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Featuring: Jade Chung (ROH, PWG), Daizee Haze (ROH, SHIMMER), Austin Aries
(ROH, TNA), Roderick Strong (ROH), Jack Evans (ROH, AAA), Matt Sydal (ROH,
Evan Bourne in WWE).

Lust By Honor Part 7: Generation Next
A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at ROH's November 5th 2005 "Vendetta" event in Chicago Ridge,
Illinois, the "Phenomenal" AJ Styles is walking up to the locker room of the
stable known as Generation Next, the members of which he'll be teaming up
with for the night's main event against bitter rivals The Embassy. Styles
knocks on the door, clad in jeans and an official ROH merchandise shirt, and
moments later the door is opened by one of the valet's of the stable, the
gorgeous athletic blond Daizee who greets him with a smile.

"Hey guys, AJ is here!" Haze states, clad in nicely fitting jeans and a cut
off at the bottom black Generation Next T-shirt that shows off her body
nicely, motioning for him to come in and holding the door open as he enters.

Inside the room are the total members of the group - Roderick Strong, Austin
Aries, Jack Evans, and Matt Sydal who are all clad in their ring attire
already despite the live, taped for DVD show not being scheduled to start for
at least an hour. All the man, bar Strong, are standing and pre stretching
while Roderick is clearly preoccupied with the other valet of the stable
sitting on his knee as he sits in a chair - the stunning Jade Chung who's
clad in a nice short skirt that shows off her smooth legs and a matching top.

"So guys, you ready to kick some Embassy ass tonight or what?" Styles asks,
the smirk on his face though showing he already knows the answer to that.

"Oh believe me, we are ready." Austin says with a nod. "I can't wait to beat
down on Rave, and then force that slob Prince Nana to get in so he can
finally get what's coming to him."

"Relax man, we've got this!" Evans says, stepping back in order to jump up in
a handstand, reaching a leg out for a break-dancing like move that he uses as
a stretch before he stands back on the floor. "They ain't got nothing on us
and we're gonna serve them up in that ring tonight. And you know this, man!"
He adds with a smile.

"Yeah, we're excited for this AJ..." Matt says as Daizee closes the door and
moves back in towards the group. "Roderick over here is excited for another
reason though... That's why he's not standing up..." He says with a laugh.

"What? Are you jealous Matt?" Roderick says with a smile as he glances to him
and back to Chung.

"I'm just motivating my man for when he becomes the World Champion tonight,
that's all!" Jade fakes innocence with a grin as she wraps her arms around
Strong's neck.

"That's some motivation alright..." Styles responds with a smirk, looking
over the seated two.

Looking between all the members of Generation Next and AJ, Daizee smirks for
a moment before she steps towards Sydal who she's managed since they both
debuted in the company. "Well, maybe you can get some motivation for tonight
as well... If all of you are up for it?" She offers, this time looking at the
others to make sure they catch the rather suggestive look she's casting them

"Wow, wait? You serious Daizee?" AJ asks, surprised but the smile showing
it's a pleasant surprise.

"Damn man, when The Haze says she wants to get down with the bump and grind,
that ain't something you want to turn down!" Jack says as he rubs his hands

"Hey, I'm cool with sharing. I mean, we've all done it before just as the
group here, but adding in a fifth guy won't do any harm right?" Sydal says,
licking his lips slightly as he checks out Haze who smirks back at him in

"Hang on guys, I don't know..." Jade says with a slight frown. "We need to be
focused on tonight and, although usually I'd be so up for another gang bang
with you studs, and throw in AJ as well? Hell yes! But don't you think we
need to keep all our energy for later on tonight? It's a really important
match, and..."

Daizee quickly cuts in as she looks to Chung. "Figures, you don't want to
share Roderick with me. That's fine, I don't think you'd be able to handle
taking on three guys at a time anyway like I could." She says, a little
deliberate with her choice of words to provoke a reaction.

"Excuse me?" Chung stands up and faces Daizee. "If I wanted to, I could so
handle three guys at once, and I'd love to see you even try and do it!"

Haze just smirks while the men all around both Women of Honor just grin.

"Well then Jade, challenge accepted. Let's see... If you can handle Roderick,
Austin, and AJ to kick things off, and I'll take on Jack and Matt to start
with, and let's just see which one of us can really warm up these guys the
best? Deal?"

* * *

Moments later in the locker room for the Generation Next stable, the
half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese beauty Jade Chung is now completely naked as
she kneels down with a smile in front of the trio of AJ Styles, Austin Aries,
and Roderick Strong who are also naked as their impressively long and thick
shafts point out towards her. With an eager nod, she wraps her hands around
the cocks of Aries and Styles, starting to pump them smoothly to make sure
they are nice and hard for her as she applies a nicely tight grip that
already gets them moaning a little. Leaning her head forward she opens her
mouth wide to take in the dick of Strong to make him clearly moan as she
wraps her soft lips around his meat, starting to bob her head along the top
portion as she slyly gazes up at the muscular hunk.

Her gorgeous face is moving back and forth steadily along the length of the
"Messiah of the Backbreaker" as she easily handles the upper half of his
length, letting out groans around his meat as she blows him with a slow and
focused pace, allowing him to savour the feeling of her nicely warm and wet
mouth. At the same time she makes sure to continue to stroke off the men at
either side of her, sliding her palms all the way up and down their rods to
keep them moaning as they watch her sucking off the third man in this group
and also look over her sexily curved body as she stays on her knees before

The long, black hair of the former Embassy valet sways slightly as her moves
her head a little faster onto the dick of the talented wrestler she's sucking
off, her mouth pushing down deeper to take in more of his thick, American
inches inside with a groan while he moans out at the feeling of her soft and
pouty lips grinding back and forth across his length. She twists her grip
around the males she's jerking off, sliding her hands over their bell ends to
squeeze them for a moment to make AJ and Austin moan before going straight
back to the stroking motion and all the while never missing a beat as she
blows the third man she's handling, her smoking hot eyes glancing at all
three of them but concentrating mostly on the one who's manhood she's got
deep in her oral hole.

Lifting her head upward, she turns her head from side to side for a moment so
she can grind her lips around the head of Roderick Strong's cock, causing
them both to moan at the feeling before she goes right back to the deep
sucking motion as she takes an impressive amount of his size into her mouth
without a hint of gagging at all coming from her. The two other talented and
handsome wrestlers watch on with smiles as she administers this top notch
blowjob, that sight enough to make them and any other red blooded male moan
but they have the added sensation of her hands gripping their shafts firmly
as she jerks them off quickly all the way up from the base to the head and
then straight back down to repeat the motion.

