Becky Lynch goes to lunch alone

Celebs: Becky Lynch

Codes: MMF, rape, oral, anal, drugs, humil

Lunch With Lynch
by TheBigLove126

"Are you kidding me!" Becky Lynch exclaimed as she read her phone.

"What is it Beck?" Nattie Neidhart asked as they stood outside of the airport in Miami.

"I was supposed to get lunch with the New Day guys but they cancelled, Hunter wants them to do something for the Network" the Irish woman responded. "Are you busy?"

"Yes, Uncle Bret is here for Raw and I'm going to the gym with him," Nattie said, causing Becky to exaggerate a frown.

"Fine, I guess everyone just wants to abandon Becky today," she said in a joking tone. "I'll find a place to eat, I'm friggin' starving."

The two WWE superstars shared a hug before going their separate ways. Having had bad experiences with Miami taxis in the past, Becky pulled out her phone to find an Uber driver. She quickly found one and, with five minutes, was in the backseat of a Prius.

"Where would you recommend for lunch?" she asked the twenty-something blonde woman driving.

"I can tell by your accent that you're Irish so I'm guessing we can rule out O'Leary's Irish Pub," she said.

"Yeah, America's Irish pubs are total bullshit," she said. "Pardon my French."

"It's okay, I've said a lot worse directed towards people who sat where your butt is parked," the girl said. "I know just the place."

Becky stared out the window, admiring the Miami skyline for the ten-minute ride. Eventually, she arrived at 'The Cuban Sunshine', a Cuban restaurant that had recently opened. She tipped her driver, thanked her and hopped out of the Prius.

"Fruity little car," she said under her breath as she walked into the eatery.

Becky was a bit surprised to see the restaurant almost empty, except for an elderly Cuban couple in the front window. The red-headed woman felt a little underdressed, seeing the couple looking like they were fresh from church and the staff all in dress pants, dress shirts and bowties while she herself was dressed in black yoga pants and her '100% Bad Lass' tank top.

"Would you like to choose a seat?" the young man at the podium asked the wrestler.

Becky nodded and walked to the center table with the man in tow, sitting down and receiving the menu. She browsed through the list of potential lunches and placed her order of yellow rice and chicken. She was offered a free glass of wine with the meal, which she happily accepted.

After sipping the wine, the 'Lass Kicker' pulled her phone out and took a picture of her drink, sending it to the men whom she was supposed to have lunch with, along with the caption, "You cancel on me and I get free wine! Not mad anymore!"

Becky patiently waited for a few minutes as her small plate was served to her. She thanked the waiter and started to eat. She complimented the food after the first bite, bringing a thankful smile to the server, who quickly rushed away towards the elderly couple, who had requested the shade be pulled over the window. The sun was shining brightly through and bothering them.

As she continued to eat her meal and sip her wine, Becky repeatedly answered texts from Big E joking about wanting her to get more wine and bring it to the arena. She garnered weird looks as she laughed at the texts. Slowly, the laughs quieted down and she ate with her head down. She was enjoying the rice and chicken dish very much, finishing it rather quickly. The waiter returned and gathered her plate.

"Would you be interested in our flan for dessert?" he asked. "On the house."

"Is it customary to give free drinks and desserts?" Becky asked, curious as to why she was being offered yet another free item.

"Oh no, the old couple offered to pay," he said, pointing over to them. "I think the man thinks you are cute."

"Aww, then of course I will try it," she said, waving over to the old man.

Becky sipped the wine as the man waved back before standing up and leading his wife to the front podium. She saw him whispering to the waiter before he left, assuming it was about another free item she might receive. As she watched on, her free dessert was placed in front of her. As Becky started to sample the flan, she started to feel very light-headed.

"That wine is frickin' strong," she commented through a yawn.

The tired woman picked up her fork one more time before dropping it and lowering her head to the table. While she was not asleep, she was very groggy. The waiter walked up to her, trying to grab her attention.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

Becky looked past him and saw another man locking the front door to the restaurant. She could sense something was wrong but was unable to respond. It did not take long for her to put two and two together. Her wine was spiked with something and she was along for the ride. She did not understand why she was not passing out, feeling the most tired she had ever felt.

"Wha-wha-wha," she tried to speak, unable to form words.

"That stuff works fast," the other man said. "My sister really knows how to pick girls. Hot and easy."

Becky tried her hardest to move but was unable to.

"Don't stress yourself, what you drank will keep you nice and weak," the tall waiter said, picking her up by her bright red hair. "Just relax and take your fucking like a good little Irish whore."

