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Featuring: Maria Kanellis (ROH, former WWE), The Young Bucks of Nick
Jackson and Matt Jackson (ROH, PWG, CHIKARA, former Generation Me in TNA).

Lust By Honor Part 8: Maria Kanellis - A Ring of Honor erotic lemon/story
by DaxG2001 (

Backstage at the Hammerstein Ballroom in the Manhattan Center in New York
City, Ring of Honor is holding its Final Battle 2011 iPPV event on December
23rd 2011. Minutes after emerging victorious, and giving Rhett Titus a
severe injury, from the Tag Team Gauntlet Match to crown number one
contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Championships, the cocky but handsome
tag team of brothers known as The Young Bucks are gloating over what
they've done tonight as they stand in a corridor.

"We won the match just like we promised, and we put that freak from the All
Night Express on the shelf as well!" Matt Jackson says to his brother, both
men still clad in their nicely fitting ring attires that show off the
athletic bodies. "Now it's just onwards and upwards from here."

"Damn right it is!" Nick Jackson replies with the same over confidence.
"Then let those toothless freaks and the WWE rejects slug it out, and we'll
swoop in and take those tag team titles just like how we won tonight!" He
adds, referring to the match later on for the ROH World Tag Team

Matt is about to say something when both men's attention is draw to
footsteps coming their way, making them look down the corridor and both
start to smile for a different reason now. "Speaking of WWE rejects..."

Looking confused as she slightly bites down on her bottom lip as she walks
is the former WWE Diva and Playboy cover girl Maria Kanellis, who made her
official ROH debut tonight as a valet to her boyfriend "The Prodigy" Mike
Bennett. She's clad in the same eye catching and skimpy outfit she wore to
the ring earlier of black boots, tight black booty shorts with silver belt
that cling to her juicy ass, and an white long sleeved top with "PRODIGY
GIRLFRIEND" written on the back that's zipped open at the front to show off
her pushed up and sexily looking cleavage made by her black with sliver
designed bra underneath.

"Ummm, hi there!" Maria says to the brothers with a flash of a smile,
brushing her long, dyed red hair back. "Have you seen Mike anywhere? He
kinda got mad after losing, and Bob went to calm him down but I can't find
him..." She asks, referring to her boyfriend and his regular manager
"Brutal" Bob.

"No, we haven't..." Nick says, more interested in checking out the former
Diva's stunning and tanned body that's on display. "Me and my brother have
been more interested in, you know, actually winning out matches."

"Oh, ummm... OK, but do you know him? I don't think we've met before, but
I'm Maria!" Kanellis says with a ditzy but adorable smile as she extends
her hand.

Matt looks down at her hand and smirks. "Sorry, but we don't shake

Nick quickly interjects, an idea snapping into his head as he takes her
hand not to shake, but more to hold it. "What my brother means is that sure,
yeah we know Mike. He's a cool guy, for someone relying on a creepy guy in
and old hat."

"Oh, you do?" Maria seems to be buying this story.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah, we totally do!" Matt adds, catching on to what his brother
is doing. "In fact, we're such cool friends with Bennett that we're going
to do you a favor. We'll take you back to our locker room, and like, keep
you company until Mike comes back for you. How does that sound?"

"That sounds great!" Kanellis happily says with a bounce, making her tits
jiggle slightly that in turn makes both men grin. "So, we'll just sit
around and Mike will come for me?"

"Well, maybe not exactly just sit... But we'll be doing something to pass
the time..." Nick says, casting a nod to his brother. "Follow us and we'll
show you..."

* * *

Minutes later, the stunning former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis is completely
naked, her stunning curved and tanned body on full display as she's on her
hands and knees on the locker room floor with both members of The Young
Bucks tag team who are also nude, their athletic frames shown off along
with their rock hard and lengthy cocks that are making her eye widen with a
lick of her lips. Matt Jackson is getting into position behind her, pushing
his shaft into her neatly shaved pussy and moaning at the feeling of
tightness when he enters her, causing her to groan in response as she
immediately pushes backward, meeting his pumps as he starts to build the
rhythm to bang her from behind as he grips her juicy hips with a grin.