Narrowing her eyes sexily upwards at them all for a moment, the Guelph,
Ontario born beauty lifts her head completely away from the dick she'd been
blowing in order for her to bring all three of their stiff poles towards her
face so she can stick her tongue out, rapidly swatting her tongue against the
tips of them all to have them moaning as she still strokes off Aries and
Styles at the same time. With a groan she gives each man a kiss across the
head before performing a slow, swirling action around the crown of each man
to have them moaning, before she turns to Strong and takes his dick back into
her mouth so she can suck on solely the top of him and from the way he's
groaning in pleasure he has no problem with her doing that.

Across the room, the other members of Generation Next are enjoying themselves
to say the least as the stunning blond Daizee Haze is also naked as she
kneels down in front of Jack Evans and Matt Sydal who likewise are naked and
smiling broadly as she has her hands wrapped around their long and thick to
match dicks as she gives them both a couple of strokes. Grinning back at
them, she moves her head down towards the cock of Evans, taking him into her
mouth and immediately he starts to moan as she presses her lips right around
his length, beginning to blow him in a smooth and eager way as her hands
stroke him and the other man she's handling off as well.

The Parkland, Washington native looks down with a nod and a smile as the
gorgeous SHIMMER star moves her mouth effortlessly back and forth along the
top half of his cock, using her stroking hand to take care of the rest of his
inches and able to occasionally flick her wet tongue up against his
understand for an added sensation to make him moan. At the same time her
other hand moves steadily up and down the already rock hard shaft of the man
she's managed several times not just in ROH, making sure he's not left out as
her soft palm is more than enough to have him groaning in pleasure from her
handjob as he watches her go to work on his friend and team mate.

Likewise the gaze of the high flyer receiving this far from amateur sucking
is glued on the beautiful face of the tanned and athletic female kneeling in
front of him as she rocks her head steadily along his manhood, sinking down
gradually deeper each time she pushes downward to take more of him in and
leave him with a generous coating of her saliva already. A few more sucks and
she lifts her head up and away from his rod, giving a last lick all around
the head before bringing her hand up so stroke in her spit all across his
length, moaning herself as she looks over both men's long shafts that would
have any woman drooling at the mouth at the sight of them both.

Turning her head towards Sydal, she now takes him into her oral hole and
wastes no time in taking in several of his thick inches deep past her soft
lips, starting to bob her blond-haired head up and down on his tool so now
he's able to moan out from the feeling as it's clear this isn't the first
time she's sucked him off, knowing exactly the way to handle his length and
have him calling out in pleasure. She's still making sure to take care of the
other man involved in their current threesome, sliding her hand up and down
the infamous break-dancing wrestler's dick and getting her own fingers sticky
from her own saliva in the process as she jerks off his entire dick from the
bell end all the way down to the base and then smoothly back upward as the
motion is repeated.

She might be a vegetarian, but it seems The Haze has no problems in handling
some man meat even as long and fat as these two attractive and muscular men's
tools are as she strokes one man off while deeply blowing the other, causing
his dick to become coated with her saliva thanks to the swift bobbing motion
and the way her hungry tongue is flicking out and around the underside as his
cock passes in and out between her lips. Her own groans bounce off his tool
as she speeds up the sucking action, taking him even deeper into her mouth as
it seems she's able to do a different kind of "smoking" than the kind hippies
like her are known for, and as both men she's giving a hand job and blowjob
to continue to moan out from her work it's clear that they are both very
appreciative of that fact.

Meanwhile across the room, the beautiful Jade Chung is lowering her perfectly
curved body down onto the cock of Austin Aries, taking him deep into her
pussy to make them both moan out as he feels her tightness and she gets
filled up with his more than just average size, slightly rocking her hips
back and forth to grind down onto him as he begins to thrust upward into her.
She bites down on her bottom lip as she feels Roderick Strong approaching
from behind as she rests her hands on the chest of the man she's on top off,
looking back at the stud who's spreading her sexy ass cheeks apart as he
lines his coated with her saliva cock up with her asshole before firmly
pushing into her with a groan.

She opens her mouth to groan out as both her lower holes are filling up with
thick man meat, but it's muffled when "The Phenomenal One" steps forward to
push his American cock deep into the mouth of the half-Chinese,
half-Vietnamese valet, turning her head towards him as he starts to pump
himself back and forth between her soft lips. She moans around him, not
hesitating to get into this as she works her tongue around his shaft as he
moves it in and out of her as he holds onto the back of her head, allowing
her to focus on pushing herself back against the thrusting she's taking into
both her pussy and ass from her two fellow Generation Next stable mates as
they quickly and firmly hammer into those holes that have them moaning out
with pleasure thanks to her tightness.

Behind her, the Tampa, Florida native keeps her butt cheeks apart as he
thrusts his thick dick into her back passage that stays tight around his pole
despite how he's working more and more of his inches deeper into her as he
takes her up the ass, only using her own saliva as a form of lube with which
to do it and to her credit she doesn't seem to be feeling any pain from it at
all even with the firm pace he's using on her. This is helped by the
thrusting deep into her nicely wet pussy by the former ROH World Champion who
moans as he holds onto her by her toned and tanned waist, able to pump every
inch of his length into her snug snatch as she grinds down against his swift
and solid motions to increase the pleasure.

Her eyes are closed as she has her hands on the waist of Styles, moaning
loudly around his fat cock as he thrusts it in and out of her mouth as her
saliva drips off of it, her lips continuing to press tightly around him and
even lightly bobbing her head along the pistoning length she's being fed even
as it causes her nose to touch his crotch and his balls to smack into her
chin as she deep throats all of his inches. Chung continues to rock her
stunning body back against the pumps from all three desirable professional
wrestlers as all three of her holes are filled up with their long cocks as
they send them quickly and with force in and out of her mouth, booty, and wet
snatch and moaning with every back and forth motion as they do so.

