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Featuring: Serena Deeb (SHIMMER, WSU, former WWE),
Shelton Benjamin (ROH, former WWE), Charlie Hass (ROH, former WWE)

Lust By Honor Part 6: Serena Deeb
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta Georgia on April 1st 2011,
the Ring of Honor online Pay Per View "Honor Takes Center Stage: Chapter 1"
has moments ago concluded and one of the victorious teams that wrestled on
the show are now basking in their moment of glory, having half an hour ago
become the new ROH World Tag Team Champions. Said men are the former WWE
Superstars known as Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team, individually known as
Charlie Hass and Shelton Benjamin. Still clad in their ring attire from their
match, they are proudly wearing their tag titles on their shoulders as they
sit in chairs in a corridor, drinking from bottles of water with huge smiles
on their faces.

"We told them! We told the Kings of Wrestling, it's only a matter of time
before we get these titles and what did we do?" Charlie asks with a grin as
he glances at his championship.

"Proved to the world why we are who we say we are..." Shelton replies with a
similar grin. "Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. Now we've got the tag team
championships to prove it!"

"Yeah, and tomorrow night we can shut down those American Wolves as well and
prove once and for all that we're the best tag team in the world."

"Well I was going to congratulate you both on the win..." A female voice says
that grabs both men's attention. "But you seem to be doing that just fine on
your own..."

The voice belongs to the former WWE Diva who was known for having her head
shaved bald and being the Anti-Diva of the Straight Edge Society, Serena
Deeb. The short, dark haired female wrestler who lost a number one
contendership match for the SHIMMER Tag Team Championships earlier on the
show smirks as she has her arms folded over her very large chest contained
within her tight fitting blue sleeveless top, the same ring gear she wore for
her match with the matching black with blue trim bottoms which hug nicely to
her juicy ass.

"Hey, if you'd done what we did, you'd be celebrating yourself..." Hass
responds although still smiling as is his tag team partner, and it's no
wonder as they take a look over the gorgeous and curved SHIMMER star.

"Oh, I'm not here to cause trouble..." Serena states as she glances at both
men. "In fact, it's funny you bring up celebrating because that's exactly
what I was planning to offer that the three of us should do since you guys
are the tag team champs of the world now. Besides, I could use some "cheering
up" after my loss tonight, but that is, if you two have any energy left in
the tank for me..." She says in a seductive tone as she looks over both men's
muscular and desirable bodies.

"Shit, I ain't gonna say no to that!" Benjamin says with a smirk as he stands
up from the chair. "I think me and Charlie can gladly show you why it ain't
just in the ring that we're the best tag teamers going, right?" He looks to
his best friend and tag partner as he asks the question.

"You two know I'm a married man, right?" Charlie responds but is still
smiling as he also stands up. "But then again, Jackie said she'd be "catching
up" with some old friends which means she's probably in some hotel getting
gang banged... I'm damn well in if you can handle us."

"Oh, I definitely can..." Deeb says with a lick of her full lips. "Now follow
me, I've got just the place where we won't get disturbed at all..."

* * *

A few minutes later in the now empty locker room assigned for the Women of
Honor to get changed in, the gorgeous and fully curved Serena Deeb is laying
down on her back on the floor, completely naked with her extremely large and
tanned breasts on full display along with her neatly shaved pussy, smiling
with a lick of her lips as looks up at the also naked members of the
Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team. She has good reason to smile as she looks over
their hard, long, and nicely thick cocks that are hanging between their legs
as they approach her with similar grins on their faces as they look over her
stunning body before getting into position as Charlie Hass mounts her chest
while Shelton Benjamin moves between her legs.

Knowing what they want, she doesn't hesitate in spreading her legs further
apart and placing her hands onto her large and perfectly rounded tits, using
them to trap the cock of Hass between her big mounds, squeezing her boobs
firmly against his length and starting to move them up and down with smooth
motions, wanking him off with her own breasts. This gets him moaning soon
enough, as she's also quickly groaning as well when she feels the other man
push his just as thick dick into her snatch, inserting a good few inches of
himself in with the first thrust before pulling back slightly to send himself
right back in, starting to bang the SHIMMER star's snatch.

