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Featuring: Allison Wonderland (ROH, FIP), Tyler Black (ROH, FIP, WSX), Jimmy
Jacobs (ROH, IWA Mid South, WSX)

Lust By Honor Part 2: Allison Wonderland
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

At an ROH live event and DVD taping in mid 2009, former leader of The Age of
The Fall revolutionary stable Jimmy Jacobs is sitting outside the building in
the parking lot, seemingly letting his sometimes emotional state get the
better of him as he's wallowing in his own sorrow, dressed in dirty, worn and
ripped jeans, a black leather jacket that's left unzipped, and his hair is
black with wild red colouring in parts. He's not paying much attention to the
world around him, but hearing footsteps approaching him he looks up, and then
quickly gets up and gets his fists ready as he sees his former closest ally
and former co title holder of the ROH World Tag Team Championships, Tyler
Black, coming towards him.

Raising his hands up to show he's not here to fight, Tyler smirks slightly.
"Relax there Jimmy, I come in peace for once." He says, clad in jeans and his
own merchandise T-shirt with his long black hair resting down his back. "I
had a feeling I'd find a disappointment like you out here."

Jimmy grits his teeth, blood pressure rising at the comment. "I swear Tyler I
will finish this once and for all here..."

"For a start "this" has already been finished with, and secondly I've come
here to give you a challenge that I know you won't turn down."

Jacobs hasn't eased up, ready to strike as Black looks back behind him.
Coming around a corner is another familiar face in former valet for the
stable Allison Wonderland who's sexily clad in a black, gothic-like skirt and
a tight black corset-like top that's pushing chest up to show a lot of
cleavage. She smiles at both men, brushing her long, dark hair back that has
stylish blonde streaks running through it.

"Allison?" Jimmy questions. "What's going on here??"

"Hiya Jimmy!" Wonderland says with a smile. "I was just in town, pitching an
idea to Tyler that I could come back here and be like a valet again." She
cutely shrugs.

"Yeah, but then I got to thinking when she talked about the "good old
days"..." Tyler says suggestively.

"...I'm listening..." Jimmy says, looking over them both suspiciously.

"Well, how about you prove to me, and to our friend here that you don't
disappoint in a certain department..."

* * *

A few minutes later the hot, young former valet for The Age of The Fall,
Allison Wonderland looks up at her now naked former leader Jimmy Jacobs with
a saucy smile, reaching up to stroke his hardening cock in her soft hand as
she's down on her knees on the locker room floor. He looks down with a
piercing gaze as she swiftly jerks him off with her right hand, moving it all
the way up from the base and then up to just the top before going right back
down to the bottom, causing her stylish ring jewelry to brush against his
shaft pleasurably. Her other hand is gently cupping his balls, squeezing them
slightly as she rolls them around in her tender palm which makes him moan and
really gets his manhood rock hard, now at its full twelve inches inside her
still stoking hand. Seeing this makes her licks her light pink lip gloss
covered lips for a moment, before she sticks out her soft tongue to pat it
against his bell end as she jerks him off while still being fully clothed,
slightly swirling her tongue around the tip as she gets him all warmed up.

Behind her, the handsome and intense Tyler Black has stripped of his clothing
and is positioning himself down behind her, pushing up her frilly, gothic-
like skirt to reveal her panty-less, cutely rounded ass and her nicely shaven
pussy. Feeling her hands on her butt, she pushes her hips back out to arch
her body out to stick her rump out towards him. With a smirk he moves his
face down towards her, spreading her cheeks apart so he can give a long lick
up the entire length of her ass crack, making her groan as shivers go through
her body, and there's more to come as he does another slow trail down between
her cheeks, his hands squeezing her butt as he does so. His head move up a
little, and he pushes his tongue out and starts to flick it against her ass
hole, teasing the entrance to her back passage with light licks that cause
her to moan as he starts to taste her ass.