Roderick moans deeply as he picks up the pace, putting more force into his
pounding of her tight and juicy ass and causing all of his cock to fit inside
her back passage so that his muscular waist connects with her cheeks to make
them jiggle as he fucks her, and this impact in turn causes her to groan as
her body jolts forward in response. At the same time Aries keeps up with
them, quickening the way he's pistoning his manhood balls deep up into her
pussy and moaning as well as the rocking motion she's now doing on him adds
more pleasurable friction to the already wonderfully tight feeling he has
around his dick. In front of them all, AJ continues to hold her head in place
as he face-fucks the groaning valet, his gaze glued to her beautiful face as
his cock moves in and out of her mouth that's leaving his cock coated with
her spit that's even starting to trickle down past her lips and onto her

Not too far away, the athletic and tanned body of Daizee Haze is pushing back
against the thrusting dick of Matt Sydal as he holds her by the toned hips,
sliding his thick and lengthy member in and out of her tight and already damp
snatch as she's in the classic doggy style position in front of him, moaning
as she feels herself getting stuffed full already and he's not even all the
way in yet. Her cries are muffled though thanks to Jack Evans in front of her
as he has a handful of her long blond hair and rocks his hips back and forth
in order to work his dick into her oral hole as she eagerly sucks him off at
the same time her tongue sliding across and around his meat to keep him
moaning as well.

The two handsome high flyers are showing a different kind of double teaming
than the kind seen in their matches as they perfectly time their thrusts into
the valet of their stable, so when Jack sends his cock deep into her wet and
soothing mouth Matt is withdrawing a few inches from her pussy before quickly
sending himself right back into her with force and the other man pulls back
so he can then repeat the motion and never fully taking his dick out of her
either. This keeps them both moaning shamelessly as they spit roast the
beautiful female wrestler while she gives as good as she gets, still rocking
herself back and forth between them so she can meet the man thrusting into
her and then sharply back against the other.

With her eyes closed, the Forest Park, Illinois native's moans bounce off the
cock of the man she's blowing as she pushes her face right down onto his
length at the same time as he pushes himself into her, resulting in her being
able to deep throat his whole length to make him loudly moan as she
impressively wraps her lips around his base and doesn't even gag for a
second. This ensures she can lash out with her tongue all across the sides
and bottom of his cock to cover it with her saliva and that's pleasurable
enough for him but throw in her mouth gliding smoothly back and forth along
his inches and it's only increased and keeping him pumping that stiff rod in
and out of her clearly experienced oral hole.

Back behind her, the master of the "Shooting Sydal Press" is moaning out with
a grin on his face as he pounds into the snatch of the talented and tanned
Woman of Honor on her hands and knees in front of him, every inch of his
manhood fitting inside her still snug pussy as he keeps her held in place
with his hands holding onto her hips. His waist smacks again and again into
her ass as he gives it to her, the sound of skin hitting against skin ringing
out to mix with their lustful cries as his cock stays as hard as ever deep
inside her, showing he's got plenty more to give her yet and since she shows
no signs of slowing down either he's more than happy to keep banging her as
she pushes back against every thrust.

Opening her eyes, she's able to smile around the dick she's being fed as she
continues to move her head back and forth along his length, keeping her soft
lips pressed tightly down around his cock as her own spit starts to seep down
her chin, dripping onto the locker room floor but it only serves to make her
look hotter than ever and that's a sight that has Evans grinning as well as
he moans. Lifting a hand up, Sydal gives her a sharp spank on the ass that
makes her groan and jolt slightly before she looks back and smirks at the man
pounding her snatch balls deep, almost daring him to do it again as she keeps
pushing back against him so he gives her another hard spank and this time she
moans around the dick in her mouth as he groans and licks his lips, keeping
his timing perfect with his fast and becoming more forceful with every pump.

Back across at the other half of this steamy locker room fuck, the handsome
and talented AJ Styles is sitting on a metal folding chair as the beautiful
Jade Chung is resting on his lap with his long and thick dick stuffed deep
into her wet and tight snatch as she swiftly rides his rod, making them both
moan out as her nicely rounded tits bounce in time with her movements. At the
same time her head is bobbing along the just as lengthy meat of her more than
just "close friend" Roderick Strong, making him groan as her tongue works
around his size as she blows him, tasting her own back passage off of him as
she slobbers all over the dick that's just been thrusting deep into her sexy

Speaking of that juicy booty, her cheeks are being spread once again as
Austin Aries pushes his fat cock into her still very tight asshole, plunging
it in deep as he starts to thrust and moan as he pumps the ass of the
Canadian stunner as she takes three long American cocks at the same time,
sweat starting to form across her frame as she groans from the feeling of so
much dick slamming in and out of all three of her holes. She continues to
bounce away on the dick being pumped into her wet snatch, allowing her to
push her butt back against the thrusts she's taking into her backdoor, as
well as rock her head up and down on the cock she's eagerly blowing, gazing
up at the powerful hunk who grins down at her, holding her hair as he watches
her face move long his length.

Underneath her the Gainesville, Georgia native moans as he thrusts upward in
the sexy ROH valet while she lustfully rides his massive manhood, causing her
body to smack down against his when she drops down and he slides himself up
into her, the sound of skin hitting tanned skin ringing out as his ball sack
slaps into her body for a further sensation to make them both groan. His
hands slide up and down her sides, watching her briskly moving up and down on
his manhood as she handles two of her regular team mates in Generation Next
in a clear sign that this isn't the first time she's fucked three men at once
as she perfectly times her body's motion against all of their pistoning poles
that would have left any normal woman a moaning wreck by this point.

Saliva drips down the cock of the "Messiah of the Backbreaker" as he pushes
his dick firmly back and forth into her mouth as she bobs her head along his
size, keeping her lips tightly held around his meat even as she gags slightly
when the tip of his rod touches the back of her mouth, allowing her spit to
trickle past those luscious lips and down onto both her chin and to his heavy
balls as they smack into her face. There's just as much moans being let out
by the third man here as he pounds her gorgeous, half-Chinese,
half-Vietnamese ass with thrust after powerful thrust but not only is she
impressively taking it and pushing herself back against his motion, her back
passage is still very tight to make him sweat as well from the effort being
given so that he can give her booty the kind of treatment it deserves.

A couple more thrusts up into that soaking wet but still snug snatch, and it
seems Styles has something else in mind as he taps the other two men and
gives them a nod, smirks given back as they lift up the woman they've been
triple teaming up and off of his length, causing her to open her eyes to see
what's going on but her thoughts soon go back to the cocks stuffed deep in
her mouth and ass as Strong and Aries now start to bang her in a standing
doggy-style position. She closes her eyes once more, her cries of pleasure
muffled by the man meat she's taking balls deep in her oral hole, much like
she's taking the other dick into her asshole, forgetting about that other man
as he takes a hold of the chair he'd been on and smirks as he heads across
the room.

