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Featuring: Allison Danger (SHIMMER, ROH), Roderick Strong (ROH, FIP, PWG),
Erick Stevens (ROH, FIP)

Lust By Honor Part 1 - Allison Danger
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

At an ROH live event and DVD taping in mid 2009, backstage two of the best
technical and most popular wrestlers in the company's history are discussing
their upcoming tag team contest scheduled for later in the evening.

"I know that we're tougher and better than those two jokes Titus and King..."
The Messiah of the Backbreaker, Roderick Strong, clad in a red version of his
simple ring gear, says to his friend and frequent tag team partner Erick
Stevens. "But now that they've in Austin's new group, we have to watch our

"Yeah, we know what happened when me and Matt went against them." Stevens,
clad in his usual black gear, replies. "We need to hit them hard and fast
before they can try any tricks or Aries tries to get involved again."

"We'll make an example out of Austin's new cronies." Roderick is about to say
something, but his attention goes to down the hallway. "Hey, is that who I
think it is?"

Erick turns around to look where his tag partner is looking to. "Huh? Who?"

He soon spots who the other wrestler has, as down the hallway finishing up an
conversation with one of ROH's office staff is former female mainstay and a
Woman of Honor, Allison Danger. Allison starts to walk away, heading towards
the pair wearing a little black dress with long sleeves, which is slightly
see-through so in the right light her frilly black bra can be seen, black
stockings and little black heels. She gives the guys a smile as she comes up
to them.

"Roderick! Long time no see!" The former Prophesy mistress greets him.

"Allison, this is a surprise." Roderick says. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, me and Dave are watching the SHIMMER matches, and trying to convince
Adam to book more women's bouts around here." She nods her head, which
lightly shakes her nicely set brunette hair.

"I thought you had a kid?" Erick asks. "Shouldn't you be away on mother
duties or something?"

Danger laughs, putting her hands on her hips. "I've got Mr. Danger on baby
sitting duties for the weekend for now. Then it's back home and straight to
nappy changing."

"A changed woman already?" Roderick laughs. "No more fun and games like the
old days huh?"

"Now Roddy, I can still have a good time." She smirks slyly. "And especially
like the old days, if you know what I mean."

"Oh, so the stories about what you got up to are true?" Erick smiles,
starting to check Allison out.

"They might be, they might not be. Want to find out?" She challenges, giving
Roderick a wink.

"Well I've never had a MILF before, so I say hell yeah I want to."

"It's on then Erick!" She looks between them both. "You guys got a room we
can use?"

Roderick starts to smirk. "We have just the place..."

* * *

In a locker room backstage, wrestler and SHIMMER commentator Allison Danger
is reaching down, pulling her black dress right up and over her head, showing
off her sexy body covered in just a set of frilly black bra and panties, and
black stockings. Allison glances between the two handsome, muscular wrestlers
who are already naked and enjoying the show she's putting on, licking her
light red lipstick covered lips as she looks at their hardening cocks that
they're stroking. She walks straight towards Erick with a seductive smile and
when she reaches him, she bends over right forward, taking his big cock into
hand and guiding it into her mouth.

Erick moans, putting a hand on the back of her head as she begins to suck her
off, slowly dragging her lips across his shaft with long, smooth movements up
and down. She lightly moans around his shaft as she goes to work on him, one
hand gripping the base and lightly stroking the portion of him not in her
nice, soothing mouth, while the other rests on his waist. Roderick moves
around her, putting his hands on the top of her stockings as he starts to
slide them down her smooth legs. She glances back at him, smirking slightly
as she steps out of her leggings, before turning her attention back to the
meaty cock she's servicing. As she bobs her head smoothly along Erick's dick,
she teasingly sways her ass back and forth as she knows Roderick is right
behind her. In reply to this Strong raises his hand up and gives her ass a
firm spank, hard enough to make her jolt forward and groan as she deep
throats Steven's manhood.

