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Featuring: Vanessa "Elle Cee" Harding (one-time ROH, OVW), Alex Shelley (ROH,
TNA), AJ Styles (ROH, TNA), CM Punk (ROH, TNA, WWE)

Note: Vanessa Harding made a one-time appearance for ROH as a valet to
Jimmy Rave/The Embassy at ROH's 3rd Anniversary Part 2 show. Harding however
is better known for her porn work as Elle Cee. For those of you with search
engines, you're welcome.

Lust By Honor Part 5 - Vanessa Harding
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at Ring of Honor's Night Two of their Third Anniversary Show double
shot on February 25, 2005 in Dayton, Ohio, a furious AJ Styles has stormed
back following the fall-out and mass brawl following him being screwed out of
a victory in the main event against The Embassy's Jimmy Rave, thanks to the
group's valet spraying air freshener into his eyes leading to the loss.
Heading back, still clad in his ring attire from the match, the first person
he sees is the man who ran out and helped to even the odds by running off
Rave, CM Punk who's also clad in the same gear he was when he ran out moments

"I didn't ask for your help out there!" AJ snaps, going to just pass him but
Punk steps in his way.

"Yeah, no brainer Styles but I didn't exactly "help" you." Punk replies in
the same less than friendly manner. "I was going after that scumbag Rave
since he and his new goon jumped me earlier on, and him running off like a
coward just ended up helping you out. So save any thanks you might have."

"Alright, fine! But I'll make it clear that I've got issues to finish with
The Embassy as well, so as long as you don't get in my way or stand between
me and getting a piece of Rave, Prince Nana, or whoever else they pay off to
join them, then we won't have any problem."

Punk goes to talk, when he spots someone out of the corner of his eye that
makes him do a double take. "Well then Styles, I'm not standing in your way
right now so feel free to go get "a piece" of that woman over there. It looks
like Shelley is already on his way to doing that..."

Looking over, Styles sees who Punk is referring to, as standing a leaning
slightly against a wall is the woman who had played a part in costing him the
main event earlier, better known as Vanessa Harding who is twirling a strand
of her long brunette hair as she listens to another ROH star in Alex Shelley
who's clearly hitting on her much to her enjoyment as she smirks. She's clad
in what she was wearing acting as a valet - a pair of nicely fitting jeans
that hug to her nicely rounded ass, and just a straining black bra that shows
off plenty of sexy cleavage as she'd removed her top earlier when she acted
as a "footstool" so Jimmy Rave could enter the ring. Shelley is also wearing
jeans along with a ROH merchandise T-shirt.

Storming over, AJ points angrily at her. "You've got some fucking nerve to
still be around here!" He yells at her, making her jump as she gets behind

"Hey, ease up!" Vanessa says as she makes sure Alex is between herself and
him. "Look, I'm sorry about what happened out there but I was just paid to be
out there! It's not like I'm really with those Embassy guys anyway! This was
just for the cash!" She insists.

"Yeah, calm down Styles..." Shelley says. "She was just telling me how Nana
and the rest of them have already fled the building and left her behind, so
you're not going to get any revenge for losing tonight out of her."

"That's not the point!" Styles yells again, glaring at her as Punk casually
walks over to the group. "You cost me a match, and when it's against The
Embassy and knowing how their egos are going to be inflated by this?? Just
saying sorry isn't going to cut it, you understand me??"

Stepping out from behind Shelley, Harding starts to smirk as she eyes Styles
up. "Well, I am sorry... But if you want me to go further than just saying
sorry then I'm sure I can make it up to you in..." She trails off, placing
her hands on his chest and sliding them down slightly. "Other ways that I'm
sure that you'll enjoy..."

Eyeing her up as well, and unable to stop himself from taking a good look at
her large breasts on full display, Styles eyes her up with suspicion. "...Is
that so? Figures, the kind of people that Rave associates himself with that
you'd suggest something along those lines..."

Stepping forward, Punk smiles as he looks between them both. "Hey, since she
helped screw you over tonight, it's only fair you get to screw her. And since
I helped save your ass from getting destroyed by The Embassy, I think it's
only fair I get in on this apology as well."