A few steps and he finds that the gorgeous hippie Daizee Haze is being
sandwiched between the other members of Generation Next as Matt Sydal rams
his thick cock in and out of her nicely rounded ass while Jack Evans pumps
swiftly up into her wet and tight pussy, both men easily holding up her
athletic frame completely off the ground as she's held by her toned and
tanned waist. Her legs are wrapped around the waist of the stud handling her
snatch like a pro, keeping him close in towards her to make it easy for him
to plunge balls deep into her hole that's making him moan as well, and behind
her the other high flier has no problems handling her tight back passage
that's making him groan as he slips his dick in and out of her.

Resting her hands on the shoulders of the "Prince of Parkland", The Haze
moans as sweat covers her beautiful face, her mouth open and moaning as she
grinds herself down against the strong thrusts she's taking into her pussy,
her whole body jolting up each time she takes a pump from either stud that
makes her drop down to take the next one. She's more than happy to be held to
take this from them both, the feeling of two lengthy pieces of man meat
making her body feel on fire as she gets stuffed full in both her lower
holes, their nut sacks slapping against her body when they push forward into
her and moan themselves as they hammer into her, treating her more like a
whore they're rented for the night rather than the talented female wrestler
she is.

The feeling of another cock sliding against her lips makes her look up in
surprise, and she soon grins when she sees that AJ Styles is standing on the
folding chair he'd brought over, allowing him to stand with his dick pointed
at her face and needing no instructions here, she all too eagerly takes his
shaft into her mouth, groaning around him as she rocks her head along his
size. Now he's moaning as he puts a hand on the back of her blond haired head
as she bobs along his pole, feeling her pouty lips wrapped around his
thickness as her tongue taps against the underside, causing her to groan as
she tastes the pussy juices of Jade Chung that cover his member but that
doesn't make her stop at all as she blows him.

Looking up at this, Sydal smirks with a laugh as he watches her now handle
three big dicks at the same time, all of her holes getting filled up as she
takes one deep in her warm and wet mouth while she gets held up and off the
ground and pounded in both her snatch and butt, and hearing her muffled cries
around this new piece of man meat is a further turn on so she now has to take
even harder and quicker pumps into her lower holes. She still keeps her legs
around Evans as he bangs her snatch with pump after balls deep thrust as her
juices coat his tool that's still rock hard as ever, showing he's got plenty
left in the tank to give her some more, especially since she still clearly
has energy in her as she sucks another man off while she's sandwiched in a
standing fuck.

An idea is sparked inside the St. Louis, Missouri native when he thinks about
how AJ has switched, as he stands on the folding chair in order to take a
blowjob from the woman taking his length deeper and deeper still into her
soothing oral hole, and so a couple more thrusts are given into her tight
backside before he steps away, giving her ass a last spank before he turns to
head across. She simply groans at the action, too caught up in her own desire
as she sucks away at the dick now nicely coated with a layer of her saliva
and now can bounce more freely on the dick she's impaled deeply on, her butt
cheeks being squeezed as the sound of skin smacking against sweat covered and
tanned skin ringing out when their bodies collide and her snatch connects
with Jack's crotch.

The short distance away, Jade Chung is now finding herself being stuffed
completely full, double penetration style as she rests on top of the muscular
and handsome Roderick Strong as he has his dick inside her wet snatch, but
Austin Aries is also pushing his manhood into her already filled up pussy so
that she now has to handle them both at the same time, in the same hole. She
moans out loudly, feeling the slight pain of being made to stretch as her
fingers slightly rake across Strong's chest but as she bites down on her
bottom lip the pleasure she's getting overrides the discomfort, especially
when the man behind her starts to work his length in and out of her as they
all groan out.

Looking back over her shoulder with wide eyes and an open, moaning mouth
she's trying to get a good look at her double stuffed snatch despite the
feeling of two dicks inside her tight and soaking wet hole more than enough
to drive her wild as her body rocks back and forth when the former ROH World
Champion eases himself back and forth into her love tunnel. Her gaze soon
falls onto the approaching wrestler who grins at the sight of her in this
position, and seeing how she licks her lips and looks over his rock hard dick
he doesn't hesitate to step up and push himself deep into her oral hole and
gets rewarded by her clamping her soft lips tightly around his meat as she
starts to blow him.

Underneath her Roderick groans out as he not only enjoys the feeling of her
snug pussy all around his member, now tighter than ever thanks to her taking
double the cock, but the sensation of another man's shaft rubbing against his
as his tag team partner gives it to her from behind, making her rock and jolt
on his rod for even more pleasure that makes him moan and sweat. Likewise the
Milwaukee, Wisconsin native has sweat all over his body as he pumps his dick
in and out of her filled up box that's soaking wet, her juices providing the
perfect lubrication to make his actions smooth and sensual so he can push in
as deep as he can into her pussy that's already got another man's dick
stuffed deep inside it.

Trying to focus on handling three long and thick to match pieces of American
man meat like this is proving hard to do for the Guelph, Ontario, Canada-born
beauty as sweat drips off her gorgeous body as she jolts forward and groans
around the dick she's slobbering all over, her tongue feverishly working
across the sides and bottom of the length she's bobbing along, barely able to
register herself that she's going ass-to-mouth again as she tastes Daizee
Haze's back passage off of Matt's dick. As she pushes her face down deep onto
the length in a gagging attempt to deep throat, her eyes roll into the back
of her head as Jade Chung suddenly cums hard on the two cocks of Austin Aries
and Roderick Strong in her pussy, juices flowing out across both rods as she
tightens around them, moaning out deeply around Matt Sydal's shaft as she
continues to blow him and rock against the other two big dicks she's dealing

Grins are exchanged between all three men here as they listen to her groans
and in particular Strong and Aries groan themselves as they feel her snatch
clamping even more against their members as her liquids cover them for an
added pleasurable sensation, but the man who's been doing the thrusting from
behind into her is wise enough to pull out now, having no intention of
blowing early here. Strong lifts her up and off of his cock but feeling weak
in the legs from a powerful orgasm that's left juices trickling down her
thighs she can only rest on her knees, leaving the moaning third man to
continue to pump in and out of her warm and wet mouth as she groans and gags
like a slut around his cock.