The Orangeburg, South Carolina native moans as well, feeling her tightness
all around his dick as he slides himself in and out of her snatch, holding
onto her smooth legs as he firmly thrusts into her, looking straight down to
watch his long black cock moving in and out of the busty and beautiful white
woman's pussy that's starting to dampen from his thrusts. She might be tight
down there but it's obvious she can handle someone on her size, perhaps this
not being the first time being fucked by an African American, as she's taking
over half of his length already and looks ready and willing to take even more
from him.

What's also impressive is the way the former WWE Diva is able to keep focused
on the task of using her breasts to pleasure the other half of the former WWE
Tag Team Champions, moving her titties all the way up and back down the dick
that's resting in her cleavage and letting him feel her soft and more than
ample flesh all around his member. She keeps her boobs pressed right against
the sides of his meat, sandwiching him between her vast, enhanced mounds and
all the while smiling up at him, showing that he loves doing this to a long
cock especially when it has the receiver moaning out like he currently is so
she continues on with moving her breasts up and down along his rock hard

Back between her legs, Benjamin is continuing to thrust firmly into her
pussy, his long rod ploughing in and out of her tight hole and using enough
force that it's making her jolt backward slightly in response to his deep
pumps into her, in turn making her breasts bounce slightly in her hands as
she grinds them against the other ROH star's shaft. The repeated motions have
allowed him to work more and more of his length into her snatch, nearly
almost completely thrusting into her with his size that's now nicely coated
with her juices that have formed in response to his pumps and have got her
moaning as both men are as well.

Letting go off her tits, the short, dark haired beauty smirks as she takes a
hold of Hass' dick so she can slap it against her large boobs. "See? I told
you we'd all be celebrating..." Serena slightly boasts before she moans from
the thrusts she's taking from the other wrestler.

"It's off to a great start with those tits..." Charlie responds with a
handsome smile, moving off from her to lay down on the floor himself.

Pulling out of her, the other half of the talented tag team smirks as he
moves back. "I think you've been with a couple of "brothers" before, haven't
you?" Shelton asks as he watches her move over so she can mount his tag

Smirking, Deeb looks back behind her at him. "Maybe, maybe I haven't..." She
teases as she looks over his shaft. "How about you bring that big fucking
black dick over here and I'll show you how so that I can suck it as good as
I can take it?" She lustfully asks as she gives her breasts a quick squeeze
to make herself moan.

There's no objections to that request as Benjamin moves over towards her, and
as he does she takes the opportunity to reach down, lining up the other man's
cock with her nicely wet and still very tight pussy in order for her to ease
herself down onto him, moaning as she take him in deep and doesn't stop until
her skin is able to touch his. Underneath Hass moans as well, moving his
hands onto her waist as he watches her grind her snatch down against his
crotch for a moment, before she begins to rock herself on his shaft, lifting
upwards smoothly and then dropping back down as she takes him balls deep and
establishes the rhythm in order to properly ride him.

As she moans from the feeling of a long dick sliding in and out of her love
tunnel, her attention is soon back to the other former WWE Superstar as he
turns her short dark hair covered head towards his long and thick black cock
that's pointing at her face now, and all to eagerly the curvaceous white
beauty opens her mouth in order to wrap her full lips firmly around him,
wasting no time in starting to blow him. Using a hand to grip him by the
base, she bobs her head along his shaft, groaning as her tongue tastes her
own pussy juices off of his length as it flicks up against the underside and
showing she knows how to handle him as she's already sucking on half of his
pole as her mouth moves quickly back and forth along him to get him moaning
with pleasure.

The Houston, Texas born stud below isn't planning on just laying there and
taking it, even though just doing that feels wonderful as he bounces on his
hard dick, moving her tight pussy up and down on him smoothly let with
increasing speed as she takes him balls deep each time she lowers herself
sharply down, causing her large breasts to jiggle sexily from the force as
her tanned skin slaps against his. Giving back as good as he's receiving,
he's thrusting upward into her snatch, timing himself expertly so he pumps up
when she drops down enabling him to go even deeper into her to increase both
his moans and that of the former Straight Edge Society Diva as she continues
to almost effortlessly rock on his shaft that's deep in her damp box.