AJ looks over to the Straightedge wrestler. "...And won't your girlfriend
object if she finds out about you doing this?"

"Only if she finds out..." Punk states with a smirk.

"Glad you approve boys, because I'm really in a mood for showing how sorry I
am..." Vanessa says seductively as she glances over to Alex. "You coming
along as well?"

"Oh I'll be coming alright, and I think I'll be cumming as well..." Shelley
says with a big grin. "So, where we doing this then guys? It can't be long
before the ring crew start to clear the ring up and we're all kicked out of
the building..."

* * *

Minutes later in an empty locker room, the busty brunette Vanessa Harding is
down on her knees on the floor, reaching behind her to unclasp her bra,
peeling it off to reveal her large, perfectly tanned and rounded breasts that
she start to squeeze with a seductive smile as she looks up at the three
naked ROH stars she's promised to "make up" to. Said men are all completely
naked as the stand in front of her, stroking their hardening cocks that are
all very long and nicely thick, a sight that has her mouth watering as she
shuffles closer to them, now raising her hands to wrap them around the cock
of CM Punk on the left, and Alex Shelley on the right, leaving AJ Styles
directly in front of her.

As she beings to smoothly jerk off the dicks in her hands, she lowers her
head down towards Styles' shaft, flicking her tongue out around the head
before swirling it all around the tip, keeping eye contact as she starts to
warm him up. Opening her mouth, she wraps her pouty lips around the head and
pushes down to take his bell end inside, sucking on it with a slight bobbing
motion on him, making sure to keep using her tongue to flick up against his
underside to ensure he's rock hard and getting wet from her soothing saliva,
smirking slightly as she hears him moaning from her work.

At her sides her hands are pumping the dicks of the other two handsome
wrestlers, similarly making sure that Punk and Shelley's cocks are standing
at attention as her smooth palms run back and forth across their whole length
from the base to the head in steady and quick motions, getting approving nods
from them and slight moans as she strokes away on their poles. At the same
time she's continuing to use her mouth to pleasure the man she threw powder
into the eyes of earlier in the night, rocking her head along AJ's top few
inches and even twisting her head from side to side when she pauses at the
head of him.

Sucking on him for a few more moments, Harding lifts her head off from
Styles' cock, giving the head one last lick around the top before she sits up
slightly, turning her head to bat her tongue against the head of Alex's dick,
making him moan as she dabs her saliva across the tip as she strokes the rest
of him off. It's not long before she soon turns her head to the other side,
now giving Punk the same treatment as she slides her frisky tongue all across
his bell end, her hand jerking off his length as she focuses on the top to
give it a nice coating of her spit, moaning lightly herself as she dabs her
tongue against the bulbous head.

Lifting away from Alex and using her hand to rub her saliva all into her
dick, her attention goes back to the Gainesville, Georgia native as she takes
his shaft back into her mouth, pushing down now to take more inches inside
her than before as she once again bobs her head firmly and quickly along the
top part which gets him moaning in no time. She gazes up at him seductively,
watching his expression as she moves her luscious lips back and forth along
his cock, clearly loving having such a big dick deep in her mouth just as
much as the man receiving this is enjoying her oral work. At the same time
she's multi-tasking without missing a beat, still jerking off the other two
men as she rocks her head up and down along the dick of the man in front of
her, her groans bouncing off his meat as it passes in and out between her

Lifting her head up and away from him, she licks her lips for a moment before
smiling up at him. "So, have I apologized enough? Or am I going to have to do
more for you boys?" She asks seductively, glancing up between all three

"Girl, we're just getting started with you..." AJ smirks down at her as he
steps back. "You're going to be earning your dirty money from The Embassy
tonight..." He adds as he moves around her to get behind her.

"I think I'm going to enjoy that..." Harding says as she moves herself back
so she can sit on her hands and knees as Styles gets into position, placing
his hands on her jeans so he can start to pull them down. As her nicely
rounded and tight looking ass along with her smoothly shaved pussy is
revealed, she looks up to the other two full-time ROH stars. "Guess I'm going
to have to treat you two right some more, am I?" She asks, even though she's
already putting her hands onto their cocks again.

"Well aren't you a smart one?" CM Punk mocks her as he reaches down, taking a
handful of her long hair. "Now less talking and more sucking!"