Becky's fuzzy eyesight watched as the man started to undo his pants. She tried her hardest to lift her head off of the table but was unable to get higher than an inch. Her hand tried to reach for her phone but the other man took it away.

"Nobody is going to save you," he said as he pulled up a chair and sat down.

"Don't worry," the man whose cock was now free said. "He only likes to watch and stroke. Only one dick for you to physically sample today."

The man rested his stiff seven-incher on the side of Becky's head, forcing her to stare at his hairy scrotum. His balls smelled as if they had been unwashed for several days, making Becky shiver. She felt his rod sliding against her hair, watching as his balls smacked her in the eyes.

"I knew long eyelashes had a purpose," he said, loving the tickle of her soft lashes brushing against his scrotal skin.

The man only slid against her head for a few seconds before taking a step back and picking her up by the hair once more. Her mouth hung wide open, leaving no resistance for his cock to enter her warm, wet mouth. She closed her eyes and groaned as her talker became nothing more than an entry way for the man's desires. With both hands gripping her bright hair, he violently slammed his member in and out of her tight throat.

Becky felt as if she would vomit, gagging throughout the violation. The brief seconds she could gasp for air, she had to fight to keep her lunch down. Luckily, being an Irish woman and having to fight the urge to vomit for alcohol intake many times, she was able to hold off.

"You're a good little sucker," the man grunted, never slowing his pace for a second.

The Cuban pinched Becky's nose closed and held his cock as deep in her throat as he could. He laughed as he felt her trying to grasp any bit of oxygen she could and failing. If she had not been drugged, he imagined that all four limbs on her would be flailing in every direction, even though they were barely moving now. He could see her face begin to turn a shade of blue and let go. Becky desperately gasped for air, feeling the hand of death temporarily on her shoulder.

The voyeuristic waiter stood up and grabbed Becky by the hair, holding her up while the rapist grabbed her wine and threw it in her face, laughing. After resting the glass back down, he grabbed the collar of her tank top with both hands and ripped it in half, exposing her black cotton bra. With a quick pull, her beautiful Irish breasts were released and free for abuse.

Becky, still gasping for air, felt her breasts and nipples being grabbed, slapped, pinched and flicked repeatedly by the man. She stared at his sadistic face, seeing the joy he had from attacking her. He noticed her staring and spit in her open mouth. She rolled her head over to the side and looked over at the other man, five-inch cock in hand, furiously masturbating.

After over two minutes of having her breasts abused, Becky was once again being controlled by a hand gripping her fiery hair. She was carried up to the edge of the table and bent over. She felt a hard slap on her ass before her the top of her yoga pants were gripped. With a few quick, hard pulls, her pants were down around her ankles, her black panties being the only thing to protect her dignity. Unfortunately, and to no surprise, the panties were pulled down as well, leaving her private areas not so private anymore.

Slap after slap of her bare ass made the drugged woman whimper. She could feel tears running down her cheek as she predicted her immediate future. She knew at this point that she was going to experience the worst thing imaginable.

The man dropped to his knees and spread her ass cheeks wide. He pressed his tongue to the bottom of her pussy and licked upward, sliding across her taint and tickling her asshole. He repeated the motion several times, leaving a thick, wet trail connecting her openings. She eventually felt a finger tickle the bottom of her cunt while his tongue wedged its way inside her rectum.

Becky was amazed at how weird it felt to have a hot tongue slithering around in her asshole. Having never experienced it before, part of her actually liked the way it felt and, had this been a consensual act, she would all-in. Unfortunately, he had no choice this time and absolutely hated it. She hated that she had come here, she hated the woman who drove her here, she hated the waiters and she hated herself.

"I'm better than this," she thought as the finger in her cunt was joined by another, both sliding in and out and making her unwillingly wet.

After some hard thrusts of his fingers inside her cunt, the man brought them across the wet trail and to her asshole.

"Ever had your ass fingered?" he yelled, knowing she could not answer.

"Open your damn eyes!" the other man yelled, seeing her close them.

Becky's wet, sad eyes opened back up and stared at the other man. She tried to shoot him as nasty of a look as her glazed, empty eyes would allow. The man stood up and walked over to her, jerking his cock very fast. The twenty-nine-year-old woman knew what was coming.

The man rested his red hot cockhead against her forehead and shot large wads of semen across her head, most of it staining her red hair. She started to shake as some of the warm shots landed on her forehead and ear. Once his cock was finished releasing, he wiped himself off with a lock of hair before spitting on the woman.