Closing her eyes, the Fairfax, Virginia born female wrestler moans around the
shaft in her mouth as she pushes down further onto him, taking more of this
thick inches past her luscious lips as she raises her head upward to about
half way before going back down onto him, causing him to groan and grin as
she deep throats all of his foot long dick and doesn't even gag for a moment
when she keeps her face right down against his crotch. She soon is back to
bobbing away hungrily on his length though, her saliva all over his rod from
her repeated and clearly skilled cock sucking ability and even using her
tongue to further the feeling as she continues to deeply and quickly blow him
while riding another man at the same time so that she's getting filled up
with around twenty four inches of thick dick from the newly crowned ROH World
Tag Team Champions.

Not content with driving his fat dick up into the busty babe as she rides
away on his shaft, getting him covered with her slick pussy juices in the
process as her juicy ass cheeks smack down against his thighs, Hass is
reaching up with his hands in order to give her large, perfectly rounded
breasts a squeeze, toying with them as he cups the bouncing mounds. This
causes her to groan around the cock she's blowing, easing her snatch right
down onto the dick inside it and staying down with all of shaft the man
underneath her buried deep inside her as she grinds back and forth against
him, allowing him to better grope away at her big boobs as she once again
takes the chance to deep throat the other man, her loud and lustful moan
muffled by this thick meat.

Lifting her head away from the dick she'd been blowing, Deeb takes a moment
to catch her breath before grinning at both men. "Mmmm... Aren't you happy
that I'm around to help you celebrate your win tonight?" She asks seductively
as she lifts herself up from Hass, making them both groan as his dick leaves
her snatch.

"Well if Charlie's wife was here, she'd probably be the one between the two
us..." Shelton says with a smirk. "Where is Jackie at anyway?"

"Probably in the middle of a gangbang with the WWE guys if the WrestleMania
weekend she was at for that Divas Battle Royale was any indication..."
Charlie says with a laugh as he sits up. "Remember that video I showed you of
her getting fucked by Edge in the hotel room?"

"Well, I'd love to be between both of you studs right now..." Serena states
with a grin as she's now on her hands and knees on the floor. "How about you
slam my tight little pussy with that big dick Shelton, and I'll get my lips
around that long cock of yours Charlie..."

She didn't expect either man to turn down the invitation, and she wasn't
disappointed when they both move into position with Hass kneeling down in
front of her while Benjamin moves behind her, placing his hands on her thick,
juicy ass in order to spread them so he can line his cock up with her snatch
once again in this new position. She moans deeply when his long black cock
slides right into her, able to go balls deep with the single motion and she
even jolts forward slightly, causing her large white tits to sway as they
hang underneath her but her erotic cries are soon muffled as she opens her
mouth to take the other grappler's cock inside her warm and wet oral hole.

Both members of the duo formally known as the World's Greatest Tag Team are
now thrusting their cocks in and out of her as they fuck the former WWE Diva
in this doggy style position, stuffing her mouth and snatch full with their
long and thick to match manhoods, causing themselves to moan out as one man
savors the feeling of her tight and damp snatch while the other gets blown
deeply by the gorgeous female wrestler. Said woman is rocking herself between
both men, very eagerly taking their strong thrusts into her holes and clearly
wanting them to keep going deeply and quickly into her to keep her moaning as
she closes her eyes, groaning around the cock stuffed into her mouth as she
sucks away on it while also getting fucked from behind by the other handsome
and hung former WWE Superstar.

In front of her, Charlie has a hand resting on the back of her short dark
hair covered head for support as he face fucks the beautiful face of the
former Queen of FCW who looks anything but royal now as she's loudly
slobbering away on his long cock as it's fed to her, still able to suck away
on him and flick out with her tongue at the bottom of his length and the
sides. She doesn't seem to care, maybe even turned on, by the fact she's
again cleaning a dick off of her own pussy juices, replacing it with her
saliva as she coats his cock, keeping her pouty lips pressed as firmly as she
can against his dick as it's thrusting in and out of her oral hole, no sign
of her gagging at all even when his bell end touches the back of her mouth.