A short distance away from that, the lovely Daizee Haze is now mounted on top
of AJ Styles in a squatting position as she leans backward with her hands
planted on the floor as he grips her toned waist, allowing him to thrust up
into her asshole while she smoothly moves herself up and down on his
thickness, taking him impressively deep into her still tight back passage.
This also allows her to bob her head along the dick of Jack Evans as he
slightly pumps in and out of her oral hole with a grin and a moan, having
already cleaned off her pussy juices from his shaft and replaced it with a
more than generous covering of her spit as she looks up with lust at the
break-dancing hunk and moans around his tool.

The sound of footsteps approaching are drowned out by all of their moans and
the sound of skin hitting off of sweat-covered skin, but the athletic blond
soon knows that she's got added company when she moans out loudly as Austin
Aries steps forward and pushes his cock into her very wet but also still
quite tight pussy as he plunges almost balls deep into her with just the
initial movement. He's soon up close as he bangs her with a pace that becomes
swift and stiff within a few moments to get him moaning, his covered with
Chung's juices rod easily slipping in deep to her to fit every fat inch into
her more than able to take it box of the "flower powered" wrestler.

She gets to suck on Jack's length for a moment more before he pulls slightly
back but not pull out, instead so that Roderick Strong can move forward
towards her and also push his rod into her mouth, making her eyes snap open
wide as she groans, her lips stretching to the maximum as now has to suck on
two dicks at the same time. She gags slightly when they both push in deep
towards her as both hung studs take a handful of her long hair but showing
she can give as good as she can get she starts to rock her head slowly but
surely along their poles, now making them groan both from the feeling of her
oral hole and of their dicks as they grind against one another inside her wet
mouth as she tastes both herself and Jade Chung's pussy fluids off of their
lengths and it only serves to encourage her to ignore the discomfort in order
to pleasure them both.

All five of the desirable professional wrestlers involved in this gang-bang
moan out shamelessly as the four men have their thick and lengthy dicks
stuffed deep into the beautiful blond as she rocks against them all, taking
one shaft balls deep in her ass, one completely into her wet snatch, and the
other two she's sucking off at the same time with her mouth, showing she
doesn't just use it for "smoking" either as she groans out with half-closed
eyes. The hard thrusts she's taking into her pussy and booty would be enough
to send a normal woman into a mind-blowing orgasm, let alone handling some
double dick action in her oral hole, but she's showing her sexual skill as
she bobs her head as far along both men's tools inside her mouth as she can,
her saliva coating them both as she whorishly gags each and every time she
rocks down towards them.

Perhaps sensing that he won't be able to handle much more of this kind of
treatment, Evans makes the move to step away and withdraw from her mouth as
does Strong for a moment, giving her the chance to spit a large wad of saliva
down to the floor before she takes in deep breath, moaning as she grinds down
against the pumps she's taking into her backside and love tunnel. In the next
moment her head is pulled back towards the side, her open moaning mouth taken
advantage off as Roderick pushes back into her oral hole and instinctively
she wraps those pouty lips around his meat to make him moan as she rocks her
head smoothly and with much more speed now, while at the same time still
taking the thrusts from Aries into her snatch and Styles underneath her up
into her asshole to keep her moaning out.

The reason for Evan's move away wasn't just for a quick break it seems as he
approaches the other members of Generation Next, smirking as he watches Matt
Sydal ploughing his still rock hard cock into the soaking wet cunt of the
moaning and sweating Jade Chung as she lays on her back on the locker room
floor, holding her own legs apart in order to take it from the handsome high
flyer. She can only just take it, still not fully recovered from her first
orgasm and not getting even a break to try and catch her breath as this long
and perfectly thick to match member is sharply sliding in and out of her
snatch that's no long anywhere near as tight as it was thanks to the double
stuffing she took but still feeling great enough to make the man fucking her
right moan call out in pleasure.

A tap on the shoulder alerts the St. Louis born grappler to his team mate's
presence and without warning to her, he grips her hips in order to roll them
both over, impressively keeping her held onto his shaft balls deep so that
she's now on top of him but she seems to still lack the strength to even stay
up straight on her own, sliding downward to rest her body on top of his with
her booty sticking out and upward. The grin on the face of the man who's
known to compete sometimes as "Blitzkrieg II" shows this is exactly the
position he was looking for as he moves in, spreading her butt cheeks apart
so he can plunge his covered with Daizee Haze's saliva rod deep into her
already more than just well pounded asshole, causing her to arch her back and
groan as she feels the length moving in deep and almost effortlessly.

The stunning half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese valet knows she can't do much
to prevent this, the cries of lust she's letting out also showing she doesn't
want them to stop either so she rests her hands on the chest of them man
she's on top of, closing her eyes as she feels their manhoods thrusting
deeply into her ass and pussy. Sweat is plastered to her face and drenching
her hair to make her look like a novice hooker on her first night on the job,
loving the feeling of such big dicks ravaging her lower holes but lacking the
energy to give back against them as she gets sexually dominated by two
handsome and gravity defying ROH stars who look like they'd be better suited
for a career in porn with the way they are making her moan out as the thrust
away into her.

Evans slides his hands across her juicy ass cheeks to squeeze and grope them,
keeping them spread far apart so he can watch his shaft slide in and out of
her asshole, her back passage still being nicely tight around his slightly
beginning to throb meat despite the repeated hammering she's taken from
different cocks already so far even as he moves in so far that his waist
collides with her body when he pushes into her and his nut sack smack off
into her skin as well. Also moaning out with a grin is the man she's laying
on top off who has his rod stuffed straight into her wet snatch as he works
his hips upward towards her, similarly and easily able to go balls deep with
every movement into her as her juices cover his rode for an even smoother
motion so they both groan out in pleasure as his hands slide across her back
to keep her in the perfect place for him and his friend to use and near abuse
her with for their combine desire.

With a deep moan she lifts her head up and tosses her hair back, moving a
hand up to turn Sydal's face towards her as she presses her lips firmly
against his, soon able to groan into his mouth as the kiss is quickly
accepted and deepened so their tongues can push around and smack against each
other while her perfectly curved body jolts back both his and the other man's
thrusts. As they swap spit and exchange moans the other man involved in this
current threesome smirks and take the moment to give her booty a spank as he
fucks it, watching her cheeks jiggle erotically from the blow so he gives the
other one the same treatment for good measure, groaning as he plunges his rod
in deeply to her seemingly made for taking a fucking ass.