Turned on by the licking her ass is getting, she opens her mouth and takes
the cock of the emotional, sometimes psychotic wrestler into her warm, wet
mouth to begin to suck him off. With her hand still stroking the lower
portion of his shaft, she works over the top six or so inches easily inside
her, her soft, pouty lips lightly pressing against him to sexily drag back
and forth across his long dick. Her long, dark with blonde streaks hair
slightly sways as she bobs her head along and then back with steady, smooth
movements that make him moan as she shows off her oral skills. Her right hand
is still jerking off his shaft with quick little strokes, making sure that
the part of it not currently being pleasured by her mouth is still looked
after while her other hand rests on his thigh for support.

Pressing his tongue deeper against her asshole, the chiseled wrestler from
Iowa starts to eat her ass out, probing right into her tightness to taste her
and get her nice and wet. She moans at the sensation, pushing her behind back
against his face to grind her ass against him which only makes him flick his
tongue around quicker inside her back passage. One hand stays on her butt to
keep her cheeks spread for easy access into her, while the other is down
between her legs, teasingly rubbing her snatch with brief touches of his
fingers over her pussy lips. He moans slightly as he feels a little bit of
wetness on his digits, but his concentration is on forcing his tongue as far
into her perfectly rounded, sexy ass as he can, some which she clearly
appreciates if her moans and light pushes of her hips back into him are
anything to go by.

Groaning around the shaft inside her mouth, Wonderland starts to turn her
head slightly from side to side, twisting it to grinds her soft, cute lips
around the cock of the multi-time from ROH Tag Team Champion, pumping him
with swift movements up and down with her smooth hand. She looks up at him
with a saucy look as she smiles around his dick, resuming the task of blowing
him by bobbing her head back and forth quicker than before, taking another
couple of inches of his manhood into her. Her hand still stays gripping the
base tightly to hold it steady while her tongue lightly brushes up against
the underside of his cock as it passes in and out of her mouth.

Looking down at the gothic, stunning woman who's sucking his big dick with
great skill, something about the look she's giving him gives him an idea. He
puts a hand on her head, taking a big handful of hair before he starts to
rock his hips towards and away from her, pumping his cock in and out of her
damp mouth which makes her groan as she's made to take all of his foot long
tool deep into her. She puts both her hands onto his sides, closing her eyes
as she lets him take her mouth like this so his cock head taps the back of
her mouth and her balls slap into her chin when he pushes forward.
Impressively unfazed by this, she continues to flick her tongue up and around
his thrusting shaft to ensure that it's lightly coated in her saliva which
makes them both moan from the feeling.

Lifting his head up from her ass, Tyler licks his lips before smirking at the
sight of his former tag team partner fucking the mouth of their former valet.
"Having fun there Jimmy?" He says with a confident laugh.

Jacobs' eyes narrow to glare at his former friend, unconsciously giving a few
deep thrusts into Wonderland`s mouth that make her groan loudly. "If this is
some kind of trick Tyler..." He starts to warn as he lets go of her hair.

Allison lifts her head up from his now completely coated in saliva shaft,
taking in a much needed breath of air. "How about you show me some tricks you
can do with your tongue..." She suggests, stroking his dick a little to get
his attention. "And I'll give Tyler some of what I just gave you?"

Suspicious of both of their intentions, Jimmy starts to get down onto the
floor to lay down on his back, and before he can even speak the stunning
young grappler quickly moves to straddle his face, her pussy pressing down
into his bearded face. She moans as she adjusts herself, rubbing her entrance
across his face for a moment before he reaches up to hold her smooth legs,
his tongue starting to give long licks around the outside of her snatch and
across her lower lips. She licks her lips slightly as she looks down at the
man starting to go to work on her, his hands slightly stroking over her
thighs as he teases her with his tongue stud, brushing it across the outside
of her and not yet venturing inside her which makes her groan and giggle
slightly in excitement.