There's a similar smile on the face of his brother Nick as he watches the
gorgeous female wrestler and valet lower her red haired head downward to
take his equally long dick into her oral hole, making him moan as he feels
how warm and nicely damp her mouth is already and takes several of his
inches inside with just he first motion downward onto him. Closing her eyes,
she lets out a moan herself as she rocks her body between both men,
allowing her to smoothly bob her head on the cock she's blowing,
impressively handling a large amount of the size of this male in front of
her as she lifts her head upward to just have the head inside her mouth
before moving back to well over halfway and then repeating the action.

Keeping herself up in the doggy style position, the Playboy cover girl's
large breasts hang down and sway as she moves her body sharply back and
forth between the two studs, taking one deep in her snug snatch while the
other she stuffs into her mouth with a groan, having no problem handling
their size as she pushes her sexy ass back to meet Matt's thrusts so he can
venture in deeper to her pussy. At the same time she continues to smoothly
rock her head up and down on the just as thick rod of the other high flyer,
keeping her pouty lips pressed firmly around his tool as she sucks away in
an almost too eager fashion considering neither of these men are her
current boyfriend, especially considering the constant muffled moans she's
letting out around Nick's dick as she blows him.

Both the members of The Young Bucks exchange a wide grin, knowing their
luck is in as they spit roast the former WWE Diva with one fucking her
snatch from behind while the other receives a top-notch blowjob from the
perfectly curved babe, both men moaning as they enjoy the respective hole
they're stuffing their members into and in turn making her groan out in lust
as well. The muscular waist of Matt is starting to smack into her
gorgeously rounded backside as he sends his entire length into her wet
snatch, her ass cheeks jiggling for a moment as she pushes backward to meet
this stiff thrusts, even using his strength to pull her backward to connect
with his body as his motion gets quicker and harder to make her moan as
she's pumped deep.

Still raising and lowering her head on the long shaft in front of her, the
Ottawa, Illinois born beauty moans out as she handles both of the Southern
California studs as their dicks go balls deep into both her snatch and oral
hole, still moving her perfectly curved and Playboy quality body between
them both so her lips press into the base of the manhood she's blowing when
she pushes her red haired head right down, and then sharply slides her body
backwards to meet the fast and steady pumps into her pussy from the hunk
behind her. It seems that she is no stranger to a threesome even if it's in
a backstage locker room and with two men she barely knows, but she doesn't
seem to be showing any regret as she keeps moving her tanned and curvy
frame back and forth against them to handle every inch of their lengths
with her mouth and pussy to make them moan just as much as she is.

"Mmmm... Mmmmm..." Maria moans as she gives another couple of long sucks
onto the cock she's had deep in her mouth before she raises her head up and
off with a smile, looking up at the stud she'd been sucking off. "Ooooooh...
You guys weren't kidding! You really know how to keep a girl company!" She
says innocently.

"Damn... Damn right we do!" Matt Jackson says with a smirk, shooting a wink
to his brother as he enjoys her tight snatch for a few thrusts more before
pulling out of her with a groan.

"Especially when it comes to a hottie, I mean, a friend of ours..." Nick
says, keeping up the lie they've used to trick her into sex with them both.
"We always keep them entertained!" He adds, looking down at his covered
with saliva cock.

"Oh yeah, this is really fun!" Kanellis says with a nod as she moves up to
her knees, watching as Nick takes the initiative to lay down on the floor.
"This is the kind of entertainment I love!"

With a big smile, the winner of the Slammy Award for the 2009 Diva of the
Year moves and lowers herself down onto the rock hard and covered in her
own spit shaft of Nick Jackson, both desirable wrestling stars moaning as
she sinks down deep, giving herself a moment to adjust to his size before
she starts to bounce herself on his dick, lifting herself upward until a
couple of his inches are still inside before smoothly dropping down to over
the half-way mark. She rests her hands on his muscular chest, leaning
forward and giving him a great view of her perfectly rounded breasts in the
process, further making him grin as she takes a hold of her hips and starts
to thrust upward into her snatch as she moves it on him, making her moan out
more as she's filled up now almost completely already.

That's not the only feeling she has to deal with though as her red haired
head is turned to the side, an impressively long and thick to match cock
pushed into her mouth, causing her to look up with her adorable eyes at Matt
Jackson as he looks back with a smile but for a different reason than hers
as he starts to slide his manhood in and out between her luscious lips as
she presses them down and around his meat. Caught up in the lust she starts
to swiftly bob her head along the length she's being fed, in the process
tasting her own snatch off of this dick as she flicks her tongue up against
his underside, not repulsed by the taste and instead just making sure to
treat him to the exact same and porn-star quality treatment she'd given her
brother moments ago.