"Stupid Irish cum rag," he snarked as he sat back down.

Giving her no time to recover from the humiliation, the other man forced two fingers into her tight asshole. Becky's brown eyes shot wide open as the most pathetic whimper escaped her abused throat. Her fingers weakly grasped at the tablecloth as the pain spread throughout her helpless body. Luckily for the girl, the guy quickly grew tired of keeping his cock waiting.

The man stood up and grabbed hold of his cock, rubbing it against the entrance to her pussy. Becky looked up at the other man while feeling herself being invaded. With no patience or regard for her, he roughly slid all seven inches inside of her, his balls pressed tightly against her. Becky started to close her eyes again but they shot back open when he grabbed a handful of her hair, yanking her head back very hard.

"You should eat your dessert," he said, shoving her face in the warm flan.

Becky felt humiliated. In addition to the semen, she now had food on her crying face and she was too drugged to do anything but let it sit. Her ass had been licked and fingered, two things she had never experienced in her life and now, she was bent helplessly over a table, taking a rough fucking from an evil man. Her head was let go and she was forced to lay in the food while the table shook from the violence of his thrusts.

The man was going as hard as he can inside the Irish lass. His hands gripped her toned, round ass cheeks hard enough to leave deep red marks behind. He let go temporarily to rip the shredded remains of her shirt from her body. Stepping on her pants and panties, he had his victim completely nude except for her sneakers.

The other man had slipped away temporarily, only to return with a brand new bottle of wine. He popped the cork and handed it to the rapist. With one hand pressed on Becky's lower back, the man took a large swig of the wine, spitting the last bit of it onto her back. He handed it back to the other man, who took a swig before resting it on another table.

The men both flipped Becky on her back, the cock never exiting her wet cunt. The bottle of wine was grabbed once more by the other man, who proceeded to pour the drink in to her mouth. The wine spilled out of Becky's mouth as she struggled to swallow. The rapist reached forward and pinched her nipple as hard as he could, causing her to spit the wine high into the air.

Ready to put his cock in the final entry-way, the man pulled out of her cunt. The other man grabbed her feet and pulled them back until her asshole was presented. The rapist grabbed the bottle and poured wine into her wet ass before wedging himself in.

The man was amazed at how tight she was, even after a double fingering, and he absolutely loved it. Becky on the other hand was in agony, wishing she could do something to stop the pain. She felt a cold rush of liquid on her pussy, not able to see the man pouring wine into the gaping hole. He put the bottle down and ran his finger across her clit as fast as possible.

Becky knew what he wanted and was powerless to stop it. Nature took over and her pussy spasmed in orgasm, spraying the red wine up and, due to her feet being held back and the position she was in, hitting her right in the face. The smell of her cunt juices overpowered the wine smell, only adding to her humiliation.

As her ass was viciously pounded, the other man grabbed a towel and wiped her face clean. She was unsure why he was doing that but felt a bit relieved. The cleaning meant the intense smell of her cunt was wiped away from her nose. While she could still smell it, it was much more tolerable.

The rapist continued to ravish away at her poor asshole. The extreme tightness was gone but the wine had made a perfect lubricant, only adding to his pleasure. The excitement of humiliating this very fit women was becoming too much for his balls to handle. He was ready to explode.

Becky felt relief as the cock was pulled from her ass. That relief was quickly torn away as she felt his cockhead on her lips. Seconds later, hot creamy cum was hitting her nostrils and upper lip. Her tongue quickly tasted the salty seed, making her gag once more. He came for what seems like minutes, the lower half of her face stained.

The other man pulled out Becky's cell phone and quickly snapped a picture, the almost empty wine bottle next to her cum-stained head. She looked up at the camera with her dead eyes, the flash almost blinding her. As she lay on the table, motionless except for her heaving chest, she heard the other man speak.

"Send to mommy, send to daddy, check and check," he said as he clicked away on her phone. "'My day in Miami', and send."

Becky continued to lay on the table, a naked mess, while the men quickly redressed and rushed out the backdoor of the restaurant. They were making sure to be gone before anyone noticed their victim. Becky's phone had been placed next to her head and it was beginning to ring. She essentially willed her hand over to answer it.

"Help me," she struggled to say. "Help me."

The phone hung up and about ten minutes later, cops rushed into the restaurant to help Becky, who had finally passed out. She awoke two hours later in the hospital, several of her fellow WWE competitors in the waiting room. Nattie was in the room with her and was the first to hear of her ordeal. The Canadian held the girl's hand as she sobbed uncontrollably.

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