Her attention is soon drawn to the stud standing in front of her with his
foot long, nicely thick cock pointing directly at her cute face. With a grin
she leans her head forward, mouth open as she slides inch by inch of his
manhood into her mouth, easily handling well over half of his length in her
before she even starts to properly suck him, skillfully not using her hands
at all to aid her. Showing she's true to her word she starts to bob her head
along him, lips pressing down and around him as they travel across him, light
moans bouncing off his shaft as she responds to the man eating her out
underneath her. Black responds as well, moaning with a smile as his hand goes
onto her head to run fingers through her long, sexily styled hair to show
he's very much enjoying how her mouth is pleasuring his more than impressive

Closing his eyes, the former revolutionary leader begins to properly get into
the swing of things, pushing his pierced tongue right up into her pussy and
past her lips which gets a big moan out of her. With his hands still gripping
her thighs he starts to taste her, brushing his tongue around her folds with
long, circular motions around the outer parts of her dampening hole, taking
his time as he clearly knows exactly what he's doing down there. Glancing
down for a moment to just see him as her black skirt covers most of the oral
act that's going on, she starts to slightly rock her hips backward and
forward to grind her pussy down into his face in an attempt to get him to eat
her out quicker and deeper even though there's nothing wrong with how he's
doing things right now. But he's not taking the bait, smirking as he feels
her snatch rub over him but her carries on licking away at her, slightly
collecting some sweet juices on his tongue which he eagerly laps up and
swallows down.

The attractive, young wrestler and valet moans as she starts to turn the pace
up of her actions, swiftly moving her head back and forth the cock in her
mouth so that she's completely deep throating him, her nose lightly pressing
into his crotch for a moment when she goes right down on him before shooting
right back up. At the same time she's rocking her crotch down onto the man
eating her out, pushing her wet pussy down and across his face as she feels
his tongue probing around inside her. Her own tongue is similarly doing
plenty of pleasure creating work, lashing around the dick passing between
her soft, pink coloured lips to make it wet with her soothing saliva in
addition to her deep sucking motions her mouth is already dishing out.

Black holds her with two hands on both sides of her head which is rapidly
moving along and back on his meaty shaft without a hint of gagging at all,
moaning as her combined lip and tongue work feels divine to him. Even though
he knows he could just let her do all the work on him and she wouldn't mind
at all, he reaches down with a hand and squeezes her nicely sized tit through
the material of her corset like top before doing the same with the other one.
She moans, looking up with a grin around his cock, pushing her chest out
towards him to invite him to grope her some more, and returning the smile he
does just that with a couple more big squeezes as she continues to give out a
swift, deep blow job to the twelve inch cock of his.

With his hands moving around to cup her ass cheeks, the man claiming to be
from "the dark side of a broken heart" is flicking tongue quickly around her
now quite wet pussy, random movements all around that ensure that there isn't
a single area left untouched by him. Even with her steady grinding across his
face he's still able to keep his mouth plastered onto her snatch, tasting
away with rapid lapping motions deep into her, his tongue piercing making the
feeling feel even better to her. He slightly digs his fingers into her butt
to stop her from just fully bouncing on his tongue, smirking at the whine of
wanting she gives as he carries on licking away, every time collecting a
little bit of her juices as he does so.

"Why do I get the feeling you're not here to see if Jimmy isn't a
disappointment?" Tyler asks, already knowing the answer as he has to push her
head right back so he can pull his coated in saliva cock out of her mouth.

"So what if I'm just here to fuck you two?" She sassily says with a moan,
leaning back slightly to let Jimmy eat her out for a little longer. "You
didn't bring me into your group in the first place just to stand around."

He laughs before he reaches down to lift her up and off of Jacobs, making her
groan in the process. "That's true I suppose, but if you really want to fuck,
you'll not just blow us."

Allison smirks, standing up and starting to lower her skirt right down her
skirt. "Well sit the hell down and I'll ride the shit out of you!" She looks
behind her as Jimmy starts to get up. "And this won't be a spectator sport

Grabbing a chair and setting it down, Black has just enough time to sit down
on it before the former Age of the Fall valet almost jumps onto his lap,
reaching down to position his big cock in line so she can easily slip it into
her wet pussy. She moans as inch after inch enters her as she lowers herself
down right down onto his lap, and soon enough his entire foot long and nicely
thick dick is deep inside her, and both of them moan as they feel her snatch
rest down against his crotch and balls. Placing her hands onto his shoulders
she slightly grinds herself down against him before she begins to ride him,
lightly bouncing on his hard cock as she starts to establish a rhythm, aided
by him putting his hands on her waist to give her some support.