Once again the beautiful former WWE Diva is taking two big dicks at the
same time, her snatch nicely wet but still tight as she rides one half of
the former Generation Me tag team of TNA while blowing the other, her
stunning and tanned body effortlessly moving up and down on the handsome
stud underneath her as she rocks her head all the way up and down the shaft
of the other hunk she's making moan , only slightly gagging when he pushes
his dick in and the head touches the back of her mouth. She isn't fazed
when the pumps into her snatch and mouth get quicker and harder, instead
picking up the pace herself to keep up with the two men that are stuffing
her full with their man meat, not realizing that they are taking advantage
of her with lies in order to get a piece of the boyfriend of "The Prodigy"
Mike Bennett.

Saliva starts to drip off the cock of the moaning Matt Jackson as he keeps
a hand on the back of her long red haired head, watching the beautiful face
of the former sports entertainment starlet as it moves swiftly back and
forth over his length, allowing him to feel her soft lips as they grind
across him, still tightly wrapped around his size and showing him that
she's experienced in this sexual act. Her spit is trickling past her lips
and down her chin, only making the sight hotter for him as with closed eyes
she moans around his cock, deep throating him when he sends all his inches
into her oral hole and making him groan when his nutsack connects with her
chin, her nose presses into crotch, and the tip of his rod touches the back
of her warm and wet mouth and showing her skill she only gags for a slight
moment from this every now and then.

Back down underneath the busty babe, the sound of skin hitting tanned skin
is ringing out as Nick Jackson rams his cock in and out of her damp and
snug snatch, his balls slapping up against her body when he thrusts up into
her and she rocks backward to send her ass cheeks smacking into his thighs,
every inch of his pole fitting into moaning former Celebrity Apprentice
contestant. She continues to call out, her moans muffled around the cock
she's sucking off as her breasts bounce from the swift rocking motion she's
doing on this dick that's ploughing up into her pussy and is now coated
with her juices, but still she's giving back as good as she's getting from
both studs, riding on the cock fucking her love tunnel and bobbing her head
quickly on the shaft face fucking her, showing she doesn't just ooze sex
appeal, she can really use it as well.

"God damn it!" Matt says with a moan, watching as the beautiful valet uses
her mouth to pleasure his long cock. "Hot little cocksucker..." He adds
with a groan, feeling her saliva all over his shaft.

Opening her eyes, the newest valet in ROH lifts her head away from his dick
with a groan, still rocking back against the pumps into her snatch. "Huh?
What was that?" Kanellis asks, looking slightly confused.

"He said... Uh...." Get off my brother..." Nick lies as he gives her snatch
a couple more balls deep thrusts. "So we can, do another position, you

"Mmmm... OK!" Maria happily says, the ditzy beauty still being fooled by
their made-up story as she lifts herself up from the dick she'd been riding,
biting down on her bottom lip slightly as both men stand up and take a
position in front and behind her.

The former Playboy cover girl lets out a cute giggle as she's lifted
completely off the ground with ease by both men, but soon moans again as
she's lowered down onto the still rock hard cock of Matt Jackson,
instinctively wrapping her legs around his athletic frame as she grinds
down against his crotch, her arms wrapping around his neck as her big
breasts press against his chest. Taking control, he starts to pump his
thick dick up into her wet hole, making them both groan in pleasure as
she's stuffed full and jolts on his dick when he plunges in deep to her
already well fucked snatch, his hands gripping her ass cheeks to squeeze
and hold them apart as he bangs the groaning stunner that's impaled on his

With wide eyes, she gasps and groans deeply as now the other man in this
steamy threesome moves in, pushing his cock into her asshole and grunting at
the feeling of her tightest of holes, but in moments he's also thrusting up
into her, the two brothers showing they've double teamed in this way before
as starting to bang her was just the distraction to allow access to her
back passage. Looking back over her shoulder in lust and shock, she groans
as her ass is getting filled up, the stud behind her working his cock in at
a steady and firm pace, getting used to the grip around his rod just as
much as she's adjusting to the size but now she has no choice but to bounce
on both men's shafts as they pump up into her and start to make her sweat
from the incredible feeling of two such lengthy and fat dicks thrusting
into both her lower holes.