The woman known as Ms Blue in OVW narrows her eyes slightly up at the proud
follower of the Straightedge lifestyle, but obeys his command as she leans
her head in, taking his cock into her mouth and starting to grind her lips
back and forth long his meaty pole, making him moan out as he holds onto her.
As she takes care of him with her hand gripping his base with slight pumps
thrown in for good measure, her other hand is firmly and quickly stroking
Shelley's dick off at a perfect pace, far more than enough to keep him
moaning and rock hard while she blows the other talented and handsome indy

With her jeans pulled down to the knees and her legs spread apart enough for
his liking, Styles lines up his shaft that's coated with her own saliva with
her snatch, using a solid thrust to push into her and cause them both to moan
as he ventures into her tightness, smirking both at the feeling alone and the
fact that she pushed her ass back towards him just from the initial
penetration. Taking a hold of her by her tanned waist he starts to ease his
cock in and out of her pussy as she eagerly rocks her body back towards him,
a sign that she can take much more than just the first few inches of him that
he's giving her at the moment.

Sucking on Punk's cock some more as her large breasts start to sway from her
body's backward jolts in response to the man pumping her from behind, she
lifts her head off so she can spit right down onto his shaft, pushing her
mouth right back down onto him with a groan as she blows him some more, the
motions of her head getting quicker thanks the encouragement from getting
banged as she performs this sexual act on another man. A last quick suck, and
she raises herself off to moan out, turning right towards Shelley and
hungrily taking his member deep into her mouth, tongue flicking out as she
bobs away onto him, her long hair swaying slightly as she really gets into
this, especially upon hearing the man she's now servicing moaning from her
skill as she moves herself back and forth on him, her hands jerking off his
lower half and the entirety of the shaft of the wrestler she's just been
blowing on seconds ago.

He might have been pissed off with her for costing him a match earlier in the
night, but he's got no problems taking advantage of her and using her pussy
like this as he pumps his cock in and out of her, impressed by how tight she
is despite his size and thickness and also how easily she's able to in no
time at all almost take all of his shaft inside her snatch. She keeps pushing
back against his strong thrusts, her ass cheeks smacking into his waist when
he pushes forward into her, knowing how to work her body to get the most
pleasure out of this so she's wet all around his dick as it slides in and out
of the horny valet's hole.

Groaning around the dick in her mouth, the gorgeous and curvaceous female
wrestler is perfectly timing her rocking motions between the men in front of
her and the one thrusting quickly into her snatch, perhaps showing this isn't
the first time that she's taken part in some steamy sexy with a group of hot
studs. She blows over half of Alex's cock in her oral hole, jerking off the
lower portion to make him wet with her spit as she also strokes off Punk's
dick with firm motions all the way up and down his long and fat shaft,
keeping both of them moaning as she does, but her cries are muffled around
the man meat she's handling. Behind her, Styles is pounding her snatch with
balls deep thrusts to drive them both wild, his nuts smacking off her skin as
she rocks backward against every pump she takes from him, showing how badly
she wants to say sorry to him, or at least that seems to be the excuse for
her to let herself be the object of their collective lust.

Harding lets out a deep moan as she raises her head off from Shelley's shaft,
smiling as she glances back at the man fucking her snatch. "If this is how
you treat the girls who are bad to you, I can't wait to be on your good
side..." She groans as he feels Styles pulling his cock out of her.

"Shit, it looks like Nana picked up a real class act, didn't he?" AJ says
with a smirk as he stands up.

Before she can move, Punk takes a hold of her and pushes her down onto her
back onto the floor, mounting her chest. "You want on my good side huh? Then
wrap those fucking tits around my dick!" He orders with a cocky smirk.

"Oh yeah! I love getting a dick between my titties!" Vanessa moans out,
watching with a grin as he places his shaft in between her mounds.

"Yeah, and from his choice of girlfriend, he loves big tits..." Alex says
with a laugh, moving down and taking a hold of her legs so he can spread

Showing she wasn't kidding around, much to the approval of the leader of the
Second City Saints, the busty brunette puts her hands onto the sides of her
large and perfectly rounded breasts, pushing them against his cock that's
slick with her own saliva. She looks right down, watching intently as he
starts to move his hips towards and then right away from her, the head of his
shaft popping up from between her boobs as she keeps them tightly pressed up
into his man meat as it slides in between her "assets" as he moans out from
the superb feeling.