She doesn't move like this for long though as Jacobs comes up behind her, one
hand on her shoulder to stop her while the other guides his equally long cock
into her back passage, using only the slightly layer of her own spit that's
over it to help him penetrate. She groans lustfully as she feels her ass hole
stretching to accommodate him, biting her bottom lip as she blocks out the
pain from him forcing himself completely inside her ass so he's ball deep.
Once he's there he doesn't give her any time to adjust, starting to thrust
his shaft in and out of her with steady movements that make her look back
over her shoulder at him with a smolderingly hot look, showing she's willing
and able to take a hard ass fucking. As he starts to pound her butt, she
resumes her task of bouncing onto the other man's cock so that two massive
pieces of man meat are moving in and out of her holes.

The master of the Small Package Driver lets out a sigh of pleasure as the
young hottie in his lap impressively resumes her elevator-like movement of
going up and down on his twelve inches while she's getting pumped from
behind, the jolts forward her body does from the thrusts giving him an extra
grind of enjoyment on his dick. He reaches up and around, finding the zip on
her corset-like top before pulling it right down and peeling it off from her
hot, tattoo covered body to reveal her busty, perfectly rounded tits which
are now able to bounce sexily in time with her movements. He helps himself to
them, cupping each in his hands and brushing his thumbs over her hardened
nipples to make her moan as she builds up some speed on her bouncing on his
dick, spurred on by his touch.

Grunting through gritted teeth, the man who once sang his own entrance theme
songs is not holding back on bit as he thrusts upward into the cutely rounded
ass of one of his former valets with stiff, quick pumps that have his balls
smacking into her cheeks to make a hot slapping sound ring out around the
locker room. Giving no thought that his movement of slamming his foot long
dick completely in and out of her tight back passage might be hurting her
slightly, he grips her butt cheeks to keep them spread so there's no
resistance as he fucks her. Although the loud moans she's giving out might
just prove she's the kind of girl that loves a bit of roughness during sex,
and he's certainly enjoying pounding her butt as he moans with closed eyes,
never letting up on his pumps for a moment.

Wonderland's head is tilted back slightly as she moans, losing herself in a
world of lust as she smoothly rides the huge cock in her wet snatch with
quick, sudden bounces while taking another just as long and thick shaft up
her ass. The young, uniquely styled woman knows what she's doing, letting her
tight pussy handle the dick in it from the balls up until over half way
before she drops right down, which causes her ass to lower down so it takes
the manhood pumping it just a little bit deeper that makes it feel even
better. Not that getting sexually double teamed by the former ROH World Tag
Team Champions who also happen to be handsome studs could not feel amazing to
her. She's getting fucked in such a way that makes her want this to go on and
on for hours, and she's capable of doing just that if the energy she's using
up already is anything to go by.

With his hands still playing with her rounded titties, the man hotly tipped
by many to be a future World Champion leans his head in to begin to flick his
tongue against her boobs, dragging it right across both and paying special
attention to the erect nipples topping each. She moans at the licking,
putting her hands on the back of his head to bring him deeper into her chest
to show she wants some more of that. As he's doing that, he's also moving his
hips upward to thrust his cock right into her pussy as it lowers down to send
it deep into her tightness, making his nut sack smack into her skin every
time. He smirks as he lightly sucks on her nipple, telling that this is all
driving her wild with desire, and he's not exactly alone in feeling that way
as well, loving how her tight, wet pussy is encasing his cock and covering it
in juices.

Without warning, Jimmy pulls his cock out of her ass, giving her cheeks a
firm spank that makes her groan. "Turn around Allison!" He demands, watching
as she takes a while to slow down her movements on Tyler's cock.