They may be two time former PWG World Tag Team Champions, however the
handsome siblings are showing a different kind of tag team ability as the
fuck the beautiful former WWE Diva and hold her up off the ground as Nick
ploughs his cock into her juicy ass from behind while Matt handles her damp
snatch with repeated and hard thrusts that make her moan and bounce against
their poles in response, her boobs sliding against the chest of the stud
she's holding onto. Both men moan out as they fuck the tanned and gorgeous
red head, the hunk in her pussy easily able to go balls deep into her
soaking wet but still pleasurably tight hole, while just around her the
other just as long dick gets gradually worked deeper and deeper still into
her booty that's jiggling erotically when her body drops down in response
to their stiff pumps.

Closing her eyes, the woman who's dating and managing "The Prodigy" Mike
Bennett moans rather shamelessly as she's fucked in this standing position
by two arrogant yet attractive full time ROH stars as they hold her
stunning body completely off the ground and pound into both her ass and
pussy with repeated, quick and stiff pumps that would make a normal woman
cum within minutes. She's able to handle it, even though she can't do much
more than just take it as they control the pace and make her bounce between
their thick and long shafts, sandwiching her between their muscular and
also starting to get covered in sweat frames as this hot and heavy
threesome in this backstage locker room continues, and the moans pouring
from her mouth shows she's loving every moment of it.

Same can clearly be said for the two hunks having their way with the busty
red head as Matt bangs her wet snatch with every inch of his length so his
ball sack slaps up into her tanned body, while behind Nick rams his rod in
and out of her tight asshole, similarly going balls deep into her perfectly
rounded butt as his waist smacks into her juicy cheeks but neither star of
professional wrestling feels a sting of pain from the collision. The team
known as The Young Bucks grunt and groan as they pound into the stunning
former sports entertainment beauty, filling both her snatch and ass right
up with their man meat and making the scene look more suited for a
pornography film rather than a professional wrestling environment as they
engage in this sexual encounter backstage at this ROH iPPV event.

"Mmmm shit... You've got to tap this ass Matt..." Nick says with a groan as
he pulls out of her backside. "Made for taking a fucking."

"Oooooh... This is so dirty..." Maria moans as she takes another couple of
thrusts up into her snatch before she's set down to stand on the ground. "I
can't believe you stuck it in my butt..." She adds as she bites her lip.

"Don't lie, you love it!" Matt cockily states with a smirk, pushing her
downward as his brother lays down on the floor of the locker room.

"Mmmm... I do!" Kanellis admits as she's moved downward to mount the dick
of the hunk she's now on top off, moaning as she grinds her snatch down
against his rod and crotch. "But don't tell Mike about it, he might get

Clearly not caring about what her boyfriend feels or thinks, both members
of the former Generation Next tag team in TNA share a laugh before Nick
reaches up, pulling the woman resting right on his dick down so she's
laying on top of him with her large breasts pressing against his smooth
chest, his arms wrapped around her tanned and sweating body to keep her
held down and stick her ass outward and slightly up in the air. The other
male here moves down, spreading her juicy butt cheeks apart before he
pushes his covered with her pussy juices cock into her asshole, making them
both groan as he ventures in deep and makes her rock forward on his brother
and with an exchange of smirks both high flying wrestlers start to bang the
newest valet in ROH.

Said stunning and perfectly curved female moans out as both her lower holes
are filled up once again, one thrusting swiftly and balls deep into her wet
and still snug snatch while the other slides in back and forth into her
back passage, able to go quickly go in deep thanks to the previous fucking
her backside had taken moments before so she's again getting filled up with
a vast amount of man meat. In this position though she can work her Playboy
quality body back against them both, pushing her booty sharply backward
when she takes a thrust into her pussy and then moving forward to slide
against the hunk she's behind held down against as the other dick moves
into her sexily rounded and tanned ass that only looks even hotter than
usual as drops of sweat trickle down it.

Grunts and groans escape both men as the pump their cocks in and out of her
tight but able to handle what they've got to give her holes, with Matt
Jackson ploughing his lengthy rod in and out of her still very tight ass as
his waist starting to collide with her juicy cheeks as he fits all of his
inches into her back passage as he too sweats hard from the effort used to
give her backside the kind of fucking it truly deserves. Underneath her,
there's plenty of moans coming from Nick Jackson as he keeps his manhood
thrusting in and out of her soaking wet pussy, her juices sensuously
coating his stiff pole to only make the feeling better as he rams himself
up into her love tunnel as she eases it smoothly back and forth against
both men, making it clear that she's been taken in a threesome like this
before and knows exactly how to work her one-of-a-kind body even with cocks
of their impressive length.