The former Resilience member moans, putting both hands onto her head to keep
her right down on his shaft, her nose pressing into his crotch and her chin
against his nuts, and she can't help but groan around him as he does this to
her. At her other end, Roderick pulls her black panties to the side and lines
himself up with her nicely shaven pussy before pushing himself forward into
her. With a smirk he starts to work his cock into her tight hole, one hand
keeping her panties to the side while the other rests on her nicely rounded

Danger moans, closing her eyes as she starts to move her head again, easily
going up and down like an elevator all the way to the head of his cock and
right back down to his ballsack. With her lips sucking away, her mouth is
making Steven's cock wet with her saliva, aided by her tongue sliding up and
around his shaft when it passes in and out. He moans, his fingers lightly
going through her hair as he enjoys her oral skills and the seductive sounds
of her loud sucking. She's also rocking her body between the two stud
wrestlers, leaning her body inward before pushing her hips right back to meet
Roderick's waist, resulting in both a sexy slapping sound of skin meeting
skin and his cock going completely into her pussy.

Smiling with a lick of his lips, Strong is firmly pumping in and out of her
tightness, his hands moving over her butt. His balls smack into the underside
of her entrance as he pumps her, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter
by the minute as she remains bent over in this standing doggy style position,
sucking off his tag team partner while she gets fucked from behind. Now Erick
starts to move his hips forward and back, pumping his thick dick into her to
lightly fuck her mouth, making his bell end touch the back of her mouth each
time he does and his nuts to bounce into her chin .

Moaning, Allison bobs her head even faster along his cock, her hands
slightly rubbing his sides as she deep throats him completely. Getting her
snatch and mouth pounded nice and hard between two handsome has her nice and
wet, and has her ass pushing back to meet the thick, long slamming in to her
snatch firmly. Both men are moaning as well, very much enjoying the tight,
wet holes of the MILF woman of wrestling their cocks are sliding in and out
of. She's loving this as well, her body feeling like it's being bounced
between the wrestlers like a pinball in a machine, her pussy making sure
Strong's cock is covered with her juices and Stevens' dick coated with her

Tapping Erick on his sides, she's able to get him to let go of her hair,
allowing her to lift her head off of his cock, letting a moan escape her lips
as Roderick keeps swiftly pumping into her from behind. She grips the spit
covered cock, swirling her tongue all around the head for a moment before
letting it go.

"Mmmm... Pull out Roddy..." She says looking behind her through her now
slightly messy hair. "I want this guy inside me."

Strong smirks, pulling out of her pussy and slapping his dick against her
panties-covered cheeks for a moment. "But he was in you." He laughs.

"You know what I mean." Allison smirks back, standing up and reaching behind
her to unsnap her bra, tossing it aside as she lets her nicely sized tits
hang free with hardened nipples topping each. "Mind if I hop on board your
`Choo-Choo'?" She says with a smirk, taking a joke at Steven's trademark call
in the ring.

Erick laughs. "If you think you can handle it." He tilts his head to the side
slightly, watching as she lowers her panties to the floor to reveal her
shaved, wet pussy so the SHIMMER founder, wrestler and commentator is
completely naked.

With a lick of her lips, she steps up to Stevens and puts her hands on his
shoulders as he takes a firm hold of her by the waist, lifting her up onto
him and lowering her pussy onto his long shaft. Danger moans, wrapping her
legs around him as she starts to bounce on his cock, skin slapping against
skin as she takes all of his dick inside her damp hole, able to rise up
halfway before dropping down sharply onto him. He moans, looking down and
looking at her slightly sweat covered body, her tits slightly shaking in time
with her movements. His hands remain on her waist, keeping her securely on
his tool, not yet thrusting up or making her move on him just yet as she's
doing all the work for him.

Moving up behind her, Roderick puts her hand on her nicely rounded ass,
spreading them apart as he lines up with her back passage and this makes her
brush her asshole against the tip of her cock with her bounces on the other
former FIP World Champion. She smiles sinfully, looking back and bringing
herself to a stop grinding her snatch against Erick's cock which allows
Strong to push his cock right up, shoving it deep into her ass with only her
own pussy juices as lubrication. Allison moans, taking a slight moment to
adjust to the size of the shaft, before she starts moving again.