As this is going on, Daizee Haze is finding herself being tested to her limit
now as she has to handle double penetration inside her snatch now as she
rests on the lap of Austin Aries with his cock buried deep into her as he
sits on a metal folding chair, gripping her by the waist as her small breasts
press against his toned chest. Her backside is sticking out, allowing
Roderick Strong to step forward and push his dick into her already filled up
hole to make them all moan out loudly as he eyes go wide but with a lustful
grin as she starts to grind backward against the dicks inside her wet snatch
as Strong starts to thrust smoothly but with enough force to make the
receiver jolt sharply forward against the other male.

Her now stuffed full cunt is forced to stretch to accommodate both men's
lengths, now dripping wet against them both as Aries keeps her held in place
as he moans away, the feeling of her pussy already enough to pleasure his
needs but now the increased feeling and that of his tag partner's dick
grinding against his own is a feeling unlike anything else. Likewise the man
now controlling the pace of this fucking position is sweating and moaning
deeply as he slips his just as long and fat rod as deep as he can into the
filled up hole of their valet as she groans and gasps in response to his
pumps, the whole scene worthy enough to sweep the board of awards at any
pornographic award ceremony as moans fill the air along with the sound of
skin smacking against tanned skin.

It was tough enough for the SHIMMER starlet to handle two dicks in her
soaking wet snatch like this but now there's another she has to respond to as
AJ Styles comes in to turn her blond haired head towards his lengthy pole and
pushing back into her mouth as she groans around his tool, doing her best to
keep her luscious lips wrapped around him as she jolts against the thrusts
into her double stuffed pussy. Sensing this, the hunky and talented wrestler
now enjoying her oral hole takes the lead to now face-fuck her with steady
and firm pumps to move the large majority of his manhood in and out of that
still very warm and wet mouth, that more than enough to get him moaning as he
can even feel the vibrations of her erotic cries bouncing off of his shaft
for an added sensation.

Letting his own desire take over as he thrusts away into her pussy and makes
his cock slide and rub against the other man's pole that's being held deep
inside her, the native of Tampa, Florida grabs a hold of her long hair,
forcing her to go down deep onto the cock being fed into her so she gags
loudly and has to deep throat with a groan while he himself continues to ram
his shaft with a purpose into her dripping wet and filled up to the maximum
snatch. This forces of the body of The Haze to sweat hard as she rocks
roughly on top of Aries as he holds onto her, moaning out himself as he can
do nothing but sit and feel the intense pleasure from her jam-packed hole and
from the grinding sensation from his friend's dick rubbing against his own as
he pumps her from behind to make her groan around the dick balls deep in her

Much like the other valet of Generation Next was before, there's only so much
of this kind of near punishment that any woman can take, and with closed shut
eyes Daizee Haze cums hard on the cocks of Roderick Strong and Austin Aries
that are buried deep into her pussy, causing them to moan out as her almost
abused by this treatment cunt clamps against their thick rods as her juices
flood out all over them. Styles similarly groans as she's forced to keep her
beautiful face pressed right into his crotch from the grip on her hair from
him and Roderick, saliva dripping down his cock as she gags like a whore
around him during this deep throating and sweats perhaps harder than she has
during any wrestling match she's been in during her life.

As those four gorgeous and talented wrestlers take a moment to recover,
there's still no rest for Jade Chung who's now being held up in a standing
doggy style position, bent over forward in front of Matt Sydal so he can
thrust his dick repeatedly in and out of her starting to gape open asshole,
his muscular waist smacking against her butt cheeks to make them shake each
time her slams forward into her. At the same time her dark hair is being
gripped in order to force her head to bob along the thick, throbbing dick of
Jack Evans as he thrusts it between her lovely lips, making her groan around
his length as she keeps it covered with her saliva with plenty of tongue work
all around his inches so he can't help but moan from the superb treatment
he's receiving from the lusty female.

Taking this from both ends she's making sure her own needs are being taken
care off as she keeps one hand on the waist of the man in front of her that
she's blowing for support, while the other is down between her legs as she
works three fingers swiftly in and out of her snatch, ensuring that she moans
shamelessly around the length deep in her oral hole. Her perky breasts sway
underneath her as her sweat drenched body rocks between both men, her ass
getting hammered from behind while her mouth is filled up so that she has to
gag when her nose presses into the crotch and her chin touches the balls of
the man making her head smoothly move back and forth along his throbbing

It's no secret now that she doesn't have any problem with interracial sex as
the Canadian born half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese valet gets banged in her
mouth and thick ass by two thick, long, white American cocks that are making
her moan deeply like a cheap slut instead of the stunning professional
wrestler and valet that she is. She also clearly loves how she's being used
as a fuck-toy by all of the studs she's taken and is currently taking, the
reason why she's continues to groan in pleasure as she's keeping on
finger-banging herself, her digits already coated with her juices as she
sinfully moans around the dick she's being made, quite willingly, to suck.

While she takes it from behind and deep in her ass, each hard thrust into her
making her frame jolt forward as skin smacks against sweat covered skin, her
eyes open to look up with lust at the hunk who's noticeably moaning deeply as
he pumps in and out between her pouty lips as she keeps on blowing him and
works her tongue all around the length that's fed to her. The way his cock
had been throbbing had been the first sign, and sure enough with a deep groan
and a grin Jack Evans starts to shoot his load inside the mouth of Jade
Chung, causing her to moan as the first stream of spunk shoots almost right
down her throat, forcing her to swallow it down quickly as the rest of his
thick and creamy load starts to fire into her oral hole.

The sensation of spunk collecting in her mouth acts like a trigger as again
she moans loudly, her pussy clamping down as Jade Chung cums for a second
time, this time on her own fingers as she moves them back and forth into her
dripping snatch so her juices splash down her hand, wrist and arm as she
keeps her head down to milk the cock of Evans dry. At the same time her back
passage tightens like a vice around the dick of Matt Sydal who grunts at the
feeling but continues to bang her sexy backside, enjoying as much of it as he
can to keep her body rocking and jolting forward as the other man in this
group steps back, his cock now limp and spent as she swallows down the
mouthful of jizz with a very satisfied and slutty gulp.