As her long, dyed red hair sways and her tits grind against the chest of
the hunk she's mounted on top off, the former WWE Diva moans out loudly as
her pussy and ass get repeatedly hammered with deep, hard and fast thrusts
from both independent circuit studs as they nail her perfectly timed and
paced movements that keep her moaning as rocking back against their pumps.
Her butt cheeks jiggle each time she rocks her hips back and forth to meet
their pumps even when the waist of the hunk fucking her in the ass isn't
smacking into her thick booty, and the sound of skin hitting off of tanned
and sweat covered skin rings out when either man's cock rams in deep to
either of her holes, their balls slapping into her to show she's taking them
both balls deep - something that many normal women would struggle to manage
in just their pussy let alone in both their lower holes.

As their breathing gets a little quicker and heavier, the tag team that
emerged victorious from the Gauntlet Match to crown new number one
contenders for the ROH World Tag Team Championships continue to show it's
not just in the ring where they impress as they pound their long cocks into
the stunning ass and soaking wet pussy of the beautiful former WWE Diva as
she rocks herself back against their thrusting motion. Both dicks fit in
all the inches into her snatch and backside when either male sends
themselves into her, ensuring that they keep moaning out even from just the
tight feeling around their rods alone, let alone watching the gorgeous
female move in response to their fucking of her holes even though neither
of them are her current boyfriend but managed to fool her into thinking
they are friends with him just for the purpose of getting her onto their
shafts in this locker room threesome.

"Mmmm... I think it's time we gave her a really special "double team", don't
you?" Nick calls out with a moan to his brother as he pumps up into her very
wet pussy.

"Special? What kind of special?" Kanellis asks with a groan, glancing
between both men. "This isn't a match! I don't want any double team like

"Oh, don't worry..." Matt states, pulling out of her asshole as he stops
himself from laughing at what the ditzy beauty said. "We're just making the
most of this..." He adds as he watches his brother lift her off from his

"Well, if you guys say so..." Maria says before she has to groan as now
she's mounted back on top of the shaft of the man underneath her but this
time he's inside her back passage. "Mmmm... I hope I don't get in trouble
for all of this..."

Just as the former WWE Diva Search contestant has adjusted to this cowgirl
position on top of one half of The Young Bucks, she gasps with even wider
eyes than anytime before during this sexual session as the brother behind
her pushes his cock into her already filled up asshole, forcing her to be
double penetrated in her juicy ass and while both men are moaning from the
now intensely tight feeling around their shafts, there's some clear
discomfort on her beautiful face. As the man underneath her reaches up to
squeeze and grope her ass cheeks to keep them spread, she makes an error in
reaching back to try and get the hunk behind her to ease up as he slides his
dick in and out of her booty, and with a lusty grin he just takes a hold of
her arms by the wrist, holding them backward so her body is forced to arch
and her backside stick out further.

Now held firmly in place, the Ottawa, Chicago born stunner can only grunt
and moan as her back passage is stuffed to the maximum with two thick and
lengthy shafts, her tanned and sweat soaked body roughly jolting forward
when either man pumps their meat up in between her buns, her large tits
swaying from the rocking motion as her mouth hands open, almost panting as
she's caught right in the middle of feeling both pleasure and pain from this
double anal action and it's driving her wild with desire. The two Southern
California studs groan and gasp for breath themselves as they not only
experience the sensation of her back passage being tighter than ever around
their cocks, but the friction as the rods of the two brothers grind against
each other inside her thick and sexy ass whenever either man moves their
manhood into her.

It's perhaps a good think the former Slammy award winner for Best Diva is
currently held up and in place by her pulled back arms as she can't even
bounce against the dicks stuffed into her booty, feeling week at the knees
as she draws in deep breaths with closed shut eyes, her snatch soaking wet
even though its not being touched as she's taken up the ass by two men who
she's only just met and aren't the boyfriend she managed to the ring
tonight. Moaning deeply, her red, sweat drenched hair sways as her body
jolts hard upon any pumping action either high flying and arrogant stud
sends into the beautiful but ditzy woman mounted on top of one of the former
Generation Me of TNA stars while the other thrusts into her backside from
behind as he moans and keeps her arms pulled back to make her look like a
horny, dirty whore as she takes both men in the ass at the same time.