She licks her lips as she turns herself around, the shaft still buried deep
inside her snatch. "You want me to suck that for you Jimmy?" She teases,
unashamedly offering ass-to-mouth action as she looks down at the cock that
had just been pounding her butt.

"Just shove it into her!" Black says with a laugh, surprising her by lifting
her up by the waist. "You know she's begging for this." He adds, before
lowering her back down but this time impaling her ass with his dick.

"Oh fuck!" She groans, leaning back against Tyler. "Screw sucking, just slam
that dick back into me!" She naughtily begs as she starts to bounce on
Black's cock again.

"Fucking little slut..." Jimmy remarks as he comes forward, forcing his cock
that has just come from straight out of her asshole right into her pussy.

She groans as she feels both of their thick, long cocks entering into her
right until their balls are touching her skill, filling her up completely
with twenty four inches of manhood in her soaking wet pussy and tight ass.
She reaches down, holding her legs apart by the thigh to spread them as wide
as she can to allow the wrestler in front of her unrestricted access into
her, while underneath her the other hand is cupping her butt cheeks apart so
he can easily slip in and out of her. She tries to rock and back and forth in
this position but she's no longer in any control, just having to stay like
this and take it as they start to pump their dicks in and out of her holes
and by the way she's moaning this suits her just fine. So she closes her eyes
and moans as they go balls deep into her back lower holes with hard, quick
thrusts that make her body jolt and her breasts bounce in time with their
pumps into her sexy, tattooed body.

With his fingers slightly digging into her cute ass, Tyler is thrusting up
with unrelenting force with his foot long dick that's coated in her own pussy
juices, which along with the earlier entry made by his former friend and
until recently rival allows him to go deeply into her every time. Her tight
back passage is taking every motion with no difficulty, just as well as the
short, sharp thrusts his using would be painful to take to a vast majority of
women, wrestlers or otherwise. His balls smack up into her ass which is also
resting against his crotch, slightly rubbing against him because of the
pounding she's taking from him and the other man as every pump into her butt
keeps ten inches inside her and each one up sends the entire length right up
into her ass.

Holding onto her waist, the former Age of the Fall leader is fully focused as
he uses quick, hard thrusts up into her tight and wet snatch that's slightly
grinding against his crotch because of the pumps of his former stable mate
and tag team title partner. He's letting himself give into the pleasure as he
slams up into the sometimes gothic, teasing starlet of independent pro
wrestling, making her ample chest bounce every time he sends his shaft
completely up into her, making his balls smack into her skin every time he
does so. He smirks as he makes eye contract with her, and seeing the look of
lust in her eyes only gives fuel to the fire as he fucks her quicker and
harder than before, moaning as he takes her hot, wet pussy like his life
depended on it.

Gasping for breath and feeling the effects from this intense, down and dirty
threesome, the former valet for both men is moaning and groaning deeply with
closed eyes and her mouth slightly open in an `O' shape, beads of sweat
covering her young, sexy, tattoo covered body. Her long, black with blonde
streaks hair slightly hangs across her face as she lets both handsome studs
have their way with her, taking their foot long shafts deep in her ass and
pussy shamelessly as at this point, as long as she cums long and hard then
she's more than happy for this to go on for hours or just another minute. She
has one hand on each man's shoulder to support her, knowing full well that
she's running out of energy to keep up with the pace and effort being used by
the former partners.

She's not along in thinking that unless this slows down it's going to be over
soon, but the native of Iowa has no intentions of taking it down a gear as
that'd mean losing out on the level of pleasure that he's on. So he's
carrying on slamming his meaty, foot long dick deeply into her perfectly
rounded ass with rapid fire thrusts upward to make his balls smack into her
cheeks. Moaning as sweat coats his entire, muscular and handsome frame, he
moves his hands up to squeeze her tits for a moment before moving them back
down to her waist to help her stay in position sandwiched in between the top
stars of Ring of Honor. He knows it's a matter of moments rather than
minutes, so he's not planning on holding back until he's completely spent so
is purposely throwing every last drop of energy he has let into fucking her
cute, sexy ass and doesn`t care if she can`t walk properly for a whole week