Both men start to moan as she begins riding both of their cocks with
pornstar-like ease, holding onto Erick as she moves up and down like a piston
on him which causes her ass to take Roderick's cock in and out at the same
time so she's double penetrating herself on their manhoods. She moans loudly,
closing her eyes as she loses herself in a world of pleasure but still able
to impressively not only take a thick, long cock in both her pussy and
asshole, but to also to ride them with her own strength and momentum as she
bounces up and down.

Erick groans, beginning to thrust upward slightly as she comes down onto him,
one hand moving up to her tits to squeeze it which makes her moan. As he rubs
and cups her breast she slightly tilts her head back, pushing her chest out
to him to encourage him to play with them. It works as his hand moves to the
other to give it a quick going over, his other hand remaining on her waist to
hold her as she rides his pumping cock. Behind her, Roderick is squeezing her
ass cheeks firmly as he starts to thrust his shaft up into her as her butt
comes downward, his whole length able to enter her tight back passage which
makes him moan. It's clear that the MILF wrestler is no stranger to both
taking it up the ass or engaging in a threesome, even in this situation of
being backstage at a ROH event.

"Oh fuck!" Allison moans, glancing back over her shoulder down at the
slamming cock of Strong that's pounding her tight back passage. "God I've
missed being around here!" The former valet closes her eyes, beginning to
sweat as the two rock hard, foot long cocks continue to thrust up hard and
fast into her well rounded ass and soaking wet pussy. She groans, trying to
bounce between them but the pumping cocks and their combined grip makes it
impossible so she settles for reaching back with one arm, putting it around
the neck of Roderick to allow her to better look down between the dicks
pounding her.

"I've missed this ass..." Strong says with a laugh, his cock perfectly
sliding in and out of her asshole, his balls smacking into her butt cheeks
with every movement upward as her ass impressively handles not only the size
and length of his shaft, but the hard ass fucking he's giving her. Seeing the
smirk that Danger gives him in reply, he lifts a hand up and forcefully
spanks her ass with makes her moan and bite her bottom lip slightly, her back
pressing against his muscular, sweat covered chest.

"Hell, I'll settle for her sticking around!" Erick grunts, his hands on her
waist to hold her as he continues to slam his equally thick and long cock up
into her hot, wet hole with short, sharp thrusts. His nut sack smacks into
the underside of her entrance as he goes completely balls deep each time,
which causes her to moan and her large tits to bounce in time with the pumps
both wrestlers are giving her. He moans, sweating as well as he enjoys her
surprisingly still tight, MILF pussy that's all around his dick.

With one last lusty groan, Allison Danger starts to cum from the double team
efforts of the former rivals turned partners. She tilts her head back as her
pussy tightens around Stevens' cock, juices flowing out to cover his manhood
and pour down onto her thighs and his crotch. He moans as he feels her snatch
clamp down around him but he continues to pump up, the feeling and sight of
her cumming only encouraging him to continue fucking her. Behind her,
Roderick moans as well, her asshole tightens like a vice on his cock which
carries on thrusting in and out of her as she rides out her orgasm, moaning
and groaning as she does so.

"Oh shit... You guys..." Allison gasps for breath as comes down, glancing at
them both with a sexy smile on her sweat-covered face. She moans as the two
men slow down their thrusts, eventually pulling out and setting her down on
the floor. "Damn... Just like the good old days."

Erick smirks back. "I see what you mean now Roderick." He said, wiping sweat
off his forehead with the back of his hand.

"You mean you almost have." Roderick replies, stroking his cock slightly.
"You're not forgetting to finish us off are you Allison?"

She laughs with a shake of her head, lowering herself down to her knees.
"Well, I suppose since I'm here..."