This incredible and erotic sight hasn't gone unnoticed by the stars of ROH,
PWG, and CHIKARA who have their manhoods deep inside her thick and sexy
butt, sweating hard and moaning out loudly as they ease their dicks
smoothly in and out of her asshole with firm and steady paces, knowing they
won't last if they try and go full throttle into her backside yet want to
savor every moment and sensation of being both inside her Playboy quality
ass. Pump after pump, perspiration coats their athletic and desirable
bodies as they give it to the red headed former WWE Diva, watching her
gorgeously tanned and curvy frame rock in response to their deep pumps into
her very tight butt, a supreme amount of friction still being felt against
their dicks even after working their members in and out of her filled up
back passage for several minutes now as she's still very tight.

The almost harsh feeling of such fat and long cocks ploughing into their
back passage would render a normal woman unconscious long before this time,
so it's needless to say impressive that the newest valet in ROH has been
able to handle this near-punishment into her stunning backside but it's
finally taken its toll on her, and the feeling of being double stuffed in
her ass by both Nick and Matt Jackson drives Maria Kanellis into a hard
orgasm. The eyes of the red haired beauty roll back into her head almost as
her juices flood out of her snatch and down her smooth thighs, sweat
dripping off the body of the Playboy cover girl who continues to jolt as
she's held in place on the dicks of The Young Bucks that are still deep
inside her stretched and filled to the brink asshole as shameless moans
pour out of her mouth.

Neither of the arrogant high flyers could care less that she's gotten off
thanks to their combined pounding of her booty, especially since they
tricked her into this threesome in the first place, but they feel it when
as she cums, her back passage tightens around both their rods, the
unexpected pressure making them both groan as their manhoods start to throb
inside her ass. Both siblings groan at the sensations, with Matt making the
move to pull out first and release her arms as he moves around, turning her
head towards his shaft and pushing it straight into her oral hole, making
her go ass-to-mouth and taste her own ass off of his man meat as he pumps
in and out of the woman who's still riding out all the waves of pleasure
she's experiencing as the hunk underneath her continues to thrust up into
her asshole.

Without the extra friction of his brother's dick grinding against his, the
handsome wrestler with the former WWE Diva mounted on his throbbing dick
doesn't hold back now, ramming himself deep, quick, and hard into her back
passage and making her butt cheeks shake as his thighs smack into her along
with his ball sack witch each thrust up into her ass as he moans out and
pants for breath. Already dazed from having to handle this along with the
cock now sliding back and forth rapidly in her mouth, she can only just
stay up and take it, flicking her tongue up and around the shaft she's
being fed as she groans, glancing between the two hunks as she rests her
hands on her curvy hips.

It only takes a few thrusts more before both of The Young Bucks start to
blow their loads inside Maria Kanellis with Nick Jackson shooting his spunk
deep into her well fucked ass while Matt Jackson starts to fill her mouth
up with his jizz, both men groaning deeply as the thick streams flow into
the respective holes they stay deep inside, giving light thrusts in order
to milk their shafts dry. She groans again, eyes lighting up as she all too
eagerly swallows down the cum being fired into her oral hole by each stream
she gets and slightly grinding down against the cock in her back passage as
she feels the other brother's jizz being sent right up into her ass to make
her shiver and moan as the final few drops of spunk are shot into her from
both men.

"Mmmm..." Maria moans as she lifts her head away from the now softening
cock she'd just swallowed the load off, while she's lifted up and off of
the other also spent stud so she can kneel on the floor, brushing her long
red hair back. "Now that was fun!" She says with a cute giggle. "I bet you
don't give that to any of the other women around here, do you?"

"Well none of them have look like you before, so you can guess the answer."
Matt says with a cocky smirk as he turns to get dressed already.

"I dunno, some of the chicks that have been here before were hot..." Nick
says, also getting dressed. "And that Mia Yim is a hottie for damn sure...
But you blow them out of the water Maria. That Bennett guy is one lucky
you-know-what to have you."

"Oh gosh! Mike!" Maria's eyes widen as she remembers who she was looking for
in the first place. "I better go find him and Bob before he thinks I've
gotten lost again! I promised him a special surprise if he won tonight, but
after this with you guys? I think I better give him some "make-up" surprise
so he feels better..." She adds, licking her lips at the thought before
letting out another adorable but ditzy giggle that just makes The Young
Bucks laugh, no doubt thinking that if she sticks around, things in ROH will
be quite interesting from now on.

* * *

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