In a case of great minds thinking alike, the often emotional and crazed
wrestler is continuing to pound her tight, soaking wet pussy with hard, deep
thrusts that cause both her and the stunning beauty he's fucking to moan
loudly as she enjoys his big, foot long pumping cock and he experiences her
damp hole. Moving his hands up to grope her nicely sized tits as they bounce
from her jolting, rocking back and forth between both slamming cocks, making
her moan louder as she feels her boobs being played with. His dick is now
completely covered with her pussy juices, some of which have trickled down
further to dampen his balls, in addition to his whole body being bathed in
sweat from the lusty, energy draining sex he'd been lured into. The loud
moans he's letting out though show he doesn't seem to care about that any
more though, perhaps not even thinking that the two others involved in this
sensual session are people who betrayed his revolution.

With her breath getting quicker and her moans getting louder and deeper,
Allison Wonderland begins to cum hard from being simultaneously fucked
swiftly and deeply in her ass and pussy by the combination of men who once
twice held the ROH World Tag Team Championships. Juices flood out of her
tight snatch as it clamps down around the thrusting cock inside it like a
vice just like her back passage does around the dick pumping in and out of
it. She sighs, her eyes fluttering open as she keeps rocking between both
men as they continue to pound her and she rides out her powerful orgasm, her
perfectly rounded and ample chest heaving sexily as she does so.

Groaning as feels her ass clamping down around him, Tyler Black can't hold
back for any longer and so he starts to let loose as well, shooting his warm,
thick load deeply up into her back passage. He rubs her butt cheeks as he
continues to pump up into her tightening hole at a steadier, slowing pace to
make sure every last drop of his spunk gets squeezed out into her. This in
turn makes her groan as she feels the strangely pleasurable sensation of jizz
firing into her ass. Pulling his softening cock out of her plump butt, he
wipes the last drops of cum off of his bell end and onto her cheeks to clean
it off, giving her ass a last spank afterwards.

Not wanting to explode inside her, Jimmy Jacobs has pulled his twelve inch
cock out of her soaking pussy, and has impatiently waited with his shaft
twitching until the other two had finished. Reaching forward he lifts her off
of his former friend and tag partner and sits her down on the floor, not even
stating his attentions as he starts to rapidly jerk himself off, pointing his
dick down at her. She's just able to look up in time as he starts to let
loose, thick streams of white cum firing out of his cock and landing across
her face. She moans, opening her mouth as she manages to capture a large
amount of his load but some of it lands on her cheek, nose and even catching
onto her long dark and blonde streaked hair that had stuck onto her face due
to sweat. He finishes stroking out all of his spunk, letting his limp shaft
drop from his hand and takes a step back to watch her greedily swallow down
his jizz with a satisfied gulp.

"Where's your disappointment now?" Jimmy asks with a cold glare directed at
his former allies before he walks over to his pile of clothes, beginning to
get dressed again.

"Jimmy..." Allison says with a hint of sadness as she wipes some of his cum
off her face with her hand. "Come on..."

"Ah, forget about him..." Tyler says, helping her up to her feet. "I guess
he's not changed that much yet. What you said earlier, are you serious about
wanting to come back to ROH full time?"

"Oh yeah!" She says excitedly. "I'd love to hang around here again. You think
there`s a place for me?"

"After that, I'm sure there's going to be plenty of positions for you to be

Suddenly Black calls out in pain, collapsing down to his knees as Jimmy has
used their conversation to grab the chair and slam it into his back. Allison
squeals in shock, jumping back as the crazed Jacobs smashes the chair over
Tyler's head, knocking him out and leaving him lying. Wonderland quickly
drops down, checking on him as Jimmy, smirks with sinister pleasure.

"Disappointment? No Tyler, the only disappointing thing is that you thought
this was all over." He shockingly rushes forward, and Allison can't react as
she gets nailed in the head, knocking her out as well.

"The revolution ends when I say it will!"

* * *

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