Danger lowers her head down, wrapping her succulent lips around the thick,
impressive cock of the former ROH World Tag Team Champion, taking him deeply
into his warm and wet mouth. It doesn't even seem to bother her in the
slightest that the dick she currently starting to swiftly suck off has gone
straight from ass to mouth, and she can even taste her own back passage on
him as her tongue bats up to his underside as it passes along. She's
concentrating on getting the handsome independent worker off, eyes closed and
her short, dark hair moving in time with the bobbing of her head. Behind her,
Stevens puts his hands on her to bring her back a little into a doggy style
position, which she doesn't resist. Spreading her cheeks, it's now his turn
to try out her back passage as he forces his large manhood deep into her
tight asshole, helped in part both to her own juices coating his cock and the
work on her ass his partner had done moments before. With his entire thick
length buried deep into her butt, he starts to pound her with quick, hard
thrusts in and out so his nut sack smacks into her skin with each push

She moans, expertly rocking her body back and forth to meet Erick's pumps in
with her hips to both make skin slap against skin and his cock drive as far
as it can into her tight ass. Stevens moans, squeezing her butt cheeks as he
moves his hips sharply back and forth, enjoying the feeling of the MILF
wrestler's back door. Roderick moans too, greatly enjoying the oral work of
the former Prophesy valet as she takes his cock completely into her talented
mouth so her chin presses lightly against his balls for a moment before going
back up to just under half way before she goes right back down again. Allison
twists her head around for a moment, grinding her lips against his shaft
before going right back to rapidly suck away with all the energy she has
left, aided by her head going deeper towards Strong as she prepares to send
her body backward to meet the thrusts of Stevens.

The hot, sweaty threesome between three infamous names in ROH seems to have
no end in sight, as Allison is content to take one foot long cock from behind
into her ass while handling another in her mouth in front of her. Her large,
nicely rounded tits hang down below, swaying back and forth in time with her
body as she moves like a boat in the waves to give that little extra pleasure
to both men who fucked her to orgasm. The looks of pleasure and moans from
them both prove that it's doing the trick as Erick pounds into her with all
his might, rapid thrusts balls deep into her ass as he grips her cheeks
tightly. Roderick takes a handful of hair, moving his hips to firmly thrust
forward into her oral hole just as her head travels towards him, causing his
bell end to touch the back of her mouth but she doesn't even gag for a
moment, continuing to moan as she works him over and takes a slight face
fucking at the same time.

But even former FIP World Champions have their limits, and these men have
finally reached theirs. Groaning, Erick Stevens pulls his throbbing manhood
out from her tight ass, stroking himself feverishly and before long he begins
firing out thick, creamy loads right out onto the hot, thick booty of Allison
Danger. She moans, feeling the cum drip down across both cheeks and she
imagines correctly that her butt now has a nice glaze over it as he strokes
out every last drop he has to offer. Her thoughts are quickly taken to the
cock that's suddenly been pulled out of her mouth and she just remembers not
to open her eyes just in case, figuring what's coming next. Holding her hair
out of the way with one hand and aiming with the other, Roderick Strong
starts to shoot out his load like rounds from a gun, stream after stream of
warm jizz splattering all across her pretty, already sweat covered facial
features. She smiles as she feels load after load land on her, going across
her cheeks, lips, nose, eyelids, and forehead as it seems each one that fires
out was as forceful as the first. Eventually he runs out of cum, little drops
being forced out and flicked onto her face to complete the very plentiful
facial that she's just taken. At the other end, her ass has been given a
similarly large coating of spunk over her cheeks thanks to Stevens who
finally stops stroking, stepping back with a more than satisfied sigh as he
cock goes soft much like Strong's has now.

"Wow, you are a great fuck Allison!" Erick states the obvious with a big
grin. "Please tell me you're going to come back full time soon." Danger
laughs, standing up and smiling with cum coating and slightly dripping off
her face. "I'm caught up with full time mom duties, but never say never..."

"Well, maybe you can tell us next time you're going to drop by..." Strong
states with a smile. "And we can arrange for a real "good old days" get

"Oh, now that's a booking I can take." She winks. "But who says it needs to
wait for an ROH show?"

* * *

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