At her other end, the former Intercontinental and United States Champion in
the WWE is putting in a championship performance of a different kind as he
pounds the tight and wet pussy of the WSU star, sending every thick inch of
his long black dick deep into her so his toned waist smacks into her white
juicy ass when he drives deeply into her. He moans with each movement into
her, loving the feeling of her still tight snatch all around his member
especially as she's continuing to push herself straight back against his
thrusting dick so it goes as deep as possible into her, in turn causing her
to moan out as her snatch if stuffed full with a huge shaft.

Despite having been in an intense match earlier on during the evening, both
men seem to have plenty of energy left to give the perfectly curved SHIMMER
star the kind of fucking she deserves, driving their long and hard cocks in
and out of her mouth and pussy as she moves herself back and forth between
the moaning and sweating men. They aren't the only one feeling the effects of
this steamy locker room threesome between the former WWE stars though, as
she's also got a layer of sweat over her stunning and tanned body, only
serving to make her look hotter than ever before as she continues to suck on
the cock being pumped into her mouth and pushes herself back against the
incoming thrusts into her wet snatch, also showing that despite having also
wrestled a match earlier on she's able to continue on fucking both handsome
and hung men with all she's got.

"Mmmm shit..." Shelton grunts as he pulls his cock out of her snatch, making
her groan in clear disappointment. "Yo Charlie, I think we need to give her
one of our classic "double teams" right now..."

"Oh yeah?" Charlie responds with a smirk. "You think she can handle it? I
mean, she's hot and all but not ever woman who we've given that too could
last..." He adds, shooting his tag partner a wink as it seems he's only
saying that to push her buttons to get what they want.

Lifting her head off from the dick of Hass, she again takes a second to catch
her breath as she licks her full lips. "I can handle it!" Serena quickly
answers as she glances at both men. "Any position, you name it and I can do
it!" She rather sluttily says as she sits up on her knees.

"In that case, you'd better get ready for one hell of a ride..." Hass states
as both he and his best friend lift her up to her feet.

What the talented former WWE tag team have in mind for the stunning and busty
female wrestler becomes clear when they lift her right off the ground only
to lower her down pussy-first on the long dick of Hass who holds her by the
waist as she's made to take every inch inside her already well fucked and wet
snatch. She moans again, placing her hands on his strong shoulders for
support as she wraps her legs around him as her large breasts press into his
muscular and sweat covered chest as she gives him a smile as she grinds her
snatch down against his manhood.

Stepping up behind them, Benjamin spreads her juicy ass cheeks apart, lining
his dick up with her other hole and just as she looks back to see what he's
up to he pushes his long black dick straight through into her asshole,
causing her moan loudly as he starts to work himself in and out of her sexy
and thick white booty. In fact, both men are now thrusting into their
respective holes, filling the former WWE Diva up with their dicks once again
with double penetration as her pussy and ass are getting banged firmly by
both members of Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team.

Tilting her head back and letting out a hiss through clenched teeth, it seems
again that only does the former multi time OVW Women's Champion have
experience in a threesome with hung men, she's taken it up the ass before as
well as despite the super tightness of her back passage, she doesn't seem to
be in any pain, rather moaning out as she tries to rock herself between both
men. She's really stuck right where they want her to be, but as long as she's
getting nailed like this from the front and back she couldn't really care
less just as long as they keep sliding their thick shafts in and out of her
snatch and backside like they currently are.

Standing perfectly straight, the innovator of the Hass of Pain submission
hold is ramming his dick straight up into the snatch of the moaning, sweating
female grappler, getting a great view as he can glance up to see the look on
pleasure of her beautiful face and down at her large tits as they press
against his body and bounce in response to the strong thrusts she's taking
from both him and his best friend. Every thick inch of his shaft gets send
right up into her dripping wet but still tight snatch when he thrusts up, his
ballsack slapping into her tanned skin with each upward motion deep into her
as he uses a swift and hard pace to bang her snatch, driven on by his own
lust and the moans that are pouring out of her mouth.