Soon though she's moaning again as the Detroit, Michigan native pushes his
dick right into her snatch and starts to quickly pump her, smirking as he now
enjoys the tight and wet feeling all around his dick as it eases in and out
of her warm and ready hole that seems made for taking a long, fat cock like
all three men involved in this have. He keeps her legs held apart by the
ankles, allowing him to ram his shaft straight and deeply into her love
tunnel, causing them both to groan out from the sinful pleasure as her juices
soon cover him in a short space of time, just making the feeling all them
more intense as he bangs her as she gets another man off with her breasts.

As Punk pumps his dick between the large mounds of the valet for the night of
the stable he's at war with, said female leans her head up so she can spit
down into her cleavage, her spit splashing onto the hard and long dick,
causing him to groan as she helps make the motion even smoother than it
already is as he fucks her tits. Moving her head up further, she sticks her
tongue right out with a moan, allowing her to flick it across the head of his
shaft as it pushes up between her big breasts that are bouncing slightly as
she holds them due to her body moving back against the deep thrusts into her
snatch that she's taking at the same time.

It's a show of sexual skin in itself for her to be able to handle giving two
different sex acts to two men simultaneously, but now she has to do a third
one as she's grabbed by the hair and turned to face the still hard dick of AJ
Styles, a sight which makes her lick her lips as she opens her mouth wide, no
objections to taking his cock inside again. He takes the invitation, pushing
himself in and starting to pump her oral hole with his mighty rod, making her
groan as her mouth starts to get used by a series of hard and sudden thrusts
from the former Air Styles in WCW, the face fucking that's starting up making
her taste her own pussy off of his cock and as she's not trying to pull away
from this, it seems that she doesn't mind tasting herself at all.

The wonderfully curved female wrestler looks to be in a little bit of
paradise as sweat starts to form all cross her tanned body, sliding slightly
back and forth on the floor she's laying on as she's getting her snatch
stuffed full by an impressively long and nicely thick dick, and taking
another in her mouth that's starting to make her gag slightly as the bell end
touches the back of her mouth. Finally she's wanking one off between her big
breasts as the cock between them pumps in and out with speed, all three top
ROH star's shafts making her moan and groan out like a whore as she's begging
for it even harder and deeper from them all, loving the feeling she's getting
from them and hearing them all moan out as well as they get their pleasure
from her holes and her chest.

Pounding into her mouth a couple more times, AJ withdraws his shaft from her,
allowing her to gasp and catch her breath back as she moans as she takes the
deep pumps from the man between her legs, but then the man she'd screwed out
of a victory earlier on starts to slap his dick against her face, forcing her
to turn and lick all across the bell end and the rest of his cock as he moves
it away and back towards her. At the same time Punk is continuing to titfuck
her as he pushes his meat in and out between her vast mountains as she keeps
them pressed tightly against him to smother it so the only sign of it is when
the head pops out between her cleavage when he thrusts forward. Last and
certainly not least, the former member of Generation Next rams himself
completely into her snatch that's really wet but still tight as his nut sack
slaps off her skin when he drives forward into her hole.

"Fucking hell! You're in the wrong business..." Alex says as he pulls out of
her snatch, causing both himself and her to groan. "Body like that and taking
us like that? You should be a porn star, not a damn valet!"

Harding smirks as she gives AJ's dick a last lick across. "Mmmm... Well maybe
if this wrestling gig doesn't work out... It might not be a bad idea..." She
lets go of her breasts, letting CM Punk get off from him as she sits up. "But
if you think I can really fuck like a porn star, then you should all get
those big dicks inside me, and I want to ride Mister tit-lover here..." She
states, pointing at the wrestler who'd just been fucking her breasts.

Punk smirks. "You're definitely aligned with the wrong group..." He says as
he gets down onto the floor with his dick pointing straight up.