As Jack grins and walks away, heading for the showers, there's still plenty
of energy left in the other part of this locker room gang bang that sees the
gorgeous Daizee Haze now mounted on top of Roderick Strong with his big dick
firmly inside her now not quite as tight snatch that's very soaking wet as he
pumps up into her, making her petite frame roughly bounce up and down on him
to make them both moan. Behind them, AJ styles is thrusting his dick in and
out of her still nicely tight asshole as he grips her toned waist, his crotch
colliding with her butt cheeks as he also goes in balls deep into her,
ensuring that both her lower holes are completely filled up with their rods,
the only kind of "meat" that the vegetarian will enjoy and from the way she's
moaning it's clear she's enjoying this a whole lot.

In addition Austin Aries is enjoying a blowjob from the blond as she "smokes"
his slightly pulsating length, taking him deeply into her mouth to make it
drip with her saliva as she glides her lips back and forth along the shaft,
pushing down deep to almost take it all in before she moves back up to half
way and quickly repeats the motion. Despite having just cum minutes before
she's still keeping her focus as she closes her eyes, muffled groans being
heard around the dick deep in her oral hole as she sucks away on it and rocks
herself down against the thrusts she's taking from the other two hung and
handsome studs that she'll be the valet to later on tonight and are now
fucking her with top notch skill.

The four of them are coated in sweat, chests heaving as they give everything
they've got to savour this hot and heavy sexual encounter, and from the looks
of how perfectly timed and paced their motions are it's clear this isn't the
first time these men have triple teamed this woman who's riding the dick
underneath her that's slamming up into her snatch, while also taking it deep
in the ass and sucking off the third rod at the same time. The Forest Park,
Illinois native groans deeply with lust at the feeling of the cocks pounding
into her lower holes as the one in her snatch moves up balls deep into her as
the shaft in her back passage eases out, only to swiftly come right back into
her with a smack as the one she's mounted on pulls back to repeat the motion.

Caught up in her own passion, she groans with disappointment when Aries steps
back, pulling his coated in her saliva dick out from between her pouty lips
and she gives him a glance to see where he's headed which appears to be back
across to the other woman, so with a smirk she licks her lips and takes full
advantage of a free mouth in order to draw in deep, much needed breaths as
she continues to jolt and rock back and forth between the two dicks still
hammering away into her like the world is about to end. Her juices continue
to coat the manhood of the wrestler she's on top off as he runs his hands up
and down her sides as she bounces on his tool, and her ass remains
pleasurably tight around the other man's rod as he also thrusts away into her
with deep, seemingly endless pumps that would render any other woman unable
to walk for a whole month.

Instead The Haze seems ready and very, very willing to take even more from
them both as she moans out and sweat drips from her beautiful face and runs
through her long hair, trying her best to grind down against the thrusts
she's taking from them both to give that little bit extra to them, not that
the way they are both pounding her snatch and booty isn't more than enough
already to drive her lust on. On the flipside both Strong and Styles continue
to bang her with all they've got, knowing that seeing her act in such a
whorish way is a world removed from the talented, honourable wrestler she's
known to be and that just makes how they are fucking her up the ass and pussy
at the same time even hotter and feel better as they groan out and likewise
sweat hard.

Laying on top of Matt Sydal in a classic sixty nine position, Jade Chung as
her hand tightly gripping his rock hard cock in order to rapidly pump it with
her hand as she wraps her lips around the head as sucks, kisses, and licks
all across and around the bell end as her saliva trickles down his pole,
causing her fingers to be even sticker than before as she rubs her spit along
with her own pussy juices right onto his member. At the same time her body is
rocking back and forth on top of him, making her snatch rub against his face
as he dines on her soaking wet pussy, as she takes it up the ass from Austin
Aries as he squats over them both and keeps her butt cheeks spread wide apart
to slide his just as long and thick dick in and out of her already pulverised

Lacking the energy to even push back right now, she just stays on top of the
stud beneath her, focusing instead on bobbing her head up and down on his
shaft, tasting her own snatch from the juices she'd rubbed onto his rod from
the stroking her hand was doing as she easily handles half of his length
inside her soothing mouth, her hand taking care of the rest of his inches.
She groans out, muffled as she keeps the man meat deep in her oral hole, and
feels the other dick slamming hard and quickly into her back passage that's
now not quite as tight as she was back there when this sexual encounter first
began but that fact is far from her mind at the moment as she moans and sucks
away on the cock she's gripping and jerking off.

The up-and-coming high flyer receiving this oral treatment moans into the
pussy being rubbed across his handsome facial features as he flicks and
twists his tongue all around and inside her still dripping hole so that her
juices are covering his own lips and chins from the way she's been moving
against him, but he isn't bothered at all as he laps up her sweet liquids.
His hands slide along her smooth legs as he feels the warmth and wetness of
her mouth as he munches away on her snatch while she bobs her head up and
down like an elevator on his manhood, the Canadian-born beauty showing she's
still hungry for some American cock as she takes one in the ass while sucking
off one at the same time.

Grunting and groaning, the former ROH World Champion races past his limit as
he deeply pounds the juicy ass of the half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese valet
with his long, white cock and with one final moan, Austin Aries starts to
blow his load inside the back passage of Jade Chung who groans herself as she
feels hot, thick spunk blasting deep into her ass. She continues to suck away
on the dick deep in her mouth, her moans bouncing off of the thick man meat
as he body jolts as the pole she's taking from behind keeps thrusting into
her in order for the cumming male to get every last drop of his spunk out and
inside her.

Pulling his softening cock out of her well fucked ass, Aries smirks as jizz
starts to seep out of the gaping hole, that along enough to make her shiver
as she gives the other man one last deep suck before she pushes up and off
from him with a groan of lust. Reluctantly the wrestler underneath her pulls
his head away from her tasty snatch but still gets to moan as she strokes his
member with both hands, using a strong grip and quick up and down motion to
jerk him, allowing her to sit up and catch her breath as Austin walks away
with a smirk towards the showers, and Jade's gaze soon turns across to those
still involved in this mass banging, and what she sees makes her lick her

Down on her hands and knees on the locker room floor, Daizee Haze is getting
spit roasted on the cocks of AJ Styles who's thrusting deep into her wet
snatch while Roderick Strong gives her a firm and swift face fucking to make
her gag erotically when the tip of his cock touches the back of her mouth,
ensuring his rod is coated with her saliva from the repeated motion. Moaning
around that dick, she's pushing herself back and forth between them both with
just the right timing so that she pushes her hips back to meet the pumps into
her snatch to take that shaft balls deep, and then move forward towards those
from the other stud as he uses her mouth for his own pleasure.