Likewise, there's no slacking off being done by the man once voted the
African-American Wrestler of the Year by Black Athlete Sports Network as he
drives his thick dick in and out of the sexy and full butt of the SHIMMER
star, looking ready to go balls deep into her back passage as she's accepting
more and more of his pole into her white ass that seems made for taking a
long dick like his. He keeps her cheeks spread apart, allowing him to watch
his own cock as it slides back and forth past her asshole as well as grope
and squeeze the more than ample flesh on her backside that shakes as she
jolts between both men, the tightness of her ass making him moan out as he
pumps away into her.

A normal woman would struggle to stay conscious, let alone last in the middle
of a vertical fucking like the one Deeb is currently in, yet she's able to
take it and then some as she moans and rocks slightly back against both
members of the new ROH World Tag Team Champions as they swiftly give it to
her with hard thrusts into her snatch and ass. She looks back behind her,
down at her backside to watch the black stud's cock ramming in and out of her
thick white ass, the sight making her moan again and at the same time taking
the dick of a man married to another woman deeply into her dripping wet pussy
so that once more she's getting stuffed full with two foot of thick man meat
in both of her tight lower holes that's making her sweat, gasp for breath,
and groan out in unashamed pleasure more like a slut than the talented and
sexy female wrestler that she is.

"Alright man, time to switch..." Charlie is able to gasp out, stopping his
thrusts but keeping her held on his dick. "I want to tap that ass now..."

"Go for it..." Shelton says as he pulls out of her thick booty with a smirk,
stepping back. "And thank me later for getting her ready for you." He adds
with a laugh.

"Yeah, sure..." Hass responds, setting the former Diva down on the floor on
her feet in order to turn her around. "You ready for this?" He asks her as he
lifts her up so she now gets her snatch filled up with Benjamin's long black

"Oooooooh yeah..." She moans as she quickly settles down on the cock buried
deep into her pussy. "Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass and pussy! Double team me
hard!" She near begs as she licks her lips.

Not planning on denying the stunning female of what she desires, Hass moves
forward to push his dick into her juicy backside, moaning at the tight
feeling as he forces his inches in but thanks to the previous pounding she'd
taken back there it isn't long before after a couple of thrusts every inch of
his long shaft is deep inside her back passage. Holding onto her by the
thighs he starts to really give it to her, using a series of strong thrusts
straight up into her to drive his tool in and out of her asshole, withdrawing
until about half of his size is still inside her before quickly going
straight into her, his waist smacking against her butt cheeks and causing a
loud slapping sound to ring out around the locker room from the impact.

Also thrusting away but into her soaking wet and still tight pussy is the
other half of the former WWE Tag Team Champions who now reign at the top of
ROH's tag division, as the native of South Carolina rams his long cock back
and forth into the snatch of the busty beauty who has her arms wrapped around
his neck for support as she takes this intense pounding from the front and
behind. Her large tits are bouncing as they rub against his muscular chest,
her desirable white body jolting in response to the hard pumping she's taking
as she presses herself against the man currently banging her tight pussy with
his big black cock.

She wanted it, and the former Anti-Diva of the Straight Edge Society is
getting it as she has two foot long dicks quickly pounding her juicy ass and
soaking wet snatch over and over again, making her moan loudly and sweat hard
as she can barely move against either man, held in their strong grip as they
hold her off the ground and against their muscular bodies so her sexy frame
slides against them as she's the meat in the "sandwich" of former WWE stars.
The formerly bald but now with sexy short, dark hair grappler grunts and
groans as her pussy drips with juices all over the thick black cock ramming
in and out of her, and her well rounded ass cheeks jiggle from the impact of
the waist of the other half of the handsome tag team smacking into her as he
drives his dick balls deep into her back passage.