Glancing at the other two men, the female originally from Atlanta, Georgia
sexily crawls her way across to the Straight Edge wrestler, mounting him as
she eases herself right down onto his shaft with a deep moan, slightly
bouncing on him half way up his length before she properly drops down onto
him to take him entirely inside her wet and tight pussy. Just as he moans and
she starts to lean forward for a better position, he catches her off guard as
he starts to thrust his dick upward into her snatch, causing her to groan
with a smile as she has to quickly rock herself back against his movements,
the sexy slapping sound of skin hitting sweat-covered skin ringing out when
he drives himself up into her pussy, her large tits already starting bounce
in time with their motions.

As she pushes back against Punk's deep pumps, Styles steps up behind them and
uses a hand on her back to make her lean forward some more, causing her in
turn to look back both at him and to Shelley as he steps up close, giving his
dick a light stroke as she wonders if they'll go through with what she wanted
from them. She sure gets it as AJ spreads her ass cheeks apart, and with a
firm push sends his cock into her asshole to make her almost scream out
however it's silenced when Alex uses her wide open mouth to shove his dick
straight into her with a grin, making her wrap those luscious lips tightly
around his pole as she closes her eyes tightly shut, grunting as she feels
the dick in her back passage start to work itself in and out of her tightest
of holes.

Holding tightly onto her nicely rounded butt cheeks, the NWA-TNA groans as he
has to ease his cock back and forth into her super tight back passage, even
with using her saliva as a sort of lubricant it's one of the tightest fits
he's ever had to work with, but it's not going to stop him from trying to
bang her like she deserves to be. Giving her booty a hard spank as he pumps
her, he's got just about five inches or so of his cock into the stunning
brunette, with no plans of easing off until he's got all of his manhood
inside her ass whether it hurts her or not, but from the muffled moans that
he's hearing from her it seems that she's actually loving every moment of

That assumption would be very correct as her pussy is getting even wetter
than before, and despite having three long and thick cocks in each of her
holes she's still able to rock herself between the men, bobbing her head
along the shaft thrusting into her mouth and dropping down onto the man
underneath her as he ploughs into her snatch, at the same time causing her
ass to push back against the handsome wrestler nailing her up the butt. Her
big titties continue to erotically shake and bounce as she takes this
intense, hard, and fast fucking in her mouth, ass, and pussy from three of
the full-time workers of the company she worked as a valet for tonight, her
performance looking far more like an experienced porn star as she sweats
and groans against the hung studs as they dominate her beautifully curved

Alex moans as he sweats, feeling his dick throbbing slightly inside her mouth
as she slides his shaft in and out between her juicy, thick lips as she blows
him with sudden, almost slutty back and forth motions of her head that make
her sweat-soaked hair sway as she groans and gags all over his meat,
resulting in him being coated with her saliva. Underneath, Punk sends his
just as fat and lengthy pole balls deep up into her dripping snatch, moaning
as she's still very tight despite the repeated poundings she's taken since
this gang bang started between the indie scene stars and he too intends to
make use of every moment he can with her as sweat pours off his body from the
effort being put into pumping her.

Behind her, the man nicknamed "Phenomenal" is stuffing his dick deeply and
strongly into the Embassy valet's ass, driving himself balls deep into her
tight back passage so his waist smacks into her nicely rounded butt when he
pushes forward into her, his balls smacking into her skin but the sting of
the impact not registering with either of them as they focus just on the
pleasure and lust they feel. There's plenty of that and then some as they all
moan out and sweat drips of their desirable bodies as she's taking such a
large amount of cock inside her at the same time that she really does seem
more suited for a career in pornography rather than in the professional
wrestling world.

While she may have dared and wanted to be placed into this position so that
she's fucked hard by the cocks of AJ Stles, Alex Shelley, and CM Punk here in
this locker room, she's soon regretting that decision as unable to take any
more of the repeated, hard and fast thrusts from the ROH wrestlers Vanessa
Harding starts to cum on Punk's cock as he rams it in and out of her snatch.
She groans deeply, slobbering all over Alex's cock in her mouth as her pussy
and back passage tighten around the dicks inside them, her juices flooding
out to make a sexy sloppy sound as the man underneath her keeps control so he
can continue on thrusting up into her as she rides out her orgasm. Similarly,
Styles groans out as her asshole has clamped around him like a vice as she
hits her pleasure high, but he's got the focus and skill to not just explode
there and then, instead just slowing his motions down to savor the feeling
with a grin, knowing he's gotten a major of revenge against The Embassy by
nailing their hired valet for the night.