The star of SHIMMER Women Athletes groans and sweats as she takes both these
long and nicely thick dicks from both ends, keeping herself propped up in
this doggy style position in order to take it from them both hard and fast as
the sound of skin smacking against tanned skin echoes out along with the
combined moans of all three of them. While not as tight as she was to begin
with, her pussy still feels amazing to the man hammering into her with every
inch of his throbbing manhood, and the same can be said for her mouth as the
male in front of her moans out and keeps a hold of her long hair as he pumps
himself in and out between her soft lips.

Hearing her gag each time he sends his dick into her and his balls collide
with her chin is just another element to the pleasure being felt by the
"Master of the Backbreaker" as he watches the beautiful face of the valet of
the stable he's a part of move back and forth along his shaft as he moves in
and out of her mouth as she gazes back up at him with clear lust. At her
other end the "Phenomenal One" moans loudly as he pounds into her pussy, his
muscular waist smacking into her butt checks every time he thrusts deep into
her, keeping her held in place by the waist as he sharply bangs her snatch as
his dick throbs wildly inside the hippie who's moaning out for everything
that they've both got to give her.

Groans and moans fill the air, but soon a higher pitched one can be heard,
even as muffled as it is, from the female in the middle of this spit roasting
as Daizee Haze starts to cum on the cock of AJ Styles as he pumps into her,
while she continues to suck and slobber on the dick of Roderick Strong as he
bangs her mouth swiftly and firmly. Closing her eyes, her juices flow out
across the cock of the Gainesville, Georgia native as her snatch tightens
around his length to make him groan out, her body continuing to move between
both of them even as she rides out her intense waves of pleasure that make
her groan with a big smile.

This increased pressure around his rod becomes too much for the man fucking
her from behind to handle, able to give one last pump into her before he
pulls out of her and quickly grips his shaft, and seeing the impending
release Strong pulls out of her mouth and sits her up on her knees, where
she's barely able to gasp before her mouth is stuffed full of man meat once
again. No sooner has she started bobbing her head along the pulsating length
than AJ Styles starts to blow his load inside the mouth of Daizee Haze who
moans and eagerly starts to swallow down the spunk that's blasted into her,
tasting each stream on her tongue before taking it down with loud, rather
slutty gulps of satisfaction while the man releasing said jizz groans and
watches in awe as she sucks him dry with her soothing mouth.

As Styles steps away with his dick now emptied and spent, Haze turns to see
that the other female that's been fucked just as hard and fast in all of her
holes as she has, Jade Chung, is now kneeling beside her with a lusty grin
that's soon returned, and the two Women of Honor turn forward to see their
respective men are facing them with Sydal aiming his shaft at Daizee, while
Strong points his throbbing tool at Chung and this sight makes them both lick
their lips and grin. The valets give each other winks as the reach up but
instead cross arms so that Haze takes a hold of Roderick's length as she
strokes him off quickly and with a tight grip, and Jade does the same to Matt
with smooth, swift movements back and forth along his whole length.

Both male members of Generation Next moan out at the stroking motion on their
cocks, which would be more than enough to get them both off however the
females in front of them have other ideas as they lean their heads forward,
tongues out to swat against the heads of both of their stiff, pulsating rods
while they reach around one another to hug the other woman close, their
cheeks pressing together for a sexy target of both of their beautiful, sweat
covered faces. They continue to tease the bell ends of their long dicks,
brushing across the piss slits and sliding their soft, wet tongues across the
tops of their shafts while they stroke the dick of the other man at the same
time, all the while softly groaning from the feeling of licking man meat in
such a way and looking up at them both to watch the looks of pleasure on both
handsome and hung wrestler's face.

It's no surprise then than it doesn't take long before the combination of the
quick jerking off and tongue work soon has both men letting out a long, deep
groan as Matt Sydal and Roderick Strong start to explode across the faces of
Daizee Haze and Jade Chung who close their eyes as they feel the spunk
splashing down onto their gorgeous facial features. They keep on stroking the
cock of the man diagonally opposite to them to milk them dry as their jizz
lands across both of their faces as they keep them close together for a sexy,
unmissable target so both the American blond and the Canadian-born
half-Chinese and half-Vietnamese beauty get cum all over their cheeks,
forehead, nose, lips and chin from both American studs. The final drops are
pumped out of their softening shafts, leaving both men with huge smiles on
their faces as they look down on the cum-covered faces of both Haze and Chung
as they open their eyes to grin back at them both, letting go of their dicks
as they take a moment to catch their breath as they sit back on the locker
room floor.

"You girls sure know how to warm us all up!" Roderick says with a laugh.
"After that, there's no way I'm not bringing home the gold to us. I don't
want to miss out on the post-match celebration..." He adds with a handsome

"You better!" Jade says, smirking back up at him. "Celebration sex sounds a
whole lot better than make-up for losing sex..."

"It'll be a double celebration when we beat those Embassy losers and get the
man advantage..." Matt states. "Then we finish the job at Steel Cage Warfare
to end this once and for all!"

"You've got that right!" Daizee says with a smile and a nod. "Now we'd better
get cleaned up for later on. Hope you guys will have some energy left for
that main event because something tells me The Embassy won't be playing fair.
Not that they ever do..."

* * *

Around an hour later, just as the Vendetta show is underway, Daizee Haze is
clad in her attire for appearing later on in the corner of Generation Next
but looks uncharacteristically suspicious as she checks around a corner to
see that the coast is clear, before quickly heading around and to an unmarked
door. She quickly knocks on it, and upon hearing a couple knocks back she
steps inside and closes the door behind her. Turning around, Haze smirks as
she comes face to face with not just one man, but a team of them.

"So... What do you say Daizee? You in on this or what, huh?" A very arrogant,
Ghana, West African voice asks.

Daizee smirks back with a smug look in her eyes. "For the money you're
offering to finally get myself away from those goody-two-shoes guys and that
talentless bitch Chung? You're damn right I'm in. They're already "worn out"
from what I managed to get them to do earlier, just like we planned and if I
have to, I'll hit them right where it hurts to make sure that Generation Next
lose tonight. Trust me Prince Nana, I can't wait to see the looks on their
faces when they find out..." Haze raises her hands up, placing them over her
head in the infamous symbol of the rivals to Generation Next. "That Diamonds
are Forever... and so is The Embassy!"

* * *

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