It's a performance that many a porn star would be jealous off as the two men
hammer their long and fat cocks back and forth into her holes as Hass handles
her juicy and full ass while Benjamin has his way with her pussy, both men
moaning out as they feel their cocks starting to throb inside the gorgeous
woman who's moaning with loud lust from their hard and swift thrusts into
her. Both members of the popular and talented tag team have sweat pouring off
their bodies, a sign of how much energy they're both putting into fucking her
even though they have all wrestled earlier on during the evening, but are
certainly capping the night off with a bang, all three moaning out and
gasping for breath as it becomes clear they are reaching their limit, despite
wanting to enjoy every last moment of this that they possibly can.

For the, what many would say, lucky female in the middle of this, she doesn't
have any choice in the matter as she feels the pressure build and does
nothing to stop it reaching its peak, so with closed eyes and a deep moan,
Serena Deeb starts to cum all over the thrusting black cock of Shelton
Benjamin while Charlie Hass fucks her thick white ass. Juices flood out all
over the cock thrusting into her snatch, further soaking him more than he
already was as both her lower holes tighten around the dicks being send in
and out of her, in turn causing both members of Wrestling's Greatest Tag Team
to moan out, nearly causing them to explode right there and then but they
manage to keep control.

Both handsome and hung men continue to pump her ass and snatch respectively,
although they are slowing down their motions to ensure that the savor these
last moments inside her as she groans out, her intense orgasm subsiding as
she comes back down to Earth with a big smile on her beautiful, sweat soaked
face. The SHIMMER star then groans as she feels the members of the new ROH
World Tag Team Champions pull out of her now well fucked backside and snatch,
opening her eyes in time as they place her down on her knees on the locker
room floor, giving her a moment to catch her breath as she gazes up with lust
at the men who'd just given her a mind blowing sexual high.

The former WWE Diva of the Straight Edge Society is therefore very willing to
let them get theirs as well, and as she watches them both start to stroke off
their cocks quickly she gives them one hell of a target in the form of her
large breasts as she pushes them up from underneath and squeezes them
together. Her gaze is switching between their crotches as she watches their
hands move back and forth along their long and throbbing dicks, and then up
to their faces to see the looks of pleasure on their faces as they groan and
look to explode themselves, and with such an open, inviting, and downright
sexy target to blast onto there's no question where she's going to get it in
just a few seconds.

With a huge seductive smile on her face, she keeps her tits help up and
together as with a low and long groan released from both, Shelton Benjamin
and Charlie Hass start to shoot their loads across the large breasts of
Serena Deeb, making her lick her lips as she watches streams of thick and
warm spunk shoot out of their foot long cocks and onto her more than just
ample mounds. Both halves of the duo known in the WWE as The World's Greatest
Tag Team take a breast each to coat, with the long black cock pointing down
at her left tit to cover it with his jizz as the other man handles stroking
out his cum onto the right breast, resulting in a huge covering perfectly
suited for such large mountains of the stunning female as her tit flesh is
covered with spunk, and some even landing over her nipples as well for good

Just as both former WWE Superstars are nearly finished stroking out the last
few drops of their cum down onto her titties, the former Diva surprises them
by moving forward so she can grab their dicks, giving both a last pump before
she moves her head up, swirling her tongue over and around the head of Hass'
fat cock to clean it up and collect the little spunk still left on him,
causing him to groan. She then gives Benjamin's long black cock the same
swirling treatment, making herself moan as she tastes and then swallows down
his jizz, before she leans back and lets go of their now softening tools,
taking a moment to take in a deep breath as she looks down at her soaked with
spunk breasts with a smile.

"Damn... Finally shutting up those Kings of Wrestling, winning the ROH World
Tag Team Championships, and then fucking you Serena?" Shelton says, catching
his breath back with a grin. "Safe to say this is a better damn night than I
ever had back in the WWE!"

"No shit..." Charlie says with a similar big smile on his face. "Jackie might
kill me if she finds out about this, but fuck it, it was damn well worth it."

"Well, there's one thing that's for sure..." Serena says as she looks up at
them while putting on a show as she uses her hands to squeeze her own tits,
rubbing their cum into her large breasts with a groan. "After that kind of
fuck? You guys are without a doubt the World's Greatest Tag Team!"
_ _ _

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