Taking his cock out of her mouth, Shelley grins as he watches her unsteadily
rock herself against the other men, feeling the effects of such a mind
blowing orgasm as she gasps for breath, moaning as the dicks in her pussy and
ass give her a last couple of deep thrusts before AJ is the first to pull out
of her, slapping his dick against her butt cheeks for good measure before he
to steps away, allowing the man underneath to lift her off from her. It's
clear a lot has been taken out of her as she has to be helped up but just
from the floor as she's kept on her knees as the three ROH studs surround
her, taking a hold of their throbbing cocks as they jerk off, looking to now
get themselves off and clearly looking to do it all over the busty and now
well fucked brunette.

Said female groans, opening her eyes to look up and see what's happening and
she's able to just brush her hair back away from her face as she draws in
deep breaths, causing her chest to heave as she opens her mouth, looking to
try and catch some of the upcoming spunk inside it but also giving them all
another target as she takes a hold of her breasts in each hand, pushing them
up so she can put on one last show for them. That certainly does the trick
all right, and the first of them to go is the Straightedge-lifestyle leading
CM Punk as he lets out a deep groan, stroking his throbbing dick as it shoots
out thick streams of spunk across Vanessa Harding's face, causing her to
groan as she feels the first of it landing on her cheek so she turns her head
to catch the rest of his cum inside her hungry for it mouth.

Next up to race over the edge is Alex Shelley as he deliberately aims his
cock downward as he jerks off, firing his spunk across the large, perfectly
rounded breasts of Vanessa Harding who squeezes and rubs them together as the
jizz splashes all across both boobs, trickling down her mounds as he pumps
out every last drop of his load to give those big titties a nice creamy
covering. Finally, just as Punk has finished cumming so he can let go of his
spent dick, AJ Styles now starts to bust a hut, his jizz landing across her
forehead so some lands in her long hair, and again she turns her head towards
him but he's making sure that he gives her more of a facial than anything
else, aiming and stroking off so cum splashes onto her cheeks and across her
nose, with a little getting into her mouth and onto her chin as well.

A last contented sigh let out, and now AJ lets go of his dick that's
softening as the three ROH stars watch on as Harding closes her mouth so she
can swallow down the spunk she's collected with a big, very slutty gulp and a
big smirk. Licking her lips to collect up some more jizz, she uses her hands
to rub Shelley's cum all across and over her breasts, making sure they're
both really covered by his load, causing herself to moan from the feeling as
she stays down on her knees on the locker room floor, having been gang banged
hard by the muscular and handsome wrestlers and it's obvious they all loved
every moment of it.

"Now... Now I bet your fucking sorry..." AJ says as he looks down at the now
completely fucked woman who cost him a match earlier tonight.

"Mmmm... Very..." Vanessa says with a smirk up. "Although I just did it for
the money... This though? I'll gladly do again for you all for free... I'll
show how really sorry I am..."

"I'll pass..." Punk says with a chuckle as he's already walking over to his
clothes to get dressed. "Traci will be wondering where the hell I am, and I
don't plan on losing that rack of hers any time soon..."

Shelley just shrugs his shoulders again. "Don't know about you Styles, but
I'm not passing up on this little porn-star in the making!"

Styles just shakes his head as he also turns to walk away. "You've got a lot
to learn now after Generation Next kid..." He mutters as he leaves.

Alex goes to say something but he's cut off when Harding places her hand on
his dick, giving it a light stroke with a seductive smirk on her face. "Never
mind baby, you and me can fuck like porn stars all night long. Funnily
enough? I always thought that the name "Elle Cee" would be a great porno name
for me to use..."

Shelley smirks down at her, putting his hands on his waist. "You serious?
You'd really go into porn?"

She smirks back with a lick of her lips. "Like I said, if this wrestling gig
doesn't work out then the only bumps I'll be taking are when my ass smacks
off a guy's waist. Now, how's about we get you hard and then into my ass,

* * *

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